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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Darren's Deal or No Deal Game Report 08/07/10

Noel says he used to think that the show was a mega-money gameshow, and that people applied for the show to change their lives. But he says yesterday's game shows that the show has turned into a tourist destination, as Paul was here to have the experience rather than win money!

Darren has box 4. Darren is a police inspector, and Noel says in Darren's file, it states that he was running an unlicensed trading stall which was then closed down by the police! Darren explains that he was only 7 at the time, and was trying to raise funds for the local church. Darren shows a pic of his baby son, and another pic of him with his wife on their wedding day.

He has a couple of work colleagues in the audience today, and he shows us a heart which he has with him, and it has a hand-print of his son on it. Noel says he's worried that the banker will try mind games with Darren over the relationship he has with his son! Darren explains box 4 is his lucky number.

Round 1
20 - Linda - £5
1 - Carly - 1p
3 - Danny - £250,000
What a contrast, says Noel.
11 - Ovie - £75,000
17 - Keeley - £10,000

Banker time
The banker says it's exciting talking to a policeman without going through his lawyer! He promises no mind games involving Darren's son.

Banker's offer:

Darren says

Round 2
Imani now, and Noel tells her off for accidentally hitting her microphone.
13 - Imani - £3,000
15 - Haj - £15,000
Noel says Darren has a deep family secret, which we'll hear about after this box. Yvonne now, and Noel says he thinks she has £50!
10 - Yvonne - £50

Banker time
Darren says he used to practise golf indoors, and his dad came home one evening to find the front door cracked, and his dad has blamed Darren ever since! However Darren says he didn't do it but has promised to buy a new door if he wins enough today!

The banker comments on how the clothes of the 3 contestants at the end of the east wing look like traffic lights.

Banker's offer:

Darren says

Round 3
9 - Cedelle - £100
Newbie Jayne now, and she tells us how she cares for the elderly and helps them integrate into the local community.
5 - newbie Jayne - 10p
12 - Mini - £750

Banker time
The banker says the policeman could cost him a lot of money...

Banker's offer:

Darren asks his colleagues who say he's still got 3 of his power 5, and it's worth another round.

Darren says

Round 4
14 - Jez - 50p
7 - Hayley - £5,000
Darren says that's good. Darren says he considers himself to be very lucky with the family he has. Christina now and she says Darren has a big one and everyone laughs, and Noel has to apologise to her on behalf of everyone.
2 - Christina - £500

Banker time
The banker says he thinks everyone was riff-raff for laughing at Christina's comments, and he says he'd like to give her one (an apology) and Christina says she wouldn't mind giving him one.

Banker's offer:

Darren speaks to his colleagues, and they say it's a good board that he's got. Hayley says it's a huge amount of money and they've seen it go wrong so often. Dennis says Darren could get the front door mended with that. Danny says he may not be able to correct any mistakes if he plays on and it goes wrong. Darren says he knows where his priorities lie...

Darren says

Round 5 (proveout)
Darren says that was a tough decision and Noel says some people will think it's going to be a struggle to make this work.
6 - Dennis - £100,000
18 - Laura - £1
Noel tells everyone off for clapping that.
22 - Dai - £50,000

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 (proveout)
Noel says Darren may end up drawing with the banker if he has £20,000 in his box.
16 - Maria - £1,000
8 - Harry - £35,000
21 - Martyn - £250

Banker time with £10 and £20,000 remaining...

Banker's offer would've been:

Darren has £10 in his box 4.

Box 19 with Kevin contains the £20,000

Noel says Darren's timing was terrific and Darren says he's shocked!

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