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Friday, July 09, 2010

Hayley's Deal or No Deal Game Report 09/07/10

Noel says how much he enjoyed Darren's game yesterday, and he talks about how Darren did some great timing in his game to get a good win.

Hayley has box 18 today. Hayley is a sign language interpreter, and talks about how she got into the work totally by accident when she went to a library and borrowed a book about signing and learnt it from there. She has a couple of friends in the audience for support today. She has some swimming goggles with her and tells a story of how she had a dream about swimming one day and finding some treasure but couldn't reach it as she had no goggles, so she decided to buy some for just in case in the future.

Hayley doesn't have a system, but there is a particular box that she wants to take out early as her nan says it always has a blue in, and Hayley has a bet with her about the contents of it.

Round 1
Hayley goes with her nan's box first and if it has a blue she owes her nan £20
20 - £5 Martyn
10 - 1p Maria
11 - £50,000 Imani
16 - £1,000 Keelyey
19 - £50 Haj

Banker time
The Banker says hi to Hayley and says he has been looking forward to this game as he really likes dimples. He says that Hayley is the first player to be down £20 already!

Banker's offer:

The Banker calls back and adds £11,000 to the offer.

Banker's offer:

Hayley says

Round 2
14 - £250,000 Ovie
6 - £15,000 Carly
Hayley puts on her swimming goggles now for luck.
22 - £250 Kevin

Banker time
The Banker thanks Hayley for getting rid of the £250,000 early, and he says right now Hayley is the best thing on the goggle box

Banker's offer:

Hayley goes to her friends for advice, and Hayley says this is a game of luck and she is here to play the game.

Hayley says

Round 3
12 - 50p Yvonne
21 - £10 Mini
3 - £5,000 Linda

Banker time
That was a nice bit of damage to the Banker's side says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Hayley goes to her friend again, and she tells Hayley that she wouldn't be ready to go just yet and talks about her goal. The Banker calls and asks about Hayley's goal, and Hayley says she is looking for a deposit for a house and wants to help a charity and also take her parents away to Jamaica. The Banker wants to talk to Hayley as he thinks she is ready to reveal her target, and Hayley talks about what she wants to do, and the Banker says he knows what her target is now! Noel is confused about what Hayley's target is, so Hayley says she will write it down just for him. The Banker calls back and tells Noel what he thinks the target is, and Noel writes that in the book as well.

Hayley says

Round 4
1 - £100,000 Newbie Caroline
7 - £750 Jayne
5 - £1 Harry

Banker time
That's a good 8-box says Noel. The Banker says those goggles are working! He then tells Hayley not to try and chase this game.

Banker's offer:

Harry says he thought that was a good offer, but it is down to Hayley now. Hayley goes to her business partner who says he would play on. Hayley says she came with nothing...

Hayley says

Round 5
13 - 10p Christina
Hayley says she is really scared of box 8!
17 - £10,000 Dai
8 - £75,000 Dennis

Banker time
If only you had held onto box 8 says Noel. The Banker says that was cruel luck then.

Banker's offer:

Ovie tells Hayley to visualise that cash sat in front of her.

Hayley says

Round 6
2 - £500 Jez
15 - £3,000 Laura
Hayley is stuck between box 9 which is her mum's birthday and box 4 which she has been tracking and has had some big numbers in recently.

The Banker calls back and makes an offer now to not play on...

Banker's offer:

Hayley says

Round 6 Final box (Proveout)

Noel says that was surprising.

4 - £35,000 Danny

Banker time with £100 and £20,000 remaining

Wow, has this got a little twist to it says Noel

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Hayley's box 18 and reveals £100

Box 9 with Cedelle contains the £20,000

What a mistake the Banker made says Noel.

Noel reveals that Hayley's target was £25,000, and the Banker thought that Hayley was looking for around £40,000 - £45,000.

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