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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Emma's Deal or No Deal Game Report 06/07/10

Noel says there are very interesting times at the moment in the Dream factory, as the wins have been going up and down like a yo-yo, and it has produced a couple of games lately where both the last 2 players have got their timings wrong and left too soon.

Emma has box 5 today. Emma comes from Ugly, and says she loves the fact she comes from Ugly, and jokes about some of the names of clubs in the village. Emma jokes about her sweaty armpits! Emma says she likes playing poker but doesn't play for money and plays for nuts, Noel says they have 'Cash'ews she can win today We get to see a family picture of Emma's.

Noel does the housekeeping and Emma tells him she gets bored very quickly

Round 1
8 - £35,000 Darren
Emma asks Noel if he likes her dress, and he jokes with her that he thinks it is awful
4 - £50,000 Danny
16 - £750 Ovie
Emma tells Noel that he needs to clap and enjoy himself as well, then Noel asks how much Emma's dress cost! She says it cost £40, and he tells her she should come out shopping with him!
20 - £10 Cedelle
21 - £10,000 Harry

Banker time
The Banker says that Emma couldn't live anywhere more ironic

Banker's offer:

Emma starts to pick box 12 next, and her boyfriend tells her she has to wait for question first!!

Emma says

Round 2
12 - £250 Paul
Noel examines Emma's shoes and doesn't think they look clean enough and starts cleaning them with Vicks! Emma says she really wants to smell her shoes now, but she has her lucky socks on so can't! Noel says we will have to see her socks after the break!
9 - £3,000 Dai
10 - £20,000 Keeley

Banker time
Emma won't show us her socks as that box was red! The Banker asks what Noel has against Emma, as Noel can't connect with the younger generation like he can

Banker's offer:

Emma says

Round 3
3 - £50 newbie Haj
Noel tells Emma to get her boots off as we have had a blue now, and Emma reveals her long red socks wioth stars on
7 - 50p Dennis
19 - 1p Linda

Banker time
The Banker is enjoying it when Emma lays into Noel and has a go at him The Banker says he is feeling a bond with Emma as she wrote out his father's day card.

Banker's offer:

That's good that is says Emma. Emma asks everyone what she should do. Noel turns to her boyfriend who says it is a good offer, but she still has a good board and should keep positive.

Emma says

Round 4
Noel asks if Emma is going to Maria next, and she says yes she will, but if it is a bad box it is all his fault!
11 - £75,000 Maria
22 - £5,000 Laura
6 - £100 Hayley

Banker time
4 and 4 at 8-box has to be good says Noel. The Banker says if Emma wants the big money she has to make a brave decision..

Banker's offer:

Darren says the Banker is pushing her on with that offer.

Emma starts to pick her next box and the Banker calls back and says he can read people and thinks Emma will play on and he doesn't want that to happen.

Banker's offer:

Emma says

Round 5
2 - £1 Kevin
15 - £100,000 Jez
14 - £250,000 Yvonne

Banker time
Noel says he knows the people who follow probability will say he is talking nonsense, but he thinks the chances of that happening were really low.

Banker's offer:

Emma says

Round 6
17 - £1,000 Mini
18 - £15,000 Carly
That's it, game over says Noel
13 - £5 Christina

Banker time with 10p and £500 remaining

Banker's offer:

Emma says

Noel opens Emma's box 5 and reveals £500

Box 1 with Imani contains 10p

Emma says she will keep smiling

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