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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daphne's Deal or No Deal Game Report 30/06/10

Noel says we've got an amazing atmosphere at the moment, after we had 3 sensational classic games, and the banker is down £160,000!

Daphne has box 13. The Blue Danube accompanies Daphne as she takes the walk of wealth! Daphne has her husband in the audience, and she explains that she met him while doing ballroom dancing, and then she talks about their dancing activities. We get to see a pic of Daphne with a car that her husband built from a kit. Daphne also shows a pic of her daughter and grandchildren, and an old pic of her late brother. She says she'd like to go and see his grave with any money she wins today.

Round 1
Noel asks Daphne about her box 13, but she says she's not superstitious, and she doesn't have a system.
2 - Yvonne - £250,000
HUGE groans for that!!
Dennis now, and Noel strikes up a conversation with him which shocks everyone. They then discuss Dennis's shirt and whether it's yellow or lemon!
16 - Dennis - £500
1 - Darren - £100
5 - Kelly - £250
18 - Laura - £100,000

Banker time
The banker says he's delighted at that round, after paying out so much recently. He says he heard Daphne talking earlier about her husband, and she said they need to watch that he doesn't fall asleep!

Banker's offer:
£2,000 + mug of warm milk/hot chocolate for Daphne's husband!

Daphne says fair enough!

Daphne says

The banker phones back with a warning for Noel, and says he got the offer wrong! There was actually no chocolate involved in the offer. The banker phones back again and says it was warm milk, not even hot milk!

So Noel asks the question again.

Daphne says

Round 2
Christina now, and Noel has some banter with her about Dennis, and says this is turning into Last of the Summer Wine!
4 - Christina - £750
Noel says Christina sounds like someone out of a 1930s film. Harry next, and Noel finds out that he works in a family fish & chip shop, and has some banter with him about the smell in the shop.
14 - Harry - £50,000
Noel has the show's finest porcelain for Daphne, and pours some builder's tea for her. Noel asks if Daphne wants to open a box, and she says she wants a chat! She then asks if she can get her friend in, so she goes out the back and returns with a large soft toy which is a hand puppet called Benji! Noel then starts a conversation with Benji. Daphne tells a story about how she was at a crafts fair and spotted the puppets for sale and decided to buy one as she thought they were funny. Daphne then gets Benji to 'sniff' out a good box to pick now. She then tells Noel that actually Benji's not real.
7 - Paul - £10

Banker time
Noel asks if Benji wants to speak to the banker, but Daphne says he doesn't talk! The banker speaks to Benji and Daphne gets a fit of the giggles, and Noel says the banker now has a pedigree chum. The banker says he's in a state of shock, and decades of being in business hasn't prepared him for all this at all.

Banker's offer:
£6,000 + year of therapy for Daphne

Daphne says

Round 3
8 - Emma - £1,000
Daphne says that's OK.
6 - Dave - £75,000
Daphne says at least the board is neat and tidy!
22 - newbie Danny - £3,000

Banker time
Noel comments on Danny's unusual box opening style! The banker says it's difficult to come up with an offer that's suitable for Daphne and Benji.

Banker's offer:
£3,500 + haemorrhoid cream for Benji!

Noel says the banker's therefore offering them both a pile. Noel says an all-blue round would be alright now. Daphne says she has several things she'd like to do with her money, including visiting her brother's grave and getting a new dishwasher, but she'd need a new kitchen first as it's not big enough!

Daphne says

Round 4
19 - Dai - £35,000
Daphne gives Benji to her husband to look after!
3 - Rob - 1p
17 - Ovie - £10,000

Banker time
The banker says even the 1p cannot save Daphne from this offer...

Banker's offer:

Daphne says

Round 5
9 - Jez - £20,000
11 - Mini - £15,000
Noel says Daphne is one box away from the worst round she could've had at this point!
Jenks is still poorly today.
12 - Jenks (opened by Hayley) - £5,000

Banker time
Daphne has an all-blue 5-box.

Noel says what are the odds of that, and Daphne says she's never been lucky but she feels lucky to be part of the show. Noel asks the banker if we can start the game again! The banker says there's more chance of Benji coming alive than starting the game again.

Banker's offer:

Daphne says

Round 6
15 - Carly - 10p
Noel says that's the perfect start...
21 - Cedelle - £1
10 - Hayley - £50

Banker time with 50p and £5 remaining...

The banker says this can be a very cruel game, and he speaks to Daphne.

Banker's offer:

Daphne also says the banker said he was pleased she came, and he's enjoyed having her here.

Daphne says

Daphne wins 50p from her box 13.

Box 20 with Maria contains the £5

Noel says he wasn't expecting a crash like this

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