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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Steve's Deal or No Deal Game Report 03/03/10

Noel has invented a new club for the show, it is the OHO club - Only Here Once - He talks about Kim's game where she believed in karma and talked about only being there once and making the most of the chance.

Steve has box 12 today. Steve is a mini cab driver, but was in banking doing cheque clearing. Steve talks about how everything is a struggle at the moment, but he keeps plugging away. Steve says he has met Noel before and then show a picture of Noel and Steve when he was a little boy We get to see Steve's family pictures and he talks about his 2 children. Noel asks Steve if he is a gambler, and Steve says he does like a gamble and nearly missed his train to the show as he was in the bookies!

Round 1
21 - £5 Roopa
14 - £35,000 Neide
Some groans for that box.
4 - £50 Shahid
15 - £5,000 Michael
5 - £1,000 Jessica

Banker time
Steve says he is happy with that round. The Banker was nearly unmasked yesterday, May and the Banker took an elevator trip yesterday and May challenged a chap in the elevator yesterday as this chap often sits near them in the restaurant so they have their suspicions he was the Banker

Banker's offer:

Steve says

Round 2
1 - £20,000 Chloe
2 - £1 May
17 - £750 Ruth

Banker time
The Banker is unsettled as the pilgrims are all behind Steve today, although half of them are from the local bingo club and the other half are from young offenders!

Banker's offer:

Steve says

Round 3
Noel jokes about Dan being the Milky bar kid and Steve decides to choose him next which worries Noel a little.
6 - 1p Dan
Noel asks Steve if Dan tasted of chocolate after their 1p kiss
13 - £250 Barbara
8 - 50p Stacie

Banker time
Wow this is climbing beautifully says Noel. The Banker wants to get to Steve's tender heart and says Steve was really upset after Gaz's game.

Banker's offer:

Steve goes to the wings for advice.

Steve says

Round 4
Noel thinks that was one of the biggest 3rd offers ever.
11 - £3,000 Mark
18 - £250,000 Hudy
20 - £10 Brian

Banker time
That is an excellent 8-box says Noel, and there are 3 life changing sums of money still in play. The Banker says it is a special kind of player who turns down over £20,000

Banker's offer:

Steve says he really needs help now and turns to Huddy. Huddy tells him how much is still on the board and says he is still in a good position.

Steve says

Round 5
10 - £15,000 Newbie Caine
3 - £100 Tony
19 - £100,000 Nicola

Banker time
Noel says it is still feeling postive, but it will come down to a test of character for Steve now. The Banker says very few people decline £20,000 twice, and he is a little worried he will be paying out a massive sum of money to Steve. The Banker says he knows the story of how Steve's son wrote a little note to Steve when he was 3 and Steve always carries that piece of paper with him in his wallet.

Banker's offer:

Steve says when the Banker spoke to him he said he has an envelope for Steve's son with a cheque for £10,000 inside it. The Banker rings back and says there is another envelope with his daughter's name on with another cheque for £10,000

Banker's NEW offer

Banker's offer:

Steve says

Steve says the Banker has won the mind games and he did the deal for his kids.

Round 6 - Proveout round
Noel tells Steve not to concede the game yet.
22 - £500 Andrew
Who clapped shouts Noel!
16 - £10,000 Brad
7 - 10p Jenny

Banker time with £50,000 and £75,000 remaining

Steve tells Noel that he told him the Banker had won! Steve's wonders if he will get the Banker's Gamble Steve tells the Banker that he is absolutely brilliant

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 12 and reveals £50,000

Box 9 with Kristi contains the £75,000

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