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Monday, March 29, 2010

Stacie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 29/03/10

Noel welcomes us to the start of a brand new week, and talks about Caine's great yesterday and how he brought his mum along which is not always a good idea as they sometimes change the outcome of a game, and when Caine was offered £33,000 she said she was right behind any decision and then managed to walk away with an even bigger amount

Stacie has box 15 today. Stacie is a hairdresser and says she has done it ever since she left school and dreams of owning her own salon, so a nice win today could help that. Noel talks about Stacie's tattoos, and Stacie's tells him she used to have a lot of piercings as well but have lost a lot of those now. Stacie has a lucky angel from her mum, and we also see a couple of her family pictures.

Round 1
Stacie says she was going to keep box 9, but after seeing a few games decided against keeping it, but today saw that the newbie has box 9 so will be leaving it to the end now! Frank is ill today.
12 - £10,000 Liz
17 - £500 Kath
5 - £5 Julie
6 - £50 Chris
11 - £250 Tom

Banker time
The Banker says what a lovely brand new week with no memories of last week, and he has wiped yesterday's game from his mind. The Banker says that Stacie has made all the riff-raff contestants look good while she has been on the show as she has been doing all their hair.

Banker's offer:

Stacie says

Round 2
10 - £5,000 Andy
16 - £10 Frank (opened by Tom)
2 - £3,000 Adam

Banker time
This is looking good says Noel, and he tells the Banker that Stacie wants to get her hands on his sack! Sack of money

Banker's offer:

That is a lot of money says Stacie, but there is still a lot of money on the board.

Stacie says

Round 3
18 - £250,000 Ramesh
1 - £100 Monique
4 - 10p Spiro

Banker time
This will be very interesting as normally with the £250,000 going the offer drops says Noel, but the 2 blues in that round could balance that out. The Banker says that round has got him thinking.

Banker's offer:

Noel says he is struggling to remember when the offer hasn't gone down after the £250,000 going.

Stacie says

Round 4
20 - £100,000 Brenda
That might be the salon gone says Noel, he then tells her she really needs to find the low blues now.
13 - £15,000 Beryl
The next box really needs to be the 1p says Noel
7 - 1p Glen

Banker time
That is exactly what you needed to do says Noel. The Banker says he wishes he knew if he could stop Stacie as he can't read what she wants from this game, and talks about her different targets of a wedding and a hair salon.

Banker's offer:

Stacie goes to the wings for advice, and Tom tells her she still has a great board and this is the round to be brave in. Stacie asks her mum what to do, and she tells Stacie she should play on. Stacie then asks for a sweep of the wings, and everyone says NO DEAL.

Stacie says

Round 5
14 - £35,000 Ray
3 - £1,000 Ciara
21 - £50,000 Davinia

Banker time
For the first time that has shifted the game to the Banker's favour says Noel. The Banker says that finally the really bad advice everyone on the wings has given is being shown to be foolish.

Banker's offer:

This is just like Barbara's game says Stacie, and at this point she dealt for £5,000 and went on to open 3 blues and had the £75,000 in her box. Stacie talks to the Banker and asks what her offer would be if she took out 2 blues and the £20,000, but he doesn't tell her!

Stacie says

Round 6 - Proveout round
22 - £1 Raff
8 - £750 Sonia
You talked about this happening says Noel
19 - £20,000 Caroline

Banker time with 50p and £75,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Stacie's box 15 and reveals £75,000

Box 9 with newbie Zaid contains the 50p

Stacie says she has had a fantastic time on the show, and that £7,000 gets her wedding and she is really happy with that.

Noel appears at the end of the show with the very sad news that after Frank was taken ill on the show he later passed away

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