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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chloe's Deal or No Deal Game Report 24/03/10

Noel says he had a terrible feeling he was going to have to eat his words yesterday, after Dan's game on Monday where Dan went home with 63p, and he thought Neide's game was going the same way until she turned it around and went home with £30,000

Chloe has box 13 today. Chloe is a little nervous, so to calm her down Noel talks to her about her passion on clothes and how she would like to run her own clothes shop. We get to see Chloe's family photos, and she has a piece of paper with some numbers on which she will use at some point in the game when she feels she needs them.

Round 1
Chloe says she feels very tiny standing out there, and Noel asks if she wants to stand on the chair as no one has ever done the opening round standing on a chair! So Chloe stands on the crazy chair
19 - £250 Tom
6 - £3,000 Nicola
5 - £100,000 Newbie Frank
4 - £10 Ramesh
12 - £10,000 Sonia

Banker time
Noel tells Chloe she can come down from the naughty step now The Banker says that Chloe can come and sit on his naughty step! He says she is a bit of a fashion icon on the show, and offers Chloe the chance to make over a couple of people with some of Noel's own shirts

Banker's offer:

Chloe says

Round 2
15 - £50 John
16 - £500 Andy
We get to see Chloe's chosen people having to put on Noel's old shirts, one is Stacie's boyfriend, and the other is a friend of Chloe's
17 - £15,000 Stacie

Banker time
The Banker says he likes the choices for the make-over and thinks they are 2 of the grubbiest pilgrims he has ever seen! He believes Chloe could get a lot of money out of this game

Banker's offer:

Chloe's mum says that is a lot of money. Chloe says she would have never had thought she would be considering the 2nd offer.

Chloe says

Round 3
1 - £1,000 Chris
You need to get in to the Banker's power 5 now says Noel
20 - £75,000 Raff
11 - £50,000 Monique

Banker time
The hole gets bigger says Noel, and the £250,000 is isolated now.

Banker's offer:

Chloe says it is a decent offer, but she doesn't want to stop yet.

Chloe says

Round 4
3 - £250,000 Kath
22 - 50p Beryl
We now get to see Chloe's fashion show. The DoND make-over show starts as Chloe's models take to the walk of wealth
18 - £20,000 Liz

Banker time
The Banker says that was extraordinary bad luck

Banker's offer:

Chloe turns to her mum for advice. She then says if she can keep the £35,000 she can get more out of the game. Adam tells Chloe to remain positive.

Chloe says

Round 5
21 - £5 Spiro
9 - £1 Caine
Just one more box says Noel, and avoid the £35,000
2 - 1p Brenda

Banker time
What a transformation says Noel, and Chloe says she is back in the game now. The Banker wants to talk to Chloe, and Chloe says he sounds really creepy

Banker's offer:

Chloe says she really wants to go for it.

Chloe says

Round 6
The Banker calls back and says that was a brave decision and if she keeps the £35,000 in play Chloe's last offer will be at least £10,000.
14 - £100 Julie (opened by Spiro)
8 - 10p Ciara
7 - £5,000 Glen

Banker time with £750 and £35,000 remaining

The Banker says he had his fingers crossed when he said it would be at least £10,000!

Banker's offer:

Noel tells Chloe to remember how she felt at the last commercial break where she cried through the whole break, and to really remember that feeling. Chloe wonders if the £35,000 is in her box. The Banker calls back and tells Chloe she is guaranteed the SWAP. Chloe's mum tells her she should take the money.

Chloe says

Noel asks Chloe if she would have swapped, and Chloe says she would have SWAPPED.

Noel performs the hypo-swap.

Chloe now has box 10 which contains £35,000

Adam with box 13 contains the £750

Chloe says that money will mean she can now go to Japan and find some clothes to start up her own online business.

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