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Monday, March 08, 2010

Kristi's Deal or No Deal Game Report 08/03/10

Noel has discovered something and there is a royal connection in the west wing, Tony is a plumber and he was mending the lead on Windsor castle, and Stacie is the official tattooist for the Royal family.

Krisiti has box 20 today. Kristi is a hairdressing tutor, she has 2 friends and husband in the audience for support today. We get to see a photo of Kristi's late mum and also another of Kristi and he family covered in mud. Noel reveals that Kristi had a heartattack when she was 35, and tells the story of how she felt a pain one day and phoned for an ambulance and went into cardiac arrest while on her way to hospital.

Round 1
Kristi is leaving box 16 until the end.
14 - £10,000 Tony
7 - £100 Dan
10 - £1 Jessica
15 - £75,000 May
3 - £5 Sonia

Banker time
Kristi is quite pleased of that round. The banker says he loves the photo of Kristi covered in mud as he loves something to get hold of!

Banker's offer:

Kristi says

Kristi is going to guess each offer before the Banker gives his offer. The Banker phones back and says that if Kristi writes down her guess in the book and gets it right he will increase the offer by £1,000.

Round 2
9 - £50 Newbie Chris
4 - £750 Andrew
1 - £35,000 Roopa

Banker time
Kristi writes her guess in the book. The Banker likes the little bit of extra spice this twist offers, and says if she does well it might be more than £1,000.

Banker's offer:

Kristi guessed £7,500

Kristi says

Round 3
19 - £5,000 Shahid
21 - £20,000 Neide
12 - 10p John
Banker time

Kristi needs time to think about what the offer will be, the Banker says that if Kristi gets this one right he will add £2,000 to the offer! Noel writes the Banker's offer in the book and then everyone discusses what the offer could be, Huddy guesses £17,000.

Kristi guesses £16,000

Banker's offer:

Kristi asks if she gets the offer right but doesn't deal can she keep the £2,000! The Banker says on the next offer he will make it an extra £3,000.

Kristi says

Round 4
8 - £250,000 Mark
2 - £15,000 Nicola
17 - £3,000 Michael

Banker time
Noel wonders how much the offer will fall by, and the Banker calls with his offer which Noel writes in the book. The Banker says he is loving this as he can pluck the figure out of the air and everyone else is struggling to think what it could be. The wings try to guess what the offer is and a few start shouting £5,000. The Banker calls back and says that Noel is allowed to say it is an even thousand amount.

Kristi thinks it is £7,000

Banker's offer:

Kristi weighs up her board.

Kristi says

Round 5
13 - £10 Brad
11 - £50,000 Stacie
22 - 1p Barbara

Banker time
Noel runs through Kristi's dreams for any money she wins today. The Banker calls with his offer and Noel writes it in the book and Kristi will get an extra £4,000 if she gets it right.

Dan reckons about £4,000, but Kristi thinks it will be around £6,000. Huddy thinks it will be around £4,000 or £6,000. The Banker calls back and asks to speak to Kristi and says it is not £4,000 or £6,000. Kristi wonders if he is being evil and it is one of those! Kristi thinks it could be £5,000, and the Banker calls Back and says it isn't that either! Kristi now thinks he is lying!

Kristi guesses £6,000

Banker's offer:

Kristi asks if the Banker will meet her halfway and give her £2,000 as he was messing with her head! The Banker calls back and shouts down the phone as he was telling the truth!

Kristi says

Round 6 - Proveout round
18 - £500 Huddy
5 - £100,000 Caine
6 - 50p Andy

Banker time with £250 and £1,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 20 and reveals £250

Box 16 with Chloe contains the £1,000

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