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Friday, March 05, 2010

Brian's Deal or No Deal Game Report 05/03/10

Noel says we're having fun at the moment because his banker is using his oldest weapon which is his psychological weapon. He talks about how the banker played games with Steve and Ruth but Ruth spanked the banker.

Brian has box 11. Elvis music accompanies Brian as he takes the walk of wealth. Brian is from Birmingham and is MAD about Elvis! He says he's been a fan of Elvis Presley since he was 12, and his house (which is called Heartbreak Hotel!) is a shrine to him. Noel asks if Brian has ever had psychiatric help. Brian's youngest son is in the audience today. Brian says his dream is to visit Graceland for a month....

Brian has an Elvis shirt with him and he gets Noel to put it on! We get to see a pic of Brian's parents and he explains he cares for his parents. Brian also shows us a pic of him with his 2 sons and daughter. Brian has no system but he's saving 5 Elvis-related numbers to the end.

Round 1
17 - newbie Andy - £75,000
Brian says he wants £100k!
18 - Neide - £35,000
Tony now, and he says he hates Brian as he's handsome, young, and sings like Elvis!
10 - Tony - 50p
Brian says he thinks £250k is in his box.
21 - Huddy - £100,000
Noel says we're stunned by this opening round so far.
3 - Jessica - 1p

Banker time
Jessica comes on to the walk of wealth to give Brian a BIG 1p kiss. The banker says Noel looks like an ice-cream man in that shirt. He says he feels distracted by Noel and Brian as they look like 2 brillo pads, one new, one used.

Banker's offer:

Brian says 2 bad things happened in 1977 - he got married and Elvis died! Tony says £19,077 is a good opening offer!!!!!

Brian says

Round 2
7 - Kristi - £250
"COME ON" shouts Brian.
4 - Dan - £50
2 - Barbara - £750

Banker time
The banker says that was a vast improvement. He warns Brian not to go too far into the game.

Banker's offer:

Brian says

Round 3
16 - Jenny - £50,000
1 - Brad - £15,000
22 - Caine - £500

Banker time
The banker says Brian will need a lot of luck now in this game and this offer is a lifeline.

Banker's offer:

Brian says that's a lot of dosh and is a very good offer. Brian asks Huddy who says if Brian hits the £250k, it'll be hard to get the game back. Noel says if Brian goes on and misses the £250k, the offer will undoubtedly go up. The banker phones and says if Brian has an all-blue round, the offer will be £20,000. Brian says he has to work for what he gets, and he doesn't have a lot of money coming in now.

Brian says

Round 4
Brian says number 13 to him is very lucky.
13 - Stacie - £5,000
14 - Michael - £1,000
5 - Mark - £10,000

Banker time
Noel talks about how Brian still has £3k and £250k, which is what Laura had as her final 2. The banker tells Brian not to push his luck any further.

Banker's offer:

Brian says he applauds the banker. The banker phones back and says he forgot to mention something - if Brian has an all-blue round, the offer will be £30,000. Dan tells him not to focus on that, as if he takes out the £250k, he'll be chasing the £20k. The banker phones back again and says if Brian takes out £20k, £3k and a blue, the offer would be £10,007.

Brian says

Round 5 (proveout)
12 - Andrew - £250,000
Brian does a victory splitz on the walk of wealth.
15 - May - £10
9 - John - £100

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 (proveout)
6 - Roopa - 10p
20 - Chloe - £3,000
19 - Shahid - £20,000

Banker time with £1 and £5 remaining

Noel says that's excellent and Brian's spanked the banker!

Banker's offer would've been:

The banker says he has a suspicious mind that Brian is the devil in disguise.

Brian has £5 in his box 11

Box 8 with Nicola contains the £1

Brian says he's going to look after his family with that money and he'll also go to Graceland!

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