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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Peter's Deal or No Deal Game Report 05/12/09

Noel says that we've had a lot of coincidences recently, and he talks about the games we've had this week...

Peter has box 11. Peter talks about his late father, and says how he was his hero. Peter's father was Italian, and his mother was Welsh! He explains how they met. Peter has 2 children and his wife Karen is in the audience today. He says that it took him about 30 tries to get her to agree to go out with him when they first met.

He has a pic of his dad with him, and another pic of his children. Peter's daughter produced a poster for him, and it's a massive GOOD LUCK poster with boxes and all sorts on it. The main box on the poster is box 11 and Peter has box 11 today! His daughter has asked him to keep 3 numbers to the end as they're family birthdays.

Round 1
Peter says he's superstitious, so he's getting rid of 13 first.
13 - Bev - £50
22 - Helen - £750
19 - newbie Pommy - £5
1 - Andy - £50,000
17 - Israel - £100,000

Banker time
Noel says those last 2 boxes were a rotten pairing. The banker says the Welsh have done well on the show, but those with Italian blood have ended up in the 1p club!

Banker's offer:

Peter says

Round 2
18 - Corinne - £10,000
21 - Harry - £20,000
9 - Gaz - £500

Banker time
Noel answers the phone but manages to break it and has to fix it. The banker is upset by Peter's break link where he said we should come back and kick the old banker...

Banker's offer:

Peter's wife says there's another round at least.

Peter says

Round 3
6 - Charmaine - £35,000
15 - Katie - £3,000
Noel says we're running out of reds now.
Neil now, and Peter calls him Ian! Neil then says people often call him Ian!
3 - Neil - 50p

Banker time
Peter asks to speak to the banker, and the banker says no.

Banker's offer:

The audience give big BOOS and HISSES for that... Peter gets his wife to join him at the pound table.... Peter says that he recently went to see a medium about his late father, and she told him that number 11 would be lucky for him.

Peter says

Round 4
20 - Flo - £250
14 - Franny - £15,000
Peggy now, and she says today is her birthday! Noel talks about how she opened the box like an angler reeling in a fish yesterday and had 1p!
10 - Peggy - £250,000

Banker time
The banker says the Welsh side of Peter won't be winning today and he smells the blood of a 1p winner.

Banker's offer:

Peter quickly says

Round 5
7 - Dan - £5,000
8 - Bert - £100
12 - Gillian - 10p

Banker time
The banker urges Peter to accept this offer.

Banker's offer:

Flo and Gaz tell Peter not to lose his faith, and to follow his heart. Peggy says the £3,500 would get him a good holiday. Peter says he's had such a great time here and made so many friends.

Peter says

Round 6
Noel says that was a brave decision, and this week has been full of courage.
2 - Monique - 1p
4 - Hollie - £75,000
Peter says it's alright... The banker phones and says he realised what the medium foresaw, that the combined total of Peter's final 2 will be £1 + £10 = £11...
5 - Abbie - £10

Banker time with £1 and £1,000 remaining

Peter says whatever he wins now will be whatever he's destined to win. The banker says that whatever Peter wins, the banker will add £10 to it.

Banker's offer:

Peter says

Peter says the banker's looking forward to making it £11 if this is the £1...

Peter wins from £1 his box 11.

Box 16 with Freddie contains the £1,000

Noel says the banker is indeed adding £10 to the £1, so Peter's winnings are £11

Peter says he's gutted but it wasn't to be.
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