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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bert's Deal or No Deal Game Report 11/12/09

Noel says what a week it's been for the banker gloating. He says Christmas has come early for the banker, and he asks for a Christmas gift for himself, which is a male quarter-millionaire before Christmas.

Bert has box 3. Bert is from Fife in Scotland, and he is a lollipop man. He talks about how he breeds birds, and used to keep budgies. He says he sometimes has to bring his birds back to full health by feeding them through a syringe! We get to see a pic of his dogs and grandchildren.

Round 1
Noel asks if Bert would mind winning the £250k today! Bert doesn't have a system.
8 - H - £3,000
18 - Israel - £15,000
Noel talks about how Helen has had a makeover!
11 - Neil - £5,000
Bert says OH DEAR, but Noel says the banker's always said if he played the game, he'd like to take out the top right first.
16 - Franny - £50
13 - Abbie - 10p

Banker time
Noel says that was a good opening. The banker thinks Bert is mentally spending the money at the moment, and Noel says he has a shopping list.

Banker's offer:

Bert says he's waited a long time for this opportunity.

Bert says

Round 2
Dan now and we get a WAHEY as he comes from Hull
7 - Dan - £50,000
Noel talks about the head boppers Gillian is wearing today.
1 - Gillian - 50p
Noel says Bert's dream is to visit his 2 brothers and sister who live in Australia.
17 - Monique - £750

Banker time
The banker says the board is quite good but Noel says it's very good.

Banker's offer:

Bev tells Bert there's at least one more round in it. Bert chooses a box before Noel's asked the question! Noel gets irritated and talks to an audience member about where they travelled from. Neil has to tell Bert what's going on.

Bert says

Round 3
Bert chooses Bev now, and violin music plays as Noel says how Bev could destroy Bert's dream if she has another big one in her box!!!
20 - Bev - £35,000
5 - Freddie - £5
4 - Harry - £100,000

Banker time
The banker says Noel stooped too low by trying to upset Bev! He says how she's crushed dreams and could now be a divider of families.

Banker's offer:

Bert talks about what else he wants to do with the money.

Bert says

Round 4
Noel repeats how the 1p needs to be removed.
9 - newbie Lyn - £250
6 - Bodie - £10,000
2 - Vikki - £100

Banker time
Noel says again how Bert still has the £250k. The banker says Bert will have to be very lucky to get more than this offer at the next offer.

Banker's offer:

Bert says that's very good. Noel says Bert could have a disastrous round if he goes on. Franny and Neil give advice and ask Bert whether the money would cover his dream.

Bert says

Round 5
15 - Hollie - £75,000
19 - Tina - £1
Noel says this is a really big box for Bert.
14 - Peggy - £250,000

Banker time
Peggy says she was trying to tell Bert that she had a feeling about her box. The banker says that was hilarious.

Banker's offer:

Bert says

Round 6
12 - Gaz - £1,000
10 - Pommy - 1p
21 - Sanjay - £10

Banker time with £500 and £20,000 remaining...

The banker says he wasn't expecting to have this conversation.

Banker's offer:

Bert says that's a very very good offer. Neil tells Bert to think of himself as he so often helps other people.

Bert says

Bert has £20,000 in his box 3

Bert says he's happy.

Box 22 with Helen contains the £500

Bert says the money will definitely make the reunion happen.
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