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Monday, December 07, 2009

Corrine's Deal or No Deal Game Report 07/12/09

Noel says we get a big buzz when people win the big money, but we can also get a buzz after a recovery game, and he says how Charmaine did just that yesterday.

Corinne has box 20.

Corinne is a retired dressmaker, and is car mad! Noel says she's known as "car lady", and she has some pics of cars with her. She shows a pic of a 1935 car and explains how you got in the car! Her dream is to have a very expensive car; a 1920s Bentley! They cost £200,000!! We also get to see a pic of Corinne when she was younger and doing some work on vans. Corinne says her parents were killed in a plane flight so she had a fear of flying, but she went up in a microlight once and her fear went. She also had a necklace with her which has a little wrench on it.

Round 1
13 - Israel - £250
10 - Katie - £750
18 - Bert - £100,000
Corinne is now choosing her boxes based on cars...
9 - Pommy - £50,000
Corinne now chooses a box based on links with cars and Greek legends and stuff!!
4 - Helen - £500

Banker time
Noel tells the banker that Corinne is focussed on the £250k, and the banker says he doesn't think Corinne is bluffing!

Banker's offer:

Corinne says that's a very good offer.

Corinne says

Round 2
Corinne is now choosing her boxes based on a numberplate!
1 - Franny - £1
6 - Flo - £1,000
5 - Newbie Tina - £10

Banker time
The banker says he can see Corinne with him in a Bentley...

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker is convinced that Corinne will win the £250k

Corinne says

Round 3
11 - Hollie - £15,000
2 - Peggy - £20,000
REALLY slow box opening there!
12 - Neil - 10p

Banker time

Noel says Corinne's lucky tissue is working, and she says it's not a tissue, it's a handkerchief! She uses them to clean her spark plugs! The banker wants Corinne out now.

Banker's offer:

Corinne says it's a lot of money and her friends have told her she can't no deal £20k

Corinne says

Round 4
Freddie now, and Noel has some banter with him about car mechanics
14 - Freddie - £10,000
Corinne says she's careful with her money and economises whenever she can, but she has her eyes set on that Bentley!
3 - Bodie - £3,000
Noel says people often come for the big money but we've never had anyone focussed on a single item such as a car
21 - Andy - 50p

Banker time
The banker says he's worried as he no weapons left to use against Corinne, except for one...

Banker's offer:

Noel says the old faithful has got so many people out of the chair.

Corinne says

Round 5
Corinne says the banker won't shift her!
16 - Bev - £50
8 - Gillian - £35,000
17 - Harry - £75,000

Banker time
Corinne says it's still there, it's still there... the banker says he'd have halved the £26,000 for anyone else.

Banker's offer:

Corinne says the dream is still there, but Noel says sometimes we have to accept that reaching for the dream can be too painful. She says this is her dream.

Corinne says

Round 6
Noel says this is amazing... Corinne says she's reaching for her dream and she can't try any harder...
15 - Abbie - £5
7 - Gaz - £5,000
Noel says Corinne could have Alice's final 2 of 1p and £250k.
22 - Monique - £100

Banker time with 1p and £250,000 remaining...

Corinne says she forgot to stay at the start that her dream ending is 1p vs £250k! Noel asks why would anyone want that as the dream ending, and she says it's the game! The banker says this is the hardest offer he's ever had to make, and he thinks Corinne's belief is more powerful than his money.

Banker's offer:

Corinne says for £88,000, she could buy the Bentley she wants in kit form. She says she's too old to build cars from kit form...

Corinne asks for the question and goes for a walk while Noel asks it!!!

Corinne says

Corinne says she came to do it, she came to do it!!! Everyone's stunned with silence!!! Noel says that's the BIGGEST no deal they've ever had... Corinne says she has plans if she won the 1p!

Noel says the swap is guaranteed here.

Banker's offer:

Corinne says the other box, box 19, is her birthday. Corinne says things happen for a reason...

Corinne says

Noel says this is the biggest contrast we can get in the game.

Noel gives a massive build up to this box opening...

Are we about to see the THIRD quarter-millionaire?

Corinne wins 1p from her box 20

Corinne says her friend told her that if she won the 1p, she'd make a pendant out of it.

Box 19 with Dan contains the £250,000

Corinne says she's always the wanted the Bentley and it would've been nice, but she's had fun and she'll have the penny pendant to remind her of this. Noel says what an extraordinary game and an extraordinary lady.

Corinne is the 26th member of the 1p club.
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