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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dan's Deal or No Deal Game Report 17/12/09

Noel says it never ceases to amaze him what the contestants bring with them to the crazy chair, and yesterday Gillian brought everything with her, but it wasn't enough to bring her any luck and she went away with the 1p

Dan has box 2 today. Dan is from Hull, which gets some cheers, he is a cook and says he loves the enjoyment his food gives to people. He explains how he has Crohn's disease, and how he found out about it and how he now deals with it. He has a good luck card from his grilfriend, and we get to see a few family photos. Dan says he has a secret weapon, and he has put on his lucky boxers and offers to show them to us Some music starts playing as Dan starts to take off his trousers to show us his 'Big Boy' boxers

Round 1
Peggy first and she says she is a little inebriated today.
15 - 50p Peggy
8 - £5 Haz
21 - £500 Lyn
6 - £15,000 George
20 - £10 Franny
Franny actually lifts his whole box into the air rather than just lifting the lid

Banker time
The Banker says that Dan looks a bit of a mess! It is the premier show on British television and Dan turns up unshaven, hair a mess, and a scrappy cardigan!

Banker's offer:

Dan says

Round 2
Newbie Beth next, and Noel says it is important not to make a big thing of the newbie opening their first box incase they mess it up, he then asks for a drum roll before she opens it
5 - £3,000 Newbie Beth
19 - £50 Sanjay
1 - £100,000 Vikki

Banker time
Noel tells the Banker that Dan is not bothered about the £100,000 going as he is here for the £250,000. The Banker says that Dan's fashion sense is spreading to Freddie and tells Freddie to show us his socks

Banker's offer:

Dan says it is an amazing offer but the £250,000 is still there

Dan says

Round 3
3 - £250 Carmine
7 - £35,000 Tina
13 - 10p Bodie

Banker time
Noel says he likes this, but Dan wants to get rid of the 1p. The Banker says that he has been listening in to Dan's mum to see if she would give anything away, but she hasn't done so far.

Banker's offer:

Dan says

Round 4
22 - £1,000 Pommy
18 - £100 Hollie
Noel asks Dan about his tattoos, and Dan shows us the one on his back and another behind his ear.
10 - £250,000 Stephen

Banker time
The Banker says that he thinks Stephen looks great.

Banker's offer:

Dan says

Round 5
17 - £75,000 H
11 - £20,000 Abbie
The whole game has changed in just 3 boxes says Noel, and Dan says he is scared to pick a box now.
9 - 1p Gaz

Banker time
That was a saving grace says the Banker, and he is convinced Dan will go for the £50,000 now. Noel tries to talk the Banker into offering £13,000, but the Banker isn't interested.

Banker's offer:

Dan says if he takes out the £50,000 he won't see that offer again, and then goes for some advice.

Dan says

Round 6
That was brave says Noel
4 - £50,000 Israel
14 - £750 Helen
12 - £10,000 Freddie

Banker time with £1 and £5,000 remaining

Oh goodness me says Dan.

Banker's offer:

Dan says that is an amazing offer. Dan goes to the wings for advice.

Dan says

Noel opens Dan's box 2 and reveals £1

Harry with box 16 contains the £5,000
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