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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peggy's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/12/09 - Santa v Scrooge

Noel talks about Freddie's game yesterday and says how the centre of the game lies with the Santa vs Scrooge twist. He talks about how the banker was lying but Freddie was victorious by going to the end and swapping for £15,000.

Santa vs Scrooge 2009 Gameplay:
If a player gets to 5-box, they can open a mince pie, a carrot or a bottle of sherry. There's 1 Scrooge and 2 Santas. If they reveal SANTA, they get an offer after every box and win a holiday for 2. If they find SCROOGE, then the banker looks in their box, their is no offer after every box but a SWAP at 2-box is guaranteed.

Peggy has box 5. Peggy's real name is Beatrice but people call her Peggy due to a lying aunt! Peggy is retired now but she used to be a machinist and a newsagent owner. She has some banter with Noel about the smutty magazines on the top shelf! She talks about her late husband Tony, and she shows an old pic of herself when she was 17. She says she always has to get someone to say a rude word when she has her pic taken! The banker phones and says he knows what the word is... Noel says it's "bum". We also get to see a pic of her late son and one of his girlfriends, as well as a pic of her grandchildren.

Round 1
Noel reminds Peggy that if she finds one of the banker's power 5 in round 1, she gets to give a mystery gift to one of the other players.
2 - Pommy - £5
Peggy will now get to give the mystery gift to one of the others.
13 - Tina - £1
Peggy says she has no system.
11 - Bodie - £250
7 - Franny - £50,000
1 - H - £100,000

Banker time
Peggy chooses to give the mystery gift to H. H opens the envelope and she's won £600 to spend on jewellery at H Samuels! The banker says the actual word Peggy says during photos was not "bum"! Unless Peggy deals at the 1st offer, he'll force Noel to say what it actually is. Noel says it's "big penis"!!! The banker says Peggy is a racey woman, committing sins and drinking brandy...

Banker's offer:

Peggy says

Round 2
10 - Hollie - £5,000
Peggy says she can't read the name badges!
4 - Stephen - £75,000
3 - George - 50p

Banker time
The banker says Peggy is delicious! She asks if he's handsome and he says yes, devastatingly so.

Banker's offer:

Peggy says

Round 3
12 - Haz - £20,000
20 - Abbie - £750
9 - Gaz - 10p

Banker time
The banker says that was a bit better. He's worried that Peggy will get a SANTA if she gets to 5-box. She says she'll take Noel away with her if she gets a SANTA and wins the holiday!

Banker's offer:

Peggy says

Round 4
16 - Sanjay - £35,000
19 - Lyn - £250,000
Never mind, says Peggy, you can't win 'em all......
21 - Jardi - £15,000

Banker time
The banker says Peggy is a dream come true as she is so nice, kind... and incredibly cheap!

Banker's offer:

Peggy says

Round 5
18 - Carmine - £50
8 - Bel - 1p
17 - Chris - £3,000

Santa vs Scrooge time

If Peggy finds SANTA, there's an offer after every box and a holiday for 2. If it's SCROOGE, there are no extra offers, the banker looks in her box but she's guaranteed the SWAP at 2-box.

Peggy chooses the CARROTS and it's SCROOGE

The SHERRY contains the SANTA

The MINCE PIES contain the other SANTA

The snowman comes on set to take the box away to the banker

Banker time
Noel says the same thing happened to Freddie yesterday, and he played it well. The box returns with the banker's black seal on it!! The banker says poor Peggy! He says he's telling the truth, and that Peggy has £10 in her box so she should deal now.

Banker's offer:

Peggy says

Round 6
Peggy says that offer wouldn't have paid her gambling debts!!! Beth now, and Noel talks about how she's never had a blue....
22 - Beth - £10,000
6 - newbie David - £1,000
Game over now, as Peggy only has blues left
14 - Vikki - £500

Banker time with £10 and £100 remaining...

Noel says it looks like the banker's telling the truth for once. The banker says the odds against doing what Peggy did are astronomical.

Banker's offer:

Peggy says

Noel says the SWAP is guaranteed as Peggy found SCROOGE

Banker's offer:

Peggy says

Noel swaps Peggy's box 5 for Adam's box 15

Peggy wins £100 from her new box 15

Box 5 with Adam contains the £10

Noel says the banker was telling the truth. Peggy says she's very disappointed but she's noticed Noel's kindness to old people, and he says maybe that's because he's one of them.
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