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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Flo's Deal or No Deal Game Report 09/12/09

Noel talks about the games we've had so far this week, and he says we can make dreams come true.

Flo has box 18. Flo says she was surprised to get picked today! Flo is a telecoms service advisor from Lancashire. We get to see a pic of her grandchildren, children, late husband and other friends and family. She has a party popper and mini bottle of champagne for Noel and the banker, so we can have a party today!

Round 1
Flo has her sister-in-law Anne in the audience today. Flo has no system or gameplan.
3 - Bev - £100
20 - Freddie - £35,000
4 - Bert - £20,000
Noel says Franny has wandering hands!
9 - Vikki - £75,000
5 - Harry - £10,000

Banker time
The banker thanks Flo for her gift and he's already drunk most of the champagne! He is worried by the £50k/£100k/£250k as those were a key part in yesterday's game.

Banker's offer:

Flo quickly says

Round 2
Noel says Flo has recently had a lot of ambitions including riding a horse and coming on DoND! Noel says the banker said he won't offer anything sensible until Flo starts hitting the blues...
11 - Franny - 1p
12 - Andy - £100,000
Flo asks if anyone in the audience is called Florence, and no-one is!
13 - Abbie - £50

Banker time
Flo says the banker is her Wizard of Oz.

Banker's offer:

Flo says that's reasonable.

Flo says

Round 3
1 - Bodie - £250
Peggy now, and Noel has some banter about her poor box openings!
19 - Peggy - £50,000
8 - Neil - £3,000

Banker time
The banker says Neil's on a mission to irritate him as he's always pointing out that he underestimates players!

Banker's offer:

The others give Flo some encouragement.

Flo says

Round 4
16 - Hollie - £1
22 - Dan - £5
10 - Gaz - £1,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Flo asks for some advice and Freddie says Flo's on a roll, and gets everyone to build Flo up. Flo asks her sister-in-law, who reminds Flo that she believes in fate.

Flo says

Round 5
14 - Israel - £5,000
2 - Pommy - £15,000
Gasps for that one...
17 - Monique - 50p

Banker time
The banker says he found that round tense.

Banker's offer:

Flo says that's a tricky one. Hollie says £12k is a lot of money and it's real money but she says everyone's behind Flo whatever she decides to do. Flo talks about what the money could do for her, and she talks about her home, and how she needs money to hang on to it, and the £12k would do that. However she says she's temped to go on as she could raise the money by working until she's 65.

Her sister-in-law comes down to the pound table and tells Flo to think carefully about this. Flo gets a bit emotional and speaks about how she's built herself up over the last few years. Noel says Flo's proved herself, and there's no obligation for her to take a gamble.

Flo says

Round 6 (proveout)
Noel says Flo could still spank the banker.
6 - Tina - £10
21 - newbie H - 10p
Noel says Flo has one last shot.
15 - Gillian - £750
"WHAT" says Noel

Banker time with £500 and £250,000 remaining...

The banker can be heard laughing wildly down the phone!

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel says the good news is that Flo can keep her home with the £12k but the bad news is she could've had a lot more.

Flo has £250,000 in her box 18.

Noel says Flo was so close to it.

Box 7 with Helen contains the £500

Flo says she's annoyed with herself but she's done what she set out to do...
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