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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Steph's Game Report

Here we are at the last show of the week for the start of the new season, and what a week it has been. We have had the highs of Mark (£26,000), Nick(£45,000) and Lance (£87,000) with the lows of Lindsay (£500) and Sharron (1p), despite the 2 low wins if today's contestant can produce a win of just over £12,000 it will produce the best ever week for contestant's overall winnings.

Today’s player is Steph and she has box 16 - Steph gives noel a hug and kiss, she has her husband in the audience who says they have no target for today. Steph has 2 pressies - one for Noel and one for the banker. She has brought a Wallet along with her that belonged to her late gran-dad which she now keeps photos in that are close to her, Noel says he hopes that it can be filled with loads of money at the end of the show. Hopefully Steph can turn around the fortune of the female contestant's this week and produce a nice win for the end of the first week.

Round 1
4 - £5,000
8 - £100 new girl Hannah
2 - £1,000 Noel tempts fate by saying a super start
17 - £15,000 mixed reaction
22 - £250 Big applause

Steph is happy with the opening round and she gives the banker his gift, which appears to have nothing inside - it's just an empty box - banker hopes there was a kiss blown into it. Banker gives Steph the nickname of Sassy Steph and offers £8,900.
Steph says it's a good offer, husband Mark says a very good offer, Steph says NO DEAL

Round 2
5 - £35,000
10 - 1p big cheers
1 - £50

Steph says the pressie for Noel is to keep his lucky teabag in. The banker reveals that there was something originally inside his box as he has just seen Ed from the production team with chocolate all over his face. He makes Steph an offer of £17,500, Steph says NO DEAL

Round 3
13 - £1
20 - £10,000
3 - £250,000

The banker offers £10,000 but says it would have been £27,500 if a blue were hit on last box of that round. Sweep of wings and everyone says NO DEAL, Steph agrees and says NO DEAL

Round 4
12 - £750
18 - £20,000
9 - £3,000

Steph says she is getting good vibes but admits she is getting scared. Banker reckons that Steph will take out all three large values in the next round and offers £15,000, Steph quickly says NO DEAL

Round 5
7 - £100,000
14 - £50,000
11 - £5

The banker’s prediction nearly came true on that last round and he now believes that he can get the box for pence now... He makes on offer of £4,750. Steph says NO DEAL

Round 6
15 - £500
6 - 50p
21 - 10p

Steph produces a dream round by dodging the £75,000 and having an all-blue round. With £10 and £75,000 on the board the banker offers £25,000, Steph decides to DEAL

Noel opens steph's box 16 to reveal £75,000, Box 19 contains the £10.

Although Steph could have won £75,000 it would have been a big gamble on that last offer with the chance of walking away with £10, and with the win of £25,000 it gives us the best week of winnings on the show ever totalling £183,500.01.

I think most people will agree that it's been a great start to new season giving us amazing highs and lows in the games and providing fantastic drama and entertainment.

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