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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sarah-Janes Game Report

What a week it's been so far! What does today hold in store for us? Noel is in a more sober shirt today, so we can all remove our shades! He introduces the final show of the week as 'The weep that was' because of all the emotion and tears of the week.

It's Sarah-Jane's turn to take the 'walk of wealth' today and she does so with box 16, she asks Noel to help her carry it to the table as it's heavy and feels like it has a lot of money!

Sarah-Jane says she invited the banker to her wedding recently and he didn't show up and asks for him to ring and apologise, he does and she calls him a naughty boy! The banker says he was there but he sat in a different seat, as he didn't want to reveal his identity. Noel goes on to point out about the power of box 16 containing power 5 values when on the 'pound table' will it have one today?

Round 1
8 - £20,000 a few 'oooohs' from the audience
6 - £75,000 louder gasps!!!!
14 - £250,000 Sarah-Jane asks to start again......
5 - £250 big cheers for the first blue
1 - £100,000

A horrible start and the power 5 is destroyed! This isn't looking well for box 16 and the power 5 legend at the moment! The banker calls and we hear him laughing down the phone, Sarah-Jane says it's EVIL, he then offers £50 + set of steak knives! He says that the knives are his wedding present for Sarah-Jane! Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 2
3 - £750 cheers for the 2nd blue
7 - £15,000 silence for the red
17 - £5 cheers for that one

Noel asks Mark on the wings what he thinks the offer will be, he says around £500 - Noel thinks it could be garden furniture or a BBQ! The banker calls and Mark is wrong by a factor of 5, he offers £2,500 - Sarah-Jane says she needs a kettle as well, her husband says go all the way. Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 3
9 - £100
21 - £1,000
13 - £5,000

Yet more reds go in the round but Noel says the legend of box 16 is living on, Sarah-Jane talks about going all the way to the end. Sarah-Jane needs a vacuum cleaner as well, a drag along one, the banker mentions Sally Kettle the first female member of the 1p club, and says Sarah-Jane will also go away with a 'Kettle' 1p! He offers £5,000.01, Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 4
2 - £3,000 Sarah-Jane can't keep away from the reds!!
Chants of 'Blue Blue Blue' start
11 - 10p
19 - 50p

Noel tells the banker that there is either £35,000 or £50,000 in the box and the banker says he has calmed down now, he goes on to offer £1,000 - This receives gasps from the audience, Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Noel says the banker was taking a gamble with that last offer.

Round 5
18 - £35,000 Gasps from the audience - only the £50,000 left from the power 5
12 - £500
22 - £10,000

The only red left on the board now is the £50,000 and Sarah-Jane says that the £50,000 is in her box. The banker says it's an all or nothing game and he says there will be a minute until he decides the offer. Sarah-Jane says the banker won't offer enough for her not to gamble... The banker says that was a brave statement and makes the highest offer of the night £5,000.02. Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 6
20 - £50 big cheers and applause
4 - 1p Relief there
15 - £1

Sarah Jane pulls out an excellent round and leaves a final 2 of £50,000 and £10, does the legend of box 16 live on? The banker calls and makes a final offer of £14,010, the highest offer of the game. Fellow contestant Alex asks what Sarah-Jane's first instinct is, she says not to take the offer.... Sarah-Jane says it's glory or nothing or £14,010 and is a little unsure what to do.... Noel weighs up all the decisions for Sarah-Jane and then asks the question but Sarah-Jane can't speak!! Noel asks again Sarah-Jane says DEAL.

Noel opens box 16 and reveals £50,000! Box 16 lives up to it's reputation of containing mostly power 5 values while sitting on the 'pound table' Box 10 has £10.

Today's game finishes off an incredible week for shows and gave another game where the banker played a couple of games to entice the contestant to play on. The building up of the 'legend' of box 16 is soon going to bite back and hurt a contestant in future games as Noel has been building up the almost indestructible power of it! Hopefully future players will play their own games and not possibly get lured into it's legend!

At the end of the show there is an announcement that Deal or No Deal will move next week to a Sunday slot instead of it’s usual Saturday showing. Could this be a move by Channel4 to move it away from the ITV Saturday line-up of The X-Factor and Ant & Dec? This would help protect what has turned into Channel4’s flagship afternoon hit and perhaps even open it up to more viewers who are enticed by offerings elsewhere on a Saturday.

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leo said...

Great and courageous game, Sarah-Jane. Banker's final offer was paltry, and obviously geared towards you playing on. You deserved more for your tremendous,and very entertaining game. Enjoy your winnings. Leo.