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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sarah's Game Report

It's Sarah's turn to take the 'walk of wealth today' she has box 13 which hopefully is not unlucky for her.....
Sarah has her best friends with her in the audience along with her aunt, her husband and dad were due to turn up tomorrow to offer support but miss out on Sarah's time at the 'pound table'.

Noel asks is Sarah will write her target in the book, Sarah seems unsure at first but agrees to write something in the book. Noel asks will she write something on his banana instead!!! She agrees but Noel hides it to reveal at the end of the game.

Round 1
4 - £20,000 'Oh crumbs' says Noel.....
12 - £50,000 groans from the audience
6 - £5,000 Noel asks if this is going to be an all red round...
9 - £100 the first blue gets a great reception....
15 - £1,000

Noel says that's not a good ratio of hitting 4 reds to 1 blue, Sarah says that it gives her more chance of hitting more blues in the next round. The banker says that as Sarah wrote something on the banana he has written his prediction for the game on his plums!!! He has written '1' on one and 'p' on the other. He then doesn't make a financial offer but instead offers Sarah the chance to swap he current box with any other box that is still in play. Sarah says this is a tricky decision as there are 2 numbers that mean something to her - box 13 and box 7 , after a little thought Sarah decides to stick with her box 13

Round 2
5 - £75,000 Gasps all around
19 - £10 Cheers and applause greets the blue
16 - £250

Noel says this is the fruitiest game we've had so far - the battle of Sarah's banana against the bankers plums!!! Sarah says the game is still looking OK, Noel says that Sarah is about to get her first financial offer - will this tempt the banker to offer a second swap offer? He doesn't and makes an offer of £13,000. Sarah goes to her aunt for some advice, who suggests a NO Deal as does her friends in the audience, Sarah agrees with this and tells Noel NO DEAL.

Round 3
2 - £5 big cheers
10 - £15,000 a small ripple of applause
21 - 10p cheers and 'whoops' for that one

Sarah is still happy with the game as the 2 largest amounts are still in play, the banker reveals that Paul's target of £20,000 has given him valuable information about the contestants that £20,000 is an amount that the contestants will go for, he then offers £20,000 - Sarah says NO DEAL. The banker calls back and says he was worried before but now he is terrified of Sarah!!!!

Round 4
3 - £750
1 - £35,000
18 - £10,000

The safety nets have disappeared but Sarah points out there are now loads of blues to still hit. Noel says that this will be a testing offer now, he asks the banker how he is feeling now - the banker replies 'Fruity' there is mention of £8,500 in the conversation but then Noel reveals the true figure of £20,000 - The banker sticks with his last offer. Sarah ponders over this offer before saying NO DEAL.

Noel asks for some positivity and the audience responds with cheers and applause

Round 5
17 - £250,000 Silence in the studio
20 - 50p
11 - £3,000 Michaela

Banker says he is relieved with that round and applauds Sarah's courage, he then offers £6,000 - This is greeted with gasps from the audience. Sarah needs to discuss this and turns to her aunt - she suggests to deal and not leave with possibly nothing. Sarah says NO DEAL.

Round 6

Sarah needs an all blue with only the one red remaining and goes to hold hands with her fellow contestants before the first box of the next round is opened.

14 - £100,000 Only blues left and the 1p is still there
22 - 1p
8 - £1

With £50 and £500 left the banker compliments Sarah on her game
and offers £250. Sarah says she might as well go all the way now and announces NO DEAL.

Noel opens Sarah’s box 13 to reveal £50

Box 7 has the £500

Noel asks Sarah if we can look at what was written on the banana, Sarah agrees and it reveals that she wanted a win over £50,000.

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