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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ashley's Game Report

Noel greets us wearing a deck chair today!!!! What a week we've had so far, a real emotional roller coaster. Can today's show give us more of the same?

It's Ashley's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' today, he has box 16 today and plays after returning for just one show after his absence due to being in court due to his work as a police officer. Ashley is superstitious and has a lucky charm with that Nev gave him, a pig with a screw in it's rear!!. Ashley’s police number is 6379 which will no doubt appear in the bankers offers somewhere

Round 1
15 - £50
18 - £250
19 - £50,000 a few 'ooohs' there
17 - £100
11 - 1p Big applause and cheers greet the loss of the 1p

Ashley is really happy with that round and especially the loss of the 1p, the banker calls and says that Ashley has money written all over him before offering £10,063.79, there's Ashley's police number. Ashley is very happy with that offer, but says NO DEAL.

Round 2
21 - 50p
Ashley thinks about Barbara's box but is unsure - John is called into action for his 'tingle' skills - he says beware of it and Ashley goes elsewhere.
10 - £10,000 a few oohs
Ashley is still bugged about Barbara’s box and wants to get rid of it now, Noel queries whether he should after his doubts about it, Ashley is still nervous about Barbara's box but decides to go for it.
22 - £5 Great relief there!!!!

The banker still thinks Ashley has money written all over him and offers £16,376, still using Ashley's police number. Ashley is delighted with that offer but says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back before the start of the next round and he guarantees that Ashley will feel like his pig at the end of this round!!!

Round 3
14 - £3,000 delayed applause for the one
1 - £250,000 Groans for that and the banker was right - Ashley says that is what he came for......
20 - £1

The banker calls very quickly and says he was worried about box 16 as in the history of the game 16 is the luckiest box as when it has been on the table it has had a power 5 value in more than any other box, he then offers £6,379 (police theme again) Ashley says NO DEAL.

Round 4
12 - £1,000
2 - £500 big cheers for the blue
8 - £20,000 groans for that but Ashley says it's OK

The banker calls and says that round didn't go the way he wanted, Noel asks Ashley what he thinks the offer is, Ashley says somewhere in the £20,000's which surprises Noel. Noel confirms the offer is over £20k, it's £22,063.79. Noel asks the 'Pilgrims' what they think and to stand up for NO DEAL - the majority stand up. Ashley says that's a years salary and is unsure what to do, he goes to his friends who say he will be really unlucky to take the 3 higher amounts out in the next round, Ashley says NO DEAL.

round 5
5 - £750 big cheers and applause
Ashley goes to John who says don't choose him, Ashley says he was
wrong last time and goes for him
4 - £100,000 John is right this time
3 - £35,000 'ooohs' followed by silence

Ashley's friends are wrong about destroying the board and Ashley says he might have to go all the way now, the calls and offers £9,990. Ashley is struggling on this one, but says NO DEAL.

Round 6
6 - £15,000
13 - 10p incredible cheers and applause
7 - £5,000 big cheers again

That round leaves a final 2 of £10 and £75,000, Noel says an all or peanuts game now.

The banker calls and offers £19,990, Ashley debates is it worth gambling £20,000 for an extra £55,000. Noel pushes the fact he could walk home now with a years salary. Ashley thinks for a long time on this one and then says DEAL.

Noel opens box 16 to reveal £75,000, the banker was right about it having a power 5 value!!! Box 9 has the £10. Ashley is quite disappointed with the result.

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