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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nev's Game Report - 250th Show

Another landmark reached today with the 250th show and possibly the contestants taking the total winnings for them over the £4million mark with a win of just over £4,000. Noel introduces the show and it's a little disappointing to see that Noel is not dressed up for the occasion.

Noel runs through some stats for the first 250 shows, 8 people have had the £250,000 but no one has won it, 8 people have won the 1p - He also says that the banker has already paid out £4milllion!!! Think Noel will need to have a word with his stats people on that one!!!

Today's contestant to take the walk of wealth is Nev, who brings box 15 to the 'pound table', he gives us a funny story about hang-gliding and a cow!!! He has his wife Julie with him in the audience today and asks her to join in him at the table - he then says that he doesn't say 'I love you' enough so says it on TV.

Will the run in with the banker from yesterday surface today???? It does and the banker calls before the game starts, he marks the 250th show with something special, if Nev hits the 1p in the first round he will give every contestant £250 and a bottle of bubbly for everyone in the audience!! A generous banker today!! Will that last throughout the show with his offers to Nev?

Round 1
18 - £100,000 Groans all round
22 - £750
1 - £35,000 more 'oooohs'
10 - 50p cheers and applause
Now where is the 1p????
4 - £250 a blue but the wrong one.....

That round has saved the banker some money, he calls really quickly and says that he enjoyed seeing everyone’s hopes raised and then destroyed - He makes an opening offer of £1,250, Nev says NO DEAL.

Round 2
12 - £1,000
2 - 10p
20 - £50

We learn that Nev has based his number choices for his game today on a film he saw where fibonacci numbers featured, the banker phones quickly again and he queries the fibonacci sequence so Nev explains how it works, the banker then offers £11,235 based on the fibonacci sequence. Nev is impressed with the offer but says NO DEAL.

Round 3
7 - £10,000 mixed reaction.....
13 - 1p Big cheers and applause for it
3 - £15,000 mixed reaction again

Banker says he was not happy with the last round and Noel hints at a stick and plays on it first before revealing the real offer of £20,000. Nev is again impressed with the offer, Noel builds up the possibility of a big win on the 250th show but Nev says NO DEAL.

Round 4

8 - £1 Cheers and applause greet the blue
21 - £10 more of the same from the audience
11 - £3,000

The banker calls and says he's a bag of nerves!!!!! He then makes an offer of £41,000. Nev thinks of what he would say to his fellow contestants at this stage - he says he would say it's a very strong board but also remembers his fellow contestant Nick (29th August) who was in a similar situation and dealt at this stage and made the right choice as the following round he destroyed the board, Nev says DEAL.

Noel asks was this the right decision....

Round 5 - Proveout Round
16 - £100 'ooohhs' from the audience
19 - £500
6 - £5,000

That would have been a perfect round and Noel says that Nev has made a mistake here, with 4 reds one being the £250,000 and only one blue left the banker calls and would have offered £76,000. Nev says he should have listened to the advice he would have given someone else on the last round, he says he would have dealt for £76,000.

Round 6 - Proveout round
17 - £50,000 mixed reaction on that one
9 - £75,000
14 - £5

Shock all around the studio and Nev has the exact same final 2 as Morris (6th May) had in his dramatic game, the banker says he would have offered £111,000 (£10,000 more than he offered Morris in his game with the same final 2).

Nev asks would the banker offered the swap and Noel says yes he would have, Nev says he would have swapped so Noel performs the swap and puts box 5 in front of Nev. Noel opens the box and reveals £250,000!!!! Box 15 has the £20,000

So in the 250th show we would have had the hypothetical chance of a £250,000 winner, although it would have required Nev to go all the way and as he said he would have dealt at both the proveout round offers, so it would have needed a different player today to produce the ultimate game.

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