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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sal's Game Report

Firstly, sorry for the delayed report from Saturday’s show, it's been a busy weekend and I've only just managed to start catching up. Normal service will be resumed today.

Saturday's show brings an end of our 3rd week of the new season and the show has certainly continued to provide the entertainment, drama and controversy of the previous seasons. Noel greets us in a jacket for the Saturday show and runs through the excitement that we have seen recently.

It's Sal's turn takes the walk of wealth today , she takes it on crutches though, We learn that Sal had a netball accident just before she joined the show hence the reason for the crutches. She has box 10 today and is also joined by her husband who is the audience and she then reveals a small red box with her, which Noel opens, and it contains a little angel.

Round 1

Noel runs over to Sal's position on the wings as she says the wings look a little empty as she is not there

8 - £10
9 - 1p
7 - £1
11 - £100,000 groans from the audience
4 - £50

Yet another of the top 2 amounts goes in the first round again but Sal is happy. The banker calls and makes an opening offer of £7,500 - Sal says NO DEAL

Round 2
15 - £5
19 - £3,000
Sal goes to John who she says gets feelings from his boxes, Noel asks him to put his hands on the box and tell him what he feels today - John says 'A red box'. Sal is unsure about John's box now and changes her mind to....
6 - £50,000 was that the right choice?

The banker offers £15,000, Sal asks Barbara what she thinks - she replies there is at least one more round in the game. Sal agrees and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
16 - £500
12 - £20,000 receives a mixed reaction.....
Sal goes to John as it is 'doing her head in'......
17 - 10p Sal should have chose him the round before

The banker respects Sal's selection of boxes in that round and wants Sal to 'Hobble off'!!!! He then offers £20,000. Noel goes to Sal's husband who says the offer reflects the board, Sal asks for a sweep of the wings. The sweep is ended quickly with a majority NO DEAL - Sal agrees and says NO DEAL

Round 4
20 - £10,000
14 - £5,000
Sal goes to Barbara, but she thinks her box is a little high - Sal goes elsewhere
13 - £35,000 Groans from the audience.....

Sal says the board is still good and the banker should be worried, he calls and makes an offer of £25,000. Sal asks for another sweep of her fellow contestants, Noel allows the contestants to opt out a decision if they like - bit of a mixed reaction from the wings. Noel points out that Sal should make the decision for herself and not to please other people to provide an entertaining game. Sal thinks for a while before saying DEAL.

Round 5 - Proveout Round
18 - £250 Barbara had the wrong feeling about her box...
3 - £250,000
1 - £1,000

Banker calls and would have offered £15,000, Sal would have said DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout Round
22 - £75,000 That box gives Sal the perfect game
5 - £100
2 - 50p

Sal asks to speak to the banker, the banker says 'she wants to rub it in'!!!! Sal says he sounds like Prince Charles!!! He would have offered £5,000, Sal says she would have gone on if still playing and opened her box.....

Noel opens Sal's box 10 and reveals £750, Box 21 has the £15,000

Sal plays the perfect game and takes the highest offer made to her in her show, although her box decision was swayed a couple of times by her fellow contestants feelings about their box contents which were later shown to be wrong and could have probably resulted in a greater offer and win for Sal.

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