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Monday, September 04, 2006

Ottis' Game Report

The start of the second week of the second season and hopefully it will be just as eventful as last weeks very entertaining start to the new season.

Today's contestant to step up to take the walk of wealth and his place at the pound table is Ottis. The intro for Ottis is very short but we learn he is originally from Jamaica but now living in London, he has box 11 in front of him today.

Round 1
12 - 1p fantastic start and the audience love it
21 - £3,000 Ottis looks worried at the loss of that
7 - £1 audience cheers
1 - £100,000 produces 'OHHHH's'
6 - £75,000 more 'OHHHH's'

Banker quickly calls and says that wasn't a good opening round but he has respect for Ottis for what he has brought to the show in his time while waiting on the wings.

The banker makes an opening offer of £4,700 - Ottis says No Deal

Round 2
3 - £50,000
9 - £35,000 OUCH!!!!
14 - £250,000

Disastrous round for Ottis and Noel comments that this is the unluckiest game in months as Ottis takes out the top 5 amounts in the first 2 rounds.....

Ottis says that he needs to win a nice amount otherwise he won't be allowed back home!! Noel offers him a room at his place if it all goes wrong. The banker calls and offers £700, Ottis quickly says NO DEAL.

Round 3
5 - £500 Applause
2 - £10,000 produces 'OOHHHH's' from the audience
13 - £750 cheers and applause

Ottis yet again hits another large red during the round, and the banker is a little unsure where to pitch the offer. He decides to offer £2,700 - Ottis says NO DEAL

Round 4
18 - 10p cheers and applause greet the blue
15 - £50
Noel starts to pull a few funny faces which Ottis notices and comments on, so Noel goes to the other side of the studio and pulls up a chair at which point he gets out a pen and pad and starts to write "I must not pull faces at Ottis" 100 times. Noel then calls a commercial break to give him time to write the lines....
Back from the break and Ottis asks Noel how many lines he has written, Noel says he has written out 1 line and put X100 beside it!!!!!
Ottis then chooses his last box of the round..

8 - £1,000

The banker rings and Noel answers, but the banker asks to speak to the boss so Noel hands the phone over to Ottis. He tells Ottis that if he takes the next offer he will throw in a tent as well so that he has somewhere to stay, he then offers £4,000 - Ottis says NO DEAL

Round 5
18 - 10p cheers and applause greet the blue
15 - £50
16 - 50p The studio loves it....

Ottis finally produces an all blue round and the banker makes on offer of £7,000. Ottis needs time to consider this and does his own personal sweep of the wings while Noel takes a seat in the audience, halfway through Ottis summons Noel to join him to complete the sweep and then escorts Noel back to the 'pound table' and teaches him a 'cool' walk on the way. Noel then asks Ottis the important question to which Ottis replies DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £100 silence from the audience
19 - £5,000
17 - £15,000 still receives silence....

With £20,000 and £10 left on the board Ottis says he needs the toilet, the banker calls and says that Ottis can go off stage to use the toilet if he likes, Ottis decides to stay and the banker offers £5,000 + 1p...... Ottis says he would have made a DEAL on that offer.

Noel opens the box number 11 sat in front of Ottis to reveal £10 and give Ottis a win over the banker. Box 10 contains the £20,000. Noel congratulates Ottis and says he has been great on the show and doesn't want him to leave, to which Ottis replies "can I have another shot"

What started out as a horrible first few opening rounds for Ottis, he managed to turn the game around enough to give him a nice win of £7,000 and produce another win over the banker.

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