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Monday, September 18, 2006

Emi's Game Report

Start of another week of the 'Entertainment drama' as Noel would say, he introduces the show and is shocked that apparently there are some people who haven't seen the show!!!

Emi is today's contestant to sit in the 'crazy chair', she has box 13 today and Noel has to re-position her box on the table as it's not quite in the right place...... Emi has brought along a small purse with her today - hopefully she'll win more than enough to fill it!!!! Emi is not sure what the banker thinks of her, but she thinks that the other contestants think she is nuts!!!

Round 1
4 - £100
9 - £50,000 a few 'oooohs' greet that one.....
3 - £250,000 Yet another game where the biggy goes early
10 - £100,000
17 - £5

A horrible opening round and Noel is not looking forward to his conversation with the banker as he will be laughing down the phone, the banker doesn't disappoint and we hear his laugh at Emi's opening round before making an opening offer of £80. Emi seems quite shocked and asks why a low offer - Noel points out that the state of the board could have something to do with it - Emi says NO DEAL.

Round 2

Noel asks Emi is she would like a quickie to try and change her luck as quickie rounds have produced some great results in the past, Emi agrees

8 - 1p
14 - £20,000
11 - 10p

Nearly a perfect quickie round. Noel picks up the good luck purse is a little worried about how much money will be put in it at the end of the show - Emi says it's not a good luck purse it's a protective purse that contains something but she won't reveal what. The banker calls and reveals some box 13 stats - it's been on the table 9 times but only Gaz has won a significant amount of money - £100,000 (will have to check his stats as the show doesn't have a great record of getting them right!!!) He then makes an offer of £5,000. Emi says she can turn the game around with some positive thoughts and says NO DEAL.

Emi asks for another quickie round

Round 3
12 - £250
20 - £15,000
6 - £10,000

The quickie started well but soon fell apart, the banker calls and says that Emi is losing the room - Noel asks the audience and the contestants who say no she isn't. Noel gets into a little fight with the banker and hangs up before the offer!!!!! Noel asks if Emi would like to answer when he rings back, he calls and Emi answers and says he is being very mean today, he then invites her to his private island if she loses today!!! He then offers £1,400. Emi says NO DEAL

Round 4
18 - £35,000 groans all around on that one... Noel calls it an all or nothing game now
19 - £5,000 more groans
1 - £3,000 greeted with 'oooohs' followed by applause

Noel starts to chat with Emi and the banker calls, Emi stops talking but Noel tells her to ignore him and carry on with the story - We learn that Emi ate rat poison when she was younger!!! Noel looks worried at that story and when he speaks to the banker he asks if there is any room in his office for him!!! The banker makes an offer of £3,000. Noel says that Emi is in a spot of trouble now although she could still go on to win the £75,000, Emi says NO DEAL.

Round 5
5 - £75,000 Michaela strikes again!!! Noel falls to his knees!!!!!
The only red remaining now is the £1,000
22 - £750
2 - £1,000

Only blues left now!!!! Emi says she might go away with the 50p and seems determined to win that amount - it has never been won yet so would at least make a little history for her show. The banker calls and offers £44 - Emi says she should have taken the £80 at the start and then says NO DEAL.

Round 6
In a nice lighthearted moment before the round starts Noel asks for all blues...
21 - £50
7 - £500 the highest blue goes!!!!!
16 - £1

Only the 50p and £10 remain and Emi might get her wish from the last round of winning the 50p, Emi says she doesn't want a cheque and has Noel got the money on him for her winnings, she is determined to and wants to win the 50p now. The banker calls and offers £3.99 Emi says NO DEAL.

Noel opens box 13 and reveals £10 - there are groans all around the studio as Emi really wanted the 50p. Box 15 has the 50p that Emi so wanted at the end.

Although it was a horrible game for Emi in terms of winnings, she took the disappointments throughout the game incredibly well and provided a very entertaining game and there were numerous comedy moments between Noel and Emi that gave a great show.

1 comment:

wozza said...

i know she olnly won £10, but this game was enjoyable to watch.

she was never going to win "big money" - and i think realised it from the start.

the very very very worst stomach clenching, hifde behind the sofa games are when people have a chance but throw it away.

eg, offered £50,000 and then taking out two big numbers, with an offer in the low teens following.

Emi's game was quite good from a watching viewpoint.