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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sandra's Game Report

Tuesday brings us Noel in a rather sober shirt for a change, plain pale blue rather than one of his more flamboyant numbers, will this shirt selection mirror the game or will it be another colourful and dramatic show? It's Sandra's turn to take the 'walk of wealth' today and she steps up to the 'pound table' with box 1, she has her husband Bob in the audience offering support and they say they will work as a team throughout the game.

Round 1
5 - £75,000 New player John reveals a big amount in his opening show

9 - £50 Noel tells John that's how it's done and a little comedy banter follows - John could become a bit of a character in future shows

7 - 50p
12 - £500
8 - £250,000

The banker usually likes to punish a player when the £250,000 goes in the opening round and quite often a game can struggle to produce large offers throughout. The banker calls and says that Sandra is like an orchid - beautiful and fragrant, he then makes his offer of £1,500.....
Sandra says NO DEAL

Round 2
13 - £100,000
20 - £10
14 - £10,000

With the second largest amount going in that round along with another red Noel comments that this is mirroring Ottis' game yesterday, he turns to Sandra's husband for his opinion on the game, he replies that Sandra needs to get over onto the blue side of the board. The banker calls and asks if Noel believes in deja-vu, Noel says that the banker is getting a little too cocky now and that Sandra could have the £50,000 sat in front of her. The banker makes an offer of £310, Noel goes to fellow contestant Bill for his reaction, he says the banker is 'Too cocky by far'. Sandra says NO DEAL

Round 3
2 - £5 the blue amount is greeted with cheers and applause
19 - £250 a cheer of 'YAY' goes around
11 - £20,000

Noel points out that the £20,000 was an important box to keep hold of there. Noel asks the contestants if they think they the 1p - no-one replies..... The banker says he is filling out Bill's file and wants to know if Bill said 'too cocky by half' or 'too cocky by far'? Noel bluffs that the offer is £2 playing on the 'Too cocky' comments before revealing the true amount of £5,002.
Sandra says NO DEAL

Round 4
16 - £5,000 Noel asks for the 1p next....
15 - 10p it's nearly delivered for Noel
6 - £1,000

The banker calls and says that his following offer is very respectful and should be seriously considered, he doubles his previous amount and offers £10,004. Sandra is surprised by the offer and mentions that she has been to Vegas a few times but has never beaten the bank, she asks for her husband to join her to discuss this decision. He joins her and is heard to say that he thinks there is at least one more round there, but he will support her whatever decision she makes. After more thought Sandra announces that she will DEAL.

Round 5 - Proveout
10 - £15,000
17 - £1
3 - £3,000

IT would have a been an OK round and the banker comments that he thinks he will be joining the bankers in Vegas and beat Sandra as well, he says he would have offered £17,000.

Round 6 - Proveout
4 - £750
18 - £35,000
21 - 1p

That round leaves a final 2 of £100 and £50,000, Sandra's husband is still convinced the £50,000 is sitting inside of Sandra's box, the banker says he would have offered £21,000 and Sandra tells Noel she would have dealt for that amount.

Noel opens Sandra's box 1 and reveals it contains £100, box 22 contains the £50,000.

Sandra dealt a little too early today, but did produce a win over the banker although he would probably say he technically won as he didn't have to give away his higher offers to force Sandra into a deal.

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