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Monday, September 11, 2006

Maddie's Game Report

The start of a new week and hopefully a more financially rewarding week for the contestants this week after the pounding they took last week recording the lowest overall contestant's winnings in the history of the show to date.

Today's contestant to take the 'Walk of Wealth' is Maddie, she has box 2 today and says the most frightening part for her was the thought of having to climb onto the 'Crazy chair'. Maddie has her husband John in the audience with her today offering support, Noel goes through her piccies of her son and grandchildren and we learn from these that Maddie would like to win enough today to enable her and her husband to visit her son in who now lives in Australia.

Round 1
19 - £100,000 horrible start
12 - £100
20 - £20,000
6 - £250,000 the round gets worse!!!
21 - £50,000

A terrible start to the game and Noel points out that this is one of the worst opening rounds ever. The banker however loves the sound of the studio biting their nails and fearing the worse, he respects Maddie and makes an opening offer that will enable her to travel to Australia and offers £2,500. Maddie says that will indeed get her to Australia but makes the decision to NO DEAL.

Round 2
3 - £5 Cheers and applause greet that opening
7 - £75,000 Gasps greet that one!!!!!
10 - £10 relief all round for that one.

While waiting for the banker to call Noel asks Maddie where she thinks the banker will go now, she says half of the previous offer. The banker says that the game is going totally his way and offers Maddie's prediction of £1,250, Maddie replies with NO DEAL.

Round 3
9 - £50
1 - £10,000 silence greets that box
4 - £750 cheers and applause

Maddie says she is still in the game and hanging on even though the £10,000 went in that round. The banker says it's an interesting atmosphere in the studio, and gives a lecture about all the contestants being resigned to Maddie going home with a small amount and offers £3,100, he thinks that the contestants will encourage her to deal with that offer. Maddie asks to speak to one of her fellow contestants Khanny who advises her to play on, Maddie then goes on to choose her next box before Noel can ask her the question, he pulls her up on this and asks the question to which we all now know the answer - NO DEAL

Round 4
8 - 10p
11 - £1
5 - £3,000 silence greets the red

Noel points out that the board is now balanced with 4 reds and 4 blues, with £35,000 being the highest amount still in play.
The Banker makes an offer of £5,000, Maddie asks for a sweep of the contestants and audience and then Noel goes to her husband in the audience who says to go on, Maddie agrees with him and says NO DEAL.

Noel says he in unsure about Maddie's decision there.....

Round 5
14 - 500 Cheers and applause
17 - £250 more of the same only louder
16 - 50p Cheers, applause and feet stamping greet that one

A Superb all blue round that was really needed there, Maddie says 'Australia here I come'. There is only one blue left on the board now and it's the 1p!! The banker calls and offers £10,000, the camera turns to Maddie's husband who is frantically nodding his head in the audience to DEAL, the majority of the audience agree with him and say DEAL. Maddie also agrees and says DEAL, and then goes into a chorus of 'Time me Kangaroo down sport'

Round 6 - Proveout round
22 - £1,000
15 - £35,000 cheers and applause greet the highest amount remaining
13 - 1p a few 'ohhhs' for that

A very good proveout round with the highest red remaining being knocked out, the banker says he would have offered £9.999 - Maddie says she would have dealt for that offer if she had played on.

With the final 2 amounts left of £15,000 and £5,000 Noel opens box number 2 sat in front of Maddie to find out if she has made a good decision to deal at £10,000 or if she could have won a little more, he lifts the lid to reveal £5,000 and indeed after a horrible start to the game Maddie actually played the perfect game and won the highest amount she could have won in the game. Box 18 has the £15,000

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