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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yvonne's game

Noel is looking particularly flowery today – people should be turning over in their droves to watch the footie. Only us few connoisseurs remain blinded to, (or by?) his outfit.

Yvonne is randomly selected, a vision in purple carrying box 16. Philip Robert & Amy are her children and one of those has given her grandchildren who she has brought pics of. She definitely doesn’t look old enough, although she has a look of the older Sheila Hancock about her - with Latin twist perhaps. It turns out that she is on a respite break from caring for her invalid husband for the last 15 years. The now legendary donders socialising has been a real treat for the last three weeks and she thanks all her fellow contestants for helping make this break brilliant. She has only ‘random selection’ as her system.

Round 1
Ashok, box 1 - £3,000
Pierre, box 22 – 50p
Mark, Box 17 - £50,000 This number is apparently unlucky in Italy, it is their version of our 13 explains Pierre.
Mel, box 21 - £50
Monica, (newbie) box 14 - £100,000
I like Yvonne, she does look a genuinely optimistic and happy person and appears to be well liked by all in the studio too. The banker requested she talk to him and despite being terribly polite to her the offer is £1800. Yvonne will just “carry on” the reply is no deal.

Round 2
Sally, box 8 - £1
Vic, box 10 – 10p - with an illusive smile called for by Noel.
Bianca, box 2 - £20,000
“Never mind” Yvonne tells us – she expects the banker to look after his money and the offer to be low. The offer is £7,000 which is surprisingly high all things considered. Yvonne thinks there are a couple more deals yet – no deal to £7k.

Round 3
Connel, box 15 - £5,000
Jenelle, box 4 - £250,000 she is wearing a strange black glove affair. Is this representative of a wannabe black widow or does she just have strange tastes in fashion.
Amy, box 3 - £1,000
‘Tricky’ is the banker’s take on this one – he requests Wayne’s opinion which causes a few chuckles around the studio. £6,500 to £7,000 says Wayne the brain. The banker agrees – the offer is £6,500. Yvonne is pretty transparent and doesn’t need to tell us that this is a lot of money to her. The audience is asked for their opinion and they seem to think she should turn this one down too. She is persuaded and the answer is a no deal. I really don’t know where I would be on this one as I know the outcome whilst writing today which does put a different slant on things.

Round 4
Ryan, box 18 - £75,000 – loud groans from those audience members who urged her to go on.
Shirley, box 8 – 1p A bit of a reprieve
Pennie, box 11 - £15,000 – despite Pennie’s prayers
There are 6 blues and 2 reds left on the board – the mood is not good and the offer is a cruel £1,500. Yvonne is in no position to be brave. However it seems she is stronger than she looks and the swift reply to £1,500 is no deal.

Round 5 – The quickie.
Box 5, Paul - £500
Box 20, Roy - £750
Box 12, Wayne - £5
At last the all blue round – the board is looking much healthier – 3 blues and 2 reds. Yvonne, looking very washed out and a bit tearful asks for Wayne’s ‘the brain’s’ prediction on this £9,200 says Wayne - £4,000 says the wicked banker – hiss boo. She asks for a sweep. The panel in the main, sits on the fence, for Yvonne’s own circumstances. Mark has a heart to heart across the studio appealing to Yvonne to think hard about this one. An agonisingly long wait is followed by a decision to deal.

Hypothetical round 6
Box 6, Al - £250
Box 7, Sue - £100
Box 19, Linda - £10 – Another all blue round - just when she didn’t need one.

Don’t feel bad, Yvonne is telling all her new friends over the noise of the phone ringing. She is still smiling whilst putting her fingers in her ears so not to hear the offer. £20,000 say’s Noel gutted for her. “But I’m here and I’ve got £4,000 you can’t go back”. She tells him. She would have dealt there and that she would not have taken a swap. Noel then reveals £10,000 in her box 16. There you are she say’s that’s only £6,000 I lost. What an amazing lady – what a lucky husband.

Once again she tells everyone how her ‘respite’ has been fantastic.

Yvonne won £4,000

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bal said...

seemed liked an admirable lady but a game that refused to pick up pace regardless of her "quickie". I could not get excited about it but i am glad she didn't leave with a silly amount.