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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Margaret's Game Report

Noel introduces today's sporting a nice green and brown stripe shirt!! He runs through Shahid's game of yesterday, before naming Margaret as today's player.

Margaret has box 5 today and asks to do just one thing before she takes her seat and it's to wish a chap in the audience happy birthday for today, he's 83 today - Happy birthday Dennis.

We learn that Margaret was a magistrate and is a stickler for rules and everything being done right, the first person she sentenced she put to jail!

Round 1
Noel asks for NO sloppy box opening today!
19 - 50p
16 - 1p Big cheers
8 - £50 More cheers, Margaret says time for a reality check here!
17 - £1 that one receives great cheers and applause
11 - £100

Fantastic all blue opening round and the studio love it.

Margaret says it's good isn't it, and that's the way you're supposed to it!
Noel tells the banker that was a rather interesting round, and the banker says he objects! He holds Margaret in contempt! He makes an opening offer of £15,000, Margaret says it's a cracker! Her husband says just make sure you keep to the left hand side of the board. Margaret says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Noel waffles on about not spoiling it now and Margaret tells him to keep quiet as it's her game!
6 - £3,000
18 - 10p BIG cheers as the banker’s power 5 dwindles!!!
22 - £10,000

Noel says it's a good position, in fact it's very dominant. The banker says he turned over a new leaf now just for Margaret, he offers £20,000. Margaret gets some advice from Ned, he tells her to avoid the power 5 and remember you only sit in the crazy chair once, Margaret says NO DEAL.

Round 3
12 - £100,000 groans for that one, although Margaret says that was a good reality check.
2 - £5,000
15 - £50,000 more groans

Noel says that was a painful round, the banker says 'ohhh that feels better' 2 star witnesses have disappeared from the courtroom! He offers £9,000, it's a reality check says Noel, Margaret says it's far too much fun isn't it and NO DEAL.

Round 4
Margaret says the problem is now that some numbers start to mean something so it's difficult to choose...
13 - £500
7 - £250 Newbie John gets a nice welcome from Noel and he delivers a nice value.
1 - £250,000 BIG groans all around and Margaret says OUCH

That was a shame says Margaret, the banker says he's not worried anymore! He has reached his verdict and it's a short sentence - STICK! The offer remains the same as last time at £9,000, Margaret says NO DEAL.

Round 5
4 - £35,000 groans as only one power 5 remains now
20 - £75,000 More groans as the last power 5 goes and the whole studio falls silent.
9 - £5

'Arrrgghh' says Noel, Margaret says it's still not bad. The banker calls and offers £5,500, Margaret's husband joins her for a little chat at the pound table before Margaret says NO DEAL.

Round 6
14 - £10 Big cheers for the lowest remaining blue
3 - £15,000 groans for the middle red, £20,000 still remains
21 - £1,000 big cheers

That round leaves a final 2 of £20,000 and £750, Margaret turns to her hubbie and says 'good wasn't it', she's having a great time, she says the banker won't have a clue what she's thinking as she doesn't either! The banker calls and makes an offer of £6,700, Margaret turns to hubbie who says it's a difficult decision, Margaret says NO DEAL.

Margaret's decision gets great applause from the whole studio, the banker calls back and offers Margaret the chance to swap her box over with the remaining box. Margaret says NO SWAP because the number she has is her mother-in-laws birthday.

Noel opens Margaret's box 5 and reveals £20,000, box contains the £750.

Margaret gives us a fantastic game and a nice win, she's says she could have taken that amount earlier on and everyone could have knocked off early and gone home!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shahid's Game Report

After Lucy's great win yesterday the banker has had his plans ruined to stop all the contestants winning over £10,000 this week, Noel welcomes us to the dream factory and talks about Lucy's big yesterday, and he hopes that the contestants draw on this win and continue to a winning run. Noel mentions the 1p club and the VERY exclusive £250,000 club

Shahid takes the 'walk of wealth' today with box 15, he's an IT engineer and Noel asks if it's as boring as it sounds!! He says it is! Noel talks to him about gambling and Shahid runs through all the gambling he does, it's mainly spread betting and online poker.

Round 1
13 - £100
18 - £75,000 groans for the first of the power 5
14 - £5,000
12 - £1,000
22 - £500

Shahid says it's a reasonable start, he thinks the banker will think he's an honest person from his responses while on the wings. Noel asks if he is a NO DEALER, Shahid says it will depend on the offers. The banker says he is out for revenge now after Lucy's game!! He likes Shahid's honesty in saying he will consider all the offers, and then makes an opening offer of £7,800.
Shahid says NO DEAL.

Round 2
8 - £250,000 Groans for the biggy!!
6 - £10 cheers as the blue goes and Shahid says there is a blue ladder appearing on the blue side and he's going to hit the £1 now to keep it going.
16 - 10p

Shahid nearly gets the blue ladder he wanted, the banker offers £2,000which receives loads of groans and Noel asks is it time to fold 'em? Shahid says NO DEAL.

Round 3
10 - 50p The ladder doesn't happen although I don't think Shahid minds
21 - £100,000 Big groans as the 3 biggest power 5 values have gone
20 - £50,000 more groans as the 4th power 5 goes

It's a horrible round for Shahid as he takes out 2 highest values, the banker calls and Noel says this offer is interesting considering what has just happened in that round. The offer is £5,200, Shahid says it is a good offer. He goes to Ned who says that he got the offer as Shahid is a gambler and he is trying to find out how much of a gambler he really is, Shahid says

Round 4
11 - £10,000
17 - £250 cheers for the blue
Shahid goes to Danny with box 2 and Noel asks him if he drank his milk this morning!!!
2 - £ 5

Shahid says he is happier with the board and the nice block of 3 red amounts. The banker thinks this is the offer that will make Shahid move and says 'On your bike-shed' (referring to Shahid's nickname of 'shed') he offers
£7,500. Ian says it's a good offer and is Shahid feeling lucky? Shahid says it's 50/50 at the minute with 4 blues and 4 reds remaining, he then says NO DEAL.

Round 5
9 - £750
5 - £50
4 - £20,000 groans for the red

The banker says that no dealing the £7,500 was very courageous, and he really wants Shahid to go now, but only wants him to go to avoid more shed references like cow-shed, potting-shed!! He then offers £10,000 which gets a great reception, Noel says it's a great offer and asks Shahid how much of a gambler he is as the £35,000 is still available, Shahid says NO DEAL.

Round 6
7 - £35,000 Big groans and the highest red is now £15,000
3 - £1
1 - £15,000 Groans all around

That round leaves a final 2 amounts of 1p and £3,000, the whole studio falls silent and Noel wonders if the 1p caravan will be more crowded in a little while, is there room for a shed? The banker makes a final offer of £1,000,
Noel says it's a respectful offer. Shahid says DEAL as he didn't want to risk going away with 1p, Noel asks what everyone thought about the decision to deal and they all say it was a good one.

Noel opens Shahid's box 15 and reveals £3,000, box 19 contains 1p.

'That's the way the cookie crumbles' says Shahid and then thanks everyone for a fantastic time while on the show.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lucy's Game Report

It's not been a good start to the week so far with 2 very low wins, will the banker fulfil his promise of defeating everyone this week and no one going away with more than £10,000?

Noel tries to get everyone in an optimistic mood to go against the banker's threat of defeating everyone this week.

Today's contestant to sit in the 'Crazy Chair' is a rather shocked and excited Lucy, she has box 10 today. We hear that Lucy had a heart problem when younger and had to have a few operations on it, she feels very lucky to be here today. She has her partner in the audience for support today, and also her toy dog 'Dog-Dog'

A very lively audience get us under way....
Round 1
7 - £750
4 - £100,000 groans for one of the power 5
17 - 10p
13 - £10
22 - £20,000

Noel asks Lucy what the banker will think of her, she says smiley and nice - Noel says he won't like that!! Noel puts Lucy's toy dog to the phone to have a chat with the banker!! The banker offers £7,500, Lucy says it's a very good offer, but NO DEAL.

Round 2
3 - £1,000
16 - 1p Cheers, whoops and applause
Lucy picks box 1 next but everyone predicts an Ad break, after the break Noel welcomes us back to Dog-Dog's game!!!! Lucy and Noel get a mug of coffee and Dog-Dog gets his own little DOND bowl!
1 - £3,000

Noel says it's going very well, but wonders how the 'tubby one' feels it's going!! The banker queries the tubby comment and makes an offer of £9,999, he keeps it below the £10,000 so he can keep his promise about no one will be leaving with over £10,000 this week!!!! Lucy says NO DEAL.

Round 3
5 - £50
9 - £75,000 groans for another of the power 5
21 - £5

Everyone in the studio loves that round, the banker wants to speak to Dog-Dog again!! Noel asks the banker what did he say, the banker says it was nice to have an intelligent conversation for once!! He offers £14,000, WOW says Lucy and she says she needs to seriously think about this offer, she goes to Ned who says it's going really well at the minute and the £250,000 has got to appear on the 'Pound Table' soon... Lucy says NO DEAL

Round 4
19 - £10,000
14 - £5,000
Lucy is drawn to box 2 next but Noel tells Lucy that Brian had £75,000 yesterday and does she still want to go with him?! She does
2 - 50p BIG cheers for that one and for once Noel doesn't jinx a box!

Noel says this is good, and wonders if the £250,000 is sitting in front of Lucy, he then tells the banker his plan is in tatters now! The banker offers £27,500, Lucy likes that offer, as does her partner who also says that it's pretty tasty and the banker is trying to get her out the chair now. Lucy looks at the board and talks about the 3 numbers that are still in play that are above her offer, she says NO DEAL.

Round 5
An excited Noel gets the next round under way
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
8 - £35,000 It's alright says Noel!
11 - £500 cheers for the blue
6 - £50,000 Yes says Lucy, although the audience are mixed

Noel says he can't answer the phone!! So Lucy picks it up and answers, she tells the banker she thinks she has the courage to go all the way now after no dealing the last offer. The banker offers £35,000, Lucy and the whole studio love that offer, Lucy says it's a meaningful offer and she has often shouted at the TV at home telling people not to be greedy and to deal although now she wants to go on. She gets advice to go with her instincts, and then says DEAL. Lucy is delighted with that result, and says now she has to beat the banker.

Round 6 - Proveout round
18 - £1 groans for the blue
15 - £250 more groans as the £250,000 stays in play.....
20 - £15,000 groans all around

The proveout round leaves a final 2 values of £100 and £250,000 in play, has the £250,000 finally made it to the 'Pound table'? The banker calls and would have offered £105,000!!

Noel opens Lucy's box 10 and reveals £100, the whole studio erupts into applause. Box 12 contains the £250,000.

It was a superb game for Lucy who had some great offers from the banker along the way, and it took some courage to go on especially after the lows of the past few days. The final proveout offer of £105,000 seems a little steep though given the recent offers of around £70,000 to £80,000 when the £250,000 has remained in active play at the end.

Monday, November 27, 2006

David's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to the dream factory and runs through Anna-Marie’s game yesterday. The £250,000 gets it's usual build up for it's now even longer absence.....

It's David's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' and he takes the walk of wealth on crutches, so Noel goes to the wings to collect his box 15 today. We see a pic of David's family and Noel talks about David being a family man and is wondering if this will influence his decisions today, David informs him that he is playing only for the big one today.

Round 1
16 - £5,000
22 - 10p
17 - £250,000 Newbie Gary gets the worst start on the wings
1 - £75,000 more groans for another of the power 5
20 - £100,000

What a horrible start with 3 of the power 5 values going! Noel wonders if the game can now be turned around in the following rounds, he also ponders over sort of response the banker will have now. The banker calls and Noel hangs up!! The banker doesn't call straight back and Noel starts to ask if anyone has his phone number! The banker says this is going to be the start of his greatest week, he predicts that no one will leave this week with no more than £10,000! He tells Noel that he should have dialled 1471 to get his phone number and makes the opening offer the same as that number! He offers £14.71, David says NO DEAL.

Round 2
4 - £10,000 more groans.....
David walks around the chair once to see if it will change his luck...
21 - 1p The little walk worked
14 - £35,000 Groans all around

Noel wonders if the banker can possibly lower his offer now!! The banker calls and offers £999, the banker keeps the telephone number theme going with that offer, David says NO DEAL.

Round 3
3 - £3,000 silence for yet another red!!
10 - £1 cheers for the blue
12 - £5 more cheers

David says he going to target all the blues now, the banker says it was an improved round, and Noel tells him it's too early to claim the game!! The banker wants to keep the phone number theme going and asks for Karen's phone number! In your dreams says Noel! He then makes an offer of £3,113, David says NO DEAL.

Round 4
19 - £750
9 - £20,000 groans all around
David chooses box 18 next and we get a YEEE HAAA from Lynsey just before she opens her box!
18 - £10 We learn the YEE HAAA is something David started while on the wings.

The banker calls and offers £4,500, David wants a sweep of what his fellow contestants would do, Danny has some great banter with Noel which results in Noel saying "I am NOT reading you a bedtime story"!! Everyone says NO DEAL , David says NO DEAL.

Round 5
11 - £50,000 Groans as the largest remaining value goes - £15,000 is the highest remaining now with £1,000 as back up
2 - £250
8 - £15,000 It's game over for David now

The banker offers £130, David quickly says NO DEAL.

Round 6
7 - 50p
6 - £50
5 - £100

David finally pulls out the perfect round, although it's a little late in the game, it leaves a final 2 of £1,000 and £500. The banker calls and offers £613, David says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers David the chance to swap his box with the remaining box left in play, David takes the chance to swap and now has box 13.

Noel opens David's box 13 and reveals £500! Box 15 contains £1,000. Nothing goes right for David this game!!

David tells all the contestants NOT to dwell on his game today and NOT to allow the outcome of his game influence their game when they play.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Anna-Marie's Game Report

Noel introduces Sunday's game, and there are some careful edits in his intro to avoid mentioning Amanda's show from Friday that didn't air.

Today it's Anna-Marie's turn to take the walk of wealth, she does so with box 14 and there is a little comedy moment between her and Noel as she places the box the wrong way round on the table! Anna-Marie has a lucky charm of a chain that has been carved out of a single block of wood by fellow contestant Brian, she doesn't want to give too much away about her self to the banker at the moment and wants to remain mysterious.

Round 1
3 - 10p
1 - £10
18 - £50,000
11 - £100
9 - £750

The banker calls and tells Noel a story of how he has just bought a £1,000 bottle of wine from an old lady for £12.99!! He then makes an opening offer of £11,000. Anna-Marie says it's a wonderful opening offer and it's very unusual for someone to go at the first round, Noel says it's very unusual as no-one has ever done it before. Anna-Marie says NO DEAL

Round 2
5 - £15,000
19 - 1p
22 - £100,000

Anna-Marie asks Ned what he thinks the banker will do now, he thinks the banker may stick now. The banker notices that both Anna-Marie and her boyfriend are both wearing pink tops and refers to them as salmon, he also agrees with Ned and sticks! His offer stays at £11,000, Anna-Marie won't give anything away to Noel, but asks if she can speak to the banker at some point. Anna-Marie says NO DEAL

Round 3
12 - £75,000 Groans from everywhere on that one! Anna-Marie says there is a big hole in the reds now
20 - £5,000
10 - £20,000 some intakes of breath on Danny's box

Anna-Marie tries to pick another box before Noel pulls her up, the banker says he will talk to Anna-Marie if she counts to 3!!! She does and gets to speak to the banker, he talks to her about folds in skin!!! which Anna-Marie says that sounds horrible!!! He then offers £9,500. Noel mentions the fact that he thinks no-one has gone away with 50p yet! Adie asks for some support for Anna-Marie, and the pilgrims respond with some cheers and applause, Anna-Marie says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Anna-Marie wants a quickie round as these have turn around player’s fortunes in the past.
15 - £250,000 The quickie fails in dramatic style!!!!!
13 - 50p
21 - £35,000

Noel says that is one of the worst rounds we've had for a while and we hear the banker laughing down the phone! He offers £95! Anna-Marie says that's harsh and everyone agrees, she then says NO DEAL.

Round 5
6 - £3,000
4 - £50
8 - £500

Noel says that Anna-Marie is going to get the £10,000 and he is certain the banker will not stick now! The banker calls and offers £1,100, Anna-Marie says she was hoping for more there. Everyone tells Anna-Marie she has to do what is right for her now, Anna-Marie says NO DEAL.

Round 6
16 - £10,000 It's game over for Anna-Marie!
17 - £5
7 - £1,000

That round leaves a final 2 values of £1 and £250, both Anna-Marie and Noel say what a horrible game it's been. The banker says that he admired the way Anna-Marie took the loss of the £10,000 in the last round, but makes a final offer of £99.99, Anna-Marie says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers Anna-Marie the chance to swap her box with the remaining box left in play, Anna-Marie says NO SWAP.

Noel opens Anna-Marie's box 14 and reveals £250, box 2 contains the £1.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday 24th November - No Scheduled show

The Deal or No Deal show scheduled for today has been postponed due to the unfortunate death of Gareth Edwards, the stepson of today's contestant Amanda.

Our condolences go out to Amanda and her family.

Channel 4 aired the game of Kirsty from 4th April 2006 in it's place.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Neil's Game Report

Well it's been a roller coaster of a week so far! The high of Lynne, low of Steve and then the high of Dawn yesterday, hopefully it will not follow that course and produce a low today!! Noel yet again gives us his little speech about the absence of the £250,000 from the ‘Pound Table’ for over 100 shows now! Hopefully it will appear soon and we’ll get a new line of banter from Noel!

It’s Neil’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, he does so with box 20, is he still the banker's creep? Referring to his creeping to the banker while he was on the wings,

Noel reveals that Neil once put a months wages on a horse £1,250, he won though and came away with £2,500, I wonder what the banker will make of that? We see some pics of Neil's children, and learn that he has a few lucky special numbers for the game. Noel mentions Neil's relationship with the banker, Neil says he looks to him as a father figure!

Round 1
5 - £1 Big cheers for the first blue
18 - £75,000 groans for the first of the power 5
17 - £10,000
22 - £15,000 silence for that one...
9 - £100 Big cheers to finish the round

Neil says he is happy with the board after the opening round. The banker calls and says at last he has found his son! The banker says he has been moved by the attention Neil has given him while on the wings, and has a gift for him under the desk. It is a bottle of extremely rich bubble bath!!!! Noel is concerned that the label says perfect for sharing!!!! The banker then makes an opening offer of a Loofa! And £8,000, Neil says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Neil hesitates about choosing box 13 but decides to go for it....
13 - £250,000 Oh dear, he should have stuck with his initial feeling
10 - £750
3 - £5

Neil runs through the board and says he is still happy with it, the banker sees Neil as a committed and focused man and will be taking him seriously.... But he's dropping the offer!!! He offers £8,000, he's dropped the LOOFA!! Neil goes for a bit of advice and everyone says there is still more in the game, so he says NO DEAL.

Round 3
6 - £250
7 - £35,000 groans for one of the power 5
4 - 1p

Noel asks Ned what he thinks of the board, he says it looks like a gamblers board at the moment and is unstable, he then goes to newbie Joey who he describes as a small child from kindergarten!!!! Danny puts up his hand to ask to speak, he tells the banker that small kids are expensive to keep! The banker offers £10,000, Neil says it's a very good offer, he then goes to Ned who says he thinks he should carry on as they had a chat about his game plan earlier. Neil says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Neil chooses one of his lucky numbers
2 - £100,000 Groans all around
16 - £1,000
21 - £50 Big cheers for the blue

Noel says that last box was just what he needed there, Neil says he is still happy with the board and the £50,000 being there. The banker calls and offers £7,500, Neil goes to Shahid who says it's a fair offer, and asks how much of a gambler is Neil. Neil says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Neil asks for an all blue round now and Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start all around the studio.
15 - 50p Big cheers
14 - £3,000 still gets the cheers
19 - £20,000

Noel says the big dream is still there, and Neil says that the £50,000 is in his box. Noel talks to the banker and tells Neil that the banker is playing the emotional card now and is talking about Neil's family, he offers £9,500. Neil's partner joins him at the table to tell him something, Noel overhears what she said to Neil and it was DEAL NOW! Noel runs through all the different outcomes that the game could produce now and Neil starts to put the offer in real terms. Noel asks for all the values to be removed from the board so Neil can focus on the offer and not get distracted by what values are left! Neil says DEAL.

Noel asks for the values on the board to be returned for the proveout round. Neil says he had to think of his family on that offer and that is why he said deal.

Round 6 - Proveout round
11 - £10
1 - £50
8 - 10p

It would have been the perfect round for Neil if he had played on and leaves a final 2 values of £50,000 and £5,000. The banker says he would have offered £27,000 if Neil had played on, Neil says that is a massive offer and he is gutted, although it could have also gone really wrong, he says he would have taken that offer.

Noel opens Neil’s box 20 and reveals £5,000, box 12 contains £50,000. Neil makes a deal for more than his box is worth, but could have won nearly 3 times as much if he risked one more round.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dawn's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to the dream factory and talks about the highs and lows of Lynne and Steve's games so far this week. Dawn has box 17 today and has a pink camel perched on top of her box!! Noel asks the camel's name, it's Mr Camel!!! Dawn has a fear of creepy crawlies and snakes!! So it's just as well she isn't on I’m a celebrity get me out of here!! Dawn works in the finance industry, so another financial battle for the banker..........

Round 1
1 - £100,000 Is Lynsey becoming a bit of a black widow?!?
9 - 1p Cheers
22 - £10 More cheers
16 - £1 Even more cheers
14 - £250,000

It’s a horrible opening round for Dawn, but Dawn says it's still a good board and Noel talks about Lynne's turn around on Monday, so it's not all doom and gloom, he also informs us that both Mike and Jim are off sick today. The banker calls and asks what's going on with the contestants as 2 are off ill today!! He then offers NO MONEY AGAIN!! It’s another offer of swapping Dawn’s box for any other box still in play, Noel asks SWAP or NO SWAP, Dawn says NO SWAP.

Round 2
7 - £5
4 - £500
Dawn chooses box 5 but then wants to change her mind and goes for box 6 instead
6 - £75,000 Was that change a wise move? What's in box 5?

Dawn tries to remain positive by saying things happen for a reason, she then says she is going to go back to 5 now and asks for it to opened! Noel says NO! We aren't as that's 3 boxes!! The banker calls and offers £3,013, Dawn looks to Noel for a reason for the offer, and Noel says he has no idea. He offers to check with all the contestants and before going to ask them he puts on a mask so he doesn't catch anything from the contestants!!! Dawn asks for a sweep and Noel tells Dawn to do it as he has already gone around once!! Dawn does the sweep and everyone says NO DEAL, Dawn says NO DEAL.

Round 3
19 - 50p
2 - £750 Dawn ask for more noise - the pilgrims deliver
21 - £3,000

Dawn says she feeling OK now. Noel talks to the banker about the diseases going around the wings, and the banker asks who the newbie is - It's a very young Danny and the banker says he has to raise his hand like he would have to do in school if he wants to ask anything! He then offers £7,777, Dawn says NO DEAL.

Round 4
15 - £15,000 a few groans for that and an 'OHH' from Noel
3 - £35,000 more groans
Noel has a suggestion for Dawn and it's to get rid of the camel! They discuss this and the camel is now taking a seat at the side of the set until Dawn's fortune turns around.
11 - £250 BIG shout from Dawn

Dawn asks if 13 is lucky or not and attempts to choose another box, Noel pulls her up again and asks about her counting ability!!! The banker doesn't like the camel being off the set, he then throws insults at the pilgrims! Before offering £6,123, Dawn says NO DEAL

Round 5
13 - £50
10 - 10p Dawn shouts out a few C'mons......
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
5 - £1,000

Dawn says we can do it now, the banker says he was going to teach Dawn a lesson about the speed in which she dismissed the last offer, but that round has stopped him from doing this and he makes an offer of £12,300. Dawn says NO DEAL.

Round 6
20 - £5,000 more shouts of C'mon from Dawn
18 - £20,000 mixed reactions with groans and applause
12 - £100 YES YES YES shouts Dawn

That round leaves a final 2 values of £10,000 and £50,000. Dawn says she would have dealt so much earlier, but is now going all the way.....

Noel has a chat with the banker and tells him there is no victory ahead for him, he then tells Dawn that this offer will test her. The banker’s offer is £25,000, Noel asks will Dawn now go all the way after the offer and her previous comment about going all the way now. Dawn says DEAL.

Noel opens Dawn’s box 17 and reveals £10,000, box 8 contains the £50,000.

Dawn does the perfect deal at the perfect time and beats the banker, Noel wonders what Dawn is going to do with the camel now as moving him away turned her fortunes in the game!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Steve's Game Report

A serious Noel does the opening question today! He runs through Lynne’s game yesterday and the superb game and outcome she gave us, he talks of the courage shown by her and tells the other contestants that more of the same is needed from them to continue a run of good wins. He asks if today’s contestant will have the same courage that Lynne showed yesterday. The board runs through the contestant's names and stops on Steve.

Steve takes his seat in the crazy chair with box 3 today, he has his daughters in the audience with him for support today, his wife was afraid to join him today as the drama and tension would have been too much for her. Steve is a BIG gambler and does all sorts of betting, Noel asks if he has a target and Steve turns to his daughters who say £250,000!

Round 1
22 - £10,000
5 - £1
15 - £100,000 groans for the first of the power 5
10 - £5,000
9 - £3,000

Steve says the board is alright at the moment. Noel asks how the banker is today after his beating by Lynne today, he says he could have done without facing Steve today!! He says it is a battle of gambler vs. gambler, and doesn't make a money offer! Instead Steve gets the chance to swap his box with any of the remaining boxes left. Steve says You're having laugh! He decides to keep his box.

Round 2
12 - £1,000
11 - £500
21 - £250

Steve is still happy with the board as are his daughters, Noel asks Steve what he would spend the £250,000 on if won it, and one of his daughters calls out US! The banker thinks Steve nearly slipped up with something he said earlier, and he also thinks that Steve will look back and regret NOT taking the swap last time! He offers Steve £16,100, Steve says it's a fantastic offer, Ned agrees and also says he has the banker on his back foot at the moment, Steve says NO DEAL.

Round 3
4 - £75,000 some groans for another of the power 5
18 - £100
7 - £750

It was topsy turvy says Steve, Noel points out that it was BUT the big one is still in play. Noel does his £250,000 banter again saying it has been away from the table for so long now. The banker says it is still a gamblers game and offers £6,000, but then Noel adds after a BIG pause for EACH daughter!! So the offer is £18,000, Steve says what about my Son!!! The banker calls back and ups it by £9.99!! The final offer is eventually £18,009.99, Steve says NO DEAL.

Round 4
1 - 10p
19 - £20,000
16 - £35,000 groans for yet another high red

Noel says it was not a good round with 2 high reds going, but the big one is still there, he says the banker is being horrible now and that last round has cost him a daughter and his son!! The banker offers £12,000, Steve tries to get an extra £500 out of Noel by saying £12,500 was it? Noel says nice try!! Steve says NO DEAL.

Round 5
20 - £250,000 Groans all around
13 - 50p
14 - £15,000 more groans with only the £50,000 remaining in the reds

Noel calls it a gamblers board now, the banker calls and offers £1,200, and it receives groans from all over the studio! Steve quickly says NO DEAL.

Round 6
6 - £5
17 - £50,000 It's game Over for Steve!
2 - 1p Phew!!!!

That round leaves a final 2 values of £50 and £10. The banker offers £12! Steve says NO DEAL.

Noel opens Steve's box 3 and reveals £10, box 8 contains the £50.

Noel talks about the big contrast with yesterday’s game, Steve says he really enjoyed the game and the experience.

National TV awards - Pat M Exclusive Report

As some of you may know Deal or No Deal recently won The National TV award for Best Daytime Programme, it was a fantastic recognition for the programme which has become an instant hit for Channel 4 and also it's host Noel Edmonds.

On the night of the awards 5 ex-contestants were invited along to accept the award on behalf of Endemol/Channel 4 and Pat M (3rd May show) has kindly written a piece about the evening and also allowed us to show you some of her pictures from the night. A big thanks to Pat for taking the time to write this.

Dear friends,
Iv'e been asked to comment on the recent National Television Awards 2006,ceromony at the Royal Albert Hall. Endermol were kind enough to select four other contestants and myself to represent the show. From the letter I received, it was stated " The event is black tie, and if Deal Or No Deal win an award we will require you to go up on stage and collect it- a great privalege" Therefore it was a bit of a dissapointment when only "Sajelia" and "Russell" were asked at the Hotel to go up on stage. As there were only seven in the Deal Or No Deal party it seemed inapropriate that we were not all asked to go up on stage - whereas more than 20 of the Eastender crew were allowed up there in force to receive their award.

All that aside, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I had a most wonderful time. Everyone of the Stars were so kind. My lifes ambition was to sing in the Albert Hall- so at least I got half way there. It was great to be among the stars, all my favourites from Coronation Street and Emerdale. I will never wash my face again after being kissed by Simon Cowell, girls I can tell you how beautiful he is, so dashing. He has baby teeth, like pearls, absolutely perfect - I'm sure they are real. Met Louis Walsh, had a little chat with him about the place where I come from in Dublin- a place called Fairview. Talked with Philip Schofield and held his hand whilst going into dinner. I said "do you always hold strange ladies hands ?"- he said " your hand was so lovely and warm, I didn't want to let it go."-what a gentleman.We were all scantilly dressed( you can't look glamerous in a Cardie or Overcoat) and it was extreemly cold. Most of the young ladies had skirts up as far as possible, with everything hanging out - it's a wonder they didn't get frost bite. Not me I hasten to add- Too old for all that lark.

Met Kevin le Vell - who knew me from watching DOND - famous or what!- he is a DOND addict. Spoke to all of the young Corrie cast, Jason, Shaun, David, Fizz, Jasons Mom -Sue Cleaver they were all very friendly. Also Ashley and Shadrack from Emerdale. The place we had our meal in - I kid you not we were packed in like sardines. What with holding handbag, camera, glass, plate of food and Knife and fork. I can't recall if I was eating off my plate or the persons next door and I was only drinking orange juice. Saw Chris Tarant on the buffet queue, went to have a chat as I had met him before, when I turned around he had dissapeared.

I left the party just before 1.00am Wednesday morning, I'd just been on my feet for over 14 hours - and walked miles for the first time without my crutches since my Knee Operation. I was completely exhausted, but as the song says " I had the time of my life" Love PatM xxxx.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lynne's Game Report

Start of another week in the 'Dream Factory' and Noel SHOUTS the question DEAL OR NO DEAL in the intro today!!!! It has certainly livened up the pilgrims!!!

Noel runs through Tony's game yesterday and talks about his early deal, the £250,000 gets another mention for still being absent from the table....

It's Lynne's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' today and she receives a very LOUD welcome as she takes the walk of wealth with box 8. Noel asks if the box feels like it has the £250,000, she says it does. Lynne is a freelance writer of short stories for magazines, Noel asks if there are any stories from the contestants hotel that might appear soon!! She has her husband in the audience for support today.

Round 1
18 - £50
16 - £1,000
'Shed' hopes Lynne's game has a fairytale ending
11 - £250,000 Not again!!! It's not going to be the big fairytale ending now !
2 - £100,000 It gets worse!!! Noel calls it the script from hell!
22 - £5

Lynne says she writes 'twist endings' so that this could all still turn around. The banker loves it that Lynne has killed off the 2 big characters in the story so early!! The banker reminds everyone to remember that the banker NEVER forgets anything a contestant says and his offer is based on something Lynne mentioned earlier!! It's Lynne’s room number in the hotel!! He offers £111, Lynne says NO DEAL.

Round 2
5 - 50p
20 - 1p
4 - £500

A very nice all blue round for Lynne and the banker says it's a slight improvement, although he gets unhappy when the 1p and 50p disappear! He offers £4,111, Lynne says NO DEAL.

Round 3
3 - £250
12 - £1
Noel potentially jinxes the round now by mentioning the number of blues Lynne has knocked out!
15 - £10 Noel doesn't jinx a round for a change!!

It's another all blue round, Unbelievable says the banker! He wants a word with Lynne to come to an agreement!! He says his favourite novel is Catch 22 and then offers £11,111. Lynne wants a quick sweep, everyone says NO DEAL, Lynne says NO DEAL.

Round 4
21 - £3,000
13 - £5,000
10 - £100

Noel describes the board as fantastic now, although the banker says he is unhappy after that round, he offers £21,111. Lynne goes to Ned for some advice, he says to carry on as she should still be OK after another round, Lynne says NO DEAL.

Round 5
9 - £35,000 a few groans for that one
14 - £750 cheers for the blue, only 10p remains in the blues
7 - £50,000 groans again for the high red

Lynne starts to choose another box until Noel shouts NOOOO at her!! Noel says the banker should be worried as it looks as though Lynne is prepared to go all the way now. The banker offers £19,111, Lynne goes back to Ned and he says it is a really tempting offer and to seriously consider it, Lynne says you are only in the chair once though and NO DEAL.

Round 6
19 - £20,000
17 - £15,000
1 - £10,000

That round creates a massive gap in the final 2 values, which are 10p and £75,000! Lynne says that now she needs some guts and she says she hopes he offers her £76,000 to get rid of her! The banker offers £22,076, Lynne wants a sweep and the question is do they think Lynne has the guts to go on? Everyone says YES, the banker calls back and says NO!! Lynne says NO DEAL and the whole studio goes wild!!

The banker quickly calls back and offers Lynne the chance to swap the boxes around, Lynne says NO SWAP. Noel really builds up the tension in the studio before opening Lynne's box 8 and revealing £75,000!! Lynne does it and pulls off a fantastic turnaround, Noel throws the box in the air with delight! Box 6 contains the 10p

Lynne provided an incredible game today and despite taking out the 2 largest values in the very first round, she managed to turn around her fortunes and show great courage in going to the end and risking all for the big win.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tony's Game Report

Well it's the end of another week of DOND, or the start of a new one depending where you think the Deal or No Deal week starts and finishes now!

Noel talks about Madeleine's unfortunate game on Friday before announcing today's contestant to take the 'Walk of Wealth'.

It's Tony today and he has box 10, he gets loads of cheers and shouts as he makes his way to the 'Pound table'. Tony talks about his dream of owning a high class race horse, which Noel points out won't be cheap so Tony must be looking for a decent win today.

Round 1
9 - £750
14 - £1,000
20 - 1p A BIG 'YES' from Tony
16 - £20,000 mixed reactions for that one
6 - £15,000

Tony starts to pick the next box, but Noel shouts NO to stop him!! Tony says it's not a bad start as the power 5 is still intact. Tony jumps when the phone rings, Noel tells the banker he had a relaxing but naughty Saturday!!! The banker has a present for Tony, it's a card from him and it has a list of tongue twisters in for Tony to practice! This relates to Tony's comical moments on the wings where he kept messing up his words. The banker offers £5,454.45, another nice tongue twister of an offer for Tony!!! Noel gets his tongue in a twist whilst trying to tell Tony the offer!! Tony says NO DEAL.

Round 2
12 - £500
Tony starts the chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE
17 - £5,000 oooppss the chants didn't quite have the desired effect.
21 - £75,000 groans for the first of the power 5

Tony says it's OK as there are still 4 of the power 5 left. The banker calls the pilgrims a rabble for the noise they are making today! He then offers £10,000, Tony asks the pilgrims what they think, most shout NO DEAL, he then asks everyone to stand up who thinks he should DEAL, no one does! Tony says

Round 3
1 - £1
7 - £50,000 groans for another of the power 5
4 - 10p Cheers for the blue

Tony looks for another box and starts to call out a number again, but Noel shouts NO!! There is a big pause and then Tony asks what are we waiting for?! Noel tells the banker it's like working with a goldfish!! The banker says that Tony is focused on just one thing which is why he is confused, there is then a great piece of confused banter between Noel, Tony and the banker!! The banker eventually offers £20,000, Noel says the banker is convinced that Tony will take this offer. Tony says NO DEAL.

The pilgrims like that decision, but I don't think his wife was so sure!!

Round 4
19 - £5 BIG cheers all around
18 - £35,000 groans
5 - £250 Big cheers from Tony!

The banker says he has respect for Tony now, but he sticks on his offer of
£20,000. That offer seems to have stunned Tony, he goes to Ned for advice and tells Ned that the offer doesn't warrant the state of the board. Ann-Marie says the banker is testing Tony now and to say NO DEAL, Tony says DEAL

Round 5 - Proveout round
22 - £10
15 - £100 there is total silence in the studio
13 - £100,000

Tony would have kept the £250,000 in play and the banker would have doubled the offer to £40,000, Tony would have said DEAL.

Round 6 - proveout round
11 - 50p
8 - £50
2 - £10,000

That round would £250,000 and £3,000 as the final 2, and Noel asks Tony how he is feeling while building up the drama of the £250,000 not having been in active play for so long, and has Tony thrown away the chance of winning the top prize. Tony says he never thought the £250,000 would have been in his box as it had been off the table for so long. The banker calls and would have doubled his previous offer and offered Tony £80,000.

Tony says he is really happy with his win as he had never imagined this situation, and would have also dealt for the £80,000.

Noel opens Tony's box 10 and reveals £3,000, there are big cheers and applause as the lowest value is revealed. Box 3 contains the £250,000.

Noel says he is relieved that the £250,000 was not in Tony's box as it gives everyone else on the wings the belief that it could appear in their games.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Madeleine's Game Report

Noel talks about all the entertaining games we've had so far this week, will it continue today? Will the £250,000 appear for the last game of the week?

It's Madeleine's turn to take the 'Walk of wealth' today and she does so with box 11. She says she is very nervous at the moment, we get to see a few family pics and learn that she is a small time gambler, she says she is a lucky person although most wins are always small. Noel says this is the wrong impression to give the banker and should say they have been big wins! Number 11 means something to Madeleine and we might find out what it means later in the game...

Round 1
9 - £3,000
8 - £15,000
17 - £750
2 - 50p
1 - £250,000 Not again! Another first round where it goes!

Noel says that the banker will say that he will dominate Madeleine now as she has said she is a small time winner. The banker calls and offers £4,545, Madeleine says she is very pleased with the offer, but NO DEAL.

Round 2
4 - £10
12 - £100
3 - £75,000 Madeleine asks if we can do that box again!

Madeleine says that at least the £100,000 is still there, but then admits she is counting to see if there is another box to open! Noel asks Madeleine about her friend in the audience and we find out it's her daughter, and the number 11 is her birthday. The banker says he has had his eye on Madeleine for weeks and has been looking forward to this game, he also says that the studio seems negative today! He then offers £6,045, that offer receives a very quiet response from the studio, Madeleine says NO DEAL.

Round 3
18 - £5,000
19 - £10,000 a few groans for that one.....
10 - £100,000 There goes the big one

The studio falls deathly silent, Noel says the banker is cackling again on the phone and all the contestants are running scared now!!! The banker wants a word with Madeleine, she tells him she is feeling fine and is aiming for the £50,000 now. Noel gets Madeleine tangled in the phone cable! The banker offers £4,545, it's back to the original offer! Madeleine's daughter says carry on as the next round will be all blue, Madeleine says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Madeleine wants a quickie round to turn around her fortunes.
15 - £20,000
14 - £50
Madeleine stutters on the next box choice, not really the quickie it should have been.
13 - 1p

The banker says he likes these types of board as they are all or peanuts, he says he has overheard Madeleine's daughter talking as she is wearing a radio mic!! She apparently said that Madeleine has had such a good time that she would be happy going away with nothing!!! He offers £6,600, Madeleine goes for advice and gets told by a couple of people to take the deal, she says NO DEAL.

Round 5
20 - £35,000 Big groans all around as the £50,000 is totally isolated now!!
7 - £250
6 - £500

Noel says it was a roller coaster round, but the £50,000 is still there. The banker says he has a problem as he thought the £6,600 would get rid of Madeleine! He offers £4,000, the banker said he couldn't resist it and has taken a gamble with that offer. Madeleine goes for advice and gets mainly advice to go on, Madeleine says NO DEAL.

Round 6
16 - £50,000 Deathly silence all around, Madeleine says oh dear...
5 - 10p
22 - £1,000 The last red goes

That round leaves a final 2 amounts of £1 and £5! The banker says Madeleine was brave and bold in playing her game and makes a final offer of £1.45! Madeleine says NO DEAL

Noel opens Madeleine's box 11 and reveals £1, box 21 contains £5.

It was a horrible game for Madeleine and was one that never really got going with low offers and high amounts being hit in every round.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Alasdair's Game Report

Noel says we are off again on our search for someone to win £250,000 in the dream factory and talks about Rachael's great win yesterday, he still mentions the missing £250,000 and it's got to be today!!

It's Alasdair's 'The Terminator' turn in the 'Crazy Chair' and he has box 6 today, he says Noel is looking very dapper today and Noel has a dig at Alasdair's shirt!!! Alasdair loves all sports and is a goalie, he says he is not superstitious and has no system today.

Round 1
7 - £250,000 What a start for newbie Lyndsey!!!
9 - £35,000 Gasps all around
8 - £10,000 More gasps
12 - £250 Cheers for the first blue
21 - £50,000 OH WHAT says Noel

Noel can't believe the start and lets us hear the banker laughing down the phone!! The banker says he has his popcorn and cola and is watching the movie The Terminator! He makes an opening offer of £750, Alasdair says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Noel mentions Gaz's game as inspiration for a turnaround
16 - £20,000 Gasps
15 - £1
Maggie wants to give Alasdair a cuddle before opening her box 22 - Noel wants a cuddle as well so Neil offers him one!!
22 - 50p

Noel is worried about Neil now, especially after the talk of him in the bath with the banker!! The banker says the board is awful at the moment and offers £2,750, Alasdair says it could have been a worse offer, but he is confident of an all blue round next and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
10 - £5
19 - £50
4 - £100

Alasdair gets his all blue round and Noel says it's beginning to look like a half decent board now, the banker regards this next offer as a tester and offers £6,750. Noel goes to Ned for his opinion, he agrees it is a tester, Alasdair says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Noel asks can he do an all blue again?
11 - 10p
14 - £10
Noel potentially jinxes it by saying that it's rare that we get 2 all blue rounds in a row and all the contestants and audience 'SHHHHH' Noel. Noel goes outside the studio to try and tell us this again as the contestants try to drown out his little speech!!!
18 - £1,000

Nearly an all blue round, so Noel's little speech didn't jinx the round for a change! The banker offers £10,750, Alasdair says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Noel potentially jinxes the round again, and Alasdair picks up on it!
20 - £500
1 - £15,000 It's OK says Noel
Alasdair picks Steve's box next and Noel begs Steve on his knees to avoid the top 2 values! (Not that Steve has any influence over the value in his ox!)
5 - 1p

The banker calls very quickly and offers £17,750, Noel asks Ned for his opinion, he says he has a big red one in his box! Noel then asks a few contestants what they would do and it's a mixed reaction.

The banker calls back and Alasdair answers, he offers Alasdair 2 more amounts and asks what Alasdair would do, the offers are £20,000 and then £23,500. Alasdair says he will think about it and let the banker know, so the banker goes back to the original offer of £17,750.

Just as Noel asks the question of 'Deal or No Deal' the banker calls back and changes the offer to £20,000! Alasdair says NO DEAL.

Round 6
2 - £100,000 Groans all around
3 - £3,000
13 - £750 Cheers and applause all around the studio

That final round leaves the board with £5,000 and £75,000 remaining, and it's a great turnaround for Alasdair. The banker says he has respect for Alasdair, but offers one of the other offers that Alasdair turned down last time! He offers £23,500, Alasdair says DEAL.

Noel opens Alasdair's box 6 and reveals £5,000, box 17 contains £75,000.

It's a fantastic result for Alasdair and a good turnaround after a very shaky start to the game.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rachael's Game Report

Noel shouts the Deal or No Deal question at us today, but cracks up laughing just before the opening titles roll!!! Shirtwatch - Noel has a shirt that matches his hair today!

It's Rachael's turn in the crazy chair today with box 20, Noel asks if she has been to a carboot sale as she has so many things on top of her box for luck! She has her boyfriend, mum and aunty in the audience for support today.

Round 1
13 - £250
3 - £3,000
17 - £1
14 - £5,000
18 - £5

Rachael is happy with the start as are all her family and friends in the audience, Noel says the banker won't be happy! The banker calls and makes an opening offer of £62.50! But with £13,000 in front of it, so it's £13,062.50. Rachael goes to Steve who says it's a great offer but she should keep rubbing her belly and carry on! It refers to a gift of a little Buddha that Steve gave to Rachael for luck, Rachael says NO DEAL.

Round 2
16 - £100
Noel asks is this going too well and Rachael says DON'T JINX IT!!!
12 - £10,000 NOEL!!!!
15 - £750

Noel says that is VERY alright, Rachael says that the £250,000 is sat in front of her, Noel talks about it yet again but then apologises to us for mentioning it all the time!! The banker calls and says he has been rubbing his belly! And offers £18,800. Rachael says it's a fantastic offer, Neil agrees and says that if you do go on you will take out reds, just make sure they are the low ones, Rachael says NO DEAL.

Round 3
10 - £100,000 groans all around the studio
19 - £1,000
21 - £50

Rachael says she needed the reality check there, Noel goes to Ned for his opinion, he reckons the banker will up the offer. The banker says Ned is impressing him, Noel asks if the banker is going off Neil now, the banker says he is saving him for bathtime! And offers £18,800.

Rachael thinks the banker is playing mind games, but she has played a few herself and never lost. The banker calls back and speaks to Rachael!! Rachael tells him she is a very powerful woman, he says wouldn't it be a shame for her mum, aunty and boyfriend to see her first defeat!! Rachael says NO DEAL.

Round 4
11 - 50p
7 - £10
Noel builds up the tension for a possible all blue round
1 - £75,000 a few groans

Rachael says it's another reality check, but it's still a strong board. The banker offers £20,000, Noel goes to Ned again, who says the banker is still playing mind games as he could have gone a lot higher there. Rachael turns to her mum and says don't worry I'm not losing focus, and follows by saying NO DEAL.

Round 5
Noel asks for a positive round
6 - £50,000 a few ooohs
Rachael goes to Alasdair and then pauses due to his reputation, she decides to stick with him though.
9 - £35,000 Alasdair lives up to his Terminator reputation
2 - 1p

Noel says it was a horrible round with a sweet tail, the banker wants a chat with Rachael's mum. Mum describes Rachael to the banker in a positive way, the banker offers £30,000. Deary me, deary me says Noel, Rachael wants a sweep and everyone has to answer!!!! Noel makes everyone answer and 7 say NO DEAL, Rachael says DEAL.

Noel says he is thrilled for Rachael but wonders if it was the right decision, Rachael says if she was in a stronger financial situation she would have played on.

Round 6 - proveout round
5 - £500
22 - 10p All the blues have gone and only reds remain
8 - £250,000 PHEW!!!! The whole studio loves that

Noel loved that and the banker says congratulations to Rachael and says he would have offered £17,500 at that stage. Rachael says she would have played on there.

Noel opens Rachael's box 20 and reveals £20,000, box 4 contains £15,000.

Rachael says she very happy and is now lucky and rich!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Peter's Game Report

Noel produces yet another amazing shirt from his immense wardrobe! He runs through Paul's game yesterday and his beating of the banker, he tells the contestants that it proves that you shouldn't get too greedy if you have a target. The £250,000 gets it's now familiar build up......

It's Peter's turn to take the walk of wealth and he has box 15 today, he says he's a little nervous although he has his wife in the audience for support. We see a few of Peter's pics, and learn that he used to work in The Royal Mint, hopefully he can make a LOT of money today!

Round 1
14 - £100 Peter likes the opening box and gives out a cheer
12 - £10
6 - £75,000 groans for that one....
2 - £50,000 more groans......
16 - £250,000 Another show where it evades the table!

Noel calls it a destructive opening round, but Peter remains confident as the £100,000 is still in play. Noel says the banker may give Peter a bit of a kicking, the banker says he is in a very foul mood today! And offers £62.50! Noel tries to work out if the offer means anything, but can't think of anything, Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 2
4 - £1,000
13 - £750
9 - 1p

A better round for Peter and Noel says the game is still alive, he tells the banker we are on our way back. The banker offers £4,062.50, Peter says that's better and is now going in the right direction but NO DEAL.

Round 3
19 - £250
22 - £20,000 silence..... Peter says at least the board looks tidy
21 - £35,000 groans

Peter asks for the pilgrims support as a BIG hole appears in the reds and the £100,000 is very isolated. The banker asks what shape you see if you stare at the board, the banker sees a victory flag waving in the breeze!! He then offers £5,000. Peter goes to Steve who says that he expected a lower offer, Ned says that there is still more in the game, he then goes to his wife who says just go for it, so Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 4
17 - £5,000 mixed reaction for that one, Peter doesn't like it
Peter goes to Dawn next and Tony thinks he has been called!!!! Lucky he didn't remove the seal from the box!!!!
11 - £100,000
20 - £1

Peter says it's incredible and there are twice as many blues as reds, the banker recommends that Peter sits down for his offer, which is £1,000. Noel goes to Steve who says to go one more round and possibly to the end, all the other contestants agree, Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 5
1 - 50p
7 - £50
8 - £10,000

Peter says he can't believe this, and Noel talks up the possibility of the £15,000 being in Peter's box. The banker calls and offers £1,300, Noel asks how much a gambler is Peter, Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 6
3 - £5
10 - £3,000
5 - £15,000 Disaster strikes!

That is a horrible round for Peter and leaves a final two amounts of £500 and 10p. The banker calls and offers £162.50, Noel asks if Peter wants a sweep or perhaps go outside and ask someone on a bike! Peter says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers Peter the chance to swap boxes, Peter says NO SWAP.

Noel opens Peter's box 15 and reveals £500, box 18 contains 10p.

It was a horrible game for Peter and one of those that never really got going as large values kept being hit in every round, meaning the offers stayed low all throughout the game almost forcing Peter to play on until the end of the game.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Paul's Game Report

Noel talks of Mary's game yesterday and how she might have frustrated a few of us with her early deal. The £250,000 gets it's mention for being away from the pound table for 99 shows, will it make the 100?

It's Paul's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he has box 5, he looks delighted to be playing unlike Helen on Friday. There are some shouts of C’mon as he makes his way to the pound table, as he sits down he says he is ready for today. Noel gets a few words out of Paul about the banker, he doesn't creep but says he gives fair offers for the board. Noel also gets Paul to put his target in the book.

Round 1
3 - 50p
12 - £100
6 - £10
7 - £1,000
14 - £5,000

Paul says he is happy with that and Noel talks about the players who think it's a good idea to take out the low reds first, he also thinks the £250,000 is in Paul's box today. The banker is not so sure and offers £10,000, Paul says it's a very good offer. It's a quite a familiar opening offer from the banker now, and it's also the amount Mary won yesterday! Paul says NO DEAL

Round 2
22 - £100,000 a few groans for that
16 - £10,000 delayed applause for that one
15 - £15,000 No problem says Paul

Noel says that round was damaging to the board, but Paul is still happy at this stage. Noel talks about the atmosphere in the studio today and thinks Paul is going to win big! The banker thinks that was a bad round for Paul, but Noel still talks about the banker writing out cheque for £250,000, the banker offers £250! He says he started writing out the cheque but ran out of ink at £250!!!! There is a chorus of WHAT around the studio for that offer! Paul says NO DEAL.

Round 3
17 - 1p BIG applause for the 1p
18 - £750 More cheers
11 - £5 C’mon says Paul

An all blue round and the perfect reply to the banker's previous offer, Noel talks up the £250,000 again. The banker calls and Noel says 'hello bad man'! The banker then offers £25,000, he has found more ink!

Paul goes to Tony for advice, he says it's going his way now but think if that is enough for him, Noel gives Tony a bit of stick over his recent fluff of his lines!! Ned says that offer is at the top of what the banker could have offered there, Mike says it's a good board and you are only there once. Paul mulls over the offer and says DEAL.

Noel gets out what Paul wrote on the piece of paper and its £20,000, so Paul gets more than he came for. Paul says that is what he needed and he's happy with that, Noel wonders if that was the right move....

Round 4 - proveout time
13 - £500 ripple of applause
21 - £35,000
2 - £250,000 BIG cheers as Paul finds the big one

A great proveout round and Paul is on his way to proving his decision to deal early was justified. The banker calls and would have offered £2,500, but he says he still smells a victory over Paul. Paul says he would have carried on there trying to hit his target of £20,000

Round 5 - proveout round
1 - £75,000 Cheers as the highest red goes
10 - £50,000 More cheers for a fantastic proveout so far
20 - 10p

Another great proveout round for Paul and the banker says he has felt better! He would have offered £1,000 at this stage, Paul says he would have gone on still chasing his target.

Round 6 - proveout round
19 - £50
9 - £3,000
8 - £250

After the final round £20,000 and £1 remain, and the banker says he is disgusted!!! He would have made a final offer of £5,250, a minxy offer says Noel. Paul says he would have said NO DEAL at that and tried to still win his target amount.

Noel opens Paul's box 5 and reveals £1, box 4 contains the £20,000.

Paul produces a great win over the banker when probably a lot of viewers thought that he dealt far too early.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mary's Game Report

After the 'different' show on for the 300th edition, what will the new week hold in store? Has Noel's wave of wealth turned for the better after Helen's win over the banker?

Noel introduces the show and mentions 'Headlock Helen' (his words, not mine!!) for her nice win, but he says it's not enough apparently to show a turn in fortunes for the contestants, and he also builds up the absence of the £250,000 from the 'pound table'!!!

The game board scrolls through the contestants names and today’s player in the 'Crazy Chair' is Mary, Noel asks is Mary a potential 'Banker Spanker'! Mary has box 7 today and it looks as though it could be a lively show, which Noel also confirms. Mary used to work in middle management for a bank, so Noel labels it a banker vs. banker game! He asks Mary if she is weird!!! She says 'No I'm not weird!! I am a very positive person'. Mary wants the studio to be called the rainbow room as she is hoping for a crock of gold at the end of it.

Round 1
4 - £20,000 silence to start the show!!
8 - £35,000 gasps for that and Mary says it's ridiculous!!!!
22 - £100 Big cheers for the first blue
15 - £50
16 - £3,000

Mary says the board looks healthy and Noel again waffles on about the £250,000 appearing soon. The banker is excited and has been waiting for Mary! Mary is disappointed as she was expecting an invite for tea with the banker, he asks what sort of fancies she would like with her tea, and Mary says Rich Tea! The banker offers £7,500, Mary thanks the banker for a good offer but says there is more play yet and NO DEAL

Round 2
19 - £250,000 GROANS and Mary says she is gutted
14 - 10p
5 - £500

Mary is a little unsure of counting, which is worrying for an ex-bank employee!! Noel makes a joke about Mary's hair and Mary retorts that they both probably use the same hairdresser! The banker offers £7,500; he sticks (a familiar pattern lately!) Mary says NO DEAL.

Round 3
3 - £10
2 - £100,000 gasps for that one
9 - £750

Mary thinks the banker might punish her for the loss of the £100,000, although also wonders if he will stick again. The banker thinks that Mary is well on her way to winning the 1p! He offers £2,900, Mary says that offer reflects the board, and that she needs to think positive on the next 3 boxes, this obviously means that she intends to play on, and sure enough Mary says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Mary says that this is the crucial round now.....
20 - £5,000
18 - £1
13 - £250

Noel says the cloud of the 1p is still looming, Ned says that the banker should still be worried about Mary, Peter says the offer must go up. The banker calls and says that Peter's comment has annoyed him as he says HE decides the offers!!! He also says that he has seen the crock at the end of the rainbow and it's full of the contestant's tears as Mary goes away with 1p! He then offers £9,100, Noel says it's the highest offer so far and Mary asks would he make it £10,000? Noel asks if she would walk at that figure and the banker calls back to chat with Mary! He then increases the offer to £10,000! Mary says it's kind of him, but she asked him for £12,000!

Mary asks the audience to stand if they think she should deal, a few stand and Noel goes to get their opinions, they say it's a good offer and it could all go wrong if she plays on. Mary says she needs a couple of minutes to study the board and also the numbers that she is left with, after a pause she says DEAL.

Mary says she has surprised herself with her decision but £10,000 is a fantastic sum of money and she didn't want to walk away with 1p.

Round 5 - Proveout round
17 - £5
21 - 50p gasps as another blue goes
10 - 1p

That would have been the perfect round if Mary had played on, there are now no blues remaining on the board! The banker would have offered £28,000, and also says that you NEVER negotiate with the best! Mary says she would have taken that offer.

Round 6 - proveout round
6 - £10,000
1 - £15,000
12 - £75,000

With £50,000 and £1,000 remaining in play the banker would have offered £18,000, again Mary says she would have dealt at that offer.

Noel opens Mary's box 7 and reveals £50,000, box 11 contains £1,000.

Mary says that she is very happy with the £10,000 as at the time she dealt she could still have had the chance to go away with nothing, Noel says that he thinks Mary's decision to deal early might hit her later tonight when back at the hotel.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Helen's Game Report

It's the 300th show today and there are BIG prizes for us to win in the viewer’s competition, but will today's contestant also win big? One thing that hasn't improved in the 300 shows is Noel's shirts!! Looks like Noel has been painting today and loads of it has dripped onto his shirt!!!!!

It's Helen's turn to take the 'walk of wealth’ BUT she refuses to go to the pound table!!! Noel goes over to her and pleads with her at first to take her place but she still refuses, so Noel says he will have to go to the audience for a player!!! He asks who in the audience would like to play for a chance of £250,000, and this spurs Helen to actually take her place at the in the 'Crazy Chair'. Whether or not this was all staged for the 300th is something we may not find out, although Noel did look a little shocked and uneasy at Helen's reaction at times!

Helen has box 11 today, she is involved in the licensing trade and training in all aspects of it. She has some pics which we see, there is a pic of her dad who passed away 2 years ago.

Helen whips up the pilgrims and this is set to be a LOUD game!!!! Noel starts the game and says it could be a memorable one!!!

Round 1
7 - £5 LOUD cheers
2 - £250 more noise
3 - £100,000 groans and gasps for that one
1 - £50 back to cheers
12 - £750

Noel says there is a little blue ladder on the board and asks Helen what she thinks the banker will make of her. The banker thinks he has met Helen before at a finishing school in Switzerland! He then offers £10,000, Noel says he will double the offer is Helen leaves now!! We meet Helen's friend Betty in the audience, Noel asks if Helen has a financial target, she does, but doesn't reveal it, she then says NO DEAL.

Round 2
18 - £500
14 - £15,000 mixed reactions first on that one
Noel turns to the camera and says they are going to increase Helen's medication while we take a break!!! On the return Noel says it's a powerful game, although some may say aggressive!
21 - £1

It looks a great board and Noel says we have been waiting for this sort of game for quite a while. Helen goes waffling and Noel has to interrupt to answer the phone, the banker wants to know Betty's secret as she has known Helen for 6 years and he has known for a few minutes and is at his limit!!! He then offers £15,000, Helen goes to Peter who says it's a great offer, but also a great board, Steve says it's a great offer as well, but wants a bite of Noel's banana that he is eating!!! Helen says NO DEAL.

Round 3
ound 3Helen goes to Alasdair who is nicknamed The Terminator!
6 - £35,000 groans as the Terminator delivers!!!!!
20 - £10 cheers for the blue
9 - £20,000 gasps for the middle red

Noel goes to Ned for his opinion, he says that he thinks the banker has to go up. The banker says he has seen a change in everyone’s opinion of Helen as the game has gone on, he then offers £17,500. Ned gets it right, Dawn says to think very carefully as it's a great offer and it could all go wrong from now on, Helen says NO DEAL.

Round 4
19 - £1,000
13 - £50,000 groans for another of the power 5
Helen wants to do something before Paul opens his box and goes over and rubs Mary's arms for luck!
5 - 1p Everyone goes wild, especially Helen

Noel says to the banker that it was a good round for us and a bad round for him! The banker wants to speak to Helen, she says he really has got a sexy voice and says to Neil that he was right and he really is lovely. Noel gets the phone back and says the banker regards Helen's game as being unstable and that she should leave with this offer of £21,000. Helen asks her friend Betty to join her, she says that it's a lot of money she is being offered, but Helen keeps pointing at the £250,000. Helen asks for a sweep of the contestant's opinions, there are quite a few passes and quite a few DEALS. Noel goes to the audience as the contestants were mixed with lots not commenting. Helen says DEAL.

Round 5 - proveout time
8 - £5,000
17 - £75,000 cheers for that one, only the £250,000 of the power 5 left
4 - £250,000 EVERYONE goes WILD

The banker says he would have offered £1,000 at this stage if Helen had played on.

Round 6 - proveout round
22 - £3,000
15 - £100
10 - £10,000

Helen delivers the perfect proveout rounds and with only 10p and 50p remaining the banker would have offered 21p.

Noel opens Helens box 11 and reveals 50p, box 16 contains the 10p.

It was quite an unusual game today and the start of the show looked a little staged at one point, but some of Noel's reactions also later gave the impression that perhaps it wasn't. I expect Helen's game split the viewers into two camps, those who found her quite annoying and those who found it an entertaining and different game. It was a great win over the banker at the end of the day though, and does this mark the start of a turn in the fortunes of the contestants?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nalini's Game Report

Will this horrible run of games end today? Will Noel wear a subtle shirt?!! Noel appears on the screen and answers one of those questions straight away, the shirt hasn't improved!!

Noel talks about the mystery of the wave of wealth in the show and how the games seem to go through waves of high and low wins, and how we are in a low at the moment. He then talks about how tomorrow’s show is the 300th, and as a bonus for us the viewers the viewers competition prize money has been increased tomorrow to £10,000, £20,000 and £30,000.

It's Nalini's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' and she has box 9 today, she stands at the wrong side of the table as Noel points out!! Noel says Nalini smells nice today, but shouldn't she have only put a little bit on!! We learn that Nalini has a dream of wanting to have lots of money to give to the poor and needy and she has a particular family that she wants to help, Noel points out that she has now personalised the game which could make the decisions difficult later in the game.

Round 1
7 - 1p the perfect start
10 - 10p still the perfect start
4 - £250,000 It's in box 4 for the second day in a row!
5 - £100,000 Unbelievable!!! the top and bottom 2 taken out!!
1 - 50p

Noel says to the banker that it was an amazing opening round, the banker says that Nalini is a remarkable lady, his only regret is that he doesn't have smelly vision!! He then offers £6,040, the £40 relates to the sum of money that Nalini's husband gave to her when she came to England to look for him. Nalini says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Nalini says she has gone funny! Helen offers her loads of support and whips up the pilgrims to support her as well.
19 - £10
6 - £250
17 - £3,000

Nearly an all blue round, and Noel says it was very good as the £3,000 is almost blue. Nalini says she wanted to creep to the banker if she was on the wings today, the banker says that she can be his first lady anytime, and offers £6,040. He sticks because Nalini has said that if the banker ever sticks on an offer you should always the offer, Nalini doesn't listen to her own advice and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
2 - £15,000 a few groans
15 - £50,000 more groans....
13 - £50 cheers for the blue finish

Noel asks the audience what they think the offer will be, quite a few think the banker will stick again, Nalini says he's got to move her and can't stick all the time! The banker says one of the audience got the offer right and offers £7,040, Nalini says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Noel asks if Nalini can turn this around - The whole studio say YES!!!
16 - £5,000
12 - £5
3 - £100

Nalini tries to choose another box until Noel shouts NO!!!! The banker asks why Noel shouted NO! Noel makes up an excuse and then says it was a nice round for Nalini, the banker offers £10,000. Noel asks is that enough to make Nalini deal or is it a trap? Nalini offers Noel the chair to have a little rest while she decides! She then says NO DEAL.

Round 5
8 - £35,000 groans and an oh no from Nalini
20 - £20,000 more groans and Noel calls it an all or not very much game
11 - £500 Cheers

Noel asks Nalini what she thinks, she says it's still strong. The banker says it wasn't a good round, he also said he doesn't want Nalini to go away with nothing and offers £7,500. Noel points out how fragile the board is, but Nalini reveals that she is a gambler and says NO DEAL.

Round 6
After a massive build up by Noel about avoiding the £75,000
18 - £75,000 NOEL!!!!!
14 - £1
22 - £750

That round leaves a final 2 of £1,000 and £10,000, the banker offers £5,000.

Noel says it's a great offer, but it's also a gamblers offer, Nalini says NO DEAL. The Banker calls back to offer Nalini the chance to swap the boxes, Nalini says NO SWAP.

Noel opens Nalini's box 9 and reveals £10,000, box 21 contains £1,000.

Nalini is overjoyed with the win and says she loved that, Noel can't believe that she kept the gambling side of her so secret throughout her time on the show. It was a superb game and provided some great pieces of banter between everyone, it also gave a rather unique set of stats in that the highest offer for the game was £10,000, Nalini's box contained £10,000, and Nalini took home £10,000!

Will there be any surprises in store for us tomorrow on the 300th edition of the show?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Alan's Game Report

Oh dear, even after Katy's hint of Noel's shirt choices he still pulls out another LOUD one!! Noel talks about the horrible games of the past few days, and hopes for the turnaround in fortunes, he also mentions how near we are to the 300th show and also the long absence of the £250,000....

It's Alan's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 6, Noel remembers to shake Alan's hand today after forgetting yesterday!! Alan has no lucky numbers or a system, we get to see a few pics of his wife and family, Alan wants LOADS OF NOISE from the pilgrims!!!!!

Round 1
13 - £35,000 Groans and yet another high one from Anna-Marie
3 - £5,000
4 - £250,000 BIG groans from everywhere
Noel asks what Alan has in his pocket!! Alan is playing with some change in there!!!
17 - £10
1 - £250

Noel says to Alan 'you didn't want to win the £250,000 did you?!' - Alan says 'of course I did that is why I am here!!' We learn that Alan is a keen fisherman, the banker comments on the loss of the £250,000 and he thinks that all the contestants are terrified now that the big numbers always go early - They all shout NO!!! He then offers £5,000, Alan says NO DEAL.

Round 2
22 - £100 Big cheers and noise for the blue
7 - £3,000 Noel starts to mimic Alan prowling the stage and gets a few of the pilgrims laughing along with him!!
9 - 1p The pilgrims go wild!!!!

Alan says he is happy with the board, Noel asks if Alan won a lot of money would he buy loads of maggots!!! Alan says he makes his own flies, Noel asks the banker if he does his own flies!! The banker then offers £9,200, Alan says it's a respectful offer, he then goes to Mary and she says it's a good offer Mr Banker but she'll talk to Alan about it after the next round. Neil creeps to the banker and says he needs a word with him after a few comments in the bar last night, the banker calls and talks to Neil! Neil almost grasses up a few contestants and then says he looks at the banker as a father figure!!!! The banker says he now looks at Neil as his son!!! And his future offers are growing by the minute!!!!!

After all the Neil and banker banter Alan says NO DEAL.

Round 3
20 - 10p BIG cheers as newbie 'Shed' delivers
21 - £15,000 Groans that time......
Alan looks at the terminator and Alan dismisses the label that Noel has given him!
16 - £50,000 Alan should have listened to Noel!

Alan tries to pick another box and Noel shouts HOLD IT!!!!! Noel says he should listen to him more often as he wouldn't have hit the £50,000 last round!! The banker doesn't know who he likes more Alasdair or Neil now! He then offers £9,200, he sticks. Noel goes to Mary for her advice that she promised, Mary says to think hard about this offer as it's a good offer for the board. Alan says it's a tricky offer, Noel asks if he feels lucky, Alan says NO DEAL.

Round 4
18 - 50p BIG cheers and applause
2 - £100,000 Groans for the highest remaining red
5 - £50

Big relief all round there, Alan says it's not a bad board as there are still some very good amounts there. The banker agrees and says yes there are still lots of blues there!!! He then offers £7,500, Alan asks Helen and she warns about other bad games where people have gone on and ended up chasing money. Mary says it's a VERY high risk board and to be careful, Ian says that £75,000 would be the biggest fish he has ever caught and he would be tempted to go on. After a LOT of thought Alan says DEAL. Noel says lots of people will be thinking he dealt too soon, Alan says that's the nature of the game.....

Round 5 - Proveout round
8 - £75,000 BIG CHEERS and the perfect first box
19 - £5
11 - £1,000

The banker would have offered £5,000 and Alan again says he would have dealt.

Round 6 - Proveout round
12 - £500
15 - £1 gasps around the studio
14 - £750

That would have been the perfect round! Although Alan would have never got that far to produce it, the last 2 remaining values are £10,000 and £20,000. The banker would have offered £14,500, Alan again says he would have dealt.

Noel opens Alan's box 6 and reveals £20,000! Box 10 contains the £10,000.

Alan says he is happy with the result, but he does look disappointed.

Deal or No Deal Interactive DVD

The eagerly awaited Deal or No Deal Interactive DVD is being released on Monday 13th November.

We should now be able to play in our very own show, without crossing our fingers hoping that Endemol give us the call to appear in the real thing!!!

We have heard through the grapevine that quite a few ex-contestants are featuring in the DVD, 1p Nick has been rumoured, this could provide a great feel to the gameplay, and add to the realism.

We will have wait and see how big a part they play in the DVD, it would be fantastic to see them on the wings opening the boxes as you choose them.

To pre-order your copy online we have found it available at the following sites:

Play.com - £11.99 inc FREE delivery

HMV - £11.99 inc FREE delivery

Amazon - £11.99 + P&P

This adds to increasing range of Deal or No Deal mercahndise that is now available, including, Board Game, Electronic Handheld Game, Electronic Tabletop Game. For more information on these products there are details available by CLICKING HERE

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Katy's Game Report

Noel whispers the intro to the show today! Hope it wasn't a heavy night back at the contestant's hotel, which has prompted this quiet intro!! Noel talks about the lows of the last few games and is looking for the bigger wins, he asks the contestants for more positivity.

It's Katy's turn in the 'Crazy Chair’ and she has box 21 today, she waves to all the audience before taking her seat! Katy has a gift that she made for the banker and she also has a present for Noel, it's a homemade card with a DOND theme and different shirts on, it has a message inside that says 'I thought you might like some new shirts'! Katy hopes the banker will think she is an honest person as she has always answered truthfully while on the wings, she has no target or strategy for today.

Round 1
22 - £100
5 - £100,000 groans all around
7 - £10,000 more groans
16 - 10p
8 - £75,000 even more groans

Noel says 'ewwwwwww' and Katy mimics him! She then says we have to look forward as those values have gone. Mary gives her opinion of the game and the board and imagines a better round next time to balance the board. We find out that the banker's card had shirts on as well, but with money on them and the motto - in for a penny, in for a pound! The banker makes an opening offer of £3,000, Katy goes for some early advice before saying NO DEAL.

Round 2
15 - £20,000 silence for that one
There's a great comedy moment as Tony fluffs his line twice!!
12 - £250
Katy asks if Noel wants to put the kettle on while she chooses the next box, Noel calls a break. On the return Noel is well away from Katy as they have fallen out!!!! It's because Noel didn't shake Katy's hand at the start of the show! Noel tries to shake her hand now, but Katy refuses, Noel tries to get into Katy's good books by bringing out the DOND china tea service!!

1 - £5

Splendid says Noel after the last box of the round, although he says Katy she will have to go a little further in the game to get a good offer. The banker chats with Noel but says he needs some time to think about the offer, so Noel takes a few sips of his cup of tea! The banker is eventually ready and offers £8,000, Katy says it's a really good offer and goes to Helen for advice, she agrees it's a good offer and says the banker could be getting worried about her. Katy says NO DEAL.

Round 3
14 - £15,000 groans for that one
13 - £10 cheers as Nalini delivers a blue
19 - £50

Katy is looking around and Noel asks what is wrong, it appears that Katy nearly forgot how many boxes she had opened. Noel talks again about the £250,000 still being absent from the pound table and the banker offers £13,000. Katy is impressed with the offer and asks the audience what they think, most shout out NO DEAL, but one person says DEAL, Noel goes to them to ask why - They say that if the £250,000 goes she won't see that sort of offer again.
Katy says NO DEAL.

Round 4
11 - £50,000 Groans and big gap appears
20 - £250,000 Bigger groans and the highest red is now £35,000
9 - £35,000 Alasdair keeps his terminator name!!!!

The banker says the odds of Katy producing that round was 165/1, he also says it was spooky that the audience member predicted that round!!! He then offers an evil £666, Mary offers some advice and creeps to the banker, she tells Katy to continue, and Katy says NO DEAL.

Round 5
10 - £750
17 - 50p
3 - £5,000 Gasps as the highest red goes

Noel talks of Howard's game again and also that the 1p is still in play! The banker offers £130. Katy immediately says NO DEAL, even before Noel can ask the question!

Round 6
4 - £3,000 gasps as the highest red goes
Noel mentions again how similar this is to Howard's game, although it could be worse as the 1p is still out there!!
2 - 1p BIG cheers and relief as the 1p goes
18 - £1,000 more gasps

That round leaves a final 2 values of £1 and £500 and it's time for the banker, he offers £99.99. Katy asks what she should do and goes to Steve, he says he will make it up to £100 for her! Mary says she would go all the way after going this far, Katy says NO DEAL.

The banker calls and says he is delighted to hear that Katy goes all the way! He also offers the SWAP, but Katy has already said she doesn't want it.

Noel opens Katy's box 21 and reveals £500, box 6 contains the £1.

It's another game that never really got going and produced the higher offers, Noel says there will be a commiseration party at the hotel tonight as yet again the banker is producing wins over the contestants and we are on a 'low lolly cycle', but it has to turn around as the £250,000 has been absent for so long! Is Noel right? Or will the £250,000 remain absent for a while longer?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Gaz's Game Report

Start of another week, or is Sunday now start of the week with the change is schedule? Noel tries to sum up Kelly's game in one word, he chooses 'Indecisive' as Kelly took she time over box selection and whether to deal or not.

It's Gaz's turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 16, we see pics of Gaz's children, and he shows some pics of them when they were a lot younger just to embarrass them!!!! Gaz has a dream, but will not reveal it yet, he has a target and writes it in the book.

Noel picks on Anna-Marie before the start for revealing the £250,000 on her first show yesterday!

Round 1
9 - £5,000 audience were not sure how to react there....
11 - £1,000
21 - £100,000 groans for that one
7 - £750
8 - £1

Noel talks about the absence of the £250,000 again!! The banker has been looking forward to Gaz's game, as he was impressed with his skill at predicting his offers while on the wings, he thinks Gaz could replace him when he retires!!! He makes an opening offer of £8,000, Gaz is impressed with the offer and Noel asks will he be the first to walk at the opening offer,
Gaz says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Noel has a pop at all the Brummies!!!
19 - £250
17 - £3,000
22 - £50

Noel asks Gaz if he would be up for the job as banker, Peter shouts out from the wings that he is not nasty enough! Noel says that comment will be going on Peter's file now. The banker calls and Noel tells him it's a balanced board with both their power 5 looking good, the banker offers £18,000. It's a reference to Howard's game on Friday and Noel confirms it, it's designed to unsettle Gaz as it was Howard's opening offer from the banker and after that Howard's game went so wrong. Neil shouts out from the wings that it's a great offer from a great guy (Howard 2?!) Gaz says NO DEAL.

Round 3
6 - £250,000 groans all around the studio
14 - £5 cheers
18 - £75,000 groans return

A horrible round for Gaz! He says it could have been better! Noel says that Gaz's courage will be tested now.... The banker is gloating now and won't let us forget Howard's game and gives Gaz Howard's second offer of £1,800! Rachael says the banker is playing mind games and Gaz is also reminded about the so-called power of box 16! Gaz says NO DEAL.

Round 4
15 - £500
10 - 10p
13 - 50p

A nice all blue round for Gaz. Noel starts to ask about Gaz's dream but is interrupted by the banker's call! Gaz tells him to get him to call back, so Noel hangs up!!! The dream revolves around Gaz tracing his family history and discovering he had a larger family than he initially thought so he wants to take his children to meet the rest of his now enlarged family. The banker calls back and offers £12,500, it's Kelly's offer from yesterday that she dealt! Gaz says it's a good offer and it's not easy - especially now the banker is playing games!!! Noel asks the audience what they think, nearly everyone says NO DEAL, Noel asks Gaz how brave he wants to be, Gaz says NO DEAL.

Round 5
1 - £50,000 Groans for the highest remaining red
2 - £15,000 more groans
Ned applies Mally's law to his box as he had £35,000 loads of times in the past!! Gaz goes with him
12 - £10 It works!

The banker says that Gaz is still in line for his job and asks what he would offer now, Gaz says £85,000! The banker says he is afraid that the job is already taken now! He then offers £10,000. That gets a mixed reaction from the pilgrims, Rachael says it's a tricky one but she would go on...... Gaz says you are only here once and he's ready for the question, he then says DEAL. Gaz doesn't look sure about that decision and Noel picks up on it.

Round 6 - Proveout round
4 - £100
20 - £10,000
5 - £20,000

That round leaves a final 2 of £35,000 and 1p, the banker says he would have offered £15,000 !

Noel opens Gaz's box 16 and reveals 1p, box 3 contains the £35,000!

We find out that Gaz wrote £2,500 in the book as his target, so he has certainly achieved that and a lot more. It was a tricky banker today who tried to unsettle Gaz by reminding him of the previous games that hadn't gone so well, although Gaz played well and came away with a good sum for the game. The final proveout offer from the banker does seem quite inflated as Fadil had the same final 2 values, but was still in active play and was offered a very reduced offer of £7,200! Would Gaz really have been offered £15,000 if he had continued? Noel says yes, but I think a lot of people will think otherwise!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kelly's Game Report

Will there be fireworks in today's game? (Sorry couldn’t resist that) Well there are no fireworks in the studio although Noel's shirt is setting my TV screen ablaze!!!! All the contestants are wrapped in their hats and scarves for bonfire night and the boxes are black with little rockets on them. Howard gets a mention for his horrible game on Friday.

We also learn that they are looking for more contestants for next year’s shows and full details will be given at the end of the show.

It's Kelly's turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so with box 11, we learn that Kelly is adventurous and did work experience in the army while at school! She has Spencer bear for luck and also a small crystal pyramid, although the crystal is broken! Kelly doesn't have a system although she has 2 important numbers, and one of them is 12.

Round 1
20 - £50
19 - £10
5 - 10p
16 - £250,000 Gasps for that one and shrieks from Kelly
6 - £750

Kelly says the banker is a lovely man, although it didn't sound too convincing. The banker reels off a couple of puns by saying Kelly is a sparkler and she makes his blood pressure rocket, he then offers £1,605, the offer relates to the year of the special day today! Kelly says NO DEAL.

Round 2
21 - £20,000 Silence at first for that one
13 - £500 cheers
9 - £50,000 Big groans for that one

Kelly says she has never felt that she would leave the game with nothing, Noel tells the banker that yes Kelly is worried. Noel says that she is starting to get respect from the banker, who offers £7,000. Kelly goes to her mum who says there is still more in the game, Gaz says the same, Kelly says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Kelly applies Mally's law to the next box...
22 - £75,000 It doesn't work!!!!
7 - £250 big cheers for that one
Neil does a great 1p for the guy line!!
18 - £3,000

Kelly starts to choose her next box and Noel starts whispering 'Kelly don't do it'! Noel tries to cover the fact that Kelly forgot how many boxes she had opened. The banker wants to speak to Kelly's mum! The banker asks Kelly's mum how much she owes her, but Kelly shouts out DON'T TELL him... The banker then calls back with the offer and says he has increased it as he was impressed with Kelly's mum and offers £9,000. Kelly goes to Rachael who says it's a great offer but she would go on, Steve says the same, Kelly says NO DEAL.

Round 4
14 - 50p BIG cheers for the blue
17 - £5,000
Neil gives a great speech about playing her own game and not letting other games influence her game, and to play her own game.
15 - £100

Noel puts on his posh voice for the banker! He makes an offer of £12,500. Kelly seems a little surprised by the offer and asks for a sweep, it's about 50/50..... Kelly says she really wants to play the game, and says NO DEAL. The pilgrims love that decision!

Round 5
10 - £1,000 cheers for the low red
3 - 1p The studio goes wild as does Kelly
2 - £35,000 gasps from the audience

Kelly says I've still got the £100,000 which Noel also says to the banker, the banker offers
£12,500, he sticks! That's a tester for Kelly and she gets some advice from her mum, Kelly says DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
Kelly can't look as the boxes are opened
8 - £5
1 - £1 Gasps from the audience as only reds remain
4 - £15,000

That would have been a superb round with £100,000 and £10,000 remaining. Kelly says she doesn't want to hear what the offer would have been so Noel wraps a scarf around her head!!
The banker would have offered £45,000 and Kelly says she would have dealt there.

Noel asks if she were offered the swap would she have done, she says yes so Noel swaps the boxes! Box 12 now sits in front of Kelly, Noel opens it and reveals £10,000, and box 11 has the £100,000.

If Kelly had played out the game as she said, she has actually made a good decision, as she would have given away the £100,000. Although it's a situation that would have never happened as Kelly would have dealt the £45,000 offer.

At the end of the show we learn that they are now looking for contestants to play next year on the show, Noel says he is looking forward to meeting us and then we get the details of how to apply. If anyone is interested in applying you need to phone Noel says he is looking forward to meeting us 09013 263 244, Calls cost 75p and lines are open for a VERY limited time!!!!