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Monday, June 12, 2006

Louise's game

Welcome to a spectacular week, kicked off last night and on to a double deal week – groan. Noel is wearing his liquorice allsorts shirt to celebrate.

Ok the first ‘double deal dond’ contestant is selected and is Louise of the wack em out blue’s fame. She struts her stuff over to the hot seat a vision in orange t shirt and denims. She carried over a very dirty pair of Grandma’s specs from the loft – the glasses will see the blues before Louise wacks em out. She got married on a beach in Cuba and has a photo with her to show us. A Gregorey’s girl tattoo, spelt wrongly on her lower back is an indication of Louise’s luck to date. She teaches a few ‘ollogie’s (Anyone else remember Maureen Lipman’s as Beattie) college which is generally accepted as ‘fascinating’.

Round 1
She scans the boxes seeking the 1pence. Box 3 and Bianca is nearly there with £1. (just 99p out says Noel). Theresa next has box 21 containing £250. Debbie’s box 11 sends the £75k unceremoniously crashing to the floor, close on her heels is Melanie box 8 and £100k. Wayne is last in this round with his box 15 and a comparatively low £10k.The offer is £850 and straight to the question the answer is of course no deal.

Round 2
X-ray vision is desperately called for and Joseph with box 1 is chosen, he has £3k. Daz is consulted with box 14?? It has £1k?? Ashok is welcomed into the game this episode (Will he be gone by the end of the week?) he has box 10 and it has a very welcome 50p in it. (Shotgun not doing Ashok’s game with that accent – ask your teenager for the translation of that term).
The banker throws in £8,500 as an offer – no deal says Louise.

Round 3
Louise is drawn to Carlton and box 13 and screams piercingly on sight of the 1p. She has been having nightmares about being the first female in the 1p club. Penny next box 5 has yet another red -£5k. Penny manages not to cry. Big Ron number 18, wacks out the £10 to the huge relief of the studio. Lousie is nothing if not confident she say’s she introduced herself as the first £250k winner and now intends to leave as that person. The phone is allowed to ring a number of times before Noel picks up. The offer has to be better as she has a few good reds left on the board. Noel talks it up big time and the temptation is £19,000. She relates what her husband and brother would say if they were here, but falls back on her own instinct she is defiant, dangerous and downright ready for the question – however, a very subdued no deal.

Round 4
Quickie round; note to guest writers - all hands on deck needed. Eileen box 19 has £5, box 16 and Trevor has £20k, across the studio to box 17 which is Scott with £750 – everyone is happy with that except Noel who is out of breath and tired out by that quickie. Well he is getting on a bit and quickie’s should be used sparingly at that age. Noel is munching on a banana on his return from the break and discusses what the offer might be with a couple of the contestants. The offer is actually £30,000 and louise looks suitably concerned – this is big money and she obviously wants to go on – this is a no brainer to me – but lets see how much grey matter she really has with all her ‘ollogie’s. Ask me she says – he does and ……………..she deals – phew sensible girl.

Round 5
Ok Noel bigging up the rest of the show for all he’ is worth asks where she would have gone next – No 12 and Chrissie has £50. Frank’s box 4 has £50k, finally she would have chosen box 22 and Mark with £10. Louise looks crestfallen now but she couldn’t have done anything else with n offer of £30k. The hypothetical offer at this stage is £50,000.

Round 6
Louise’s voice appears to have deserted her as she can only point to the box she wants - No 2, Lee has 10p, Yvonne, no 7 has £50 and lastly she points at Nessie, box 20 and finds the £250k – huge delight in the studio. The offer would have been £22,000. The £15k and £35k remain on the board. Noel reveals Louise’s box contained the £15k. She has beaten the banker with her £30k. Louise is off to ring her husband and tell him she won a penny so no-one is to tell him if they see him.

I liked Louise she is northern so has a big advantage over those from this neck of the woods and I suspect that what you see is what you get with her they omitted to tell us how many shows she has done though.

Noel reminds us once again that he will be back at 8pm tonight. I am delighted to pass the keyboard duties on to our first guest reporter – thank you and good luck I am looking forward to watching the show without typing up frantically at the same time.

Don't forget, this is the first of two reports tonight - Steve will be beavering away and should have his report out by 10.30pm, really looking forward to that!


Louise won £30,000

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