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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Rob's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel asks how we feel about Steve's game yesterday, and says we are disappointed at the moment that Steve said he's got me, with that offer of £26,000... Noel wanders over to the wings to see if anyone has got that special something that the banker can't get them with!!!

It’s Rob’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 16. Rob is a postman, and Noel hopes that the banker has got rid of all his postie jokes with the last postman that was on the show... Noel talks about the record number of 1ps that he has had whilst on the wings, and hopes he hasn't brought it along today!! Rob shows us some pics of his son, and also has a cast of his feet to help remind him to keep his feet on the ground... Noel talks about the record that box 16 has of bringing big money to the pound table, can it do it again today?

Round 1
5 - £35,000 Early groans
15 - £50,000 Newbie Tina "Oh sorry" goes Tina
12 - £5
17 - £10,000
2 - £75,000

That is an astonishing start says Noel... The banker says that's what he calls an opening round, and he has been willing that to happen for a while... He goes onto say that Rob is a naturally lucky person, so he surrounded himself with unlucky charms!!!! He then offers £1,000 + broken mirror!! Rob says NO DEAL

Round 2
18 - 1p
6 - £100,000
Rob chooses Ben with box 4 next, but Noel calls a break first...
4 - £5,000

Oh my word, we could have done with holding onto that one says Noel... Rob remains positive saying the big one is still there, and there are also a lot of blues to hit now.... The banker says that his schemes are working now, and he has a little model of a postman that he is sticking needles into!!!! He then offers £1,313 + 13 grains of spilt salt!!! Rob says NO DEAL

Round 3
9 - £100
7 - £250
One to go for an all blue round says Noel
14 - £1,000

The banker tells Noel that box 16 is still the luckiest box on the pound table.... He then offers £6,500 + Inverted horseshoe + open umbrella!!! Rob says NO DEAL

Round 4
10 - £20,000
Now we have an all or nothing game says Noel
22 - £3,000
Michael tells Rob to spin around as it might change his luck! Noel asks how that will work, and then all the contestants join in, followed by the pilgrims!!!
8 - 50p

There is no point in saying the 50p makes it look better says Noel, because it doesn't! The banker says that he has seen people turn down some big sums of money, but Rob will be very brave if he turns down this offer.... He offers £8,000… The banker calls back and says he forgot the unlucky part, which is a dead magpie!!! Rob goes to Ed for some stats, and he tells Rob that he has a 37% chance of taking out the big one now... Rob says NO DEAL

Round 5
Rob asks EVERYONE to spin around now for luck!
Noel does a BIG build up on the next box (why does this always seem to bring bad luck!!!)
11 - £250,000 NOEL!!!!
21 - £1
1 - £500

We can still have a happy ending here says Noel, and the banker is going to love this!! The banker says the dead magpie is being replaced now by a dead Ed!!! He says Rob was brave last time to no deal, and then offers £1,300 + Thank you note… Rob says NO DEAL

Round 6
20 - £50
19 - £750
3 - £15,000

It’s time for the Banker with 10p and £10 remaining, and he offers £2.99… Rob says NO DEAL

Noel opens Rob’s box 16 and reveals £10
Box 13 contains the 10p

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Steve's Deal or No Deal Game Report

We are floating today says Noel, after Jean got the result we all wanted in her game, and she spanked the banker...

It’s Steve’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 12. Steve says it's a massive shock that he was picked today, and tells Noel about his singing and performing that he does in his spare time. Noel gets him to do a little routine, but explains that due to copyright issues with the Elvis Presley estate, they are not allowed to broadcast Steve singing over the air, but they will be able to hear him in the studio!! Steve then does his routine while we are treated to various sound effects!!!!! We get to see a family pic, and Steve notices that his mum, who is in the audience for support today, is wearing the same clothes as in the photo!!

Round 1
Steve gets emotional about November 2nd being an important date for him, and is using those numbers first...
2 - £3,000
11 - £100,000
6 - 50p
Steve reveals that it was his best friend who died in a car crash on that date last year...
16 - £750
18 - £15,000

Noel says that was an OK round on the board for Steve, but was tough for him emotionally through that round.... The banker calls and says that Rochdale appears to receive nice sunny weather, and Steve could hide in a bucket of oranges!! Noel says Steve will be the first person to walk at the first offer... The Banker offers £8,000 + A new outfit for his mum!! Steve says NO DEAL

Round 2
9 - £35,000
10 - £1,000
Steve asks if there are any blues in any of the boxes!! He then tells Noel that he is keeping 12, and Noel says it's a good idea as he has that box!!!
17 - £500

The banker says that he has just had big relief Apparently Steve has his horseshoe ring on upside down, and the luck is all going towards the banker now!! Steve takes off the ring, and the banker asks how can he call now, as he has no ring!!!! The Banker offers £12,000… Steve says NO DEAL

Round 3
4 - £10,000
5 - £50
1 - £5

Steve says he is feeling better than he was now... The banker says he is going off Steve now, and offers £17,500… Steve goes to Ed, who says he still has a lot of blues to hit... Steve says NO DEAL

Round 4
7 - 1p Rob has the 1p yet again, and Noel says it's his 4th time now.
19 - £5,000
21 - £250

The banker says he is not too keen on Rob!! He offers £26,000… The banker's favourite offer when he has a problem says Noel... Steve's mum joins him at the pound table, and she tells him to go with what he thinks... Ed gives some stats advice, and says he has a good chance of getting a mixed round next... Steve says DEAL

Round 5 - Proveout round
3 - £1
15 - 10p Newbie Chris B
14 - £250,000

You might have just got away with this says Noel... The Banker would have offered £22,500…

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £10
3 - £20,000 Noel tells everyone to stop clapping!!!!
This has got to be £75,000 says Noel, otherwise it's complete disaster.
8 - £75,000

It’s time for the Banker with £100 and £50,000 remaining… You have done enough now to beat the banker on the offers says Noel... The banker says that one of them has now made a big mistake... He would have offered £13,000

Noel opens Steve’s box 12 and reveals £50,000
Box 13 contains the £100

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jean's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel says there have been a lot of emotions running through the dream factory lately... He then talks about the Banker's new twist yesterday when he gave Phyllis the chance to get back into her game...

It’s Jean’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she has box 18. Noel says it's the game we have all been looking forward to.

Jean says she is very nervous at the moment, and Noel says she doesn't need to be as she is the banker's favourite... Jean tells us she used to work for BT, and Noel says that the phone must be familiar with her! Jean says the affair with the banker is off now, as she is now trying to get money out of him instead of saving him loads like she has done... Noel gets a target of £15,000 out of Jean...

Round 1
1 - £10
4 - £15,000
3 - 1p
5 - £250
7 - £5

Noel says he kept quiet as he didn't want to jinx anything... He then does an impression of the banker crying down the phone saying he is losing Jean, his Grim Reaper... The banker says that Jean has had over £1 Million in her boxes during her 27 shows!!! He has a poem for Jean on one of his official seals… Some Barry White music starts up and the banker sends out a gift of a wreath made up to the number 13, which is placed in her spot on the wings! He then offers £13,000… Jean says as only the banker knows, she is prepared to go all the way!!! The banker calls back and says he found that out on their first date!!! Jean says NO DEAL

Round 2
10 - £50,000 Newbie Mary.... Jean says that could have been better, and to please try harder
13 - £750
14 - £20,000

It's looking a little different now, but still looking not too bad says Noel... Noel then has some fun with the banker asking for an offer of £250,000, so the banker hangs up!!!! He calls back and offers £13,192… Jean says NO DEAL

Round 3
12 - 50p
We like our blue Jeans says Noel
20 - £1
6 - £250,000

That's a disappointment says Jean, and Noel says that he thought it was in Jean's box as it hasn't appeared on the pound table for so long now... Noel tells the banker that Jean started her time on the wings with the £100,000, and wouldn't it be great if she left with £100,000... The banker is a little worried about that, and offers £13,013… Noel says that most players would have had lower offers there, but Jean says he must be remembering their weekend in Weston-Super-Mare!!! Jean says NO DEAL

Round 4
2 - £3,000
8 - £100,000
17 - £500

This is nicely balanced now says Noel... The banker calls and is subdued he says the diamond ring he had promised Jean is really cut glass!! He then says that the flowers he nicked from a girls 13th birthday party this morning!!! He then offers £10,000… Jean goes to Ed for some advice, and he says it's a good offer.... Jean says NO DEAL

Round 5
16 - 10p
22 - £100
11 - £5,000

Lets keep cool and calm here now says Noel.... The banker passes a message on for Jean, and it's to get out now!!!! The Banker offers £20,000… Is that a problem for you now asks Noel, and he says it was worth showing that courage at the last offer, and will more courage be rewarded... Jean says she might disappoint a lot of people now, as she can do a lot with that money... Jean says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
19 - £35,000
21 - £1,000 Noel shouts out WHO CLAPPED FOLLOW THE PLOT!!!
15 - £75,000

It’s time for the Banker with £50 and £10,000 remaining… The banker calls very quickly, and Jean says that she has spanked the banker in another way!!! He would have offered £1,300…

Noel opens box 18 and reveals £10,000
Box 9 contains the £50

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Phyllis' Deal or No Deal Game Report

A lively Noel is revved up today, as he tries to boost the atmosphere in the studio after the recent low wins. He wanders along the wings, and asks who they think will be playing today.

It’s a very reluctant Phyllis today, and she has box 8. Phyllis says she is shocked she is playing today, as she doesn't want to leave... She shows Noel a picture of herself on her wedding day, and gets a little emotional as she explains that her husband is no longer with us. Phyllis has her friend in the audience for support today, and her friend tells us that Phyllis is a good fighter so will put up a good battle with the banker...

Round 1
3 - 10p
1 - £100
20 - £100,000
4 - £500
22 - £250

4 blues and a red says Noel, just a shame it was that red... The banker says he has been looking forward to Phyllis' game, and if he weren’t sworn to Jean he would be all over her like a rash!!! He then offers £9,000… Noel leaps into the audience for their reactions, and starts with lots of banter with an Irish lady called Bridget, who tells Phyllis to play on and go for it … Phyllis says NO DEAL

Round 2
2 - £10,000
14 - 50p
10 - £75,000

We didn't want to see that one says Noel... The banker now has a new light in his life, it's Bridget the lady that Noel spoke to before!! The banker wants to take her out for dinner tonight, and she tries desperately to get rid of Noel!! The Banker offers £13,000… In a terrible Irish accent, Noel says that is a brilliant offer... Phyllis wonders what she can do with that amount of money, and thinks of a swimming pool, but would also need a bigger house to put it in… Phyllis says NO DEAL

Round 3
11 - £3,000
21 - £35,000 No, No, No says Noel
6 - £15,000

We didn't want that round says Noel... The Banker offers £7,500… Phyllis says it's still a good offer considering the board and what just happened. Phyllis says NO DEAL

Round 4
19 - £20,000 That was so important says Noel
9 - £750 Newbie Charley
5 - £1,000

Phyllis says she would have liked to have kept that one... Noel goes back to Bridget in the audience to see what she thinks the offer will be, and she replies £10,000... Noel then asks her if she has applied to appear on the show, and she says yes, which frightens Noel!!! The Banker offers £10,000… Noel says that Bridget has been uncovered as another agent of the bankers!!! Phyllis gets hugs off her friend and Noel as she starts to get emotional... Phyllis runs through the outcomes if she takes out the big one now, and Noel chips in that if she avoids the big one in the next round then her offer will soar... Phyllis says DEAL

Round 5 - Proveout round
18 - £5 Noel tells everyone NOT to clap and follow the plot!!
12 - £50
An all blue round is looming says Noel....
15 - £250,000

Noel says this will be interesting now, as the banker has to play on with honesty... The Banker would have offered£3,000

Round 6 - Proveout round
7 - £1
16 - £5,000
13 - £10

It’s time for the Banker with 1p and £50.000 remaining… Phyllis thinks she has the 1p, and the £50,000 is in box 17 with Steve... Noel is quite shocked at what the banker tells him he would have offered now!!!!

The banker says he would have offered £10,000 here, and then offers Phyllis the chance to give back the £10,000 she already dealt and then take whatever is in her box!!! Phyllis is told by lots of the contestants to stick with what she has already won as she is certain that her box contains the 1p… Noel then asks if she would have swapped as well, although the banker hasn't offered that yet!! The banker calls back and then says he will offer the swap as well...

Phyllis says she was happy to deal at £10,000, and she is still happy with that...

Noel asks if Phyllis would have swapped if she played on, and Phyllis says she would have, so Noel does the hypothetical SWAP!!!

Noel opens Phyllis' new box 17 and reveals £50,000
Box 8 contains the 1p

Monday, October 08, 2007

Lee's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel talks about the disappointing game for Gillian on Saturday, and he gives us the stats for the "Mummys" of the group, and the last 5 have all had low amounts, and he warns Janet the new mummy to be wary of that stat!!

It’s Lee’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 16. Lee is a little nervous today, but says he is more worried about his mum who is in the audience for support as she is nervous as well. Lee shows us his gold medal for his athletics, and Noel starts a lot of puns based around athletics... Lee has a lucky mole that he bought as a lucky charm as it reminded him of previous contestant James!!!

Lee tells Noel about his fear of sheep!!!

Round 1
21 - £75,000 That is a painful start says Noel
7 - £1,000
19 - £5
3 - £50,000
Lee remembers that he has just got rid of some numbers that he wanted to keep!!! He says that box 3 was one of them!!
4 - 1p

The banker is laughing about Gillian's game, and asks how Janet is feeling, as she is the new mummy!!! Noel then talks to the banker about Lee's fear of sheep!!! The banker predicts that at the end of the game he will be at the top of the podium, while Lee is in the dust!!! He then offers £2,012… Lee says NO DEAL

Round 2
6 - £100,000 Oh wow, now we do have a big problem says Noel
11 - £750
Lee asks Pottsy for 50p
13 - £50 Ohhh close...

Noel talks about the big hole on the right of the board, and the banker agrees about the big gap.... The banker overheard Lee's mum chatting to the person next to her, and she said that Lee is prepared to play all the way to the end! Banker offers £10,000… Lee says NO DEAL

Round 3
2 - £20,000 Not ideal says Noel
12 - £250,000 Now that is disastrous says Noel
Noel asks if James the mole is working, and Lee thinks not, so Noel throws his away and tells him to dig a hole!!!
9 - £250

The banker talks about how the contestants were rocked by Bernie and Gillian's bad games, and is convinced that Lee will fail as well... Banker offers £1,000... There are groans for the offer, but Noel says that was a shocking round.... Lee says NO DEAL

Round 4
You need a miracle round now says Noel
18 - £500
15 - £5,000 Newbie Helen B
Noel calls a break now, and gets Lee to do the link...
20 - 50p

Noel says he thinks the problem was the mole!!! The Banker offers £3,000… Noel asks is now the time to call it a day... Lee says NO DEAL

Round 5
Lee's mum joins him at the pound table...
17 - £15,000
14 - £35,000 No, No, No says Noel
Lee says that makes it easier for him now, as he knows what he is going to do...
1 - £1

You've really not had the boxes to work with today says Noel.... The banker says that round was against the odds, and Noel replies it has been going that was lately... The Banker offers £1,616… It's a cheeky but good offer says Noel... Lee says NO DEAL

Round 6
8 - £10,000 You've had appalling bad luck says Noel
22 - £100
10 - £10

It’s time for the Banker with 10p and £3,000 remaining…

We've avoided yesterdays game says Noel… The Banker offers £507… This is an interesting gamble for you says Noel.… Lee asks Ed if that is a good offer, and he replies no it's not! It stinks!!! Lee says NO DEAL

The banker calls back and offers the SWAP
Lee tells Noel that he always said he was going to swap at the end... Lee says NO SWAP

Noel opens Lee’s box 16 and reveals 10p
Box 5 contains the £3,000

Lee tells all the remaining contestants to not think about his game when they play theirs, and play their own game...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gillian's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes us all to the dream factory, and talks about Alicia's game yesterday and says she was haunted by the 10p, he thinks she would have played onto to the end of the game if the 10p wasn't there, but then admits that she did the right thing by dealing when she did!!!

It’s Gillian’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 14. Gillian is a housewife from Blackburn, and she shows us a few family pics... She says she believes in fate and destiny, and tells how she met her husband on CB radio, and Noel gets her "handle" from her which was Nursemaid, and her future hubbies was Greentop, as he was a milkman.... Gillian has her husband in the audience for support today....

Round 1
Before Gillian picks her first box she goes over to Pottsy and rubs his head for luck!!
13 - £5,000
15 - £250
5 - 10p
6 - £250,000
4 - £10,000

Noel says that round could have been a lot worse than it was... The banker opens with "Chubby Lover 22 calling Nursemaid"… The banker has noted that Gillian has NO DEAL a lot while on the wings, and thinks that Gillian is a player to grab the moment... He then offers £10,400…Noel says he can't remember the last time someone took out the £250,000 in the first round and received such a large offer... Gillian says NO DEAL

Round 2
Brunhilde reveals to Noel that she has worn a bracelet with the number 13 for 40 odd years! Hope this doesn't have the same effect that Jeans necklace has!!!
17 - £100,000 Oooopss!!!!!
1 - £50
3 - £500

The banker talks about the solid block of reds that Gillian has, and then offers £5,200… Gillian says that is not a shock really and then says NO DEAL

Round 3
Gillian is going to try Zahida's trick now of asking the contestants for a blue, as it worked well for her...
19 - £1 It's working so far...
7 - 50p Still looking good
9 - £3,000 Ohhh close for 3/3....

You have kept the block of reds intact says Noel... The Banker offers £12,500… Gillian asks for a quick sweep... Noel thinks that Gillian has made her mind up already, and so runs around for the sweep… Gillian says NO DEAL

Round 4
8 - £1,000 Newbie Ron
Gillian is tempted to go to Rob as he has had the 1p quite a few times, but then changes her mind...
2 - £75,000 ARGGGHHHH goes Noel
12 - £10

The Banker offers £11,500… Gillian says it's a great offer, and Noel agrees, although he goes on to talk about how you only get to sit in the chair once, and there could be £50,000 sitting in her box... Jean tells Gillian to go back to her spot on the wings and see how it feels from there. Noel says that it's better advice than the "Go with your heart" advice that could be said!!! Gillian says NO DEAL

Round 5
18 - £35,000 Big groans for that one...
21 - £50,000 This is a disastrous round says Noel...
10 - £20,000

That is the perfect disaster says Noel!!! The banker says it was a brave decision in the last round to no deal, and he then offers £950… Noel asks is this a fold'em moment, or is it a go for it moment... Gillian says NO DEAL

Round 6
16 - 1p
20 - £15,000
22 - £5

It’s time for the Banker with £100 and £750 remaining, and he offers £350…
Gillian tells Noel that she said right from the start she would always go right to the end... Gillian says NO DEAL

Noel opens Gillian’s box 14 and reveals £100
Box 11 contains the £750

Friday, October 05, 2007

Alicia's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel talks about Danielle and Bernie, and their completely different games, and asks if today's contestant can do a Danielle.

Alicia has box 6 today!!! Alicia shows us a few pics, and tells us that she works for a bookmaker, and Noel wonders what the banker will make of that...

Round 1
5 - £100
2 - £10
Alicia decides to get Jean out the way next!!!
15 - £15,000
4 - £10,000
20 - 50p

Noel asks if Alicia chose those numbers in advance, and she replies that she didn't, and the only box that means something is box 16... The Banker offers £10,100… That is a really good offer says Alicia, and Noel says it's a fabulous offer... Alicia says NO DEAL

Round 2
19 - £100,000
13 - £750
Noel asks Alicia to not do a Bernie here and hit the £250,000!!
8 - £35,000

The banker comments on the £100,000 and £35,000 going in the same round, and Noel asks how much she thinks that the banker will drop now... Banker offers £10,100… Alicia says NO DEAL

Round 3
22 - £5,000
17 - 1p
18 - £3,000

Noel says this will be a tricky one for the banker to call now... The banker says that is the 3rd time that Rob has had the 1p now.... Banker offers £16,100… Noel says that the banker is nervous of Alicia because of her job!! Noel asks the audience to stand if they would deal, and to his surprise quite a few do. Noel asks them why they would deal, and they reply that £16,100 is a lot of money... Alicia says NO DEAL

Round 4
Little Rich next, and he says he will try and make this as little as him!!
14 - £50
Alicia goes to Mikey next as he had the £250,000 yesterday, and plays a bit of Mally logic here....
21 - £1
10 - £500

Noel asks everyone who said to deal at the last offer to stand up!!! The banker says he is certain this next offer will get Alicia out of the chair... He offers £22,100… The banker then calls straight back and wants to speak to Alicia!!! She asks him if he is OK, and what is his problem! Alicia tells him that she likes a little gamble, and he says he wishes she had never come!! Ed tells Alicia not to let the banker get inside her head now.... Alicia goes to the audience and asks them to stand if they would deal... Alicia says NO DEAL

Round 5
1 - £50,000
9 - £20,000
Noel wonders if this will be an all red round now, and the banker calls back!!! Noel tells Alicia to carry on, as she won't want to hear what he just said!!! The banker calls back again!!! So Noel takes the phone off the hook!!!
11 - £5

Noel tells us that the banker kept calling and saying that the next box would contain the £250,000!!! The banker calls, and Noel tells him he was wrong twice in that last round... The banker says he really wants to beat Alicia now!!!! He offers £27,100… Alicia asks what she should do, and Noel replies that when she is ready she should give him the answer!!! Noel does a sweep, and he gets some mixed answers back... Alicia says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
12 - £250,000 What about that says Noel
3 - £1,000
7 - £250 Noel shouts at everyone for clapping!!!!!

It’s time for the banker with 10p and £75,000 remaining… He would have offered £18,100… Noel wonders who has made the big mistake now...

Noel opens Alicia’s box 6 and reveals 10p
Box 16 contains the £75,000

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bernie's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel says we are feeling very good indeed after Danielle's win yesterday, and also that mum power won through. Noel wanders over to the wings to reveal today's player, and points to each of them and says it could be you!!!

It’s Bernie’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 4. He tells us the story of how he came here from Jamaica, and how it amazed him that all the houses had chimneys, as in Jamaica only factories had chimneys, so he was convinced it would be easy to get a job as there were so many factories in every street!! Bernie has his friend Mary in the audience for support today, and he tells Noel that he doesn't have a target.

Round 1
6 - £100 Bernie gets excited over the blue, and Noel tells him to pace himself
16 - £100,000 Newbie Maria...
1 - £5
2 - £35,000
15 - 1p Bernie has a little dance with Noel

Noel asks the banker how he is after his big pasting yesterday! The banker wants to get into business with Bernie, and brand his name. But Bernie says forget all that, and just give me cold hard cash!! The Banker offers £8,262… Bernie says NO DEAL

Round 2
18 - £10 Another newbie Chris! Looks as though CJ has been replaced for some reason!
13 - £20,000
21 - £250,000

The banker says he is swinging his hips!! And Noel asks if you can see his hips under all that flab! The banker says that there is an ex-Abba member in the audience who has let himself a little!! The camera then pans around to an Abba look-a-like! The Banker offers £2,262… Bernie says NO DEAL

Round 3
10 - £5,000
7 - 50p We get some hip swinging action from Bernie
Noel asks the west wing to do “The Bernie” for luck! And then the East wing!!
5 - £1,000

Bernie starts chatting to his friend while Noel is on the phone to the banker, and Noel turns to him and says that it is a bit rude!! The Banker offers £7,262… Alicia and Phyllis both tell him that he has at least another round in the game, and a few others agree as well.... Bernie says NO DEAL

Round 4
3 - £250 We get another Bernie jive
20 - £50,000
Noel wants to see a bit more of the Bernie dance...
22 - £3,000

The Banker offers £6,262… Bernie has a little think over the offer.... Bernie says NO DEAL

Round 5
11 - £500
19 - £75,000 The studio falls into silence as the highest value goes...
12 - 10p

The loss of the £75,000 has taken the swing out of the hips says Noel, although Bernie can still walk away with more money than he's been offered so far... The Banker offers £3,262… Alicia tells Bernie to think carefully about this offer, and quite a few agree, although he also gets a few no deals.... Bernie says NO DEAL

Round 6
9 - £750
8 - £10,000 ARGGGHH NO says Noel
It's all or nothing now says Bernie
14 - £15,000

It’s time for the Banker with £1 and £50 remaining… That is so disappointing says Noel, as the studio falls to a deathly hush... The Banker offers £26.20… Bernie says NO DEAL

Noel opens Bernie’s box 4 and reveals £50
Box 17 contains the £1

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Danielle's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel talks about some of the unusual experiences the contestants have had, he goes over to Little Rich to talk about some of his amazing feats...

It’s Danielle’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 6. How many times has that appeared now!!! Noel talks about Danielle's Greek sounding name, and asks her how she arrived here, and Danielle replies that she applied to appear on the show!! Noel goes over to her mum who is in the audience for further information and is hoping for some more informed information! Danielle also shows us a few pics...

Round 1
15 - £750
14 - £250
9 - £100,000
Noel notices that Jean has box 13 again!!!
1 - £35,000
5 - £10

The banker has something written on every page of Danielle's file, and it says looking pretty sexy today!! Although he goes on to say that it says that on Bernie's file as well!! He then offers £4,500… Danielle says that is a generous offer.... Danielle says NO DEAL

Round 2
17 - £5,000
11 - 1p Steve gets really excited, as he is about to get his 1p kiss
16 - £50

The banker says he was thinking of buying the 1p box from Steve for £10,000, but instead he is going to offer Danielle the £10,000…The Banker offers £10,000… Noel asks Danielle if she wants to go and then become the first person to leave at the second offer!!! Danielle says NO DEAL

Round 3
20 - £20,000 That's not the end of the world says Noel...
3 - 50p
21 - 10p

The Banker offers £20,000… Danielle says her main concern is if she takes out the top 3 remaining amounts that she won't see the £20,000 ever again... Danielle says NO DEAL

Round 4
18 - £10,000
10 - £1,000
2 - £500

Oh boy, oh boy what have you done says Noel... You will have a big problem now... The banker says that Danielle's mum should do the right thing now, and guide her daughter to make the right decision... He offers £26,000… Danielle says the money would go a big way to helping her expand her business, and her mum chips in and says that it's a lot of money to lose... The banker calls back and says thanks mum!!! Little Rich asks what figure she had in mind while she was on the wings, and is this offer over that, and Danielle replies that it is over her original target... Danielle says NO DEAL

Round 5
19 - £15,000
7 - £5
Danielle gets really excited and Noel tells her to calm down until the end of the round, as it's not over yet...
22 - £100

Noel tells Danielle she has a problem now, as she is going to get a difficult offer... The banker calls and Noel says that he has offered £36,000… Noel starts playing with the offers and raises it to £38,000, then £40,000 and finally reveals the true offer from the banker is £45,000… Danielle goes to Ed for the odds of taking out all of the top 3 amounts, and he replies that it is 10%.... Noel tells her not to think about taking out the top 3, she only has to worry about keeping the £250,000....

Danielle's mum gives her advice about what she can do with the money, and the regret she could feel if it all goes wrong... Noel asks if she is a mummy's girl now, or is she independent.... Danielle says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
We want mass destruction now says Noel....
13 - £3,000 NO WHAT ARE YOU CLAPPING FOR shouts Noel
12 - £250,000
Noel tells Danielle not to celebrate again!!!!
8 - £75,000 Newbie Abed

It’s time for the banker with £1 and £50,000 remaining… Noel says this could be a stunning piece of salesmanship here.... The Banker would have offered £12,000…

Noel opens Danielle’s box 6 and reveals £1
Box 4 contains the £50,000

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stan's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel talks about Stuart's nightmare round again that he had on Saturday, and also Ioanna's unique first offer yesterday.

It’s Stan’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 8. Stan is a retired printer, and has his wife and daughter in the audience for support today. Stan's wife tells Noel that Stan will play the game his way today, but she is there for support/advice as needed. Stan tells Noel that he would like to meet up with his long lost brother who he lost contact with many years ago, and hopefully his appearance on the show might make that possible. He also loves cricket, so expect some cricket related banter…

Round 1
Stan has a feeling for Phyllis!!
13 - £750
1 - 10p
9 - £100
2 - £20,000
5 - £10,000

We are happy with that says Noel, and Stan agrees... Noel thinks the banker won't know a lot about Stan, as he has been quiet while on the wings... The banker says that Stan is like Wallace & Grommit meets Coronation Street!! He then offers £6,644… Stan says it's a fantastic offer... Stan says NO DEAL

Round 2
3 - £250,000 There is something about that area around Jean says Noel, as Danielle reveals the top amount
12 - £35,000
18 - £50

Stan tries to pick another box until Noel Shouts out NO!!!!! That was a bad round for us Noel tells the banker, but goes on to say that Stan is remaining positive... The banker is hoping for an LBW (Large Banker Win!!!) Noel then forgets the offer!!! The banker has to call back, and reminds Noel of his offer of £3,000… Stan says NO DEAL

Round 3
20 - £500
7 - £250
15 - £5,000

The banker has "run out" of cricket puns, and he is "stumped"!! He offers £10,000… That is a nice offer says Stan, but he thinks there is a lot more play in the board... Stan says NO DEAL

Round 4
Some cricket actions from Noel, as he does the signal for a 4!!
4 - £10
Stan picks Lee with 14 next, but Lee has bad vibes about his box so Stan decides to leave him until later...
21 - £50,000
22 - £1,000

Noel tells Stan that the banker will probably give him a hard time over the 1p still being there. The banker says that it's not only the 1p, it's that he still has 4 very low blues left, and he offers £10,000… That is very good says Stan, although he feels he can still bat on... Stan says NO DEAL

Round 5
Stan asks Pete what he thinks he has in his box, and he thinks it's a low blue...
10 - £3,000 Stan says he can live with that, but Noel disagrees
14 - £5 Lee has a low blue!!!!
6 - £75,000 Newbie Helen

In terms of life changing money it's an all or peanuts game now says Noel, and it's uncomfortable now... Ed reminds Stan about Maria's game, and this unsettles the banker.... The banker says he was going to offer £9,500 before Ed's comment... He offers £11,500… Stan asks his wife what she thinks, and she tells him to ask everyone, but Noel says that he asked her!! She says she would deal.... Noel then does a sweep and it's mixed... Stan says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
17 - £100,000
11 - £1
19 - 50p

It’s time for the Banker with 1p and £15,000 remaining… Noel wonders if Stan would have been the 12th member of the 1p club... The banker asks if Stan would have taken the £9,500, and Stan replies NO!! The banker says he is going to kill Stan!!!! He would have offered £1,500… Stan says he would have played on there…

Noel opens box 8 and reveals 1p
Box 16 contains the £15,000

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ioanna's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel gives us a pinch and punch, and then talks about yesterday's game!!!! He runs through Stuart's game, with his amazing start, and his equally amazing crash where he took out the top 3 amounts in one round!!!

It’s Ioanna’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 11. Noel says he is very nervous as Ioanna has a lot of her family with her in the audience... She then shows us a family pic... She also reveals that she has been on Deal or No Deal before and was in the audience for a previous show and was highlighted for giving advice... Ioanna tells us a story of how she set-up a game of Deal or No Deal at home, complete with homemade boxes and board…

Round 1
Ioanna goes to Jean first!!
13 - £100,000 Jean has it yet again, which Noel takes great delight in pointing out...
3 - £100
18 - £250,000 No fireworks or confetti today says Noel...
Ioanna calls out 14 next, but remembers a dream, and changes her mind!
19 - £35,000
15 - £5

The banker says that in her 28 shows Ioanna has never said Deal while on the wings! He thinks that no offer will be attractive to her at the moment, and asks her what she thinks the offer should be... Noel says that this is a unique offer now!!! The Banker offers any amount between £1,000 and £3,000 that Ioanna would like to choose! Ioanna says a fair offer would be £2,000.... Ioanna says NO DEAL

Round 2
21 - £50,000 Oh my word goes Noel....
This is not going to plan says Ioanna...
14 - £3,000
20 - £10

Ioanna remains positive and says that there is still a lot of money in the game... The Banker offers £5,000… Ioanna says NO DEAL

Round 3
22 - £50
10 - £1,000
1 - £15,000

Noel says this is getting rather precarious now... The Banker offers £5,000… Ioanna says that we saw 2 all blue rounds in Maria's game... Ioanna says NO DEAL

Round 4
7 - 50p
2 - £10,000
12 - £250

The banker talks about Ioanna's friendship with Andrea, and how he thinks that Ioanna likes to always be on top of any relationship! He then offers £9,001… Ioanna goes to Ed for some odds/stats... Ioanna wants some more energy in the room, and everyone responds... Ioanna says NO DEAL

Round 5
Ioanna wants a semi-quickie
16 - £750
4 - 1p
6 - £1

Ioanna gets her much needed all blue round... She says the energy from everyone helped with that round... The Banker offers £17,500… We've got a game now says Noel.... Ioanna asks everyone to stand who would deal... Her family is split on the decision... Ioanna says NO DEAL

Round 6
Noel talks about the courage shown last week, and how it was rewarded…
5 - £20,000 Ohhh you are doing this the hard way says Noel...
Ioanna runs back to her spot on the wings...
17 - £75,000 Worst possible round says Noel...
9 - 10p

It’s time for the Banker with £500 and £5,000 remaining… Ioanna says her brother told her to leave 17!! The banker asks to speak to Ioanna… He offers £2,500…Ioanna says NO DEAL

Noel opens box 11 and reveals £5,000
Box 8 contains the £500