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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nessie's game

The voice-over man introduces Noel as a two timer this afternoon. He is looking quite fit if you like that sort of thing, in his short-sleeved Granny’s nightie patterned shirt. He wonders once again if this is going to be the show with the first ‘quarterofamillionaire.’ (My spell check really hates that word)

It’s Nessie’s chance for a try and she carries across box 20. Welcome to Nessie Wednesday say’s Noel. Photo’s of Stepdaughter Rosie 16 and Kiera 7 are displayed also the baby, Aiden who is 3. She runs a toddler music group called twinkle tots. Nessie confesses to setting out for Heathrow one day and ending up at Bristol, geography is not her speciality. Noel spells out all she needs to know in the studio today. She tells us that when she was in insurance the first call of the day was very important, if that person was nice then usually the rest of the calls were nice. The phone rings instantly and Nessie begs Noel not to answer it – he delights her and the audience by switching it off.

Round 1
Chrissie, box 11, - £50
Eileen, box 6 - £5
Ashok, box 5 - £100
Allen, box 1 - 1p
Frank, box 13 - £100,000…………………………………
Nessie is described as the mysterious lady of the sea just like that other lady. I am assuming he means loch not sea. The offer is £5,013 – Our Nessie recounts what she knows about the banker he apparently likes dogs, swimming, massages, poker and according to Noel he likes wearing a pink romper suit. She invites him to twinkle tots but declines his offer absolutely.

Round 2
Debbie, box 3 - £35,000
Ryan, box 22 - £5,000
Theresa, box 12 – Noel advises caution, Theresa has had lots of high reds in the past and is wearing so much red today she almost melts into the box. Nessie insists she wants this one, but now Noel calls the break. Back again and the hesitation is drawn out a bit but Theresa remains the choice and gobsmackingly (spell check very unhappy now) she has £250,000 in her box. The offer made to a silent audience is £1300 the answer is of course no deal.

Round 3
Wayne, box 15 - 50p
Pennie, box 7 - £10,000
Mark, box 16 - £3,000
It’s alright, but it’s not, but it is, Nessie tells us. Noel points out that she still has two life changing sums of money on the board. The offer at this stage is £9,000 Husband, partner or Jimmy Osmond look-alike advises her to go on, she complies.

Round 4
Preservation orders are placed on £50k and £75 for this round according to Noel he has sorted it for her.
Joseph, box 10 - £1,000
Trevor, box 14 - £500
Melanie, box 8 – result after the break is - £1.
The preservation orders worked at least.
“Tot-tastic” is Nessie’s reaction to her situation. Banker’s offer is £13,000. The ageing long-haired lover from Liverpool is called down for his advice – Oh dear - no deal.

Round 5
Scott, box 21 - £20,000
Amy, box 9 - £75,000…………..not good
Ron, box 18 - £750 – thank you Santa
This seems to be the point in the show where she has to decide to go all the way to win big money. The offer is £5,013 – positive energy is requested from the studio and she obviously feels up to the challenge. Hubby states the obvious when asked – it’s all or nothing. She is a bit worried about going home with just 10p but bravely if a bit hesitantly, goes for no deal. For what it’s worth I am very worried at this point

Round 6
Linda (newbie), box 19 - £250
Ayleen box 4 - £50,000………………………silence
Lee, box 17 – 10p – completely unfounded relief is the only way to describe the atmosphere here. They are trying to build her up after the disappointment of losing the £75k. The board now has £10 or £15,000 - £4,000 is the offer on the table. The audience urges her to go for it but it is clearly a big personal decision for them. Agonizingly she goes for no deal – Nessie is in tears, she really does not want the option to swap and visibly jumps as the phone rings, she looks in pain. Her final decision in her game is - no swap.

Noel states he is terrified at this point to open her box – indeed the whole studio appears to collapse along with the little group around the table when it is revealed to contain the £10.

Nessie ended with a ‘Tot-tastic’ and I personally think she looks a very happy Mum with a gorgeous family. Pity they couldn’t have Daz’s pony but I don’t think they really need it. Well done you guys – be happy.


Nessie won - £10.

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