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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sandra's (spiky) Game Report - Halloween Special

It's Halloween and the true birthday of Deal or No Deal today as the show first aired on 31st October 2005! The whole studio has a Halloween theme today, all the contestants are in fancy dress with orange boxes that have pumpkins on them, and most of the audience are wearing Halloween masks as well! But Noel isn't dressed up! Will the banker be a DEVIL today? Noel welcomes the 'Bat wings'

It's Sandra's turn at the 'pound table' today, she has the nickname of spiky on the show due to her spiky hair! Spiky has box 11 today and is dressed as a devil! We learn that she is studying psychology, which could provide an interesting game, as the banker normally likes people who study psychology, we also learn that she has a crush on Noel!! Noel asks if Sandra will put a target in the book, she says she will write a number in the book and then writes her phone number in the book! She says she wants to get married again and Noel asks if she wants him to give her away, she says no she wants a new double barrelled name with Noel's being part of it! This could be a lively show!

Round 1
1 - £35,000 We have creaking sounds when the boxes are opened!!
9 - £3,000
2 - £50,000 an EVIL laugh is heard for that one!!! What will they do for the £250,000?
10 - 1p
22 - £1,000

There are sounds of thunder when the phone rings!!! (The sound effects dept is having a field day today!!) The banker wishes Noel Happy Halloween and tells Noel to rearrange the words 'Little Horny and Devil'!! He then offers £6,666! With some evil music! Spiky asks Noel to 'pop the question'! Noel says he will do a deal and if Sandra has the £250,000 in her box he will propose to her! Sandra says NO DEAL

Round 2
18 - £75,000 SCREAMS!!! on that one
5 - £10
Noel says she needs this to be blue, but Noel wants it to be the £250,000!
13 - £750

Noel's in a dilemma, as he wants Spiky to do well and says £100,000 would be a nice win! The banker offers £9,999, the previous offer turned upside down!!! Noel asks is that enough to take her back to Scotland and Sandra replies NO I want a dream wedding... Noel looks really worried now!!!! She then says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Spiky asks Noel if he wants quickie!!!
7 - £5,000
6 - £250,000 SCREAMS!!!! and the wedding is off! NOEL CHEERS!!!
21 - £100

The banker says he loves weddings and was going to get a hat for Noel and Spiky's! He then offers £3,333. Noel says it's a fair offer but it's laced with trickery!!! Spiky says NO DEAL.

Round 4
12 - £100,000 more SCREAMS!!!!!
3 - 50p
4 - £10,000

Noel wonders what the next offer will be after all the 6's, 9's and 3's... The banker thinks all the contestants are crushed after the way this game is going, and offers £1,111. Spiky says NO DEAL.

Round 5
19 - £1 Cheers for the blue
More chants
17 - £500
15 - £15,000

Only the £20,000 remains in the reds, Noel asks why is the banker laughing, he says it's because he knows that Spiky is going home with the 10p! He then offers £666! Spiky says NO DEAL.

Round 6
Noel asks Tony to stand in front of the £20,000 on the board
14 - £20,000 Disaster! Only blues remain the highest being £250
8 - £250 the highest amount goes again!
16 - 10p

With £5 and £50 remaining the banker says Halloween is his day!!!! He then offers £22.22! Spiky says NO DEAL.

Noel opens Sandra's box 11 and reveals £50, box 20 contains the £5.

It was an excellent show with the banter between Sandra and Noel regarding the wedding and the Halloween theme with all the sound effects worked really well, it was just a real shame that Sandra couldn't have had a nice win to round off the game.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lee's Game Report

Hope everyone recovered after the double DOND yesterday and the thrilling evening show? Someone’s cleared up all the glitzy confetti that was released at the end of the show and the party hats are no more!

Noel welcomes us to the second year of DOND (Although technically tomorrows show is the birthday show, as the first show aired on 31st October 2005), and congratulates David on his fantastic win yesterday. He tells us that some of the pilgrims are still outside in the gutter after drinking their champagne from the banker!!

It's Lee's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 14, he says he is not superstitious but does have a lucky stone that was given to him by Jane.
Noel tells Lee that last week was the worst ever for the banker.

Round 1
We learn that Lee's lucky number is 8, but he's not sure when to use it...
22 - 50p
2 - £35,000 a few gasps for that one
9 - £3,000
4 - £5,000
16 - £100

Noel says it's not quite as strong as David's board yesterday but is still good, he then
gloats at the banker having a bad run recently and the banker replies that was last year and this year will be different. He makes an opening offer of £800!! A new meaner banker for the 2nd year!!! Lee says NO DEAL

Round 2
19 - £50,000 ohhhs for that one
21 - £250 cheers for the blue
Noel builds up the tension asking for it to be the 1p
12 - £250,000 NOEL!!!!! Another jinx or just good editing?!?

Noel wonders if this will be the lowest second offer of all time! The banker calls and offers £801. Noel wonders if Lee will be the first person ever to not get any offer over 4 figures!!! Lee says NO DEAL

Round 3
3 - £500 BIG cheers for the blue
1 - £50 More cheers
7 - £100,000

Noel talks about a one box game already, and then talks about not getting any offer over 4 figures today, he then goes to the wings and Howard creeps to the banker by saying he is a very nice man! The banker recommends everyone to answer like Howard did and offers £4008, Noel initially says £8 which gets gasps from the audience before revealing the true figure, Lee says the game does feel down at the moment, but NO DEAL.

Round 4
10 - 10p BIG cheers for that....
6 - £1 More cheers
17 - 1p BIG CHEERS

Great round and Lee pulls out a much needed all blue round, the board looks much better, but the banker is confident that Lee will accept this offer. He offers £10,000, Lee says that's a good offer and is giving him a little problem, he then says NO DEAL.

Round 5
13 - £20,000 oohhhs
15 - £5 BIG cheers
5 - £10,000 a few oohs

Lee says it was a good offer last time but the 2 reds going hit the board, the banker calls and Noel lets Lee answer. Lee tells us that the banker said he doesn't think Lee has the £75,000 in his box, but Lee is unsure if he made him an offer! The banker calls back and says they just had a nice chat and then Lee hung up on him!! Noel gets the offer from the banker and it is £8,000. Lee says that he butchered the board on that last round and goes for some advice, Howard says £8,000 is still a nice sum of money. Noel talks about imagining the £8,000 sitting on the table as real cash, Lee says NO DEAL.

Round 6
18 - £75,000
20 - £10 Cheers for the blue, one blue still out there
11 - £1,000

With £15,000 and £750 left it's time for the final offer from the banker, Noel wonders where the banker is going to go with this offer, will he offer £8,001. The banker makes a final offer of £4,000! Neil points out that Lee's lucky number is still in play, Lee says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers Lee the chance to swap his box for the remaining box, Lee says he has always said he would never swap, but now has his lucky box 8 out in the wings. Lee decides not to swap boxes and sticks with his box 14, Noel opens box 14 and reveals £750! Box 8 contains the £15,000, Lee says he is OK and has enjoyed himself, although after the big win from last night I imagine that really hurt!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

David's Game Report - 1st Birthday Special Show

It's the 1st birthday show and to mark the occasion we have a one-hour special. The show starts and we have our first surprise of the night as John Culshaw does the intro impersonating Noel! There is also a candle on the red deal or no deal box on the game board, and the contestant boxes are gold colour. Noel (John) introduces the show and does his opening ramblings before asking who today's contestant is, the cameras pan up and down the wings as the names scroll through on the game board, the board finally displays the name NOEL!! Noel takes the walk of wealth with box no. 1, he is dressed exactly the same as Noel-2 (John)! He places his box on the 'pound table' and when asked if the box was given to him randomly he says NO!! It's a cake, and he gets out a candle and puts in the top of the cake, he then starts a chorus of 'Happy Birthday'. John Culshaw then takes a seat in the audience and Noel continues presenting the show.

All the contestants have party hats on, but where is Noel's?! The real contestant is then chosen and it's David today and he has box 9. David is dressed in a suit today and Noel asks if it's his birthday suit! He is allowed to remove his party hat, much to his relief, he has his wife is in the audience today for support.

The banker calls before we can start and Noel says that round went quickly!! The banker wants to make sure he has the right Noel!! He also has a surprise for everyone.... If David hits the 1p in the first round EVERY player gets £250 and the pilgrims all get a bottle of bubbly.

Round 1
13 - 10p BIG cheers and so near to the 1p
5 - 1p BIG CHEERS and EVERYONE GOES WILD - That has cost the banker!!
15 - £5 more cheers
3 - £5,000 NOEL!!!!
1 - £3,000

A nice opening round and David is pleased with the start and the banker is probably regretting his offer. Noel picks up the phone and it's Noel-2 (John Culshaw) on his mobile talking to Noel!!!! After a little bit of banter between the 2 of them the real banker calls and Noel lets the banker know that his generosity backfired, the banker tries to get out of the champagne he offered for the pilgrims!!!! He then makes an opening offer of £17,000, David says NO DEAL. Noel worries that David dismissed the offer too quickly there!!!

Round 2
18 - £100
20 - £1,000
12 - £50

What a great round! The banker says he managed to save himself £20,000 earlier by offering Jane £27,000 so he offers David the same £27,000! David is ready quite quickly again and says NO DEAL

Round 3
11 - £75,000 oohhhss for the first large red and power 5 value
19 - 50p Cheers the 50p - will it EVER be won
2 - £20,000

The reds had to start going at some point but the big amounts are still there, the banker has had a vision of a room with crushed party hats on the floor and David there weeping! He then offers £19,500. David asks a few contestants for their opinions, they mainly say there is another round in the game and also thanks for the £250. David says NO DEAL.

Round 4
14 - £100,000 Groans all around as another power 5 vanishes.....
4 - £1 Cheers for the blue
6 - £750 more cheers

Noel wonders how much the banker will punish David for the loss of the £100,000. The banker thanks David's wife for saying that there was one more round in the game and then knocking out the £100,000! He then offers £14,900, David still thinks it's a strong board and says

Round 5
22 - £15,000
7 - £35,000 mixed reaction for that one.....
16 - £250

A nice blue to finish the round and Mark thinks the banker can't go less than £27,000 though! Noel asks the banker if he feels lucky, he does, He is angry with Mark and offers £25,000. David goes to his wife and she thinks he should deal, Noel asks the audience if they think he should and only 6 stand up. David says NO DEAL. That decision gets a great reaction from the audience, Noel asks if his wife wants to leave the studio for the next round.....

David asks for big cheers if it's good and not to worry if it's bad

Round 6
17 - £500 BIG CHEERS
8 - £10 The studio goes wild as the last blue goes ONLY REDS REMAIN
21 - £50,000

The final 2 amounts remaining are £10,000 and £250,000....

Noel asks Noel-2 (John Culshaw) what he thinks, he thinks David has the courage to win big here, the banker wants David to leave and makes a final offer of £70,000. Noel says it's a testing amount, he goes to the wings for their opinions, most say Deal. David says it's really difficult but he's ready for the question and says DEAL

Noel opens David's box 9 and reveals £10,000, box 10 contains the £250,000

As the final credits roll the studio is showered in glitzy confetti, Noel talks over the end credits and says "Thank goodness the £250k wasn't on the table, because if the £250k was on the table, you'd all think it was a fix!" - I expect quite a few people will think it was set up that the game went to a final 2 amounts with the £250,000 still in play!

It was a great game to mark the show's first birthday, although as the show first aired on 31st October last year technically that should be it's birthday show, although that is Halloween so will there be a Halloween special?

Jane's Game Report

Here we are the night we've all been waiting for, the shows first birthday special. Hopefully Noel will change his shirt for tonight's hour long special!! There aren't any set changes for the first of the birthday shows, they are obviously saving it all for the special show later.

Jane takes her place at the pound table today and does so with box 4 today, Jane has a pic of her 2 sons, and also a pic of her friends dressed up in 70's gear! Jane is doing a City & Guilds course in creative writing, she currently works with special needs children, she doesn't have any system at all, it's all going to be random today, she doesn't have a target either.

Round 1
15 - £15,000 mixed reaction on the red....
17 - 1p cheers for the 1p
22 - £20,000 mixed reactions again for that one....
6 - £1,000
7 - £3,000

Jane says she is a little quirky, and Noel says he likes quirky! The banker is not forthright in wishing the show happy birthday!! And says that Jane is the first player to come to the 'crazy chair' already wearing the lucky hat!!!! He then makes an opening offer of £10,000. Jane says it's an amazing offer, Noel says she might as well go right to the end as she has no target in mind!! Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 2
19 - 50p
9 - £500
5 - £50,000 a few gasps for that one...

Noel goes to Spikey who thinks the offer will be around £12k.... The banker phones and calls everyone idiots! He then offers £19,000, this gets a few gasps. Noel says that the banker looks as though he wants to start getting contestants to deal early and not play on and take him for more money. Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 3
2 - 10p
20 - £50 cheers and applause for the 2nd blue of the round.
18 - £10

A superb all blue round, and Noel goes to Lee for his opinion, he says it's a really strong board and the banker will make an offer to get rid of Jane now. Mary says that Jane has to play on as it's her day and it's a great board. The banker wants to appeal to Jane's better nature and says he is really really sorry about the lucky hat comment earlier, he then offers £27,000. Noel asks Jane what she is thinking, she says she can't believe anything that is happening at the moment. She goes for advice from her fellow contestants, Spikey says go, Gaz says he knows what Jane's goal is and to seriously think about that offer (has that revealed some info for the banker if Jane plays on!!)

Jane is struggling on this decision, but says DEAL. There are groans and various noises from the audience on that decision, it looks as though they all think it's the wrong move. Noel reveals Jane's dream for the money and it was for a camper van which the win has made come true. Jane also reveals that her system for choosing the boxes was based on colour and what the contestants were wearing, she then has a little pop at Noel's shirts!!!!

Round 4 - proveout round
11 - £5,000
14 - £35,000 Noel says it's not enough to ruin the game
21 - £250

There are gasps all around the studio with the power 3 still in play and the banker is gloating now!! He says he would have offered £47,000 if Jane had played on, Jane says she would have dealt that offer.

Round 5 - proveout round
3 - £100,000
16 - £5
13 - £250,000

There is great relief with that round as the top 2 amounts go, the banker would have offered
£11,000, Jane says she feels a bit better now.

Round 6 - proveout round
12 - £750
10 - £100
8 - £75,000

There is great relief on that last box and it leaves a final 2 of £1 and £10,000. The banker would have offered £2,700.

Noel opens Jane’s box 4 and reveals £10,000, box 1 contains the £1.

Noel asks if Jane is comfortable losing £20,000!!!! He then tells Jane to paint her camper van red just like the boxes.

It was a deal one round too soon, but a nice win for Jane.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Paul A's Game Report

Will there be any more twists to the game today as there was yesterday with Elizabeth and her friend playing? Noel introduces the show in an 'interesting' brown shirt today.

It's Paul A's turn to take the 'walk of wealth' today and he does so with box 6, we see a few of Paul's pics and one of his mate with a bowl of spaghetti over his head!!! He has promised his mate a set of top teeth if he wins big today!! Paul is unsure how to use his lucky numbers, he asks the audience and they say keep them until the end.....

Round 1
2 - £250,000 Should he have used the lucky numbers first!
18 - £750
9 - £15,000
16 - £10
1 - £10,000

Paul has always fancied going to Australia, so Noel starts a list of 'wants' - New teeth for his mate, Australia, his wife wants a new car! Paul says he's a no dealer..... The banker starts singing all he wants for Christmas is his mate’s front teeth!!! And then offers £1,032, the 32 relates to the number of adult teeth. Paul says NO DEAL

Round 2
3 - £5,000
5 - 10p
8 - £100

A big shout of C’mon from Paul for that last box, and we learn from Noel that Paul likes a gamble. The banker calls and offers £9,600, Paul says it's a cracking offer and will do everything that he wants to do with it, but NO DEAL.

Round 3
7 - £500
13 - £50,000 a few groans for that one
10 - £1 Big cheers for the blue

Paul says it's an OK board at the moment, the banker calls and offers £12,800. Paul says all the numbers mean something to him now but he can't decide which order to use them, he then says NO DEAL.

Round 4
19 - £3,000
11 - £1,000
12 - 1p Paul loves that one

Paul is happier now the 1p has gone. Noel wonders if it will be a big jump in the offer now or just a small step. The banker thinks this offer could test Paul and offers £16,000, Paul's wife says 'That's a car' - Paul says it's a very clever offer, and there is now a battle on, followed by NO DEAL.

Round 5
22 - 50p Big cheers and a 'Get in there' from Paul
4 - £5 more cheers and another 'Get in there'
The game starts to get to Paul and he starts to show some emotions
21 - £250

The perfect all blue round and the board is left with 4 reds against 1 blue..... £100,000 £75,000 £35,000 £20,000 £50.... The banker says it's not his week so far and offers £32,000.

Paul says he expected a bit more there, but it's a good offer. He goes to David who says it's still a strong board and he would be tempted to play on, Paul says he doesn't want to let down a lot of people by risking the money. Paul goes to the audience who almost all say NO DEAL, he says if he were at home he would say NO DEAL - although he is unsure now sat in the 'crazy chair'. He finally decides to DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £20,000 muffled cheers
17 - £50 Gasps for the final blue
15 - £100,000 Cheers from Paul

That leaves a final 2 amounts of £35,000 and £75,000 remaining, and Paul would have been guaranteed a higher win if he had gone on. The banker calls and would have offered £50,032,
Paul says he would have said NO DEAL.

Noel opens Paul's box 6 and reveals £75,000, box 14 contains £35,000.

Paul says he is kicking himself over that, but he will be making a lot of people happy with his £32,000.

Don’t forget that the next show is on Sunday now, and because it’s the first birthday of the programme there will be 2 shows. The first show is at 17:55, followed by an anniversary special at 20:00

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Elizabeth's (and friends) Game Report

Can today's game follow the excitement and drama of Jeff's game yesterday? We also need a new catchphrase from some contestants now we have lost both 'TAX FREE' and 'Break a Leg'.

Noel talks about Sunday’s big day with the shows 1-year birthday special, today we can win up to £15,000 - but on Sunday we can win the same amount of money that the contestant wins.

It's Elizabeth's turn to sit in the 'Crazy Chair' and she has box 10 today, she says she is very nervous. She comes Bristol so has not travelled too far for the show. She applied to go on the show with her friend who has joined her for support in the audience. Noel reveals that they agreed to share whatever winnings they ever won between them, so Noel invites her friend down to join Elizabeth to play the game, another first for the show.

They have all their numbers written down on a piece of paper

Round 1
20 - £1,000
7 - £20,000 a few oohs
9 - 50p Cheers for the first blue
17 - 10p
Elizabeth thinks it's the end of the round.....
4 - £50,000 ooohhhhss

Noel asks them to how they think the game is going, they are happy at the moment. Noel also asks if they have a target, they both say they need double-glazing but would also like convertible cars. Noel pleads for the banker to call as they both ramble away! The banker calls and offers £50 for Elizabeth and £8,000 for her friend so £8,050 in total, he's trying to cause a split in their partnership. They work out how much they have each and then say NO DEAL

Round 2
1 - £750 cheers for the blue
3 - £3,000
19 - £5

Noel asks Mark to describe the game so far, he says 'MENTAL'! Mandy asks to speak the banker at some point and also says she has the exact phone at home as she bought it from ebay! The banker calls and offers £1million NOT to speak to them!! He then makes the proper offer of £17,536, the banker wants to see them struggle trying to divide the total by 2! Elizabeth says she hates this bit when at home as it's an awkward decision, Mandy says well look at the next 3 on the list and they can't go wrong as there is Uncle Bert's number in the next set of numbers! They say NO DEAL. Noel asks what swayed the decision not to deal, they say Uncle Bert....

Round 3
22 - £75,000 UNCLE BERT!!!!
Noel starts to jinx the round and they tell him NOT TO!!!!!
18 - £100
8 - £500

The banker says the game is making him angry and they won't like him when he's angry!!! Elizabeth says that's what the Hulk used to say! The banker asks to speak to them both, Mandy has a chat and asks if he likes his job and do they pay him well! He then offers £22,000. Elizabeth says she can't stand it, and reveals that a friend told them to deal if they had an offer over £18,000 beyond the third offer. They both then start to bicker over the decision, they decide to write Deal and NO DEAL on 2 pieces of paper and shuffle them to decide. They don't use this in the end and they both say NO DEAL

Round 4
2 - £35,000 oohhs
11 - £50
15 - £15,000

The banker is VERY quick to call and is happy with the 2 reds going in that round, he offers £18,001. The banker plays with the amount that Elizabeth revealed as an exit fee in the last round, they say NO DEAL

Round 5
13 - £10
14 - £250
12 - 1p

FANTASTIC ROUND and the big 2 are still in play. The banker is not happy with the last round, he offers £40,000. They both say DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
21 - £250,000
5 - £1
16 - £100,000

The perfect round again and the banker calls and would have offered £7,000, they would not have dealt at that offer.

Noel opens their box 10 to reveal £5,000, box 6 contains the £10,000.

They play the perfect game and make the right deal at the right time, they also provide a very unique and entertaining show.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jeff's Game Report

Noel runs through the past 2 games and the disastrous starts of those games. Noel encourages the contestants to play with courage to beat the banker, and also talks about the £250,000 still being absent from the pound table.

It's Jeff 'Break a Leg' today and he has box 3. Jeff is a toastmaster, and he reveals he is not adverse to gambling so could provide an interesting battle with the banker. Jeff has a few pics of his 50th birthday, he also has his son with him who has travelled over from Australia.

Round 1
Jeff gets a 'break a leg' quote
18 - £50,000
And another 'break a leg'
15 - £75,000
1 - 10p
19 - £5
14 - £10,000

Jeff says it's an interesting start and he wants to end up with £100,000 and £250,000 remaining and those values are still in play. The banker says he considers Jeff to be the most committed gambler to date, and wishes Jeff to break BOTH legs!!!! He then makes an offer of £10,000. It's a very nice offer with those amounts being knocked out, but probably that high as the banker knows that Jeff being a gambler will not deal. Jeff asks for a sweep and there are all NO DEALS apart from one DEAL! He then says NO DEAL

Round 2
20 - £50
9 - £3,000
22 - £500

Noel asks Jeff what he thinks about the long absence of the £250,000, he says that everyone keeps thinking it is going to be today. The banker says 'MacBeth MacBeth MacBeth' good luck Jeff!! He then offers £17,000. Jeff says NO DEAL

Round 3
21 - £1
Someone shouts 'we want the 1p next'
12 - 1p It works - We find it was his son who shouted that out
4 - £20,000 a few oohhss for that one

Noel says he is enjoying this game at the moment after the past few days, but will not get over-excited. He then laughs down the phone at the banker!!! The banker then offers
£27,000, Jeff's son advises him to keep playing, Jeff says NO DEAL

Round 4
Noel talks about the 'crash and burn round' after a big offer is turned down!
2 - £35,000 ohhhs
6 - £100
17 - £5,000

The banker says he does not know what Jeff's exit fee is and offers £36,000. Jeff says it's a LOT of money, he asks for his son to join him. Noel moves out the way as they both dwarf poor Noel! Jeff's son believes that his dad has the conviction to go for it and play on with the top 2 values in play. Jeff says NO DEAL

The studio love that decision, Jeff says 3 more blues and we are there

Round 5
16 - 50p BIG CHEERS
7 - £750 MORE CHEERS and chants of 'C'MON JEFF'
11 - £10 WOW

The perfect all blue round and the studio erupts!!!! Noel says there is total silence on the end of the phone, the banker finally makes an offer of £64,000. Jeff says he had a dream a few weeks ago and he had the top 2 numbers left in that dream, the only difference was he was offered £67,000!! The banker calls back and speaks to Jeff, Jeff tells him not to beg like that!! He says the banker has an interesting voice, and then says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
Noel points out this is a fascinating game and the bankers offer was very clever, Jeff hints that he would have gone on if it was under £60,000
10 - £1,000
5 - £250
8 - £250,000 PHEW... BIG relief all around there!!!

Banker would have made an offer of £55,000 with £100,000 and £15,000 in play.

Jeff says he would have gone on there and said NO DEAL.

Noel opens Jeff's box 3 and reveals £100,000, box 13 contains £15,000

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Valerie's Game Report

Valerie's game today and she brings box 13 to the table.

Round 1
Box 9 - £15,000
Box 11 - £100,000
Box 18 - 1p
Box 4 - £75,000
Box 12 - £50,000

Another absolutely terrible first round. The banker Offers £666! Valerie says No Deal

Round 2
Box 6 - £500
Box 10 - £20,000
Box 21 - £750

Valerie tries to carry on but Noel has to interrupt! The banker offers £5,013, Valerie asks whether the Banker prefers Men or Women? At which point he rings again Valerie picks up and lays on the compliments, she then says NO DEAL

Round 3
Box 7 - £250,000
Box 20 - £35,000
Box 17 - £1,000

The banker calls and offers £513, Valerie says NO DEAL

Round 4
Box 1 - 50p
Box 2 - £50
Box 3 - £250

The banker Offers £1,313, Valerie says NO DEAL

Round 5
Box 16 - £5
Box 19 - £5,000
Box 14 - £3,000

The banker Offers a romantic holiday! and then makes the real offer of £613, Valerie says

Round 6
Box 22 - £100
Box 8 - £1
Box 5 - £10

With 10p and £10,000 remaining the banker offers £3,013, Valerie says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers Valerie the chance to swap boxes, Paul tries not to sway her but does, and Valerie decides to SWAP boxes.

Valerie now has box 15 and Noel opens it and reveals £10,000. Box 13 contains the 10p.

The swap works and Valerie comes away with a nice win in the end.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ken's Game Report

It's Ken's game today and he has box 21, he has his wife the audience with him today for support.

Round 1
19 - £50,000 ohhhs there
15 - £20,000 more ohhs
13 - £75,000
1 - £250,000
12 - £500 big cheers for the only blue

Is this the worst opening round ever? The banker has looked into Ken's file and noticed Ken had large reds while in the wings, he then offers £95.50! Ken asks his wife should he carry on! He says it's a very blue board, followed by NO DEAL.

Round 2
4 - £15,000
3 - 1p Phew!!!!
2 - £100,000 Gasps all around the studio

Ken finds a lucky spider on the table, he picks it up and blows it a kiss and then throws it over his shoulder! The banker offers £1,500, Ken says NO DEAL.

Round 3
10 - £1 Big cheers for the opening blue
9 - 10p more cheers
8 - £5,000

The banker calls and offers £3,000, Ken says it's going the right way now and he is here to enjoy himself, he then says NO DEAL.

Round 4
22 - £35,000 Stunned silence in the studio
18 - £250
20 - £10

The banker says it's been an upsetting game for lovers of Ken and spiders!!! He then offers £888 - 3 spiders!! Ken says NO DEAL.

Round 5
7 - £100
17 - £50
16 - 50p

Big cheers for Ken's all-blue round, the banker calls and offers £2,000. Ken says NO DEAL.

Round 6
5 - £1,000 a few gasps for that one
11 - £3,000
14 - £10,000

With £5 and £750 left in the game the banker offers £200. Ken says NO DEAL.

The banker then offers Ken the chance to swap boxes but Ken refuses.

Noel opens Ken's box 21 and reveals £750, box 6 contains £5.

Ken becomes the first person to win £750!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Harry's Game Report

It's Harry today, he has box 15 and has his camera with him. Harry loves taking photos we get to see a pic that he took of the queen, Noel then takes a photo of Harry! Harry believes in fate and destiny and thinks lots of money will come his way today. Remember Harry its all TAX FREE!!!!!!!!

Round 1
2 - £20,000 oooohs
5 - £250 cheers for the first blue
7 - £750
11 - 10p
13 - £10,000 delayed applause

Harry says he hopes the banker will be kind and he accepts debit and credit cards! He
also reminds us that it's all TAX FREE winnings. The banker is feeling confidant, Noel offers Harry to take a photo of him, Harry takes a photo of Noel holding the phone! The banker has given gifts to ALL the contestants of t-shirts saying spelled out 'DON'T FORGET IT'S TAX FREE' and Harry gets to take another photo! He then offers £13,000, there then follows a Big chant of 'DON'T FORGET IT'S TAX FREE'! Harry says NO DEAL.

Round 2
17 - £500
19 - £1
21 - £1,000

Noel says this could be an epic game and remembers he hasn't got a pic of him and Harry, so gets a member of the audience to take a pic of Harry and Noel. The banker doesn't like the way Harry's game is developing! And offers £20,000, it's a great offer although Harry has ambitions for the money and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
3 - 1p BIG CHEERS and STOMPING for the 1p and another photo opportunity
4 - £100,000 silence for the first of the power 5
6 - 50p

A small glitch in the round, the banker notices that Harry nearly went to his wife in the last offer but didn't. Harry says it was a good offer but not enough that he needed to go to his wife for advice, the banker makes an offer that he thinks Harry will need to go tohis wife, and offers £20,000. Harry does go to his wife, who says it is a good offer and the game could go either way from now on, Harry says DEAL because it's TAX FREE.

Noel points out that it's an early deal and there will be loads of people who will think it was the wrong decision.

Round 4
1 - £15,000
8 - £250,000
10 - £50

The banker would have offered £10,000, Harry says he would have said NO DEAL.

Round 5
22 - £3,000
18 - £75,000 Big cheers
12 - £35,000 Howard gets his photo taken for his box opening skills!!!

The banker would have offered £4,000, Harry says he would have said NO DEAL.

Round 6
16 - £50,000
20 - £5,000
14 - £5

The banker would have offered £42.50.

Noel opens Harry's box 15 to reveal £10, box 9 contains the £100.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Lisa's Game Report

Noel asks if anyone is going to win the £250,000 on this THURSDAY!!! An error or was this show supposed to be on a different day?

It's Lisa today and she has box 16, and it looks as though it could be a lively game with Lisa in the 'Crazy chair'!! Box 16 makes its appearance yet again!! Noel talks about its powers. Lisa has her hubby in the audience for support today, Lisa wants to become a midwife. We see Lisa's pics and see a pic of her cat 'tomato'.

Round 1
17 - 10p Lisa likes the opening blue - Noel tells her to pace herself
10 - £35,000
2 - £250
19 - £10
6 - £3,000

Lisa says the board is OK. The banker says it's 'loud Lisa' today, he also suggests that Lisa is such an amazing dancer and if she takes her place back on the wings he will play the opening credits music again for her to dance her way back the table and he will make the most generous offers all game. Lisa accepts the challenge and does some 'amazing' dancing to the opening music. The banker doesn't disappoint and offers £12,000, Lisa says it's a fantastic offer but NO DEAL.

Round 2
1 - £10,000
9 - £50,000 ohhs for that one
20 - £75,000 groans all around

Noel thinks the banker is going to punish Lisa after that round. The banker says it was £135,000 worth of damage and offers £9,000. Lisa says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Lisa says she's finding it difficult and Noel offers for hubby to come down and join her for support. Lisa asks everyone to stop looking at her so Noel tells all the contestants to turn around and face the other way

18 - £1
14 - 1p
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
15 - £5,000

Noel asks Lisa what she is thinking after that round, she is unsure... The banker offers £14,000, Lisa calls hubby down for some advice, he says remember it's real money and Noel goes to Harry for his 'TAX FREE' line! Mary tells Lisa how many blues and almost blues she has and that she can't really destroy the game by going one more round, Lisa says

Round 4
7 - £5 BIG cheers and shouts for the blue
5 - £250,000 That hit Lisa hard and Noel calls a break
3 - £100,000

It's a horrible round and the banker makes an offer of £2,000. Lisa says that's still a good offer after that last round. Her husband thinks she should cut and run and take the deal, Lisa says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE as Lisa gets very emotional now
11 - £20,000 This is hitting Lisa hard now
More chants
22 - £50
More chants
21 - £15,000

DISASTER!!! Lisa is in tears and it's time for the banker who offers £400, Lisa says NO DEAL

Round 6
Chants of BLUE
13 - £500
12 - £1,000 Mark says if he has a good game he will give Lisa £1,000
4 - £750

With only 50p and £100 left the banker offers £30, Lisa says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers a swap Lisa says NO SWAP.

Noel opens Lisa's box 16 and reveals £100, box 8 contains the 50p.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Trev's Game Report

It's Trev today and he has box 16, he says he is really miserable today as they made him smile this morning! We learn that Trev lectured in bee keeping, and also was a butcher, there could be quite a few puns around these today!! Trev runs through all his past ailments! The audience start to laugh at the numerous ailments until Noel has a go at them!!

Round 1
4 - £5,000
6 - £50,000 ohhhs for that one
7 - £1
3 - £35,000 more ohhhs....
20 - £5

Trev hints that he may go all the way today and Noel says this could make it difficult for the offers. The banker offers £6,000, Trev is happy with the opening offer and then chooses box 8 before giving Noel an answer of Deal or No Deal. Trev then waits for the question and replies NO DEAL.

Round 2
8 - £10
1 - £250
22 - £3,000

Trev says that’s not too bad, Noel mentions the stat about box 16 having a power 5 value at the table more than any other box. The banker asks is Trev a real family man, Trev says yes and has 11 grandchildren, the banker then offers £11,000. The same number as Trev's grandchildren, Trev asks for a quickie before answering Noels question!!! Noel pulls him up again on this, and Trev says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Trev wants a quickie round.....
2 - 1p
10 - £20,000
13 - 10p Harry struggles to open the box quick enough

Noel points out the strong position Trev is in with the top 3 values still in play. The banker asks if Trev can remember any of the numbers in the quickie round and offers £20,000 - Trev's second box in the quickie round! Trev says that is a very generous offer and asks for a minute to think of his answer, he then says NO DEAL.

Round 4
19 - £750 big cheers for the blue
21 - £100 more cheers and the audience go wild
12 - £250,000

Noel points out again about the power of box 16 when on the table, the banker says he would have offered £41,000 if Trev hit a blue on that last box and not the £250,000, he then offers £14,000. Trev says his instinct is to play on, but then says DEAL.

Round 5 - Proveout round
15 - £100,000 The audience love that
5 - £10,000
11 - £15,000

The banker would have offered £7,000, Trev says he would have said NO DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
Big build up from Noel about the £75,000 still being in play...
17 - £75,000 Does Noel know something?! Although it's more than likely down to the editing.
9 - £50
14 - 50p

The banker would have offered £700, Noel opens box 16 and reveals £1,000 - Box 18 contains the £500.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Diana's Game Report

Sorry for the lack of commentaries lately, I have had major computer problems recently, these are now fixed and hopefully everything is back to normal. A few of the next commentaries may be a little brief while I catch up.

Diana’s game today, she has box 20.

Round 1
Box 17 - £5,000
Box 6 - £15,000
Box 2 - £5
Box 12 - £10
Box 4 - £250,000

Banker offers £2222. Diane says the board isn't too bad although the £250k has gone, but NO DEAL.

Round 2
Box 10 - £35,000
Box 14 - 50,000
Box 7 - £250

Banker offers £7,500, Diana says No deal.

Round 3
Box 5 - £100
Box 16 - £1,000
Box 1 - £3,000

Banker offers £10,000, Diana says No Deal.

Round 4
Box 9 - 1p
Box 22 - 50p
Box 8 - £750

Banker offers £18,000, Diana says Deal.

Round 5 - Proveout round
Box 15 - £20,000
Box 18 - £1
Box 13 - £100,000

The banker would have offered £9,000.

Round 6 – Proveout round
Box 11 - £50
Box 19 - 10p
Box 21 - £10,000

The banker would have offered £27,000, Diana says she would have dealt at that point.

Diana's box 20 contains £75,000, box 3 contains £500

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Peter's Game Report

We get the triple bill of 'Pound Table', 'Walk of Wealth' and 'Crazy Chair' from Noel- Diana gets a mention for falling asleep during yesterday's game!

Peter takes his place at the 'Pound table' today and has box 6, he has a pressie from Alex for a lucky charm - hope it's luckier for Peter than it was for Alex!! Peter has mum and sister in the audience for support today, and the 'Pilgrims' also give their LOUD support. Noel makes sure everyone is awake and away we go!!!

Round 1
12 - £5,000 Mixed reactions on the first red
13 - 1p BIG NOISE for the 1p
22 - £250 Newbie Nalini struggles to open her box and Noel offers after show lessons!
10 - £50
21 - £35,000 oohhhhs

Peter says he is happy with that round and has seen a lot worse, the banker makes a Harry Potter comment with reference to Peter's likeness to him. The Banker says that the offer is coming by owls! The offer is £11,111 - five wands! Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 2
3 - £1
20 - £20,000 ohhhs for that one.....
4 - £50,000 oohhs After another big build up by Noel!!!

Noel goes to Peter's mum and sister who both say it's a great board. The banker still sees Peter as a threat and also very courageous, Noel then totally forgets the offer!!!! The banker has to call back and accuses Noel of drinking out of the same cup as Diana! He then offers £15,000. Peter goes to his sister who says that he still has a good board and there is at least one more round in the game, Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Peter asks for an all blue round
16 - £100
8 - 10p Peter LOVES that one
11 - £250,000 It was going too well!

Noel asks Peter what he thinks the offer is - Peter says £3,500. Noel says No, the banker sticks with his previous offer of £15,000. Peter says he thinks he can take out 3 blues now, Paul tells him he thinks the banker is playing mind games with him and the next offer might not change even with a good round. Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 4
9 - £75,000 Groans all around
14 - £100,000 Shock all around the studio
15 - £750

A horrible round and Noel reveals that he has been through Peter's file and it says Peter is a big risk taker, the banker calls and says that the way Peter has played so far any offer he makes will be refused. He then makes an offer of £3,000 which receives a VERY muted reaction from the audience. Peter's sister says that although he is in the 'crazy chair' don't do anything crazy,
Peter asks the audience to stand if they would DEAL, only a handful stand. Peter says NO DEAL

Round 5
17 - £1,000
7 - £10 Peter LOVED THAT ONE!!! Noel defends himself with a chair as Peter scares him
1 - £10,000 Groans

The banker says he has tried everything to get Peter to deal and go, he then offers £3,500.
Peter says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
18 - £15,000 Big relief all around
2 - £5
18 - 50p

With £3,000 and £500 remaining the banker would have offered £1,700, Peter says he would have dealt that offer.

Noel opens Peter's box 6 and reveals £500, box 5 contains the £3,000.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Shell's Game Report

I'll get in before Noel today and say 'Will the £250,000 appear today? It's well overdue'! Noel talks about odds today and it's 50/50 as to whether a player brings out a Red or A blue, nice to see Noel back to basics on the odds/Stats front.

It's Shell's turn to take the 'Walk of wealth' today and she does so with box 1, Shell was a financial controller so expect a number battle will crop up between the banker and Shell.
Shell has been to Vegas and done a little gambling and came away with a nice profit, She says she is adverse to risk and the only financial target is a nice sum of money to help with her wedding.

Round 1
19 - £10
22 - £100
4 - £5
Arrrrrggghhhh.... Noel starts to jinx the game by mentioning the first Shell who produced the first all blue round.
13 - £15,000 Arrrrggghhhhh NOEL!!!!!!
14 - £75,000

Shell says it's still a nice strong board. The banker recognises that Shell is open and honest, and also that Shell likes roulette, he thinks that this makes Shell a gambler, he offers £7,500.
Shell says thank you for the respectable offer but NO DEAL.

Round 2
11 - £1
6 - £50,000 ooooohs for that one
2 - £1,000

Shell says it's still looking good with 3 of the power 5 still in play. Noel talks about what types of celebrations would take place when the £250,000 is finally won, the banker then calls and offers £12,000. Shell says NO DEAL.

Round 3
3 - £750
9 - 1p BIG cheers for 1p
20 - £35,000 receives oooohhs

Shell is still happy as the top 2 are in play with £20,000 as a back-up now. Shell again talks about her lucky numbers and that number 1 is her lucky number, the banker wants Shell to take his offer of £13,013. The banker wants to remind Shell that her luck could change and the offer reflects an unlucky amount, Shell says NO DEAL.

Round 4
16 - 10p
17 - £100,000 Groans for that one
15 - £500

The banker calls very quickly and has arranged for Ed to bring a strong coffee to the wings for Diana who nearly nodded off at the last offer!!! He then makes an offer of £10,000, Shell says

Round 5 - Proveout round
7 - £250,000 Everyone likes that
21 - £3,000
8 - £10,000

The banker says he would have offered £1,999, Shell says she would have gone on there...

Round 6 - Proveout round
10 - 50p
12 - £20,000
18 - £50

With £5,000 and £250 remaining the banker says he would have offered £1,100, Shell says she would have gone on at this stage.

Noel opens Shell's box 1 and reveals £250, box 5 contains £5,000.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Alex's Game Report

Still feels a little strange watching on a Sunday evening, but at least it doesn't clash with other programmes and will probably attract a few more viewers who would otherwise not see the show. There was some careful editing at the start to cut-out Noel's welcome to the Saturday show, he YET again mentions the lack of the £250,000 not appearing on the 'pound table'.

It’s Alex’s turn at the ‘Pound table’ today, he has box 11, we hear that Alex has the nickname 'Noddy' due to his similarity in ear size! - Noel says that rings a bell!! Alex has his dad in the audience for support today, we also see a few pics.

Round 1
20 - £10,000 a few intakes of breath
17 - 1p BIG cheers and feet stomping for the 1p
1 - 50p more cheers
9 - £10
4 - £50,000 Gasps for that one

Alex says he has been very honest while on the wings with his advice to the contestants. There is a little edit slip where Alex talks about Susannah's game yesterday! rather than Friday's game. The banker says he hopes Alex appreciates that this offer is LOBES of money and it might look familiar, he offers £8,008, Alex says NO DEAL

Round 2
10 - £100
13 - £1
22 - £3,000

A nice round and Alex agrees by saying it's going well at the moment, the banker thinks this offer will turn Noddy into Mr Wobbly Man!!! He makes an offer of £17,500. Alex says that's a good offer and Noel says it's a very good offer. Alex goes to Jeff who says it's a good offer but it's also a strong board. Alex says NO DEAL

Round 3
Noel potentially jinxes' the round by saying there have been loads of disasters following a nice high offer!!!
7 - £20,000 silence at first!!! NOEL!!!!!
14 - £250 Big cheers
19 - £75,000 ooooohhhss!!!! NOEL!!!! Another Noel Jinx?!?!?

The banker is fascinated that Alex went to Jeff 'The gambler' for advice last time, he then offers £12,000. Alex says NO DEAL

Round 4
Noel goes to Alex's dad to see how the game is going, he says that Alex has loads of courage
18 - £250,000 Groans all around
21 - £35,000 The safety net goes
15 - £50 TAX FREE Harry delivers

Noel asks if Alex's (Noddy's) car is key start or button start! The banker thinks that Alex will not risk playing to the end and potentially leave with nothing, he offers £7,500. Alex calls his dad down for some advice and then says NO DEAL

Round 5
A few muffled chants of BLUE BLUE
8 - £1,000
Chants are a LOT LOUDER this time
3 - 10p
More chants
5 - £100,000

The highest red remaining is now £15,000, the banker calls and offers £2,500. Alex goes to Jeff who says that it's now a straightforward gamble, Lisa says to carry on. Alex struggles on the decision and Jeff says if it's a difficult decision then he should take the money now, Noel goes to Harry for the TAX FREE quote! Alex says NO DEAL

Round 6
Chants of BLUE BLUE
12 - £15,000
2 - £5,000 GAME OVER!! Silence in the studio
16 - £500

With £5 and £750 left the banker offers £250, Alex says NO DEAL. The banker calls back and offers Alex the chance to swap boxes, Alex declines the swap offer.

Noel opens Alex’s box 11 and reveals £5! Box 6 contains the £750.

Alex goes away with £5

Friday, October 13, 2006

Susannah's Game Report

Friday 13th today! Hope today's player isn't superstitious! We learn that it's been Noel's favourite ever week so far, and YET AGAIN talks about the £250,000 not making it's appearance in the contestants box!

It's Susannah's turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so with box 17 today, we see her piccies and a card from her grandchildren but Noel has to read the card out as Susannah gets emotional already. Noel has to get out the box of red tissues, while getting these out he offers the lucky teabag and hat, although Susannah refuses these.

Round 1
4 - 1p It looks like this is going to be a LOUD GAME!
3 - £5,000
12 - £1
11 - 10p
22 - £35,000 a few groans for that

Susannah says it's a good board and she hopes it doesn't make the banker angry! Noel says he has a funny feeling to the banker today! The banker calls and offers £10,000,
Susannah says NO DEAL.

Round 2
20 - £250,000 BIG GROANS all around - The record continues
7 - £50,000 more ooohs
15 - £500

Susannah says that could have been a better round, and the banker offers £5,000
- Susannah says NO DEAL.

Round 3
21 - £15,000 a few ooohhhhs for that
8 - £5 cheers for the blue
13 - £75,000 13 is unlucky on the 13th!!!!

Noel calls it a one box game now and the board confirms it, Susannah asks for LOADS of noise and the audience don't disappoint! The banker calls and offers £2,500, Susannah says NO DEAL.

Round 4
1 - £20,000 oooohs as the safety net goes!
5 - £3,000 more oohs for another red!
Noel gives Susannah his lucky cufflinks to try and change the game, there are then chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE.
9 - £250

Noel has loads of banter with the contestants about what they think the offer is, 'TAX FREE' Harry gets a cheer. The banker calls and offers £3,000, Susannah calls her hubbie down for some advice, he says he is behind whatever decision she goes with. Susannah says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Susannah whips the audience up to a frenzy
10 - £100 Big cheers
14 - £10,000 groans for the fallback amount
16 - 50p

Needed that last blue and Noel thinks his cufflinks have turned the game around. The banker calls and offers £8,500, Susannah calls hubby back down again, he says it's down to a one box game now. Susannah goes for a chat with Lisa and Alex, and then Peter - Noel tries to sneak in on the conversation as they are whispering! Susannah says DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
6 - £10
19 - £50
18 - £1,000

That would have been a near perfect round and with £100,000 and £750 left on the board, the banker would have offered £30,000 - Susannah says she would have dealt that offer.

Noel opens Susannah's box 17 and reveals £750, box 2 contains the £100,000.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ray's Game Report

Back in the dream factory and yet again Noel talks about the lack of appearance of the £250,000. He also mentions the games we've had this week with £75,000 showing up for 2 days in a row, will it appear 3 days in a row?

It's Ray's turn at the 'pound table' today and he has box 11 today, he says he thinks he is a lucky person.

Round 1
1 - £100 Big cheers for the opening blue
19 - £15,000 ooohhs for the first red
15 - £1,000
21 - £1
17 - £10,000

Ray says he thinks the board is 'wicked', the banker says it's good to see Ray upright (referring to the evening drinking back at the hotel no doubt.), he then makes an opening offer of £11,000. Ray says 'think about how many pints you can buy with £11,000'!! He then says NO DEAL.

Round 2
7 - £750 more cheers
12 - 50p bigger cheers
10 - £500 Big cheers

Ray produces an all-blue round and says he is feeling positive, the banker says he is feeling worse than nervous! He's angry! He then offers £25,000. Ray is very impressed with the offer and says the board is looking so strong, he says he can't find the big numbers at the moment! He goes to Paul for his opinion, he says the board looks amazing, Ray says NO DEAL. The audience go wild at that decision.

Round 3
3 - £250,000 Ray finds a big number
4 - £100,000 Disaster!!
5 - 1p Big relief that the 1p goes

That was a horrible round for Ray, after the last round and the great offer from the banker. Noel wonders if the £75,000 could be sat on the 'pound table' for a third day. The banker doesn't feel so angry after that round, he says Ray is a little ray of sunshine and offers £10,000. Ray says that works out at 5,000 pints! And the board is still looking very nice, Noel says it would be amazing if Ray could go away with 37,500 pints today.
Ray says NO DEAL.

Round 4
9 - £10
6 - £5,000 Ray gets one of his wishes
13 - £20,000 Ray says it's fine

Ray is happy with the block of 3 high reds, the banker wonders if Ray is one of those people who always have good things happen to them and offers £15,000. Ray tries to picture what £15,000 looks like being physically given to him, he then says he is ready for the question - He then says no he isn't!! After a little more thought Ray says NO DEAL. The audience love that decision and start to chant Ray Ray Ray!

Round 5
22 - £50,000 Groans all around the studio
20 - 10p Big cheers and more chants of Ray Ray Ray
2 - £50 More cheers

Noel asks if Ray would like to sit down now, he refuses and wants to stand until the end as his fellow contestants on the wings have to. The banker thinks he need an offer over 18 and then offers £18,001, Ray says DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
14 - £75,000 Everyone likes that one
16 - £250
18 - £5

That round leaves a final 2 of £3,000 and £35,000, the banker calls and would offered £18,002.

Noel opens Ray's box 11 and reveals £35,000! Box 8 contains £3,000. Ray says it's fine as he's had a great time and the £18,001 is a good amount.

Yet again we fail to see the appearance of the £250,000 which will no doubt feed Noel with more of the same talk about it's GOT to appear any day now!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Donna's Game Report

Another day in the dream factory and yet again we hear about the absence of the £250,000!! Please let it be today, so Noel can then return to some other topic!!!

It's Donna's turn to take the 'walk of wealth' today, she does so with box 18. We learn that Donna left her job last month, and is currently unemployed, she has a tiny red box with her but we don't hear the story behind it.

Round 1
14 - £3,000
5 - £20,000 a few intakes of breath for that one
12 - £250 Cheers and a few whoops for the first blue
6 - £35,000 silence....
1 - £50 cheers for the final blue

Donna says this is harder than it looks! Noel talks to the banker about the £250,000 appearing really soon or even today, the banker makes an opening offer of £8,900. Donna says it's a very good offer considering the board, she says she has had the £250,000 a lot standing in the wings so hopefully she has it today as well, she then says NO DEAL.

Round 2
8 - £750
15 - £100,000 ohhhs all around.....
4 - £5

Donna says the board is looking a lot better now, the banker calls and makes an offer of £10,000. Noel again talks about the £250,00 due on the table anytime now!!! Donna says NO DEAL.

Round 3
20 - 1p Cheers and feet stomping for the 1p
19 -50p
10 - £1,000

A nice round there and the banker offers £15,000, Alex says that offer is lower than he expected although he is not disrespecting the banker! Donna says NO DEAL.

Round 4
17 - £100 cheers and applause
22 - £500 more cheers and applause
2 - £250,000 Another day it doesn't make the 'pound table'

The banker calls and offers £7,500, Donna says NO DEAL.

Round 5
7 - £50,000 groans
16 - £15,000
21 - £10 cheers for the blue

The banker calls and offers £10,000, Harry says Donna should deal, as do most of the other contestants, Donna says NO DEAL.

Round 6
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start around the studio
9 - £5,000
More chants
11 - £10,000

It's time for the banker with £75,000 and 10p left. The banker offers £30,000, Noel asks the audience to stand if they think she should deal, nearly everyone stands. Donna says DEAL.

Noel opens Donna's box 18 and reveals £75,000!! Box 3 contains the 10p.

For the second day in a row the contestant has come to the table with £75,000 but not played to the very end to take the big money away with them. Will it appear on the table tomorrow for a third day in a row, or will the £250,000 finally make its appearance?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rosy's Game Report

Noel talks about John's game yesterday and also yet again about the £250,000 not being out on the 'pound table' for a record time.... We need to see this appear soon, otherwise I don't think we'll hear about anything else from Noel during the games!!

It's Rosy's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' today and she has box 10 - Noel says he's NOT been looking forward to today!!! (He's had some rather amusing pieces of banter with Rosy while waiting on the wings)

Round 1
Rosy whips up the audience into a frenzy
13 - £100
21 - £1
1 - £35,000
Rosy loses count of the number boxes she has opened.....
12 - £3,000
9 - £5,000

Noel discovers that Rosy has given the banker a gift of a lollipop! The banker makes an opening offer of £10,000, Rosy says

Round 2
Rosy offers Noel her chair!!
2 - 1p
4 - £10,000
Rosy asks Noel if they are having an ad break now! Noel gets out his whistle and gives it to Rosy to blow to call the break, on the return Rosy welcomes us back to her show.
3 - 50p

Rosy whips up the audience into another frenzy and gets a little confused over the number of boxes she has opened. Noel asks her what happens next and Rosy says 'Well he rings', Noel says 'NO! What do you think he will offer you?' The banker then calls and makes an offer of £20,000.01, Rosy says that's a lot of money and she respects his offer, but says NO DEAL.

Round 3
14 - £50,000 ohhhs there.....
20 - £500 cheers for the blue
6 - £100,000 groans all around

Rosy says that round was a bit of a blow but there are still big numbers up there, the banker calls and offers £15,000. Rosy forgets she has to answer Noel's question and says shall we go on? Noel then asks the question although we already know what Rosy is going to say now - NO DEAL.

Round 4
5 - £250,000
17 - £50
7 - 10p

Noel asks Rosy for an in depth review after the 8-box stage and Rosy replies 'have we done the 3 boxes'! The banker calls and Noel passes the phone over to Rosy, she says he has a sexy voice, Noel tries to listen in until Rosy tells him to go away and not be nosey!! Noel gets the phone back and sits on the floor to speak to the banker! As Noel gets up Rosy offers him a hand up and says 'you're getting old'. The banker offers £9,200.

Rosy calls her hubby down for some advice, he comes down and has a slurp of tea and then goes through the options with her. Rosy then turns to Noel and asks what he thinks she should do!! The audience all shout out DEAL. Noel asks the question and Rosy replies 'What should I do'! She then says NO DEAL.

Round 5
19 - £250
18 - £20,000
15 - £10

The banker calls and offers £15,000, Rosy weighs up the options and says DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
11 - £750
16 - £15,000
8 - £1,000

With £75,000 and £5 left the banker calls and says he would have offered £30,000, Rosy says she doesn't regret dealing and she would have taken that offer.

Noel then opens Rosy's box 10 and reveals the £75,000! Box 22 contains the £5.

Monday, October 09, 2006

John's Game Report

With the £250,000 still not making an appearance on the table, expect Noel to continue his ramblings regarding its imminent arrival. Noel makes his introduction to a new week of Deal or No Deal and does indeed talk about the £250,000 due to make its appearance soon.

It's 'Tingle' John's turn to take the walk of wealth today, he does so with box 8. We learn that John is a retired bank manager! And so gives us a banker vs. banker game today.

Round 1
John has all his numbers picked and offers to let Noel know them all in advance! Noel says we'll have them one at a time to start with.
3 - £35,000 silence for that one
4 - £250
7 - £50,000
10 - 1p Cheers for the 1p
11 - £3,000

The banker respects John but calls him old tingle chops!! And he has been itching to play him! He makes an opening offer of £9,200. The banker said he wanted John to be the first contestant to walk at the first offer, John says he respects the offer, but says NO DEAL.

Round 2
15 - £10
16 - £100,000 groans all around
1 - £10,000 silence for the red

Noel is not impressed with John's system because he is taking out too many reds, John says but that gives him more blues to hit and take out later on. Noel asks John about his system, John says he analysised loads of games and looked for patterns to play his game. Noel says you spent all that time studying to produce a game this bad!! John says he is changing to a slightly more random system now.

The banker is interested in John's chaos theory and thinks that John has lost his tingle and offers £11,000. John goes to Alex for advice, he says to go on, John says NO DEAL.

Round 3
9 - £750 cheers the blue
5 - £50 more cheers
2 - 50p

John gets an all blue round and the banker makes an offer of
£17,500. John says it's a very good offer, but the £250,000 is still in play and the offer will increase next time if it continues to stay in play, he says NO DEAL.

Round 4
John goes to Harry for his next box and Noel tells Harry if he reveals the £250,000 next he will go over and slap him!!!
14 - £250,000 NOEL!!!!! Harry is let off until after the show
22 - £5
Noel calls a break to go and give Harry his slap!! After the ad break we return to a shot of Harry and he has a couple of plasters on his head!
17 - 10p

John says the average is still good at the moment, the banker says he was relieved when the £250,000 went and offers £9,200, which was his first offer of the game. John asks for a quick sweep, Harry interrupts with a speech about taxes and the win being tax free, John says NO DEAL.

Round 5
13 - £20,000 ooohs for that one
12 - £75,000 John asks for everyone to liven up
21 - £100

That was a horrible round for John and he says it's time for another change of strategy. The banker calls and makes an offer of £3,950. John has little think about the numbers left and then says NO DEAL.

Round 6
The BLUE BLUE BLUE chants start
20 - £500
More chants
19 - £15,000 Silence as the highest remaining red goes
18 - £1,000

With £5,000 and £1 left the banker says that he is getting a little bit of warmth for John and makes a final offer of £2,500.
John says it's a very nice offer considering the values left on the board, but NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers the swap, John says that's the most difficult decision he has had to make in the game, but he doesn't want to swap boxes.

Noel opens John's box 8 and reveals £1, box 6 contains the £5,000.

John is very positive about his game and tells all the contestants to remain positive in their games.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Barbara's Game Report

Deal or No Deal starts it's new schedule of moving to a Sunday evening. Noel introduces the show and mentions AGAIN about the £250,000 not being on the table for a record number of shows! Please have it today, or this could be Noel's banter for quite a while!

It's Barbara's turn in the crazy chair today and she takes her seat with box 7, she wants a ROWDY game today with LOTS of NOISE!!! The audience oblige.

Round 1
8 - £10,000
12 - £250 Lots of noise for the first blue
5 - £50,000
4 - £500 Lots more noise for the blue
1 - £750 Even more noise

Noel asks Barbara about a story at nudist hotel!! Noel disappears to get a chair as the story could take a while! The banker calls with his offer, but also wants to know the name of the hotel that Barbara visited!! He then offers £8,888, Barbara says it's a good offer, but NO DEAL.

Noel asks for MORE noise this time!!!!
Round 2
3 - £3,000
13 - 1p LOTS OF NOISE FOR 1p
11 - £35,000 Harry dressed all in red gives a red

Barbara mentions that she would love to go to Vegas, Noel asks if she is a gambler but she says no, Noel interrupts and says YES you are aren't you! The banker mentions a stat that whenever box 7 has been on the table it has NEVER had a power 5 value and is unlucky while at the table, which prompts him to offer £13,013. Noel mentions that Mally's law could change the box 7 stat and it could have a power 5 today, Barbara says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
9 - £10
17 - £250,000 the record continues!!!
2 - £75,000 ooohhhhs all around

Barbara says it's a bad round, Noel says the banker is really happy at the moment and offers £3,000. Barbara says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Barbara whips up the audience into a frenzy and Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
6 - £15,000 gasps all around
19 - £5 Barbara liked that one
21 - 10p

Noel goes to new contestant Gaz for his opinion he says he thinks the offer will be £5,000, Barbara gets to speak to the banker and says he sounds really sexy, he then makes an offer of £5,000. Barbara says NO DEAL.

Round 5
More chants of BLUE
22 - £50 Barbara liked that one as did the did the audience
More chants
18 - 50p LOTS more noise
More chants
20 - £20,000

The £100,000 is still in play, although the banker says the £20,000 going was critical there and sticks on his previous offer of £5,000. Barbara says NO DEAL.

Round 6

10 - £5,000 silence for the middle red left
More chants
14 - £1 LOTS of NOISE
More chants
16 - £100 The whole studio erupts!!!!!

It's time for the banker's final offer with the last 2 remaining amounts of £100,000 and £1,000. The banker says he made a mistake with the last offer and thought Barbara would take that offer, he makes a final offer of £22,000. Barbara wants the question straight away and says NO DEAL. Barbara says she's up for it!!!

Noel is just about to open the box and the banker calls to offer the swap, Barbara asks for the swap.

Noel goes over and makes the box swap, he then opens box 15 and reveals £1,000 - there's shouts from the audience first thinking it's the £100,000! Box 7 contains the £100,000.

Barbara had the £100,000 all along and gives it away at the last moment, keeping it would have produced a game along the lines of Gaz's game (2nd May).

Friday, October 06, 2006

David W's Game Report

Noel mentions about the £250,000 record being equalled today for the last time since it's appeared on the 'pound table' - I expect this won't be the last time we hear about this today!

It's David's turn for the walk of wealth, he makes it with box 10 and is cheered by a lively audience. We see a couple of David's pictures of his family and find out that David is involved in banking!!! So Noel labels it the battle of the bankers today.

Round 1
8 - £15,000
2 - 1p
22 - £1,000
18 - £1
3 - £75,000 groans for that one....

David is happy with the board so far and says it's pretty balanced. Noel mentions the banker vs. banker battle today, but the banker says they are different as David has a charitable streak unlike him! He then offers £5,000, David says NO DEAL.

Round 2
13 - £10,000
11 - 50p
14 - £20,000 silence greets that one

David says he is happier knocking out the lower reds earlier on, which is how his game is going at the moment. The banker is concerned that David dismissed the last offer too quickly, and didn't respect the offer! He then makes an offer of £15,000, this offer receives a few oooh's from the audience, David says NO DEAL.

Round 3
1 - £250 Loud cheers for the blue
4 - £50
12 - £5

A great all blue round, and a very calm David says that was a good round. He's got his eye on the 10p going next, the banker starts some mind games and doesn't give an offer on his first call, he calls back later and offers £30,000. Noel notices that David's lip quivered a little when the offer was announced. David says it's a fantastic offer and he's given it some thought and then says NO DEAL.

The audience love that decision and cheer and stomp their feet. Noel then talks about the number of crashes that have occurred after a big offer is refused!

Round 4
21 - £5,000
15 - £50,000 ohhhs for that one
David picks 5 next as it means something for him and his wife and he wanted to call on it when needed.
5 - £100,000 ooops

David says that box is a disappointment and that was a bad round, he's expecting the offer to drop but not sure by how much. The banker says he has a major advantage over David now after that round and offers £17,500. That offer is half of the safety net box of £35,000, Noel points out that this offer is pitched to see if David a gambler or a cautious player. David says ABSOLUTELY NO DEAL! Noel says mild mannered Clarke Kent steps out of the phone box.

Round 5
The BLUE BLUE BLUE chants start from the audience
17 - £750
More chants
16 - £35,000 safety net gone!!
Even more chants
9 - £10

It's a one box game now, the banker says there are no dreams without courage, and would normally offer £10,000, but he was impressed with David's handling of the last offer and makes an offer of £25,000. David says he has great respect for the banker and that offer, Noel says that is a huge offer and then goes on about the stats of the £250,000 box last being on the table!!

David then says NO ( with a long pause which prompts an audience member to shout 'GET INNNN' ) DOUBT IT'S A DEAL!! A great bit of theatrics, which fooled almost everyone!

Round 6 - Proveout round
6 - £3,000
19 - £500
Noel builds up the tension with the stats of the £250,000 again
7 - £100

That round leaves a final 2 of £250,000 and 10p!

David say that the £25,000 he won is a lot of money and it's tax free so is happy with his win regardless of the next offer, the banker calls and says he would have offered £85,000. David says he's disappointed with that result but that was too much of a gamble to risk for his family.

Noel opens David's box 10 and reveals 10p, box 20 has the £250,000. David says 'That’s a relief'!!

So the £250,000 will now have it's longest run of not appearing in a contestants box, I expect this will feature in a lot of Noel's banter now until it does!

As the end credits roll there is a very bad edit which cuts away from Noel so they can put in a voice-over from him explaining that the show has now moved from Saturday to Sunday, this show's that it must be a recent decision for this change in schedule.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jo's Game Report

Noel introduces the show in deep burgundy floral creation today, he has also raided the stats machine - are they right today? He informs us the last time the £250,000 was placed on the table was 109 days ago - Debbie 17th June 65 shows ago, he says it's well overdue.

Jo takes the walk of wealth today and has box number 1, she matches Noel with a floral top, although hers in white. Jo has her husband Tim in the audience for support today, we get to see a few family pics.

Round 1
3 - £75,000 1st box greeted with 'ooooohs'
17 - £750 BIG CHEERS for the blue
Jo asks John if he has a tingle today, John's not getting anything!
12 - £35,000 His tingle has left him by the looks of it!!!!
20 - £5,000
15 - £5 BIG CHEERS to finish the round

Jo is a little worried what the banker makes of her, the banker says he didn't like Noel's stats about the £250,000, he then makes an opening offers of £8,250. Jo says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Noel makes a point about the £250,000 being overdue again, hope it's not another Noel jinx!!!!
22 - 50p
Jo is a little worried about Diana as she has had a few high numbers, but goes with her...
8 - £20,000 a few groans for that one
18 - £1

Jo's husband points out that Jo doesn't need to open any more boxes this round....

Noel goes on again about the £250,000 being overdue on the 'pound table' and is convinced it's in play today. The banker says Jo is radiating positivity today and offers £15,250. Jo's husband tells her to ask David W what he thinks as he predicted correctly that Rhona would play yesterday and she did, David thinks it's a terrific offer but Jo is still in a strong position. Jo says NO DEAL.

Round 3
19 - £50 big cheers all round
16 - £3,000
We get a shot of Jo's husband saying 1 more box
4 - £50,000 receives groans

Banker says it was a relief seeing the £50,000 go and offers
£20,250. Jo's husband asks what Jo would say if she was sat home watching, she says she would say no deal, he says there is your answer, Jo then says NO DEAL.

Round 4
2 - £15,000 delayed applause
6 - £250,000 groans all around OH DEAR says Noel......
£100,000 is very isolated now, with £10,000 as a backup, Jo goes to box 5, but her husband interrupts and says they were going to keep 5 and 7, but Jo sticks with her choice. Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start.
5 - £10,000

The £100,000 only has £1,000 as a red backup now and Noel says this next offer might test Jo. The banker offers £2,000, Jo says it's generous for the board, but NO DEAL.

Round 5
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start again
10 - £1,000 only one red remains - the £100,000
More chants
14 - 10p
More chants
11 - £10 huge relief all around there....

The banker says if Jo's belief has returned the £250 will return in the offer and goes on to offer £3,250. Jo says she is a believer and also needs a new bathroom suite, she says NO DEAL.

Round 6
Jo asks hubbie Tim to join her at the table, he needs a drink of tea while there

9 - £100,000 Disaster!!!!!!
Only blues remain the highest is £500 lowest the 1p!!!
13 - 1p
21 - £100

With £250 and £500 remaining Jo says she is OK, she's had the time of her life while on the show. The banker calls and makes a final offer of £325, Jo says NO DEAL.

Noel opens Jo's box number 1 and reveals £500, box 7 has the £250.

We get a scrolling graphic across the screen at the end of the show reminding us the from this week Deal Or No Deal moves from Saturday to Sunday, this message infers that this is a permanent move rather than a temporary one.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rhona's Game Report

Will the banker try and produce a £22,000 win for the 3rd day in a row today?

Noel talks about the respect this week's contestants have had from the banker so far and also about having the courage to play the game......

Rhona is today's contestant at the 'pound table' with 4, she's had a bit of a reputation for high values in her box, so hopefully she will have one today. She has her own business and wants to go worldwide with it, so any winnings today will help with this ambition.

Rhona says she has dreamt about her show and reckons she knows where all the money is, Noel goes to Valerie for her prediction of the game and she says she had already chosen her numbers for if she was picked today, so Noel gets her to write them in his book which he then shows to Rhona, she says that some of those numbers tally with her dream!!

Round 1
3 - £100,000 BIG 'ooohs' for that one and Rhona re-checks her numbers!
17 - 1p that's better
19 - £1,000
15 - 50p
6 - £500

The banker calls and Noel says he is sounding full of energy and he also has his personal psychic with him today - Anti (Aunty) Valerie!! He then goes on to offer no money but a 'Box Swap'.
Rhona goes to some contestants to see what they think about a couple of boxes but they don't really give anything away, Rhona says NO SWAP.

Round 2
9 - £75,000 big gasps from the audience
11 - £35,000 groans for another high red!!
10 - £10

Rhona is happier after that last box, the banker says anti-Valerie has looked into her teacup and there are messages in the offer which is £4,221. Rhona very quickly says NO DEAL.

Round 3
18 - £250,000 Big groans followed by silence....
16 - £10,000 even more groans
13 - £750 cheers for the blue

Rhona says playing the game is so hard, but reckons the game will turn around as she has a large amount in her box. The banker still mentions anti-Valerie and says she gave him 4 numbers 3,9,18,4!!! He then offers £3,000, Rhona says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Rhona wants a quickie to try and change her luck
20 - £50
14 - £100
5 - £20,000 ooohhh so close!!!

Rhona says looking at the board she will have to go at least one more round, Noel talks of a trap in the next offer and questions Rhona as to how strong her self belief is to play on for a big win. The banker still reckons the £50,000 is in front of Rhona and offers £5,000. Rhona asks her mum to join her at the 'pound table', she thinks Rhona should carry on. Rhona says she is worried about being attached to certain numbers and wants to get rid of them next, she then says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Rhona whips up the audience into a frenzy, and decides to take out her favourite numbers.
22 - £3,000 delayed applause
2 - £5,000 groans for the 2nd red of the round
12 - £50,000 Shock at the highest red going!

£15,000 is now the only red on the board. The banker has fired anti-Valerie as she was wrong about box 4 having the £50,000, he then offers £750. John shouts out this can still turn around and to go for it, Rhona says NO DEAL.

Round 6
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
1 - £5
More chants
8 - £250
Rhona asks the audience what box - they say 7!!!! Even more chants
7 - £1

The chants and audience choice help to produce the perfect round for Rhona, she a lot happier now, she says she is going for it now!!! The banker offers £4,021, Rhona's friend says go for it, as do the audience, Rhona says NO DEAL.

Rhona asks if she will be offered a swap just as the banker calls and offers it, Rhona refuses the swap and sticks with her box 4.

Noel opens box 4 and reveals £15,000, box 21 has 10p.

Rhona manages to pull the game around and produces a great result from what was looking like a game that was going to go terribly wrong and leave Rhona with nothing.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mark's Game Report

It was a great start to the week yesterday with Pat's game, hopefully we can have more of the same or better today.

Noel greets us in another multi-coloured shirt!!!!! He tells the contestants to stop acting while on the wings by saying NO DEAL all the time when asked for their opinions, as the banker can see through this ploy!

It's Mark's turn in the 'crazy chair' today and he has box 6, he has his mate in the audience for support with him. We have a quick look through his piccies and learn about his work with adolescents with emotional behavioural problems. He admits that at first he may have acted a little while on the wings, but has generally been open and honest with his replies. Susannah makes her return to the wings after her short absence due to illness.

Round 1
3 - £3,000
13 - £750
11 - £250
21 - £35,000 groans for that one, but Mark encourages the audience
20 - £1,000

Mark is happy with the board, Noel tells the banker he has good feelings about this week and he reckons the banker is going to take a beating. The banker makes an opening offer of £10,000, the same opening he made to Pat yesterday. Mark is really impressed with the offer and says it's very generous, but says NO DEAL.

Round 2
19 - £250,000 stunned silence for the big one
7 - £5,000
Mark goes to John who says he itching like mad today so Mark avoids him.
12 - 10p

The banker talks about the loss of the £250,000 and how it always reduces the following offer, but goes on to stick and keep the offer at £10,000. Mark says he can do a lot with £10,000 and he's had a lot of blues while in the wings, but NO DEAL.

Round 3
17 - £10,000 delayed applause, Mark is a little unsure at that one
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
16 - 1p
15 - £20,000 groans for that one

Mark runs through the state of the board, and that there are a lot of blues still in play. Noel asks what are the odds of the banker sticking for a third time, Mark says he would be happy with that after his last round. The banker calls and offers £15,000, Mark is surprised at the offer and the audience like it as well. Mark asks his mate in the audience who says one more round, the audience start another chant of 'BLUE', Mark says NO DEAL.

Round 4
The BLUE chants start again
4 - £1 that got the audience going....
More chants of BLUE
5 - £5 audience get louder
Noel points out this will be a great offer if Mark can produce the 'all-blue' round, Mark needs some time to decide on his next choice so Noel calls an ad break. After the break Mark wants Valerie's opinion on where he should go next, she says a single number so Mark picks.....
9 - £10 It all works and Mark gets the all-blue round

The board is looking a lot better now, the banker calls and sighs down the phone. Noel says the similarity with Pat's game continues, which prompts Mark to guess the next offer is £22,000, he is right the banker offers £22,000.

Mark is really happy with that offer and goes to his mate, his mate says that is a great offer and we learn that they intend to use some of it to help visit his friend's dad who is ill in Canada. Noel points out the possible danger of personalising the money now and putting added pressure on the decision. Mark thinks for quite a while before saying DEAL.

Round 5 - Proveout round
14 - £50,000 big cheers for the 3rd highest red
2 - £15,000 John's tingle wasn't bad
18 - 50p

Mark says 'ooops' and that he's really gutted at the 2 large values still in play. The banker calls and says he would have offered £30,000.

Round 6 - Proveout round
22 - £50
8 - £500
10 - £100

Mark would have had the perfect final round and it leaves the same final 2 amounts that Lance left in his game (£75,000 and £100,000), will the banker make the same final offer though? The banker calls and confirms it would have been the same offer of £87,000. This offer really hits Mark emotionally, and after a while he says if he was still playing he would have said NO DEAL.

Noel opens Mark's box 6 and reveals £75,000, box 1 has the £100,000.

Mark's game produces the same result two days in a row with Pat and him both going away with £22,000. The banker had a lot to do with that in almost mirroring the offers early in the game though, will he try and get a 3rd repeat offer accepted tomorrow?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pat's Game Report

Will this week give us all the drama and excitement of last week’s games? Noel introduces this week show in a rather fetching pink shirt today and feigns that he has forgotten the question 'Deal or No...........Deal' He talks about the players having the little bit of extra courage to win the big sums......

It's Pat's today, she has box 12 today and rather carefully takes the walk of wealth as she has 2 little figures perched on her box. We find out its a little model her daughter made for her for her wedding day, Pat also has a little Ode for the banker....

Round 1
7 - £10
3 - £250
Noel interrupts before Jeff can open his box and says it's been a very polite game so far, Jeff asks playfully if Noel would like him to be rude!!
9 - £1
22 - £50 Big cheers for this great start
1 - £100,000 Big 'ooohhs' all around the studio as the first red goes

The banker calls and says he is in a good mood as Pat is in the chair as he is a lover of poetry, he says he is glad that the poem says may the best man win as he is the only man playing today!!! He then makes an opening offer of £10,000, Noel says this is an impressive opening offer and Pat thanks him for the offer but says NO DEAL.

Round 2
14 - 10p
11 - £750 BIG cheers and applause there
8 - £15,000 a few 'oooohs' but followed by applause

We hear about Pat's dream of becoming the first lady bookmaker at Perrybar dog track, this could worry the banker. He calls and offers £18,000, looks like that info did worry him a little, Pat says NO DEAL.

Round 3
20 - £5,000 delayed applause for the low red - Noel says it's fine
5 - £20,000 again very delayed applause - Pat says she is OK
6 - £75,000 shocked reactions for the 3rd red of the round

The banker has gone deep into Pat's file he keeps and has noted that Pat has always been sincere and wise in her advice while on the wings and this information prompts him to stick with his previous offer of £18,000. Pat says it is very generous to stick but NO DEAL, the audience love that decision, Pat says 'Game on'

Round 4
16 - £500 Big shouts and cheers for that and lots of feet stomping
10 - £250,000 That box silences the whole studio, Pat says that she is not going to be flattened by that loss.
13 - £100 BIG cheers for a final blue

The banker says that is always pleased when the £250K, but was especially pleased today and offers £10,000. Noel says this is a great offer, and then goes to Pat's husband who says it's a great amount but she is enjoying the show and he would probably go on.
Pat says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Noel mentions about how much the £50,000 was in play last week and it's still in play now
19 - £50,000 NOEL!!!!!!! Studio groan at that one
2 - 1p Cheers for the 1p
21 - £1,000

The banker says that round was a draw with the highest and lowest amounts going and offers £5,000, Pat says it was a good offer but

Round 6
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE go around
18 - £5 and it is
More chants.....
15 - 50p the 'pilgrims' love it - Only reds remain now
4 - £3,000

The perfect round and the studio goes wild with chants of PAT, the two amounts left are £35,000 and £10,000.

The banker says he had a little chill when Pat first down and he still has that chill now, he makes a final offer of £22,000. Pat turns to her husband and asks if she still has his support, she has it 100%. Pat says DEAL.

Noel opens Pat's box 12 and reveals £10,000, box 17 has the £35,000.

Pat provides a fantastic start to the week with a nice win over the banker by dealing at the perfect time and getting the maximum she could out of game.