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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sarah-Janes Game Report

What a week it's been so far! What does today hold in store for us? Noel is in a more sober shirt today, so we can all remove our shades! He introduces the final show of the week as 'The weep that was' because of all the emotion and tears of the week.

It's Sarah-Jane's turn to take the 'walk of wealth' today and she does so with box 16, she asks Noel to help her carry it to the table as it's heavy and feels like it has a lot of money!

Sarah-Jane says she invited the banker to her wedding recently and he didn't show up and asks for him to ring and apologise, he does and she calls him a naughty boy! The banker says he was there but he sat in a different seat, as he didn't want to reveal his identity. Noel goes on to point out about the power of box 16 containing power 5 values when on the 'pound table' will it have one today?

Round 1
8 - £20,000 a few 'oooohs' from the audience
6 - £75,000 louder gasps!!!!
14 - £250,000 Sarah-Jane asks to start again......
5 - £250 big cheers for the first blue
1 - £100,000

A horrible start and the power 5 is destroyed! This isn't looking well for box 16 and the power 5 legend at the moment! The banker calls and we hear him laughing down the phone, Sarah-Jane says it's EVIL, he then offers £50 + set of steak knives! He says that the knives are his wedding present for Sarah-Jane! Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 2
3 - £750 cheers for the 2nd blue
7 - £15,000 silence for the red
17 - £5 cheers for that one

Noel asks Mark on the wings what he thinks the offer will be, he says around £500 - Noel thinks it could be garden furniture or a BBQ! The banker calls and Mark is wrong by a factor of 5, he offers £2,500 - Sarah-Jane says she needs a kettle as well, her husband says go all the way. Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 3
9 - £100
21 - £1,000
13 - £5,000

Yet more reds go in the round but Noel says the legend of box 16 is living on, Sarah-Jane talks about going all the way to the end. Sarah-Jane needs a vacuum cleaner as well, a drag along one, the banker mentions Sally Kettle the first female member of the 1p club, and says Sarah-Jane will also go away with a 'Kettle' 1p! He offers £5,000.01, Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 4
2 - £3,000 Sarah-Jane can't keep away from the reds!!
Chants of 'Blue Blue Blue' start
11 - 10p
19 - 50p

Noel tells the banker that there is either £35,000 or £50,000 in the box and the banker says he has calmed down now, he goes on to offer £1,000 - This receives gasps from the audience, Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Noel says the banker was taking a gamble with that last offer.

Round 5
18 - £35,000 Gasps from the audience - only the £50,000 left from the power 5
12 - £500
22 - £10,000

The only red left on the board now is the £50,000 and Sarah-Jane says that the £50,000 is in her box. The banker says it's an all or nothing game and he says there will be a minute until he decides the offer. Sarah-Jane says the banker won't offer enough for her not to gamble... The banker says that was a brave statement and makes the highest offer of the night £5,000.02. Sarah-Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 6
20 - £50 big cheers and applause
4 - 1p Relief there
15 - £1

Sarah Jane pulls out an excellent round and leaves a final 2 of £50,000 and £10, does the legend of box 16 live on? The banker calls and makes a final offer of £14,010, the highest offer of the game. Fellow contestant Alex asks what Sarah-Jane's first instinct is, she says not to take the offer.... Sarah-Jane says it's glory or nothing or £14,010 and is a little unsure what to do.... Noel weighs up all the decisions for Sarah-Jane and then asks the question but Sarah-Jane can't speak!! Noel asks again Sarah-Jane says DEAL.

Noel opens box 16 and reveals £50,000! Box 16 lives up to it's reputation of containing mostly power 5 values while sitting on the 'pound table' Box 10 has £10.

Today's game finishes off an incredible week for shows and gave another game where the banker played a couple of games to entice the contestant to play on. The building up of the 'legend' of box 16 is soon going to bite back and hurt a contestant in future games as Noel has been building up the almost indestructible power of it! Hopefully future players will play their own games and not possibly get lured into it's legend!

At the end of the show there is an announcement that Deal or No Deal will move next week to a Sunday slot instead of it’s usual Saturday showing. Could this be a move by Channel4 to move it away from the ITV Saturday line-up of The X-Factor and Ant & Dec? This would help protect what has turned into Channel4’s flagship afternoon hit and perhaps even open it up to more viewers who are enticed by offerings elsewhere on a Saturday.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Steve's Game Report

It's nearly the end of a week that that has provided some very emotional games and Noel is prepared for today's game with his red box of DOND tissues which he has renamed bankerchiefs!
Noel is wearing a VERY bright pink'ish paisley shirt, which seems to light up the whole studio!!!

It's Steve's turn in the 'crazy chair' today and he has box 1, hopefully he has thrown away the 'lucky coin' he gave to Hannah the other day which didn't work at all for her. Steve has no system for the game and is now a little worried sitting there as he is unsure what boxes to pick.

Round 1
12 - £500
21 - £5,000
3 - £50 Steve says to Noel it's going well, and Noel advises him not to get to cocky too soon

Steve has a bit of joking 'insulting' banter with Lisa and Noel asks for a big number next!!

16 - £250,000 Noel gets his wish and looks quite shocked!!!!
4 - £1

Steve says it's going well, Noel is still a little shocked over the £250,000 going after he asked for it!! Banker is enjoying this week so far as there have been a lot of tears and asks Steve what his weak spot is so he can play on it!!! He then offers £6,000 + the book 'how to make friends and influence people' - with reference to his joke banter with Lisa, Steve says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Steve asks 'Tingle' John what he feels - he's a little worried so Steve goes elsewhere

19 - £35,000 Silence on that one
6 - £750
17 - £5

Noel asks Steve what he thinks so far, Steve says it's going very well at the minute. The banker calls and offers £10,000. Steve goes to his mate who says 'carry on', Steve says 'I don't care what you say really' in another piece of joking banter! He then says NO DEAL.

Round 3
10 - £100
7 - £20,000 ooohs for that one
15 - 10p cheers and applause for that one

Noel is intrigued by the way Steve is splitting the audience with his joking 'insults' to his fellow contestants and asks what he is going to do when he grows up!! The banker calls and offers £20,000. The audience like that offer and show their appreciation, Noel says the banker was impressed with his banter with Noel which got him that big offer, but to watch it!! Steve says NO DEAL.

Round 4
14 - £1,000
13 - £75,000 produces an 'oooh' from Noel
9 - £250 produces cheers and applause

Noel says the banker doesn't sound very happy, and that he is determined to get tears 4 days in a row! The banker then offers £15,000, Steve says he expected that and the banker calls back and changes the offer!!!! He's now offering £10,000!!

Steve says he has no choice now and is ready for the question, but then says he's not sure now... Eventually he says NO DEAL.

Round 5
2 - £15,000 Silence from the audience - Steve says it's OK
20 - 50p Cheers all around for that one
18 - 1p Everyone goes wild

The banker says it's too late for Steve to try and build any bridges with him and offers £10,000 - He sticks!!!!! This is a battle with the banker!!!

Steve says the banker is NOT going to break him, the banker calls back and says that the last time Steve upset him he docked him £5,000 and now changes the offer to.....£25,000!! Steve says DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
5 - £10 groans
22 - £3,000 more groans
11 - £10,000

That was the perfect round there and leaves a final 2 boxes of £50,000 and £100,000.

The banker says he is really looking forward to his party with Lisa for taking out the £250,000 in the first round and would have offered Steve £70,000. Steve says he would NOT have dealt there, as it is a great gamble with the £50,000 fallback amount.

Noel opens Steve's box 1 to reveal £50,000, box 8 has the £100,000

Noel asks Steve to sum up his game, he says he is over the moon with the £25,000.

This was a very different game with the banker playing a number of games with Steve on the offers at some crucial times, it certainly got the banker the result he wanted with Steve going away with less than the amount in his box. It will certainly be interesting to see what other tricks the banker will have up his sleeve in future games.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ashley's Game Report

Noel greets us wearing a deck chair today!!!! What a week we've had so far, a real emotional roller coaster. Can today's show give us more of the same?

It's Ashley's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' today, he has box 16 today and plays after returning for just one show after his absence due to being in court due to his work as a police officer. Ashley is superstitious and has a lucky charm with that Nev gave him, a pig with a screw in it's rear!!. Ashley’s police number is 6379 which will no doubt appear in the bankers offers somewhere

Round 1
15 - £50
18 - £250
19 - £50,000 a few 'ooohs' there
17 - £100
11 - 1p Big applause and cheers greet the loss of the 1p

Ashley is really happy with that round and especially the loss of the 1p, the banker calls and says that Ashley has money written all over him before offering £10,063.79, there's Ashley's police number. Ashley is very happy with that offer, but says NO DEAL.

Round 2
21 - 50p
Ashley thinks about Barbara's box but is unsure - John is called into action for his 'tingle' skills - he says beware of it and Ashley goes elsewhere.
10 - £10,000 a few oohs
Ashley is still bugged about Barbara’s box and wants to get rid of it now, Noel queries whether he should after his doubts about it, Ashley is still nervous about Barbara's box but decides to go for it.
22 - £5 Great relief there!!!!

The banker still thinks Ashley has money written all over him and offers £16,376, still using Ashley's police number. Ashley is delighted with that offer but says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back before the start of the next round and he guarantees that Ashley will feel like his pig at the end of this round!!!

Round 3
14 - £3,000 delayed applause for the one
1 - £250,000 Groans for that and the banker was right - Ashley says that is what he came for......
20 - £1

The banker calls very quickly and says he was worried about box 16 as in the history of the game 16 is the luckiest box as when it has been on the table it has had a power 5 value in more than any other box, he then offers £6,379 (police theme again) Ashley says NO DEAL.

Round 4
12 - £1,000
2 - £500 big cheers for the blue
8 - £20,000 groans for that but Ashley says it's OK

The banker calls and says that round didn't go the way he wanted, Noel asks Ashley what he thinks the offer is, Ashley says somewhere in the £20,000's which surprises Noel. Noel confirms the offer is over £20k, it's £22,063.79. Noel asks the 'Pilgrims' what they think and to stand up for NO DEAL - the majority stand up. Ashley says that's a years salary and is unsure what to do, he goes to his friends who say he will be really unlucky to take the 3 higher amounts out in the next round, Ashley says NO DEAL.

round 5
5 - £750 big cheers and applause
Ashley goes to John who says don't choose him, Ashley says he was
wrong last time and goes for him
4 - £100,000 John is right this time
3 - £35,000 'ooohs' followed by silence

Ashley's friends are wrong about destroying the board and Ashley says he might have to go all the way now, the calls and offers £9,990. Ashley is struggling on this one, but says NO DEAL.

Round 6
6 - £15,000
13 - 10p incredible cheers and applause
7 - £5,000 big cheers again

That round leaves a final 2 of £10 and £75,000, Noel says an all or peanuts game now.

The banker calls and offers £19,990, Ashley debates is it worth gambling £20,000 for an extra £55,000. Noel pushes the fact he could walk home now with a years salary. Ashley thinks for a long time on this one and then says DEAL.

Noel opens box 16 to reveal £75,000, the banker was right about it having a power 5 value!!! Box 9 has the £10. Ashley is quite disappointed with the result.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hannah's Game Report

Expect it will be a while now before as many records are broken in one show as they were yesterday in Matt's game, or will it?

Noel talks again about courage and self-belief being needed to win the £250,000......

It's Hannah's turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so with box 18. Noel gets straight to the piccies and shows a picture of her Nan who is Noel's greatest fan. Hannah also has a lucky coin from fellow contestant Steve, who then says it's not really lucky as he just picked it out of his pocket!

Round 1
4 - £5,000
3 - £750
15 - £75,000 groans greet that one
20 - £15,000 more groans at yet another red
11 - £50,000 yet another red!!!

Noel says it was a shocking opening round, and it is in total contrast to yesterday's opening round. The banker calls and Hannah asks if the banker is locked away in a little room where he studies the contestants to build up a profile on them, the banker says he is and watches them onscreen to get his information, he then makes an opening offer of £700. Hannah straight away asks for the question and says NO DEAL.

Round 2
21 - £100,000 shock all around the studio - complete contrast to yesterday's game and Steve gets his lucky coin back!!!
13 - £1 Big cheers for the low blue - was the coin jinxing Hannah?
1 - £100

Hannah remains positive and stays focused on the £250,000 even though Noel is talking about the next highest red (£35,000) being a good sum of money. The banker is upset with Hannah's comment about him being locked in his little room, although he is really happy with replaying Hannah's expression when the £100,000 went and offers £7,000, Hannah says NO DEAL

Round 3
14 - £250,000
Noel asks if Hannah needs the lucky teabag, she does, so Noel gives her a sniff!!
7 - £5 It works
2 - £3,000 Get's mixed reaction

Noel offers Hannah the lucky hat, as the teabag worked, she wants it so Noel disappears off-stage and then reappears wearing it. He then puts it on Hannah, the banker calls and tells Hannah to quit on this next offer of £2,500, With the lucky hat and lucky teabag Hannah says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Hannah wants a quickie round to try and turn the game around
9 - £250
19 - 1p
5 - £35,000

The quickie nearly works, but takes out the highest red at the end, Hannah throws the lucky hat away, Noel starts to cry at the sight of the lucky hat on the floor and calls an ad break. When the show returns Noel is hiding off-stage and won't come back unless Hannah will say sorry for throwing the lucky hat on the floor!! Noel says this won't be a good offer but the £20,000 is still in play, sure enough Noel is right and the banker offers £1,250, this is greeted with gasps from the audience.

Hannah wants a sweep but with a wiggle and a smile from all the contestants, Noel likes this idea and stands behind the contestants for a better view! Hannah says she knew what she was going to do beforehand but wanted to see everyone do a wiggle!! and says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Hannah asks her friend to join her and the audience start chants of 'blue blue blue'

8 - £20,000 The chants don't help
22 - £500
The game starts to get to Hannah now and she starts to break down and cry
10 - £1,000

The banker says he doesn't want her to go away with nothing and makes an offer of £500. Hannah reveals she needs £2,000 to clear her overdraft, the banker calls back and says that if £2,000 will clear her overdraft then he wishes her the best of luck!!

Hannah is struggling with this but says she has to go for it and says NO DEAL.

Round 6
12 - 50p
6 - 10p
16 - £10

A great round final round keeping the £10,000 in play, the banker calls and offers £2,000 the amount Hannah needed to clear her overdraft. Hannah's friend says that he is under orders from her mum to make sure Hannah doesn't do anything silly but he now thinks she should go on!! Noel says Overdraft or No Overdraft, Hannah agonises over the decision before saying NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers the swap, Hannah refuses the swap and keeps her box. Noel opens box 18 to reveal £10,000 and the whole studio wild, box 17 contains the remaining £50.

Hannah provides yet another amazing game for the week with a game that looked as though it was never going to produce a big result for her all the way through, but gave a dramatic finish turning down an amount which she admitted would really help her out in life and then producing the perfect end to the game.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Matt's Game Report

Matt's game today.

Noel welcomes us in another shocking shirt, although quite tame by some of his wardrobe. It's Matt's turn at the 'pound table' today and he takes his place with box 2, he is well up for this game with shouts of 'C'MON' as he approaches the table. Noel says this could be a lively game, I think he could be right.

Round 1
3 - £100 A shout of C'MON greets the first blue
13 - 1p another C'MON
5 - £1 guess what? Another C'MON
10 - £750 No C'MON!!
6 - 50p BIG shout of C'MON

The 4th all blue opening round ever. The banker calls and has picked up that Matt always says NO DEAL while in the wings and makes an opening offer of £20,000. This sets a new show record of the highest ever opening offer, could Matt also make another record and be the first to go on the opening offer? NO..... he says NO DEAL

Round 2
18 - £5 Six blues in a row
1 - £50 Seven blues now

Noel interrupts the round and says that Matt is now in the 'Hall
of Fame' for his run of 7 blues, can he make it 8?

15 - £500

FANTASTIC round and Matt sets another record for the show with 8 blues in a row. Noel says another record is about to go, the highest second round offer ever, and picks up the phone and laughs down it at the banker. The banker offers £35,000, and as Noel rightly hinted at it is indeed another record for the show,
Matt says NO DEAL.

Next round and reds are going to start going now, or are they? There are 3 blues left.

Round 3
19 - £100,000 'ooohs' greet the first red
16 - £10,000
17 - £75,000 Silence greets the second red

Matt sits down for the first time in the game, he says those 2 large reds are good in a way as it will help his focus on the game more now. The banker calls and offers £15,000, Matt says it's a good offer but follows this with NO DEAL.

Round 4
8 - £250,000 Silence all-around and Noel pipes up 'Memories of Khanny'
12 - £1,000 Cheers for the low red
7 - 10p Good recovery there

Noel asks Jo what she thinks, she says the banker has to raise the offer now. Noel apologises to the banker for laughing earlier and now the banker is laughing, Matt says he is not going to be bullied by the banker. In light of Matt's remark the banker says he needs to adjust his offer, he calls back and offers £13,000. This receives a mixed reaction around the studio, Matt says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Chants of 'Blue Blue Blue' start to go around
4 - £3,000
22 - £20,000
More chants go around
11 - £250 the chants finally work

Matt says we are back on track now, Noel agrees. The banker is unsure of the offer that will get Matt to go..... He offers £15,000, he also says that was a fair offer, Matt disagrees and says NO DEAL.

Round 6
20 - £10 BIG CHEERS AND SHOUTS as the final blue goes
9 - £15,000 more cheers
14 - £35,000

The last round of the game leaves a final 2 of £5,000 and £50,000, the banker calls and makes a final offer of £25,000. Matt ponders on this offer for a while and then says NO DEAL.

The banker calls again just before Noel is about to open the box and offers Matt the chance to swap his box no. 2 with the remaining box 21. It is then revealed that 21 is Matt's favourite number and Matt decides to swap.... Noel swaps box 2 for box 21

Noel then opens box 21 and reveals £5,000!! Box 2 contains the £50,000

Matt gives away the £50,000 in the swap and is visually upset at this, Noel consoles Matt with the fact that he has provided a highly entertaining game that will go in the 'Hall of Fame' for the number of records he has set in the game.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Billy's Game Report

Sorry about the short game report today.

Billy's turn for the walk of wealth today, he has box 17 for the game today.

Round 1
Box 21 - £3,000
Box 18 - £5,000
Box 19 - £1
Box 11 - £750
Box 7 - £250

Banker Offers £11,000, Billy says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Box 12 - £15,000
Box 5 - £50
Box 9 - £100,000

Banker Offers £14,045, Billy says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Box 4 - 1p
Box 2 - 10p
Box 13 - £10,000

Banker Offers £24,000, Billy says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Box 14 - £500
Box 1 - £10
Box 8 - £20,000

Banker initially Offers £35, but phones again and offers £35,000 - Billy says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Box 22 - £50,000
Box 10 - £35,000
Box 20 - £100

The banker offers £50,000, Billy says DEAL

Round 6 - Provout Round
Box 16 £75,000
Box 3 £250,000
Box 15 50p

The banker would have offered £335, Noel opens Billy's Box 17 and reveals £5, box 6 contained £1,000.

A fantastic start to the new week with Billy doing the perfect deal at the perfect time and beating the banker. Hopefully we'll get more of the same for the rest of the week.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Michaela's Game Report

Noel introduces the end of 'Tingle Week'!! referring to the 'Tingle' that John claimed he had in predicting boxes, which later in the week the banker then claimed he now possessed until losing it. Noel now says that the 'Tingle' is out there for others to use.

Michaela is today’s player with box 5, she has an unusual photo with her which shows an image of 'papa spooky' which is a pattern that was revealed on her bathroom wall when her husband was re-tiling. She claims her luck has changed since this was revealed, will this luck continue today? Michaela has her mum in the audience today for support, and she has no system and will play the game as it unravels.

Round 1
19 - £10,000 Silence from the audience
6 - £10
1 - 1p Big cheers for that one
Michaela goes to Sarah-Jane next and introduces her as the 'porn star'!!!! The banker immediately rings and says he is really looking forward to her game!!
18 - £500
13 - £20,000 produces a few 'ooohs' from the audience

The banker calls says that Michaela should make a feature out of her bathroom image and charge people to view it!! He goes on to make an opening offer of £6,969. Michaela says NO DEAL

Round 2
7 - £15,000
17 - 10p Cheers and whooops greet that one
15 - £3,000

The banker is concerned about Michaela and makes an offer of £19,000. Michaela says that is VERY nice and goes for some advice from her fellow contestants, she is told they think there is at least one more round in the game. Michaela says NO DEAL

Round 3
8 - £250 cheers and applause greet the opening blue of the round
22 - £1 Bigger cheers greet the second
20 - £35,000 a few 'ooohs' meet that one although Michaela says it's fine

Michaela is happy with the board at this stage, the banker was happy the £35,000 went but really wanted a larger one to go - he offers £24,000. Michaela's mum says 'Take it' she has seen too many games go so wrong after an offer like that. Michaela struggles a little on this decision, she ponders for a while and then says DEAL.

Noel wonders if that was a good decision with 4 of the top values still in play, we now find out.

Round 4 - Proveout Round
11 - £5 'oooohs' greet the blue
12 - 50p Shock all around the studio
2 - £750

It would have been the perfect all-blue round!!!! Michaela asks if they can rewind the game. Noel starts to rub in the fact that Michaela should have gone at least one more round, the banker calls and would have offered £47,000. This produces gasps from the audience. Michaela says she would have carried on at this point! This confuses Noel and a few others I think.

Round 5 - Proveout round
14 - £50 more shock at another blue!
4 - £1,000 more gasps!!!
10 - £100,000 receives some applause

Noel says that this would have still been a very powerful board and the banker calls and would have offered £69,000, this gets more gasps from all around the studio. Michaela says she would have dealt there.

Round 6 - Proveout Round
9 - £250,000 Gets cheers and applause
21 - £75,000
3 - £100

That leaves a final 2 of £5,000 and £50,000, the banker calls and would have dropped back to £24,000. Michaela says she would have dealt there. Noel opens box 5 and it contains £5,000, box 16 contains the £50,000. Noel whispers into Michaela's that she dealt to soon by a big margin.

A great game to end the week, it could have produced a large win and it raises the question how much Khanny's game at the start of the week influenced the games that followed.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Alan's Game Report

If my figures are correct we need combined wins today and tomorrow of over £6,000 or else this week gives us a new record of the lowest week ever!!!! 2 weeks ago gave us the last lowest ever week, this new series is certainly setting some new firsts for the show early in it's run.

Today's contestant is Alan, he has only been on for 11 shows, another early player!!! He has box 6 today, and has his wife in the audience with him today for support.

Round 1
15 - £15,000
22 - £35,000
7 - £500 Big cheers for the first blue
21 - £3,000
12 - £5,000 mixed reactions for the last red of the round

Noel says let battle commence and speaks to the banker, the banker asks if Alan is worried about the hangover from Khanny's game, Alan says no. The banker is not sure what to do, so Noel hangs up the phone on him and tells him to call back when he's ready. The banker eventually calls back and offers a box swap. Alan becomes the first male contestant to get this offer, he then asks everyone what they think - no-one replies, and Alan says NO SWAP.

Round 2
2 - £250
16 - 50p big cheers and applause
3 - £50,000

The banker is ringing but Noel ignores the phone and calls an ad break. After the break Noel finally answers the phone and welcomes the banker back who says Alan made a mistake in not taking the swap!! The banker says that when John lost his tingle yesterday he took it over, and Alan has £1 in his box!
He then offers £10,001, Alan's wife says it's an amazing offer, but whatever she says Alan will say NO DEAL anyway, Alan does just that and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
1 - £10
18 - £20,000 silence from the studio - Alan says safety net gone
8 - £100

Noel points out that the board is almost balanced for both of them, the banker thinks it is a tricky offer now, and reveals an offer of £17,001. Alan asks for a quick sweep, Hannah is worried about what happened in Khanny's game, and Alan's wife reveals that Alan always said that if he had 3 of the power 5 he would always NO DEAL. Alan thinks for a while before saying NO DEAL.

Round 4
9 - £100,000 Groans all around the studio
14 - £10,000 mixed reaction on that one
10 - £1 Fantastic cheers for the £1 and the banker's tingle is wrong

Noel says the banker's bluff has turned to puff, the tingle goes back to John, Noel winds up the banker by saying Alan has the £250,000, he in turn replies with an offer of £11,000. Noel comments that this is a trap offer and it sure looks like one. Alan says DEAL.

Round 5 - Proveout round
11 - 10p silence from the studio
17 - £75,000 applause for that one
13 - 1p shock from the audience

Banker would have liked to see Alan go on and squirm at the next offer!! But he has to lower his offer with the £75,000 going in that round and makes an offer of £9,500.

Round 6 - Proveout round
19 - £1,000
20 - £50 Gasps from the audience
4 - £250,000 BIG CHEERS and relief all around on that one......

The banker calls and says he would have offered £199.

Noel opens box 6 that is sat in front of Alan and reveals £750, box 5 has the £5.

Noel asks how he is feeling about the game and Alan replies saying he is still trying to get over being picked so quickly......

Alan beats the banker and managed to avoid his trap offer and in the end only make the deal one round too late. Also this game makes sure we don't have the lowest ever week in contestant's winnings.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vee's Game Report

We've had some incredibly entertaining games this week so far, what will today's game hold in store for us and will yesterday's big crash in Khanny's game have any influence?

Noel greets the 'pilgrims' (his name for the audience) and receives a big cheer from them, he then talks about Khanny's amazing game yesterday and he wonders how much courage the other contestants will have in light of that game, he also mentions that no-one has yet won the 50p and £750.

Today's contestant is Vee, she is VERY nervous while she takes the walk of wealth with box 15 and says she is shaking as she walks towards the 'pound table'. Vee has her husband in the audience with her today and he has given her a couple of lucky stones for her today's game. We learn that Vee is a bit of a gambler who will gamble on anything, she has no target for today.

Round 1
10 - £3,000
4 - £500 The audience love the first blue....
5 - £100
9 - 50p There won't be a 50p winner today...
11 - £100,000 Groans greet the 2nd highest box

Vee is happy with the opening round even though the £100,000 has gone. Noel asks how the banker celebrated after yesterdays show, he says he jumped into his private jet and flew to his island!!!!! He thinks the contestants all play a game and have a code they use while on the wings to try and deceive the banker although he doesn't think Vee is one of them, he offers £7,005. Noel wants to know what the £5 is for, after a little think he cracks it and the Roman numeral for 5 is V, which is similar to Vee's name. Vee says NO DEAL.

Round 2

Vee says she is still nervous and Noel wonders what could be making Vee nervous... He then shouts BOO at her!!!

17 - £50
22 - 10p
Vee goes to Donna with box 7, Noel asks John to go to Donna's box for a feel to see if he gets a tingle from it after his success in predicting the boxes yesterday. John says the box is safe.

7 - £250,000 John's tingle skills fail and the studio goes deathly silent

The banker calls and makes an offer of £9,005, Vee says NO DEAL.

Round 3
6 - £75,000 Groans all around
19 - £1
20 - £35,000 more groans from the audience

Vee says she can still turn this around even though the big numbers are going every round now. Noel goes to Mark for his opinion, he says the banker may stick but more than likely will lower his offer. The banker says if was generous he would stick, but offers £5,005. Vee says NO DEAL.

Round 4
18 - £15,000 More groans and Vee gives her lucky stone back to her husband
2 - £10
14 - £5,000 a mixed reaction for that one

Noel asks Alex what he thinks, he says that a good round next could turn it around, he then goes to Rosy who says NO DEAL!! Noel says there hasn't been an offer yet!!!! She says she would NO DEAL anything.... The banker calls and offers £9,005, he pleads with Vee to DEAL as she WILL fail from now on!! Vee calls her husband down for a little chat, she then asks for a sweep of the contestants - they are split 50/50 - Vee says DEAL.

Noel wonders if Khanny's game influenced Vee there...

Round 5 - Proveout round
13 - £750
3 - 1p groans for the 1p
16 - £1,000 Silence from the studio

That would have been a fantastic round for Vee and the banker calls and is laughing, he would have offered £15,005. Vee says she would have said NO DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
12 - £250
8 - £5 Groans greet the last remaining blue!!!!
1 - £20,000

With £50,000 and £10,000 left the banker would have made a final offer of £28,005. Vee says she would have said DEAL on that offer. Noel opens box 15 to reveal £50,000 which receives groans all around the studio, box 21 contains £10,000.

Vee says everyone should play their own game and not be influenced by other contestants games, this hints that Khanny's game yesterday played a big part in her decisions today. How will the other players this week react in their games now?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Khanny's Game Report

Khanny takes his place at the 'pound table' on this Wednesday afternoon, he has box 22 today and this is his 30th appearance on the show - one of the longest runs for quite a while now I believe. Khanny is property developer who is used to risk taking and we also find out he plays a LOT of poker which could provide for an interesting battle with the banker, his wife is with him in the audience today.

We learn that Ashley has been called to court as he is a police officer and is temporarily replaced until he returns, so we have 2 new players join the show today.

Round 1
2 - £100 Big cheers
1 - 10p More big cheers
15 - £50 even more cheers
11 - £250 guess what! More cheers
12 - £1

The perfect all-blue opening round, only the third contestant to achieve this - the others being Aaron and Shell. The banker calls and asks if they can start again, he also says that Khanny has given him the impression of the love child of Bob Carolgees and spit the dog!!! He then makes an opening offer of £16,000 - This sets a new record for the show of the highest opening offer beating the previous high of £15,000 made in Aaron's game. Khanny says NO DEAL.

Round 2
19 - £35,000 a few 'ooohs'
21 - £500 Big cheers again
13 - 1p

Another great round with only one red value going in the first 8 boxes so far, Noel says this will be a difficult decision. The banker calls and makes an offer of £28,000, the second highest round 2 offer ever. Khanny says NO DEAL.

Round 3
7 - £15,000
4 - £50,000 groans all around the studio
Khanny goes to John next because he says he gets feelings from his boxes, John says he is getting a small tingle from the box which indicates it's not a large amount and thinks it could be £20,000 - Khanny decides to go with him
17 - £20,000 John gets it spot-on!!!

Well Khanny had to start hitting reds sometime soon, and that round leaves a large gap in the reds now. The banker calls and begs Khanny to take the next offer which is £30,000. For the first time in the game Khanny takes some time over his decision and asks for a sweep of the wings - The majority tell Khanny to go on....... New contestant Harry is the only person who says DEAL - Noel tells him that will go on his file as information for the banker!! Khannny says NO DEAL

Round 4
9 - £3,000
16 - £1,000
Khanny asks if John will go and have a feel of box 5 to see if he can get anything from the box as he spot-on with his own box, John gets a little tingle from the box so Khanny goes with it.
5 - £10 John delivers again!! Think he might be called upon again

The banker calls and says he doesn't like John now and offers £42,000, Khanny asks for his wife's opinion - she says he doesn't need her advice, Noel asks Khanny the question 'Deal or No Deal?' BUT just before Khanny can answer the banker phones back!!! and raises the offer to £48,000 Another first for the show!!! Khanny says NO DEAL

Round 5

18 - £250,000
3 - £100,000
6 - £750

A Horrible round for Khanny leaving £75,000 as the highest value on the board, the banker calls and says he is in major gloat mode now!! He makes an offer of £12,042, and then calls back to increase it to £12,048 - rubbing in the increase in offers from the last round that Khanny refused. Khanny says NO DEAL

Round 6
10 - £75,000
20 - £10,000
14 - 50p

Another horrible round for Khanny taking out 2 of the highest reds and leaving a final 2 boxes of £5,000 and £5. The banker calls and makes a final offer of £2,400. Khanny says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers Khanny the chance to swap his box 22 for box 8, Khanny accepts the swap and Noel goes and places box 8 in front of Khanny. Khanny says he did the swap as 8 has been lucky for him, Noel opens box 8 and reveals £5,000, box 22 has £5.

Khanny provides us with yet another highly entertaining and edge of the seat show which set new firsts along the way, it was looking great for a long time and the whole studio had an air of 'this could the show that the £250,000 is won', as we have seen so many times before though it only takes one round to completely destroy the game. Khanny certainly had the banker worried all throughout the game and he resorted to some different tactics in a possible attempt to unsettle Khanny by calling back and changing offers, although Khanny didn’t seem phased by it all and appeared quite calm and collected through all his decisions.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Barbara's Game Report

Barbara's game today, and she brings box 19 to the 'pound table. We get to see a few of Barbara’s piccies of her friends and grand children. Barbara has her husband Sid in the audience for support today, she reveals she likes a little flutter but is not a big gambler.

Round 1
10 - 1p Another perfect start
20 - £1
1 - £35,000 greeted with 'oooohs'
2 - 10p
12 - £10,000 a few more 'oooohs'

Noel asks Barbara if she is playing an act as she has been quite lively so far, she says no this is the real her. The banker calls and makes an opening offer of £10,000. Barbara says that is a really good offer and then says that they haven't seen anyone walk on the first offer yet - could Barbara be the first? Not this time.....Barbara says NO DEAL

Round 2
18 - £500
4 - £50,000 loads of 'ooooohs'
17 - £75,000 "OOOOHHHSSS'

With a big hole in the middle of the reds now the banker calls and offers £7,500, Barbara goes to her husband Sid who says there is at least one more round and to go on. Barbara agrees with this and says NO DEAL.

Round 3

3 - £100
9 - £20,000 more 'ooohhs' followed by silence.....
22 - £250 cheers and applause

The banker calls and is a little unsure of the game and Barbara at the moment, he makes an offer of £13,000. Noel goes to Sid again who says it's a good offer but also a good board with still the 2 highest amounts in play, he says to go on..... Barbara says OK but then goes back to Sid and says 'are you sure!!!??' then calls Sid down for a little chat about it while Noel goes for a sweep of the wings of the female contestants who say NO DEAL....

Barbara is a little worried about losing 1 or both of the big values, as she won't get a chance to sit in the chair again - unless she takes it home with her!!! After some more thinking Barbara says DEAL, that announcement produced a few shocked reactions from the audience...... Noel ponders on whether Barbara has been a little too cautious and possibly made the deal too early, we now get the chance to find out.

Round 4 - Proveout Round
6 - £5 groans all around
11 - 50p more groans!!!!
Noel points out Barbara has made a big mistake here
21 -£100,000 gets applause

The £250,000 is still in play and the bankers calls and says he would have £20,000, Barbara says she would have dealt there.....

Round 5 - Proveout Round
5 - £15,000
14 - £5,000
13 - £10 Groans all around again

The £250,000 is still in play yet again and the banker would have increased his offer to £27,500, again Barbara would have dealt there.

Round 6 - proveout round
8 - £1,000
16 - £250,000 cheers and applause greet that box
7 - £3,000

That round leaves a final 2 boxes of £50 and £750, the banker would have offered £275 at this stage and Barbara says if she was still playing then she would have gone all the way.

Noel opens Barbara's box 19 to reveal £50, box 15 has the £750. Barbara does beat the banker but he did manage to get her to deal early and got away cheaply.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Emi's Game Report

Start of another week of the 'Entertainment drama' as Noel would say, he introduces the show and is shocked that apparently there are some people who haven't seen the show!!!

Emi is today's contestant to sit in the 'crazy chair', she has box 13 today and Noel has to re-position her box on the table as it's not quite in the right place...... Emi has brought along a small purse with her today - hopefully she'll win more than enough to fill it!!!! Emi is not sure what the banker thinks of her, but she thinks that the other contestants think she is nuts!!!

Round 1
4 - £100
9 - £50,000 a few 'oooohs' greet that one.....
3 - £250,000 Yet another game where the biggy goes early
10 - £100,000
17 - £5

A horrible opening round and Noel is not looking forward to his conversation with the banker as he will be laughing down the phone, the banker doesn't disappoint and we hear his laugh at Emi's opening round before making an opening offer of £80. Emi seems quite shocked and asks why a low offer - Noel points out that the state of the board could have something to do with it - Emi says NO DEAL.

Round 2

Noel asks Emi is she would like a quickie to try and change her luck as quickie rounds have produced some great results in the past, Emi agrees

8 - 1p
14 - £20,000
11 - 10p

Nearly a perfect quickie round. Noel picks up the good luck purse is a little worried about how much money will be put in it at the end of the show - Emi says it's not a good luck purse it's a protective purse that contains something but she won't reveal what. The banker calls and reveals some box 13 stats - it's been on the table 9 times but only Gaz has won a significant amount of money - £100,000 (will have to check his stats as the show doesn't have a great record of getting them right!!!) He then makes an offer of £5,000. Emi says she can turn the game around with some positive thoughts and says NO DEAL.

Emi asks for another quickie round

Round 3
12 - £250
20 - £15,000
6 - £10,000

The quickie started well but soon fell apart, the banker calls and says that Emi is losing the room - Noel asks the audience and the contestants who say no she isn't. Noel gets into a little fight with the banker and hangs up before the offer!!!!! Noel asks if Emi would like to answer when he rings back, he calls and Emi answers and says he is being very mean today, he then invites her to his private island if she loses today!!! He then offers £1,400. Emi says NO DEAL

Round 4
18 - £35,000 groans all around on that one... Noel calls it an all or nothing game now
19 - £5,000 more groans
1 - £3,000 greeted with 'oooohs' followed by applause

Noel starts to chat with Emi and the banker calls, Emi stops talking but Noel tells her to ignore him and carry on with the story - We learn that Emi ate rat poison when she was younger!!! Noel looks worried at that story and when he speaks to the banker he asks if there is any room in his office for him!!! The banker makes an offer of £3,000. Noel says that Emi is in a spot of trouble now although she could still go on to win the £75,000, Emi says NO DEAL.

Round 5
5 - £75,000 Michaela strikes again!!! Noel falls to his knees!!!!!
The only red remaining now is the £1,000
22 - £750
2 - £1,000

Only blues left now!!!! Emi says she might go away with the 50p and seems determined to win that amount - it has never been won yet so would at least make a little history for her show. The banker calls and offers £44 - Emi says she should have taken the £80 at the start and then says NO DEAL.

Round 6
In a nice lighthearted moment before the round starts Noel asks for all blues...
21 - £50
7 - £500 the highest blue goes!!!!!
16 - £1

Only the 50p and £10 remain and Emi might get her wish from the last round of winning the 50p, Emi says she doesn't want a cheque and has Noel got the money on him for her winnings, she is determined to and wants to win the 50p now. The banker calls and offers £3.99 Emi says NO DEAL.

Noel opens box 13 and reveals £10 - there are groans all around the studio as Emi really wanted the 50p. Box 15 has the 50p that Emi so wanted at the end.

Although it was a horrible game for Emi in terms of winnings, she took the disappointments throughout the game incredibly well and provided a very entertaining game and there were numerous comedy moments between Noel and Emi that gave a great show.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sal's Game Report

Firstly, sorry for the delayed report from Saturday’s show, it's been a busy weekend and I've only just managed to start catching up. Normal service will be resumed today.

Saturday's show brings an end of our 3rd week of the new season and the show has certainly continued to provide the entertainment, drama and controversy of the previous seasons. Noel greets us in a jacket for the Saturday show and runs through the excitement that we have seen recently.

It's Sal's turn takes the walk of wealth today , she takes it on crutches though, We learn that Sal had a netball accident just before she joined the show hence the reason for the crutches. She has box 10 today and is also joined by her husband who is the audience and she then reveals a small red box with her, which Noel opens, and it contains a little angel.

Round 1

Noel runs over to Sal's position on the wings as she says the wings look a little empty as she is not there

8 - £10
9 - 1p
7 - £1
11 - £100,000 groans from the audience
4 - £50

Yet another of the top 2 amounts goes in the first round again but Sal is happy. The banker calls and makes an opening offer of £7,500 - Sal says NO DEAL

Round 2
15 - £5
19 - £3,000
Sal goes to John who she says gets feelings from his boxes, Noel asks him to put his hands on the box and tell him what he feels today - John says 'A red box'. Sal is unsure about John's box now and changes her mind to....
6 - £50,000 was that the right choice?

The banker offers £15,000, Sal asks Barbara what she thinks - she replies there is at least one more round in the game. Sal agrees and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
16 - £500
12 - £20,000 receives a mixed reaction.....
Sal goes to John as it is 'doing her head in'......
17 - 10p Sal should have chose him the round before

The banker respects Sal's selection of boxes in that round and wants Sal to 'Hobble off'!!!! He then offers £20,000. Noel goes to Sal's husband who says the offer reflects the board, Sal asks for a sweep of the wings. The sweep is ended quickly with a majority NO DEAL - Sal agrees and says NO DEAL

Round 4
20 - £10,000
14 - £5,000
Sal goes to Barbara, but she thinks her box is a little high - Sal goes elsewhere
13 - £35,000 Groans from the audience.....

Sal says the board is still good and the banker should be worried, he calls and makes an offer of £25,000. Sal asks for another sweep of her fellow contestants, Noel allows the contestants to opt out a decision if they like - bit of a mixed reaction from the wings. Noel points out that Sal should make the decision for herself and not to please other people to provide an entertaining game. Sal thinks for a while before saying DEAL.

Round 5 - Proveout Round
18 - £250 Barbara had the wrong feeling about her box...
3 - £250,000
1 - £1,000

Banker calls and would have offered £15,000, Sal would have said DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout Round
22 - £75,000 That box gives Sal the perfect game
5 - £100
2 - 50p

Sal asks to speak to the banker, the banker says 'she wants to rub it in'!!!! Sal says he sounds like Prince Charles!!! He would have offered £5,000, Sal says she would have gone on if still playing and opened her box.....

Noel opens Sal's box 10 and reveals £750, Box 21 has the £15,000

Sal plays the perfect game and takes the highest offer made to her in her show, although her box decision was swayed a couple of times by her fellow contestants feelings about their box contents which were later shown to be wrong and could have probably resulted in a greater offer and win for Sal.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Joseph's Game Report

Well yesterday's game would have certainly provided quite a few talking points for everyone and it also produced a nice win for Nev although it could have been a lot more, but I'm sure he's VERY happy with the £41,000 he won. Today we finally get to see Joseph play and I'm sure there have been quite a few people who have been waiting for this game as he has been quite a character on while on the wings and I'm sure he will give us an entertaining show. Joseph has box 10 today and immediately has a little comedy moment with Noel while positioning his box on the table, Joseph has also brought a couple of plums along with him today for the banker!! They are for the fruity comments that the banker has made in the past but he won't give them to the banker until he wins the £250,000.

Joseph has his wife in the audience with him today and we learn a little about his illness whilst waiting in the wings to play which produced his temporary absence from the show, he reveals he's a bit of a numbers person so it could give us an entertaining battle with the banker.

Round 1
2 - 1p FANTASTIC start Studio loves that one
5 - £750
8 - £250 The audience are loving this start
11 - £1
Noel now possibly jinx's this round by saying this could be the 3rd all-blue start
14 - £10,000 well done Noel!!!

Noel says that it was a very strong opening round and taunts the banker with the plums that Joseph has brought along, the banker makes an opening offer of £12,000. Will Joseph be the first person to deal on the opening offer? He works out that it is just below half the average of the board, Noel then gets fed the exact figure through his earpiece and pretends he has worked out the exact average!!! Joseph appreciates the high opening offer but says NO DEAL.

Round 2
17 - £250,000 Joseph says the plums are gone!!!!
20 - £15,000 Joseph starts to nibble away at the reds now..
6 - £3,000

The cups of tea have been delivered and Joseph says there is money on the top, the bubbles on the top mean money, he also has the lucky stone that ex-contestant Ron gave every contestant with him. Joseph then starts to work out the average in his head again and Noel gets the exact figure through his earpiece again!!! The banker rings and Joseph says he's not in!! The banker wants to know what the glass of champagne means if the bubbles in his tea mean money? and then offers £10,238 which is half the average of the board. Joseph gets up and goes back to his original position on the wings and then in a great little comedy moment asks himself a what he should do, he replies to himself that it is a reasonable board and to NO DEAL - He takes his own advice and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
3 - £500
1 - 10p
7 - £75,000 Groans greet that one

Joseph works out the average again and says it's less than £20k now, Noel asks him to write the offer down - Joseph writes £6k down. The banker then calls and offers £11,500. Joseph calls his wife Louise down to the 'pound table' for a chat - she says enjoy the game. Joseph thinks for a while and then says NO DEAL.

Round 4
9 - £100
4 - £100,000 highest remaining red brings silence.....
13 - £1,000

Joseph is happy with the block of reds he has left, the banker calls and says the average has come down now, wonders what an offer of £6,000 would do to Joseph!! Noel has a bit of banter with Joseph over that possible amount but then reveals the true banker’s offer of £13,000. Joseph says DEAL.

Noel goes to Joseph's wife and she says she would have gone on.... We now find out who would have made the right decision

Round 5 - Proveout Round
21 - £5
22 - £10
19 - £35,000

Joseph again starts to work out the averages and Joseph says he doesn't think it would have been much of a different offer to the last one which he dealt at. The banker calls and Joseph is right, the banker sticks at the last offer of £13,000

Round 6 - Proveout round
18 - £50
12 - £20,000
15 - 50p

That round leaves a final 2 amounts of £50,000 and £5,000, the banker calls and says he would have offered £23,000. Joseph says he would have dealt the £23,000 and not gone on to open his box.

Noel opens box 10 that is sat in front of Joseph and reveals £5,000, Joseph has a win over the banker and although he could have won a little more he is delighted with the £13,000 and there are much more important things in life.

Box 16 contains the £50,000

Joseph provides a very entertaining show today and Noel says that he will be greatly missed on the show for the entertainment he has brought.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nev's Game Report - 250th Show

Another landmark reached today with the 250th show and possibly the contestants taking the total winnings for them over the £4million mark with a win of just over £4,000. Noel introduces the show and it's a little disappointing to see that Noel is not dressed up for the occasion.

Noel runs through some stats for the first 250 shows, 8 people have had the £250,000 but no one has won it, 8 people have won the 1p - He also says that the banker has already paid out £4milllion!!! Think Noel will need to have a word with his stats people on that one!!!

Today's contestant to take the walk of wealth is Nev, who brings box 15 to the 'pound table', he gives us a funny story about hang-gliding and a cow!!! He has his wife Julie with him in the audience today and asks her to join in him at the table - he then says that he doesn't say 'I love you' enough so says it on TV.

Will the run in with the banker from yesterday surface today???? It does and the banker calls before the game starts, he marks the 250th show with something special, if Nev hits the 1p in the first round he will give every contestant £250 and a bottle of bubbly for everyone in the audience!! A generous banker today!! Will that last throughout the show with his offers to Nev?

Round 1
18 - £100,000 Groans all round
22 - £750
1 - £35,000 more 'oooohs'
10 - 50p cheers and applause
Now where is the 1p????
4 - £250 a blue but the wrong one.....

That round has saved the banker some money, he calls really quickly and says that he enjoyed seeing everyone’s hopes raised and then destroyed - He makes an opening offer of £1,250, Nev says NO DEAL.

Round 2
12 - £1,000
2 - 10p
20 - £50

We learn that Nev has based his number choices for his game today on a film he saw where fibonacci numbers featured, the banker phones quickly again and he queries the fibonacci sequence so Nev explains how it works, the banker then offers £11,235 based on the fibonacci sequence. Nev is impressed with the offer but says NO DEAL.

Round 3
7 - £10,000 mixed reaction.....
13 - 1p Big cheers and applause for it
3 - £15,000 mixed reaction again

Banker says he was not happy with the last round and Noel hints at a stick and plays on it first before revealing the real offer of £20,000. Nev is again impressed with the offer, Noel builds up the possibility of a big win on the 250th show but Nev says NO DEAL.

Round 4

8 - £1 Cheers and applause greet the blue
21 - £10 more of the same from the audience
11 - £3,000

The banker calls and says he's a bag of nerves!!!!! He then makes an offer of £41,000. Nev thinks of what he would say to his fellow contestants at this stage - he says he would say it's a very strong board but also remembers his fellow contestant Nick (29th August) who was in a similar situation and dealt at this stage and made the right choice as the following round he destroyed the board, Nev says DEAL.

Noel asks was this the right decision....

Round 5 - Proveout Round
16 - £100 'ooohhs' from the audience
19 - £500
6 - £5,000

That would have been a perfect round and Noel says that Nev has made a mistake here, with 4 reds one being the £250,000 and only one blue left the banker calls and would have offered £76,000. Nev says he should have listened to the advice he would have given someone else on the last round, he says he would have dealt for £76,000.

Round 6 - Proveout round
17 - £50,000 mixed reaction on that one
9 - £75,000
14 - £5

Shock all around the studio and Nev has the exact same final 2 as Morris (6th May) had in his dramatic game, the banker says he would have offered £111,000 (£10,000 more than he offered Morris in his game with the same final 2).

Nev asks would the banker offered the swap and Noel says yes he would have, Nev says he would have swapped so Noel performs the swap and puts box 5 in front of Nev. Noel opens the box and reveals £250,000!!!! Box 15 has the £20,000

So in the 250th show we would have had the hypothetical chance of a £250,000 winner, although it would have required Nev to go all the way and as he said he would have dealt at both the proveout round offers, so it would have needed a different player today to produce the ultimate game.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Helen's Game Report

Hope it's not unlucky 13th today, being so close to the £4million in contestant's earnings will it be broken today or more than likely on the 250th show on Thursday? Noel introduces the show hinting that Tomorrows 250th show will be something special for us the viewers (A larger viewers competition jackpot no doubt), but will also be celebrated in style.

Today's player at the 'pound table' is Helen who has box 6, she has her husband Ian in the audience with her today for support. We get to see her piccies of her 2 boys and also another with the rest of her family in - They all have birthdays that end in the number 6 and with Helen having box 6 is this a good sign for her.....

Round 1
3 - £50 'Newbie' Jo gets an 8/10 mark for box opening from Noel
14 - £750
2 - 10p
4 - £250,000 Thought this round was going too well!!!!
17 - 50p

A near perfect opening round ruined by yet another very large sum going in the first round. The banker calls and offers £6,006 - Keeping up the 6 theme. Helen says NO DEAL

Round 2
22 - £1
Noel whispers to Michaela who has nicknamed a 'Black Widow' not to spoil this next box
8 - £15,000 a few 'ooohhs' from the audience - yet another red for Michaela....
15 - £35,000 a few more 'ooohs' from the audience

The banker calls very quickly, he has had his stat machine out for the performance of box 6 and he says it's the only box to have produced two 1p winners! He then offers £9,006, Helen says NO DEAL

Round 3
1 - £20,000 more 'oohs' and a hole appearing in the reds now
19 - £5 BIG cheers and 'whoops' from the audience
21 - £50,000 BIG 'ooohs'

Noel goes to fellow contestant Nev for his opinion of the game - he says although there is a gap appearing in the reds it's still a strong board and there are still loads of blues to hit in the next round. The banker calls and says he has an image of Helen walking out of the studio with over £30k, and doesn't want that to happen so offers £10,006. Helen says she is surprised at the increase in the offer with some large values going in that round and goes to her husband for some advice, he thinks that although people have destroyed a similar board in the past she has to go for it, Helen agrees and says NO DEAL.

Round 4
12 - £10 cheers and applause for the blue
20 - £250 More of the same from the audience
Noel asks for one more blue - He then points out the box 6 stat
again about it producing 2 1p winners and the 1p still being on the board
9 - £5,000

Not the all-blue round that was hoped for but Helen says it's OK.

The banker still has the £30k nightmare and offers £15,006.Noel goes to Helen's husband who says that he thinks she can still go another round. Helen goes to Nev who says he is surprised the offer was so low if the banker is so worried, the banker calls back and Noel will not answer the phone but instead calls Nev over to answer it, the banker says that Nev shouldn't have dismissed the offer and he's 'for it' when he plays his game!! Helen says NO DEAL

Round 5
5 - £75,000 Big groans followed by silence.....
10 - £10,000 more groans for another red....
16 - £100 Cheers greet the blue to finish the round

Noel wonders where this next offer will go - up, down or stick. Helen says that she will be bringing her husband down to the pound table now - Noel disappears off set to get him a chair. The banker is still worried and thinks that Helen is a player and will go all the way so increases his last amount and offers £16,006. Helen asks the audience to stand up if they would DEAL, most do although a few shout out NO DEAL. Noel again mentions the history of box 6 and it's 1p fate and the fact that the 1p is still in play, Helen says DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
18 - £3,000
11 - £100,000 Cheers and applause and Helen pulls off the perfect game for herself
13 - £1,000

The perfect proveout round and the banker calls and says he would have made an offer of £206, Helen would have said NO DEAL at that offer.

Noel opens box 6 and reveals 1p!! Spooky - The audience go wild

Box 7 contains the £500

Noel then gets the people in the audience who said they would have said NO DEAL at the £16,006 offer to stand up and say 'SORRY' to Helen.

Another landmark is reached tomorrow with the 250th show, Noel has promised celebrating it in style, so tune in to find out what surprises await us.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Adam's Game Report

We are very slowly getting closer to the £4million mark for the contestants, just under £30k until it's passed, with the way recent games have gone it may take a few more days yet, although I hope not.

Noel comments that we are about to hit the 250th show and there is something special for us on that landmark show (expect a BIG viewers comp prize for the show). He also points out that he's been checking the stats and it's been 46 shows since the £250,000 has last been on the 'pound table' and he reckons today could be the day for its return.....

Today's contestant at the 'pound table' is Adam who has box 13 today and is from Bristol so has not had too far to travel, he has his mum in the audience with him today. Adam was once signed as a professional football player for Southampton.

Round 1
15 - 1p great start gets a fantastic applause and cheer
5 - £50,000 greeted with 'oooohhhhs'
3 - £10,000 mixed reaction for the lower red
7 - £250,000 Both ends of the board get hit!!!!
9 - £500

Noel comments that the opening round has lately been destroyed by a lot of the contestants! Noel asks that as most footballers like a flutter does Adam? He says he has a little flutter in the past and a bit with his student grant!!! The banker calls and offers £4,500, Adam says NO DEAL.

Round 2
19 - £1
Adam goes to Matt with 20 but Matt wants Adam to leave him for a while, Adam decides to stick with his initial choice
20 - £10 good decision to stick with him though
4 - £100,000

Adam forgets how many boxes he has opened, which is not a good thing to do in the banker's eyes!! The banker calls and offers £1,717 - This offers relates to Adam's football shirt number in a photo he showed at the start of the game, Adam says NO DEAL.

Round 3
11 - £5,000
18 - £750
10 - £50

Noel decides to write 1,2,3 on Adam's hand to help remind him of how many boxes he has opened.
The banker makes an offer of £7,000. Adam says that is a lot of money and goes to his mum who agrees, he then goes for a sweep of the wings where everyone says NO DEAL - Adam agrees with this and says NO DEAL.

Round 4
6 - £35,000
17 - £15,000
2 - 10p
The £75,000 and £20,000 are very exposed now.

Noel reckons this could be a challenging offer next, the banker calls and says he needs to think about this offer - He calls back and has made his mind up and offers £9,000.

Noel goes to Adam's mum who says it's a nice offer, however it is his lucky year - Adam looks puzzled at that comment He goes for another sweep of the wings and Noel calls it short as Adam says he knows his decision already - DEAL

Round 5 - Proveout round
1 - £3,000
22 - £1,000
14 - £100
Groans from the audience after that round avoiding the 2 largest amounts on the board. Noel asks why Adam dealt early and he says he couldn't have risked it, he needed the money. The banker calls and says he would have offered £17,000 - Adam says he would have dealt there...

Round 6 - Proveout round
8 - 50p
16 - £75,000 cheers and applause + big relief from Adam
21 - £5

With £20,000 and £250 left the banker calls and would have made an offer of £4,500, Adam says he would have said NO DEAL.

Noel opens box 13 in front of Adam and reveals £20,000, Box 12 has the £250. Adam says he is disappointed but happy with the £9,000.

Yet another game goes wrong at the very start and doesn't really get a chance to get going and provide the contestant with a chance at a large win.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Maddie's Game Report

The start of a new week and hopefully a more financially rewarding week for the contestants this week after the pounding they took last week recording the lowest overall contestant's winnings in the history of the show to date.

Today's contestant to take the 'Walk of Wealth' is Maddie, she has box 2 today and says the most frightening part for her was the thought of having to climb onto the 'Crazy chair'. Maddie has her husband John in the audience with her today offering support, Noel goes through her piccies of her son and grandchildren and we learn from these that Maddie would like to win enough today to enable her and her husband to visit her son in who now lives in Australia.

Round 1
19 - £100,000 horrible start
12 - £100
20 - £20,000
6 - £250,000 the round gets worse!!!
21 - £50,000

A terrible start to the game and Noel points out that this is one of the worst opening rounds ever. The banker however loves the sound of the studio biting their nails and fearing the worse, he respects Maddie and makes an opening offer that will enable her to travel to Australia and offers £2,500. Maddie says that will indeed get her to Australia but makes the decision to NO DEAL.

Round 2
3 - £5 Cheers and applause greet that opening
7 - £75,000 Gasps greet that one!!!!!
10 - £10 relief all round for that one.

While waiting for the banker to call Noel asks Maddie where she thinks the banker will go now, she says half of the previous offer. The banker says that the game is going totally his way and offers Maddie's prediction of £1,250, Maddie replies with NO DEAL.

Round 3
9 - £50
1 - £10,000 silence greets that box
4 - £750 cheers and applause

Maddie says she is still in the game and hanging on even though the £10,000 went in that round. The banker says it's an interesting atmosphere in the studio, and gives a lecture about all the contestants being resigned to Maddie going home with a small amount and offers £3,100, he thinks that the contestants will encourage her to deal with that offer. Maddie asks to speak to one of her fellow contestants Khanny who advises her to play on, Maddie then goes on to choose her next box before Noel can ask her the question, he pulls her up on this and asks the question to which we all now know the answer - NO DEAL

Round 4
8 - 10p
11 - £1
5 - £3,000 silence greets the red

Noel points out that the board is now balanced with 4 reds and 4 blues, with £35,000 being the highest amount still in play.
The Banker makes an offer of £5,000, Maddie asks for a sweep of the contestants and audience and then Noel goes to her husband in the audience who says to go on, Maddie agrees with him and says NO DEAL.

Noel says he in unsure about Maddie's decision there.....

Round 5
14 - 500 Cheers and applause
17 - £250 more of the same only louder
16 - 50p Cheers, applause and feet stamping greet that one

A Superb all blue round that was really needed there, Maddie says 'Australia here I come'. There is only one blue left on the board now and it's the 1p!! The banker calls and offers £10,000, the camera turns to Maddie's husband who is frantically nodding his head in the audience to DEAL, the majority of the audience agree with him and say DEAL. Maddie also agrees and says DEAL, and then goes into a chorus of 'Time me Kangaroo down sport'

Round 6 - Proveout round
22 - £1,000
15 - £35,000 cheers and applause greet the highest amount remaining
13 - 1p a few 'ohhhs' for that

A very good proveout round with the highest red remaining being knocked out, the banker says he would have offered £9.999 - Maddie says she would have dealt for that offer if she had played on.

With the final 2 amounts left of £15,000 and £5,000 Noel opens box number 2 sat in front of Maddie to find out if she has made a good decision to deal at £10,000 or if she could have won a little more, he lifts the lid to reveal £5,000 and indeed after a horrible start to the game Maddie actually played the perfect game and won the highest amount she could have won in the game. Box 18 has the £15,000

Saturday, September 09, 2006

'Cocky' Bill's Game Report

Well after last weeks best ever week for contestant’s winnings in the show's history, this week is heading for the worst week ever for contestant's winnings unless today can turn this around. Today 'Cocky bill' tries to reverse this week's trend. It's yet another early appearance for a contestant as Bill has 14 shows under his belt, the banker calls pre-game and says he has immense respect for Bill and huge respect for his wife (who is in the audience) who has to put up with Bill!. It could be an interesting battle with the banker today with the recent banter between Bill and the banker leading to the banker giving Bill the prefix of 'Cocky'

Round 1
13 - £10
15 - £35,000 mixed reaction on that one
14 - £50,000 groans from the audience
17 - £20,000 more 'ohhhs'
3 - £50 and the return of Joseph in a new position on the wings - Noel speaks to Joseph and we find out that Joseph has been away in hospital.

The banker calls and says it great to see Joseph back - Joseph quickly fires back that he should see his front as it's even better, it looks like Joseph is back and in form again providing some entertainment on the wings. The banker makes an initial offer of £2 (this relates to an earlier game where Bill had some comments for the banker resulting in a £2 offer to another contestant) He then adds £6,000 in front of it - so £6,002 is the opening offer, Bill says NO DEAL.

Round 2
1 - £15,000
8 - 1p Big cheer all round
21 - £1 big cheers and applause

Noel comments about the large gap in the reds now, the banker calls very quickly and says he is loving this game - him against 'Cocky Bill' and offers £13,500. Bill says NO DEAL.

Round 3
11 - £250,000 brings silence to the studio
19 - £250 big cheers and applause
5 - £100,000

That was a horrible round for Bill and the £75,000 is very isolated now. The banker says he loved that round and Noel comments that it is now a one box game as was Rob's game yesterday who bailed out at £3,500 so the banker offers the same £3,500, Bill says NO DEAL

Round 4
9 - £1,000
6 - £75,000 Groans from the audience
10 - 50p

Banker quickly calls and Noel tells Bill to sit down before he reveals the bankers offer - Bill does and Noel reveals the offer of £800. Noel asks Bill what he's thinking - Bill says it's quite a low offer and then goes on to say NO DEAL.

Round 5
7 - £500
4 - £5 cheers and applause
16 - £100

At last Bill gets an all-blue round and the banker calls to say that it is now a well-balanced board and offers £3,000. Bill goes for a sweep of the boards and shakes everyone’s hands as he gets their opinions - Lots of NO DEALs and Bill agrees and says NO DEAL.

Round 6
22 - £750
12 - 10p big cheers and applause
18 - £5,000

With £3,000 and £10,000 left on the board Bill takes a big swig of tea and the banker calls and says he wasn't expecting an all red final two before making a final offer of £6,000. Bill goes to his wife who says take the offer, Bill has a little think and then says NO DEAL.

Noel opens Bill's box number 2 to reveal £3,000, box 20 has the £10,000.

Bill takes home £3,000 and finishes off the worst week ever in the show's history for contestant's winnings (£33,054). After last weeks opening to the new season producing the best week ever (£183,500.01), the games this week never to really seem to get going and give the contestants a chance of winning big, the highest offer made all week was £21,000.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Rob's Game Report

It doesn't look like we are going to break through the £4million mark this week unless we have a couple of good games today and tomorrow, in fact we could be heading for the worst week ever for contestant's total winnings for a week!! Noel says there is a very strange atmosphere in the studio and almost fear amongst the contestants due to Sarah's game yesterday (and probably most of the games this week as well)

Rob looks quite shocked about being picked today (he has only been on the wings for 10 shows which would explain this reaction - he probably expected to be there for a while longer), he has box 16.

Noel asks if he is lucky, he says yes and no - he is no good at picking numbers....

Rob whips up the audience into a frenzy.....

Round 1
3 - £20,000
15 - £50
9 - £5,000
Rob struggles to pick his numbers as he says it looks different this side of the wings - Noel tells him to move his chair.
10 - £1,000
Rob is still indecisive about his box numbers - he was right about his trouble picking numbers and labours over his box selection again.
12 - £10

We finally get to the end of round 1 and it's banker time....
The banker says he has nothing on file for Rob, although he thinks that Rob is a secret super hero - Rob says he can see through boxes. The banker makes an opening offer of £4,000. Rob says NO DEAL

Round 2
Noel tells Rob to continue at his own pace and then goes off-stage to get a chair and his newspaper, Rob asks if he is in charge.... The banker calls back and Rob asks should he get the phone, Noel says that "you said you are in charge so get it". The banker tells Rob to move it on as they are all getting really old!!!

17 - £750
6 - £15,000 mixed reaction to that box
7 - £250 huge applause and cheers - Rob goes over to shake Ashley's hand

The banker calls and has a little dig at Rob about the amount of time he is taking to choose his boxes by saying that the boxes are shouting at Rob to get a move on, he then offers £17,000 which receives a great cheer and applause from the audience. Rob says NO DEAL.

Round 3
14 - £100,000 'ooohhs' all round
8 - £5 cheers and applause
18 - £10,000 mixed reaction for that one

Noel says that it is difficult to read Rob's face, Rob then goes onto to say that he is looking to win between up to £20,000 to purchase a 19th century Georgian music box. The banker is happy that the £100,000 has gone in the last round, and he is also using smelling salts and espresso to keep him awake during Rob's slow gameplay. The banker makes an initial offer of 10p!! But then adds the £20,000 t tempt Rob to deal with the amount he would need for his musical box - the 10p was for if it was coin-operated! Noel says that Rob should have inflated the cost of the musical box and the banker would have offered more..... Rob says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Rob asks Michaela if she could have the £250,000 again? (based on her recent run of £250,000 4 games in a row!) He goes to Michaela who has...
5 - £35,000 mixed reaction again....
Rob goes to Maddie who he dismissed earlier in the game
2 - £250,000 should have gone with his initial gut reaction earlier....
20 - £50,000
After that horrible round of destroying the red side of the board the banker offers £3,500. Rob says he is remaining positive and thinks for a long time over the question and then says DEAL. Rob says that he has seen the game fall apart too many times to risk going on.

Round 5 Proveout round
4 - £75,000 BIG cheers and applause.....
Rob does the perfect deal as Noel points out
21 - 1p
11 - £1

With the last largest red removed in the last round the banker would have offered £350, Rob says he would have said NO DEAL

Round 6 Proveout round
22 - £100
1 - 10p
13 - 50p

With £500 and £3,000 left the banker would have offered £1,500 - Rob says he would have said DEAL.

Noel opens Rob's box 16 to reveal £3,000 which gives him a small profit of £500 with the earlier deal he made. Box 19 has the £500.

So we have yet another game for the week that has a horrible turnaround mid-game to destroy a contestant's chance of winning big. Rob managed to bail out early after the disaster and make a small profit over his box amount, but its yet another game this week that has gone badly against the contestant. Will tomorrow's contestant buck the trend of the week?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sarah's Game Report

It's Sarah's turn to take the 'walk of wealth today' she has box 13 which hopefully is not unlucky for her.....
Sarah has her best friends with her in the audience along with her aunt, her husband and dad were due to turn up tomorrow to offer support but miss out on Sarah's time at the 'pound table'.

Noel asks is Sarah will write her target in the book, Sarah seems unsure at first but agrees to write something in the book. Noel asks will she write something on his banana instead!!! She agrees but Noel hides it to reveal at the end of the game.

Round 1
4 - £20,000 'Oh crumbs' says Noel.....
12 - £50,000 groans from the audience
6 - £5,000 Noel asks if this is going to be an all red round...
9 - £100 the first blue gets a great reception....
15 - £1,000

Noel says that's not a good ratio of hitting 4 reds to 1 blue, Sarah says that it gives her more chance of hitting more blues in the next round. The banker says that as Sarah wrote something on the banana he has written his prediction for the game on his plums!!! He has written '1' on one and 'p' on the other. He then doesn't make a financial offer but instead offers Sarah the chance to swap he current box with any other box that is still in play. Sarah says this is a tricky decision as there are 2 numbers that mean something to her - box 13 and box 7 , after a little thought Sarah decides to stick with her box 13

Round 2
5 - £75,000 Gasps all around
19 - £10 Cheers and applause greets the blue
16 - £250

Noel says this is the fruitiest game we've had so far - the battle of Sarah's banana against the bankers plums!!! Sarah says the game is still looking OK, Noel says that Sarah is about to get her first financial offer - will this tempt the banker to offer a second swap offer? He doesn't and makes an offer of £13,000. Sarah goes to her aunt for some advice, who suggests a NO Deal as does her friends in the audience, Sarah agrees with this and tells Noel NO DEAL.

Round 3
2 - £5 big cheers
10 - £15,000 a small ripple of applause
21 - 10p cheers and 'whoops' for that one

Sarah is still happy with the game as the 2 largest amounts are still in play, the banker reveals that Paul's target of £20,000 has given him valuable information about the contestants that £20,000 is an amount that the contestants will go for, he then offers £20,000 - Sarah says NO DEAL. The banker calls back and says he was worried before but now he is terrified of Sarah!!!!

Round 4
3 - £750
1 - £35,000
18 - £10,000

The safety nets have disappeared but Sarah points out there are now loads of blues to still hit. Noel says that this will be a testing offer now, he asks the banker how he is feeling now - the banker replies 'Fruity' there is mention of £8,500 in the conversation but then Noel reveals the true figure of £20,000 - The banker sticks with his last offer. Sarah ponders over this offer before saying NO DEAL.

Noel asks for some positivity and the audience responds with cheers and applause

Round 5
17 - £250,000 Silence in the studio
20 - 50p
11 - £3,000 Michaela

Banker says he is relieved with that round and applauds Sarah's courage, he then offers £6,000 - This is greeted with gasps from the audience. Sarah needs to discuss this and turns to her aunt - she suggests to deal and not leave with possibly nothing. Sarah says NO DEAL.

Round 6

Sarah needs an all blue with only the one red remaining and goes to hold hands with her fellow contestants before the first box of the next round is opened.

14 - £100,000 Only blues left and the 1p is still there
22 - 1p
8 - £1

With £50 and £500 left the banker compliments Sarah on her game
and offers £250. Sarah says she might as well go all the way now and announces NO DEAL.

Noel opens Sarah’s box 13 to reveal £50

Box 7 has the £500

Noel asks Sarah if we can look at what was written on the banana, Sarah agrees and it reveals that she wanted a win over £50,000.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paul's game report

The week has started off with 2 games that never really got a chance to get going, will today’s game turn this around? Noel introduces the show with a rather comical Roger Moore style little eyebrow routine. He encourages the contestants to forget about the last 2 days and to play their own game against the banker.

Bill's name appears on the screen as 'Cocky Bill' relating to his 'cocky' remarks to the banker yesterday, looks like this name will stick throughout his time on the show now and could make an interesting show when it's his time to play.

Paul is today's contestant and has box 22 today and is pulled up for putting his box the wrong way round on the table, he says he is a risk taker in life and believes that you need to take risks in life, so this could be an interesting game.

Round 1
18 - 10p cheers and applause
8 - £75,000 'oooohhhs'
16 - £750
Paul says it difficult to choose numbers without a system and Noel offers him a system - it's to pick off all the blues first!!!
10 - £10
21 - 50p

Great recovery from losing the £75,000 early in the round.

Noel mentions that Paul might get a great offer here and would he be the first person to walk at the first offer as someone must one day. The banker makes a comment about offering enough money for Paul to bleach all of his hair instead of just half of it as he has now.... He makes an opening offer of £9,000 - Paul respects the offer but says NO DEAL.

Round 2
17 - £100,000 Groans all round
11 - £5,000
2 - £3,000

Paul says he is still feeling good and positive about the game. Banker says they have a lot in common and offers £14,500. Paul says that again it is a great offer and appreciates it, he asks the wings for their opinions - they all say NO DEAL. Paul agrees and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
13 - £1,000
1 - £15,000 greeted initially with silence then a ripple of applause
20 - £250

Paul says he is feeling good now, banker feels good that an amount went that was higher than the last offer and makes an offer for this round of £19,000. Noel goes to 'Cocky Bill' for his opinion on the game and offer, he says it's still a balanced board. Paul says thinks about the offer before saying NO DEAL.

Round 4
19 - £20,000
7 - £10,000
5 - £50,000

A horrible all red round for Paul that really hits that side of the board and leaves only the £35,000 and £250,000 in the reds, Noel says the game has now been spoiled and it's not all or nothing yet but the game has changed. The Banker calls and cuts his previous offer in half and offers £9,500.

Paul says this is where the game becomes a gamble and he has to decide if he would be happy with potentially go away with nothing.... He has a long think about his decision and then says DEAL.

Round 5 - Proveout round
The studio is totally silent, Noel asks if Paul has gone a round too early.
3 - £10
6 - £5
9 - £1

The perfect round if Paul had gone on - Noel says he has 'Blown it' and makes a real point about this. Noel tells Paul to prepare himself for a big disappointment with the next offer from the banker, who calls and says he would have offered £42,000!!! This seems quite inflated and I would have thought it would have been lower if Paul was still actually playing the game, Paul says he would have dealt at that offer if he had played on.

Round 6 - Proveout round
12 - 1p Paul admits this is not going good.....
15 - £500 It gets worse for Paul
Five blues in a row now!!!!
14 - £35,000 Gasps in the audience

That round leaves a final 2 amounts of £100 and £250,000, Noel really rubs in the fact that Paul has potentially lost the chance to win the £250,000 as he would have been so close to winning it and says that he is going to have sleepless nights over his decision to deal early. The banker calls and would have offered £84,000. Again Paul says he would have dealt at that stage.

Noel really builds up the tension in the studio pointing out the high previous offers that were turned down and Paul is now convinced that the £250,000 is sitting in front of him, Noel opens box 22 in front of Paul and reveals £100 to the great relief of everyone. Noel points out that although Paul has sold his box for a profit and cost the banker some money, he had the potential to be the first £250,000 winner with the inevitable swap offer the banker would made.

Noel asks Michaela to open box 4 and reveal the £250,000, that's the fourth show in a row now that Michaela has the £250,000 and although this hasn't been mentioned onscreen yet, I would imagine it's a bit of talking point amongst the contestants and it will be interesting to see if it influences anyone in the next few games.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sandra's Game Report

Tuesday brings us Noel in a rather sober shirt for a change, plain pale blue rather than one of his more flamboyant numbers, will this shirt selection mirror the game or will it be another colourful and dramatic show? It's Sandra's turn to take the 'walk of wealth' today and she steps up to the 'pound table' with box 1, she has her husband Bob in the audience offering support and they say they will work as a team throughout the game.

Round 1
5 - £75,000 New player John reveals a big amount in his opening show

9 - £50 Noel tells John that's how it's done and a little comedy banter follows - John could become a bit of a character in future shows

7 - 50p
12 - £500
8 - £250,000

The banker usually likes to punish a player when the £250,000 goes in the opening round and quite often a game can struggle to produce large offers throughout. The banker calls and says that Sandra is like an orchid - beautiful and fragrant, he then makes his offer of £1,500.....
Sandra says NO DEAL

Round 2
13 - £100,000
20 - £10
14 - £10,000

With the second largest amount going in that round along with another red Noel comments that this is mirroring Ottis' game yesterday, he turns to Sandra's husband for his opinion on the game, he replies that Sandra needs to get over onto the blue side of the board. The banker calls and asks if Noel believes in deja-vu, Noel says that the banker is getting a little too cocky now and that Sandra could have the £50,000 sat in front of her. The banker makes an offer of £310, Noel goes to fellow contestant Bill for his reaction, he says the banker is 'Too cocky by far'. Sandra says NO DEAL

Round 3
2 - £5 the blue amount is greeted with cheers and applause
19 - £250 a cheer of 'YAY' goes around
11 - £20,000

Noel points out that the £20,000 was an important box to keep hold of there. Noel asks the contestants if they think they the 1p - no-one replies..... The banker says he is filling out Bill's file and wants to know if Bill said 'too cocky by half' or 'too cocky by far'? Noel bluffs that the offer is £2 playing on the 'Too cocky' comments before revealing the true amount of £5,002.
Sandra says NO DEAL

Round 4
16 - £5,000 Noel asks for the 1p next....
15 - 10p it's nearly delivered for Noel
6 - £1,000

The banker calls and says that his following offer is very respectful and should be seriously considered, he doubles his previous amount and offers £10,004. Sandra is surprised by the offer and mentions that she has been to Vegas a few times but has never beaten the bank, she asks for her husband to join her to discuss this decision. He joins her and is heard to say that he thinks there is at least one more round there, but he will support her whatever decision she makes. After more thought Sandra announces that she will DEAL.

Round 5 - Proveout
10 - £15,000
17 - £1
3 - £3,000

IT would have a been an OK round and the banker comments that he thinks he will be joining the bankers in Vegas and beat Sandra as well, he says he would have offered £17,000.

Round 6 - Proveout
4 - £750
18 - £35,000
21 - 1p

That round leaves a final 2 of £100 and £50,000, Sandra's husband is still convinced the £50,000 is sitting inside of Sandra's box, the banker says he would have offered £21,000 and Sandra tells Noel she would have dealt for that amount.

Noel opens Sandra's box 1 and reveals it contains £100, box 22 contains the £50,000.

Sandra dealt a little too early today, but did produce a win over the banker although he would probably say he technically won as he didn't have to give away his higher offers to force Sandra into a deal.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Ottis' Game Report

The start of the second week of the second season and hopefully it will be just as eventful as last weeks very entertaining start to the new season.

Today's contestant to step up to take the walk of wealth and his place at the pound table is Ottis. The intro for Ottis is very short but we learn he is originally from Jamaica but now living in London, he has box 11 in front of him today.

Round 1
12 - 1p fantastic start and the audience love it
21 - £3,000 Ottis looks worried at the loss of that
7 - £1 audience cheers
1 - £100,000 produces 'OHHHH's'
6 - £75,000 more 'OHHHH's'

Banker quickly calls and says that wasn't a good opening round but he has respect for Ottis for what he has brought to the show in his time while waiting on the wings.

The banker makes an opening offer of £4,700 - Ottis says No Deal

Round 2
3 - £50,000
9 - £35,000 OUCH!!!!
14 - £250,000

Disastrous round for Ottis and Noel comments that this is the unluckiest game in months as Ottis takes out the top 5 amounts in the first 2 rounds.....

Ottis says that he needs to win a nice amount otherwise he won't be allowed back home!! Noel offers him a room at his place if it all goes wrong. The banker calls and offers £700, Ottis quickly says NO DEAL.

Round 3
5 - £500 Applause
2 - £10,000 produces 'OOHHHH's' from the audience
13 - £750 cheers and applause

Ottis yet again hits another large red during the round, and the banker is a little unsure where to pitch the offer. He decides to offer £2,700 - Ottis says NO DEAL

Round 4
18 - 10p cheers and applause greet the blue
15 - £50
Noel starts to pull a few funny faces which Ottis notices and comments on, so Noel goes to the other side of the studio and pulls up a chair at which point he gets out a pen and pad and starts to write "I must not pull faces at Ottis" 100 times. Noel then calls a commercial break to give him time to write the lines....
Back from the break and Ottis asks Noel how many lines he has written, Noel says he has written out 1 line and put X100 beside it!!!!!
Ottis then chooses his last box of the round..

8 - £1,000

The banker rings and Noel answers, but the banker asks to speak to the boss so Noel hands the phone over to Ottis. He tells Ottis that if he takes the next offer he will throw in a tent as well so that he has somewhere to stay, he then offers £4,000 - Ottis says NO DEAL

Round 5
18 - 10p cheers and applause greet the blue
15 - £50
16 - 50p The studio loves it....

Ottis finally produces an all blue round and the banker makes on offer of £7,000. Ottis needs time to consider this and does his own personal sweep of the wings while Noel takes a seat in the audience, halfway through Ottis summons Noel to join him to complete the sweep and then escorts Noel back to the 'pound table' and teaches him a 'cool' walk on the way. Noel then asks Ottis the important question to which Ottis replies DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £100 silence from the audience
19 - £5,000
17 - £15,000 still receives silence....

With £20,000 and £10 left on the board Ottis says he needs the toilet, the banker calls and says that Ottis can go off stage to use the toilet if he likes, Ottis decides to stay and the banker offers £5,000 + 1p...... Ottis says he would have made a DEAL on that offer.

Noel opens the box number 11 sat in front of Ottis to reveal £10 and give Ottis a win over the banker. Box 10 contains the £20,000. Noel congratulates Ottis and says he has been great on the show and doesn't want him to leave, to which Ottis replies "can I have another shot"

What started out as a horrible first few opening rounds for Ottis, he managed to turn the game around enough to give him a nice win of £7,000 and produce another win over the banker.