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Friday, June 16, 2006

Ron's game

Another day, another game and another appalling shirt! I feel absolutely privileged to be writing the report for the 200th game of Deal or No Deal! (I really really do, no sarcasm at all) An interesting statistic that the banker has given away over £3.25 million in this series.
Today is big Ron’s show, box number 8, you can’t miss him, in more ways than one, what a shirt! I think they should start a new club within Deal or No Deal, not just the 1p shirt but the shocking shirts! Ron is a hypnotherapist from Surrey and coincidently his lucky number is eight, let’s hope it works after this week. He has some rocks! The most important is the pink one (really?), he has won the lottery twice since receiving the pink rock and it represents money. Another thought to nibble at is that he has 22 pieces of this rock and is willing to share his fortunes with the others.

Round one
Amy number 6- £10,000
Alan number 9- £15,000
Frank number 2- £10
Shirley number3- £50
Ryan number 22-£5
Just three words to say about that round I feel.
Cool, Calm, Collected
Ron’s seems very comfortable and so he should with that shirt (He is comfortable about something at least) An interesting dig at the banker saying that he needs therapy!
First offer- £9200- Santa says……………………… no deal

Round two
Debbie number 1-£35,000
Chrissie number 19- £75,000
What a hooter in the audience!!! Not his best side!!!
Pierre number 20-£250,000!!OUCH!!
Players who each chicken flavoured crisps have averaged over£23,000
Players who eat beef flavour have averaged just £7000
Second offer £1200 – Santa says………………… no deal

Round three
Ooooooo a quickie with Noel, I’m really questioning Ron now.
Paul number 5-50p
Ashock number 21-£1000
Lee number15-£750
Bankers third offer £6200- Santa says…………….. no deal
Chrissie offers Ron a quickie, a change in lifestyle maybe? Of course I’m only joking I love pink, please don’t take any offence.
Another phone call from the banker insuring the next to be the worst round, with a complete disagreement from Ron who takes Chrissie up on that offer.

Round four
Vic number 14-£100
Yvonne number 11- £250
Ilene number 7-£1
How wrong the banker was, what a fantastic round and a reassuring statistic from Noel encouraging Big Ron’s confidence. Naughty Noel making dirty deal or no deal comments about his quickies with contestants.
Bankers fourth offer £13,000- Santa says………….. no deal

Round five
Mark number 12- £50,000
Wayne number 4 -£3000
Penny number 13-£5000
Bankers fifth offer £13201- Santa says………….. no deal
Gambling territory, with the odds happily told from our very own deal or no deal bookie Joseph

Round six
Joseph number 16- 1p ( an uplifted smile brings back everyone’s smiles)
Mel number 17-10p Once again penny is crying and it seems that Lee has had too much caffeine before the show, as he throws himself in and out of the air like a yo-yo.
Linda number 18-£100,000 (There go those smiles)
Bankers sixth offer £5200-Santa says……… no deal-Santa says……. no swap
NOel opened the box and there it was £20,000!!!
Round of applause for big Ron’s colourful game,
What a finish to an awful week as Bianca box number 10 reveals the £500.

Georgia xxxx

Ron won £20,000


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