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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Drew's game

I think Noel has had a trip to the hairdressers – his highlights seem to have merged into one strange shade. Today’s interesting shirt is a classic – did anyone note whether he wears them more than once?

Noel is praising Suzanne’s game yesterday and predicting a magic Wednesday. I think he must get a free Sun for advertising it. Their headline this morning is it’s Waynesday.

It’s Drew’s turn today and he carries box 20 to the hot seat. He reminds me of one of the 2 angelic brothers in an old film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby. Drew McQuirrik’s Father was an undertaker, he is a retired tax inspector, formerly a referee. His biggest regret is not having married his wife (in the audience) of 21 years, sooner. His two photographs are of his wife and their daughter Tracey.

The tax man has a plan to go away with the right amount of money – he puts an entry in the book for the end of the show as Noel is scrambling in his bag on the floor, suddenly emerging with a whistle which he blows loudly referee style.

Round 1
Carlton No 8 kicks off with 50p. Joan next, box 16 she has £5k. Wayne and box 14 next opens £100. Over to box 6 and big Ron opens £1,000. The audience is happy if a little nervous. Lastly in this round is Theresa box 10 with the ever popular 1p. Drew is wearing a big smile as his hands go up in the air. The banker concedes Drew is more unpopular than himself beating him hands down. The offer is £4,000 knocking off 40% from his first offer of £8,000. Drew declares a no deal.

Round 2
Onward, and Jo opens box 12 to reveal the £35k. Chrissie and box 18 opens up £15k, followed by Drew selecting Richard and Box 2 which we find out after the break contains £500. The offer of two halves as per tax payments is £6,000 twice - £12,000 in total, Drew and his wife have a quiet ‘conflab’ after which Drew announces - no deal.

Round 3
Box number 4 opened by Bianca cuts out just £1 from the board. Next up is Becca with box 22 she finds the £75k. Nessie and box 11 closes this round by bringing the mood back up with £750. The banker thinks the odds are against Drew his offer is £15,001. The wife declares her view to whoever wants to hear it saying it’s a really nice offer but she knows Drew is a gambler. Drew drops his hand over his mouth and the phone rings back instantly. It’s the banker thanking her for the information. It is still a no deal.

Round 4
Drew wishes to reveal his system. It is all about a handicap score index in golf – I suspect he just wants to boast about his 6 handicap which used to be 3 but whatever – he is entitled it’s a very nice handicap. Lee and box 13 is chosen next with £3k. Louise and box 17 next has 10pence, the noise levels are getting higher in the building. Not sure about anyone else but I am waiting for the start of the fall. Drew chooses Melanie and box 3 Melanie is a very attractive new panel member who is kept waiting whilst Noel calls the break she nervously grins as she reveals £10.
The board has 3 blues remaining £5, £50 & £250. and 5 reds £250k, £20k, £50k, £10k and £100k.
The banker wants to jam a wedge in his resolve with a £25,000 real cash money in the bank – tax free offer. The wife decides he must go on suggesting Drew’s box 20 contains the £100k which is the 40% tax element of £250k box telling him to ‘go for it’. The audience is delighted with her and with his answer despite the fact that she is there is an 87.5% chance she is wrong – no deal.

Round 5
Daz, box 21 starts this difficult round, some big reds must come out, sure enough he has £50k. Joseph and box 1 is next, as Drew hides his eyes Joseph opens up £100k the silence is very, very loud. Drew swallows hard and goes for Yvonne who has the £5. I am seriously worried at the colour of Drew’s face which appears to have drained its blood supply completely. The banker is apparently laughing into the phone whilst making an offer of £17,500. Drew asks no-one for advice but takes a long time to deliver his answer we have a deal, the wife looks pleased. Noel declares he knows Drew and that he made the right decision, despite his instinct to go on.

Hypothetical round 6
Peter with box 15 would have been next it is £10k. Box 5 held by Trevor contains £250 and Noel winding up the atmosphere is directed by Drew to Debbie and box 9 who clears off the last blue on the board £50. There is £20k and £250k left on the board and Drew has his hands over his mouth almost as though he could retract his words in the previous round. Noel states the obvious that this is exactly the round he would have needed. The bankers offer would have been £90k.

Morris will be experiencing de’ja’vue if he is watching – we all remember his show – we also recall the offer Morris declined was £100k at this point. We would expect the hypothetical offer to be higher surely.

Finally Noel opens Drew’s box with another big build up, it is £20k. There appears to be huge fake relief from everyone in the building including Noel Scott in box 7 proves to have the illusive £250k.

Drew is putting a brave face on it but we all know he is kicking himself for not going that one more deal. Hindsight is a wonderful thing though Drew and I’m sure this will be talked to death at the 19th hole for quite some time to come. Incidentally will we ever know what the entry in the little black book was?

Drew won £17,500

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