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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Trevor's game

“Get rid of the blues” says the voice over man before today’s show. I’m not sure if Nessie and Scott will agree with that sentiment.

It’s a grey barcode shirt today for Noel – I like it better than the flowery jobs. Wicked Wednesday is spelled out to us – The banker paid out a total of £15 across both shows yesterday put that way it is a bit shocking.

Trevor, brings his box 19 to the table today and puts it facing the wrong way round which Noel makes a meal of. Trevor and Lorraine have 10 children between them some from previous relationships. He looks very cuddly in his fuscia pink jumper which is a bit oversized, suggesting perhaps, that he is no stranger to the sweetie shop. Mum, Dad and Topsy the dog are with him (pictorially) – Mum had 8 kids but also fostered 40 more. He loves them all to bits and I can hear emotion in is voice already. His system is based on a set of numbers drawn out from bingo balls supplied by his Dad and written down prior to this show.

Round 1
Yvonne, box 18- £750.
Wayne, box 4 - £10
Debbie, box 3 - £100 produces a jig from Trev
Mark, box 9 - £75,000
Ted, box 10 - 10p
The banker tells Noel he had a great meal yesterday – Nessie, lightly grilled, followed by Scott, well done. All to be washed down today with a bottle of Trevor. The offer is £5,010. No deal from Trev.

Round 2
Frank, (Kelly’s eye) box 1 – 1p – Relief bounces around the studio.
Shelley, box 22 - £1,000
Big Ron, (one fat lady) box 8 – Trevor is told to apologise to big Ron for being rude - £15,000
The offer is £10,005 deal or no deal? – No deal

Round 3
Chrissie, (legs) 11 - £500
Melanie, box 17 - £250
Ashok, box 20 - £50 It’s round 3 and there are only 3 blues left on the board and 8 reds - warning signals are sounding in my ears.
Trevor was chatting to Morris last night and declares he would have taken the same decision as Morris did declining the £105,000 offer. The banker declares he doesn’t believe Trev. The offer is aimed at Mr Safety – £25,000. A quick no deal is Trev’s answer. “Now it begins”, he says and I believe he means it. Does the banker?

Round 4
Pennie, box ? - £100,000
Eileen, box 16 - £3,000
Linda, box 15 - After the break - £1. Trev is pacing in front of the seating now, generating support from the audience. Jo, when asked, suggests the offer should be around the £30k mark. The banker phones and asks how much to shut Joseph up? The offer - he sticks at £25,000. Lozzie with her broad Geordie accent is called down despite her protestations that she is jinxed. She places herself on Trev’s knee and we all await his confident no deal. Deal or no deal Trev – “Deal” Lorraine jumps off his knee and says "what'r'u doin man?" Everyone including Noel (and me) is seriously shocked. Trev is apologising to everyone and Noel is looking at him, waiting for him to say he was just joking. But he isn’t, he is just a damn good actor who had us all fooled totally. Well done that man.

Round 5
The system is already down on paper and Trev proceeds.
Lee, box 7 - £50,000
Pierre (newbie), box 2 - 50p
Allan, box 12 - £5,000
The hypothetical offer would have been £40,000. One deal too early Noel stating the obvious.

Round 6
Bianca, box 14 - £250,000 the whole studio is grinning, Lorraine has her hands over her mouth
Theresa, box 13 - £5
Amy, Box 6 -£10k
The remaining numbers on the board are £20k and £35k, the offer would have been £27k – would he have gone on at this point asks Noel? – yes hypothetically. Noel opens Trev’s box to reveal £20k.

Trevor apologises to everyone once again for the deception, but he had rightly judged that's the way the game should be played. Noel asks if he fooled himself, did the deal fly from his mouth sort of accidentally? No Trev says, they have just spent that amount doing up a house and to his mind dealing there meant it has cost him nothing. He deserves an Oscar for that performance. What a nice man and how clever is that?

NB Don’t ever take him on at poker.

Regards all - Sue

Trevor won £25,000


bal said...

It was such a surprise seeing him deal so early when he had a strong board apart from going on one deal it seemed he made the right decision. Thats what seperates the winners from the losers. (sorry couldn't think of another word!) Some get carried away whereas others know when to stop and go away with a healthy sum of money!

Anonymous said...

Noel loves your updates - keep going!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant updates as always!

Noel loves them!