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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jainie's Game Report

A jovial Noel sauntered into view, its Saturday night at the dream factory, and this is my last report as work commitments mean that, like many of you, I will be forced to read this blog to find out what happened in our favourite show - Sue will be taking the baton forward from here, and I know she will be great!

Tonight's player is Jainie (sorry Jainie I have been spelling your name wrongly since you arrived). An Indian Lauren Bacal, she walked down the aisle of money with box 18 and a photo of her daughter Monika. Jainie was 57 years old from India, originally a dentist, she grasped life with both hands and had been a gambler since the age of 5. She was a seasoned poker player, who loved to beat men and was very keen to beat the Banker. I don't know exactly where in India she was from, but as Jainie looked around the room, she had the aire of a Bengal Tiger.

Round one: Suzanne, box 22 - 1p - a great start, and Jainie was up on her feet, applauding. Carlton, box 16 - £15,000 - 'Oh ok', as if someone had just corrected her spelling. Peter, box 10 - £5,000. Nessie, box 12 - £10. Jainie yelled and clapped vigourously, but one got the impression this was not comfortable for her, she was being forced to break cover. James, box 21 - 'this will be an incredibly strong round if we don't touch the six', I really am beginning to think this is added on afterwards. The box contained £35,000 ... of course. Her target was £250,000. 'Is there another target just in case things don't go to plan', asked Noel. 'Well we shall see, as we go along', said Jainie refusing to be drawn. The Banker was in love with the beautiful gambler who causes pain' (a reference to her being a dentist) - the offer was £9100. 'I'm impressed, we are going to have a good game?' said Jainie, adding 'No deal'.

Round two: Gorgeous Becca, box 2 - £20,000 - we have never received so many requests for photos of a contestant before, and just for the record, no we don't have any pics, clothed or otherwise. Jainie was on her feet, did she sense danger? She went for Drew, box 1 - £75,000 - Jainie flinched, Noel spotted it. The reds were beginning to look a bit ragged now. Yvonne was next, after the break she opened box 14 - £500. While the Banker delivered his offer Noel and Jainie were bathed in a red light. The Banker had stuck at £9100, which was good considering the boxes taken during the round. But Jainie was not persuaded - 'No deal'

Round three: Jainie asked for a quickie. Lee, box 7 - 10p. Wayne, box 17 - £1. Joan, box 20 - £1000, Jainie in full control, neither flustered nor rushed. The audience started chanting her name and the Banker also did a quickie, in that he phoned immediately. But then he asked to speak to Louise. Louise walked round and up to the phone. The Banker wanted to know if Jainie was her friend and if so what did she think of her. Louise said ' she is dangerous' - all very odd this, but the Banker then offered £20,000. This time Jainie was taking things very carefully. She looked out at the contestants, she was trying to work out where the big amounts were, could she leave them alone? Without moving from her chair, she seemed to be pacing in front of the boxes, testing the defences, sniffing for clues. Finally she sat back, she was ready - 'no deal'.

Round four: Jo (looking really beautiful), box 6 - £3000. Bianca, the new girl, box 15 - £10,000. Jainie was not bothered as long as it was not any of the top three that were left. But the board now contained three reds against six blues, if she did hit the three big ones then she would there would be no fall back position. After the break Daz opened box 3 - 50p. The Banker thought she was very courageous, but as a professional gambler she would know when to go. The offer was £31,000, her mouth fell open, 'now this is good money' was her view. 'I wouldn't want to put money on what you are going to say here' said Noel. Jainie pretended to think long and hard about it, but the Banker was right, she had made up her mind before Noel had finished saying the word 'thousand' when relating the offer, she said Deal.

Round five: Scott, box 4 - £250,000. The audience roared, Noel went bright red, amazed at the timing. Richard, box 5 - £50. Louise, box 13 - £250. The offer would now have been £15,000.Bengal tiger.

Round six: Ron, box 8 - £100,000. Teresa, box 11 - £750. Debbie, box 9 - £50,000. A perfect round, the board was left with £5 and £100, the offer would have been £31.

Noel opened her box to reveal £100, Chrissie, box 19 - £5.

I had the impression from the game, and from the way contestants came up to her afterwards, that Jainie had kept her distance while with the show. Perhaps this was why the Banker had asked Louise to come to the phone - he had little information about her. Not that Louise had helped him. I think this game was on par with Aaron's, in that she had, at every stage, played it exactly right. And considering that she came away with more money than Aaron, one could argue that she played it even better. The Banker hadn't just been beaten by this woman, he had been eaten alive by a vivacious predator.

Jainie won £31,000

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