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Friday, June 02, 2006

Stevie's Game Report

Tonight's reporter is Sue, Iain will be back tomorrow.

Through the introduction I think Noel is looking a bit peaky or – maybe too much blusher. Better shirt this time however he does look smaller/slimmer/more garden gnome’ish in plain colours. The gem from the banker is that he has apparently given out over £3 mllion so far.

It’s (keep going) Stevie taking the walk of wealth and it feels right that she should follow on from Buz yesterday. Not sure how they actualy got on, on the show but I can see a statistical connection from where I am sitting. Cynthia Ventilla Octavia Stevenson Ne: Staggers, has a look of Joyce Grenfell to her though I can’t see her ‘stately as a galleon gliding across the floor’. The statutory family photo’s are produced and Stevie expresses her desire to go to the bright lights of Las Vegas. She is keeping almost constant eye contact with Big Ron for some unknown reason and the numbers 3,5,7,9 & 12 featured in her dreams last night. Noel checks that she is not a plant from the banker as her notoriety as the black widow would suggest.

Round 1
Nessie, box 3 kicks off with 50p, Peter next, box 5 opens £15k, Janey, box 7 has £5k and Jo clears off the dreaded penny with her box number 9. Carlton, box 17 does a ‘Stevie’ revealing the £75k. Noel makes a faux pas exclaiming Stevie is the third player this week who can’t count to 3. Of course her next choice would have been her sixth not third. As the phone rings Stevie asks if she can call the banker ‘Bill’ after her deceased husband who kept her in check (or cheque?) when he was alive 12 years ago. The bankers offer of £7007 is accompanied by a bouquet of roses in apreciation of all the help she has given him in the past weeks.
“Stevie you delivered large reds for me so, sincerely, here are 22 for you with gratitude.” Noel places the roses in Stevie’s empty place on the panel. Stevie cancelled her booked holiday to Las Vegas in April because she hadn’t saved enough to have a real spend up. On that basis she declines the offer.

Round 2
Drew is picked out, his box 16 contains £35k. No 4 and Richard opens £10, lastly in this round is Scott in canary yellow opening box 14 – after the break he opens up £20k silence resounds. Awaiting the offer we hear that Ron is a hypnotherapist and she is trying to pick up a bit of the ‘fluence’ by thinking blue and looking at Ron. The offer is £5,000 Stevie says no deal before being asked the question.

Round 3
Box 2, Daz has £1000, next box 20 and Yvonne has £10k, number 1 and James ends this round with £750. Not much messing around in Stevie’s game so there is a bit of chat about her house which needs a facelift and her cat that she used to take out on a lead but it died. One of the reasons she is always sayng "keep going" is apparently to herself. £14k is the offer and hopefully sufficient for her to be tempted to have that big spend up in Las Vegas. No deal says Stevie she thinks she must use up some of the many blues left on the board.

Round 4
Big Ron box 22 grants her wish with £5, box 13 and new player Debbie promises blue and delivers 10p to the delight of the studio. Last in this round is Joan and box 11 – after another break, it is £250 - a very happy studio. Stevie then stands up to tell a story. This time last year she weighed 14 stone and was stuck in a rut watching telly and eating sweets. Now she weighs 10 stone, she was 72 and decided it was time to live a little so that’s when she decided to join the show. You can practically see the love in the room. The next temptation is 4 stone in pounds plus £21k – Stevie swallows hard at this one, she consults only Suzanne who from her apparently affluent position counsels Stevie to continue – no deal.

Suzanne is chosen now to put her box where her advice was – successfully, with £1 in box 10. Box 15 and Theresa produces yet another blue £100 (I think). Leaving £3k, £50k, £100k and £250k red and £50 and £500 blue. Becca box 18 kills the mood completely by opening the £250k to complete and continued silence. Stevie counters this within 30 seconds by telling Noel she probably wouldn’t live long enough to have spent all that. The next offer is £11,000. She seems to be considering this one making me think the lady is quite a bit sharper than she portrays. She still goes for the no deal.

Round 6
Louise box 19 and £50 kicks off this final round. Noel calls for the remaining £500 but Chrissie with box 21 finds the 100k. One blue and two reds left. Box 6 and Lee effectively ends her dreams and silences the entire studio by opening the £50k. The offer is £1,300. Her choices are £3k & £500. She accepts the deal with regret. Everyone in the studio is silent whilst Noel opens her box 12 and the final blow it contains £3k. Never mind says Stevie I should have kept going.............

No road without obstacles but she found them all.

Stevie won £1,300

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Anonymous said...

we've had a number of sad games over the last few weeks. I guess it has to turn around sometime...wipe that grin off the bankers face.

Going off at a slightly differnet angle, does anyone know if there is an amount of money that still has to be in the chosen players box, or have we seen all 22 sums at 1 time or another??