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Friday, June 09, 2006

Peter's game

I do believe I have seen that shirt before which answers my own question. Attitude is Noel’s key word today – Suzanne had it Becca didn’t yesterday.

Peter is chosen bringing out his box 13, I have to say I had never seen his wheelchair before and he moves it out reminding me of those ads on beeb2.

Originally from Nigeria, Peter Ogenyimi now lives in London, he is it seems a basketball player. Noel loves his attitude and wishes him luck.

Round 1
Box 21 and Bianca opens up with £50k. Scott next and box 7 with £5. Wayne box 9 and 50p. Daz opens his box number 1 next “for a number 1 guy”. Sadly it contains the £75k. Box 6 and Melanie completes the opening round with a painful £20k.
The phone rings for the first time in this game the banker suggests that as he crushes Peter he will crush everyone else who thinks so highly of him. The offer is £1,900 a bit of a subdued boo emits from the darkness. No deal is Peter’s reply to the question.

Round 2
Carlton’s box 16 has £5k. Theresa and box 10 next clears the 1p out of the way.
Finally Richard is questioned as to how he is feeling which could be quite significant after yesterday. His answer is “good it’s going to be blue” … as we go to break. Richard’s box 3 contains £10k. Peter tells us he is wants to raise money to take back to Nigeria and train kids there to play basketball. The offer is £5,800, the answer is - no deal.

Round 3
An all blue one is called for, and Joan is chosen to open box 4, she has £10.
Next is box 20 and Lee it has 50p. Last one is Nessie and box 8 produces yet another big red £10k. The studio is deathly quiet but Peter genuinely seems unaffected with his big smile. It is all about attitude. The offer is £2,200 – Peter say’s “nice offer but I know where I’m going - ask me” – no deal accompanied by another big Peter smile, no wonder everyone seems to like this guy.

Round 4
Eileen’s introduction to the game is box 5 and it contains £500. Trevor is chosen next box 22 and it has £15k. Ron is last in this round….Noel chooses this moment to break for ads. Big Ron’s box 14 is £250 and he gets a huge cheer. Peter is still looking confident Noel asks him where the £250k is and Peter tells him to wait till the end of the show. The offer is now £10,000 and the banker seems confident that he will take it. A sweep is finally requested and the general consensus seems not to deal. The answer is – no deal which seems without the usual false bravado we see from players who get swept along with the atmosphere.

Round 5
Chrissie and box 11 is selected – the £35k goes with it. Penny box 19 is next another red £3k this is unbelievable. There are 4 blues on the board: £1, £50, £100 and £750, and two reds: £1k and £250k. Joseph is next box 18 and £750 is gone.
The banker has had a change of heart – the new offer is £25k what will he do now? Peter tells himself he needs to remember his resolve to make the right decision at the right time - deal surely? The answer this time is - to deal. The noise in the studio seems to indicate complete agreement. The offer seems extraordinarily high, does the banker know more about the contents of box 13 than we do?

Round 6
Next decision would be Yvonne’s box 17 and there is the £250k - sweet. (I retract my earlier suspicions), £1000 and Jo would be his next choice with box 15. Louise has £100 in her box 12. Hello looser says Noel into the phone – the new hypothetical offer is £25. Peter has the £1 in his box and the last box (no 2) contains the 50pence.

Well done Peter, I had some difficulty understanding you whilst typing but I did get your positivity and you provided a brilliantly entertaining show.


Peter won £25,000

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To me, today's game was up there as one of the best.

I too have to admit that I thought he was just a really short guy who couldn't quite reach the box with ease, so to see him come out in the wheelchair was a surprise. I love what they did with the ramp though - looked very professionally made.
I couldn't really understand a lot of what he said either, luckily subtitles had better luck though I notice even they missed some. I wonder if Noel understood it all.

There are three things I particularly remember from this game:
- He just enjoyed it. No over strained agonising followed by 10 mins of deciding, he just played it cool and loved it. He knew exactly what he was doing.
- The first round was bad but he stated that he was happy with it.
I agree with this outlook because as no one ever deals on the 1st or 2nd offers and rarely the 3rd offer, half the board will be gone before they take the offer seriously. Therefore I see the first 8 or 11 boxes as the group to judge, not the first 5.
- He said he went on instinct and he knew when the right time was. He also generally implied that what would happen would happen and it would turn out good. Taking out the 3 biggest in the last round was a magical ending.
I thought he should have gone at 10 (partly influenced by what happened yesterday), but he knew he could squeeze one more.

As for that 25k offer, it's a bit of a mix. Though the 250k will obviously bring the offers upwards, the fact it was all alone usually brings the offers right down. The banker has offered 9.9k given that scenario before. I suspect he offered 25k for a couple of reasons:
- The fact he knew what he was doing and that he just went on despite his advice to others.
- The fact he was planning to use the money for a good deed (i.e. not all-for-him). The banker has leaned towards that before.

The very best bit for me was when Noel answered and said "Hello loser... banker". It added to an already fantastic atmosphere. Hopefully it won't make tomorrow's player over confident though.

Well done Peter if you're reading this. You played it perfectly, and you provided fantastic viewing. I wish you luck with your project.