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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ashok's Game Report

Tonight by my favourite youngest daughter Olivia (dad is very proud)

Deal or no deal appears on the screen .We say hello noel while he starts up with the usual waffle. Poor man, he tries so hard to make it un repetitive.
I seem to remember Noel attacking someone for wearing a deck chair for a shirt well Noel, not setting the perfect example today are we!

Who’s going come out here with a 45 minute appointment with the banker from hell he says, well yes, that sounds like a fabulous game to play, Noel would be a great salesman wouldn’t he? It’s Ashok, who takes the walk of wealth today with box 8,
Ashok shows us some pictures of his grandparents who are from Northern India along with Ashok, who took an international flight to play on deal or no deal. Well who wouldn’t? We also see a picture of one of Ashok’s friends who looks like he’s lost in the 70s. It’s nice to here Noel speak with intelligence as he reads a poem that Ashok has written about deal or no deal. Noel gets a sense of passion in Ashok and feels that the banker will understand him. We will have to find out if Noel is right.

Once again we are told that the independent adjudicator is the only one who knows where the boxes are, well I bet the independent adjudicator is sitting is quite happily on a beach somewhere with a drink in his hand while we are sucked into watching this intense game! I wonder how you can become the independent adjudicator maybe ill be one of those when I’m older: P

Anyway we start the game with round one, strangely enough.
The first box is from Vic with the £10,000, its ok.
The next box is number 3 with the £5 which is much better.
Then we have Box 18 with £1
Mark box 7 £35,000 Ashok notes that this is not blue, how intelligent of him.
To end the round Sally takes out the £1. The banker phones up Noel for a chat and states that when he heard international jet set and former model, Ashok wasn’t what he had in mind. The banker is slightly nicer and says he feels that Ashok is a good reader of the game and so gives him the kind offer of £7,000. Ashok heard this offer and saw that it was good but he doesn’t accept the offer. No way he says and then corrects himself to the more traditional saying of no deal.

Round two starts of with Alan and box 4, he reveals the £20,000 the audience suck the air from the room. A rather gentlemanly fellow feels that his box, number 5, is warm, and produces the £100. How rather gentlemanly of him!

Noel assures us that we will be back to see what happens in the game of way or no way and we are left with Carl who tells us with all the fake enthusiasm in the world that we could win the contents of the blue boxes, how exciting Carl!

So Ashok is a former model?!? For what, may I ask? I understand the poetry but modelling?? Not so very Ashok I think. After the break Sue and box 14 gives us another blue with lots of cheers. (Sorry didn’t see which one) Ashok has the banker’s attention and the offer has gone up to £21,000 well the banker is obviously worried about Ashok because that is a fantastic offer but Ashok says no deal.

Next round and Linda takes the £3,000 out of the game. Pierre thinks that box 19 is a low one and the 250k is out of reach for Ashok, oh Pierre you were so wrong. But Ashok is ok after a slight lapse but the offer isn’t going be great. John with box 11 hasn’t got the 1p but he has got the £10 and that will do for Ashok. We will say goodbye to the incredible offer of £21,000 as the banker sounds happier. His offer is £12,000 pounds which, with the quarter mil gone, is still a decent offer from the banker who is definitely intimidated by Ashok , but who wouldn’t be with his glasses and his neat shirt and impeccably tidy hair. No deal.

Next round starts with Box 22 and £750 is out of the game. Box 12 contains £500 and this is looking like a better round. Ashok who seems to be feeling lucky asks the audience. Is this game of deal or no deal or who wants to be a millionaire?
As Ashok discovers how to work a microphone Noel, sounding like the crocodile hunter observing an interesting mammal, gives us a break. The majority of the audience has chosen box 6 and Ashok decides to go with the audience. I’m really confused where has deal or no deal gone? Why are we watching who wants to be a millionaire? Anyway the majority suck as poor Ashok chooses box 6 and reveals the 50k. The banker will be laughing, and he is. He compliments the audience on their sound advice. Apparently an incredibly generous offer according to the banker who normally lies when he says this, but £15,000 is not at all a bad offer for the board in front of us and the nerve racking music comes on while we wait for the answer. This is a waste since Ashok says perfectly calmly, no deal. Ashok wants a quickie. I cannot bear to listen to the irony and the jokes.

Box 13 kills off the £75,000 and box 16 attacks the £100,000. Luckily the round ends with a blue. (sorry the quickie was too quick! I couldn’t get the amount!!)But it doesn’t matter the board is ruined. The banker is laughing again. He says whoever would have thought a quickie with Ashok would be so pleasurable. I think there going to have to put deal or no deal after the watershed soon and the offer is £2,500. No deal.

They decide to go back to Ashok’s original method of measured progress and box 21 is opened with 10p inside. It works. Next box 15 gives us £1000 so now were trying to find the 1p.Ashok chooses box 9 with the highest number left with box £15,000 , Oh dear ,but Ashok is reasonable about his loss even though the mood is subdued.
The bankers respects Ashok at this point for his quality of courage, he offers of £120. No deal. But the final blow is that we find that between the 1p and the £250 Ashok has the £250 in his box, he wanted to join the 1p club.

When Ashok took the walk of wealth I honestly thought he would do very well and for a few rounds he was, unfortunately it peaked and then all went down hill for him. It wasn’t an emotional game because Ashok was not an emotional person and it stayed calm even throughout the tough moments.

Ashok won £250


Anonymous said...

Erm, Ashok didn't deal. He turned down the offer of £125 and said he wanted 1p, but ended up winning the £250 that was in his box.

Anonymous said...

Erm... he no dealt the final offer (£125) actually, and won £250, though he said he would have preferred to join the 1p club!

Steve said...

Missed it tonight as I was doing the shopping...

Looks like at least two people have spotted the deliberate mistake.

Is this our new ploy to get more comments on the blog? ;o)