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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bunney's Game Report

Noel welcomes us all to the dream factory and a VERY revved up bunch of pilgrims!! He talks about how everyone is hyped up since Sarah has done some amazing predictions in almost every game since Laura’s big win and if only the contestants had more courage they would have won so much more.

It’s Bunney’s turn to take the walk of wealth and he hops his way to the crazy chair with box 5 and a carrot in his mouth!!! Bunney welcomes us to his game! He is a church organist and Noel asks why he has a carrot sticking out of a boot on his box!! It's his lucky carrot and also a lucky boot from his late grandmother in which she used to keep money. Noel shows Bunney's card from Sarah and it shows Bunney with box 5!! Can Sarah do it again? Have fun Bun says Noel...

Bunney has an ambition and he asks if he can do Noel's intro that he does at the start of the show, Noel allows him as it's Bunney's show. Bunney does it and asks Bunney or No Bunney

Round 1
A song from Andrew before his box, Noel warns that this could be a long show!!
2 - £35,000
Another song from Rachel
4 - £10
Mary gives us a song
8 - £15,000 That was the worst song so far says Noel!!
More songs
16 - £1,000
And another song!
3 - 1p Big cheers from an excited Bunney

What a relief says Bunney and poor Noel doesn't know what to do as Bunney puts his arm around him!!! Noel says I wouldn't be surprised if the banker has gone home!! Bunney says he has a song for the banker and the banker can't wait for it. Bunney starts the song and Noel stops Bunney telling him to think carefully for the rhyme for BANKER!! Luckily Bunney finds the word ‘Thankya’! The banker has a song for Bunney and Noel produces it from the pound table, Bunney sings the song to the pilgrims and it ends in the line “I'll give you something meaty!!” The banker does indeed then offer a meaty sum of £16,000… That receives gasps from the whole studio, Noel says to think about this seriously as it's a big offer, he needs to look at in one of two ways, either the banker is worried about Bunney or he can’t stand anymore songs!! Bunney says NO DEAL

Round 2
More songs - Richard gives us a burst
6 - £75,000 urrrghhhh says Bunney
Tony gives us a song
10 - £250 Bunney hops around at that one...
15 - £10,000 No song from Gloria

Noel asks how Bunney is feeling about his game, he says the 2 biggy wiggies are still in play, Noel says you will get a ringy dingy in a minute!!! Noel asks the banker if he can join the banker in his office for the rest of the game!! The banker offers £20,000, OHHHHH says Bunney, I think he quite likes me, Noel says he can have you!!! Simon says there is another round in the game at the moment. Bunney says NO DEAL

Round 3
Looks like the songs have stopped
20 - £50
14 - £5,000
Paul gives us a song
18 - 50p

The banker says you know that every tennis player has a shot they love to play, well here's his!! He offers £26,000, the same offer as Phil and Leanne dealt at, and Noel says they both regretted taking their offers, what will Bunney do? Bunney says it’s a fantastic offer but NO DEAL.

Round 4
22 - £750 Newbie Jack gets a big hug from Bunney
A song from Paul
1 - £1 Big cheers and shouts from Bunney and the pilgrims. Wow Wow Wow says Noel
9 - £5 Big shouts and screams again...

WOW says Noel, and Bunney says you can say that again, Noel says you have big problems coming your way. The banker is worried about how Sarah's card looks like the board at this stage, he then offers £42,000, that is absolutely amazing says Bunney. Bunney says NO DEAL

Chants of Bunney Bunney Bunney ring out around the studio.

Round 5
21 - £3,000 more shouts and screams
7 - £50,000 a few groans but Bunney says that's OK
9 - £100,000 Groans all around for that one

Noel refers to Sarah's card again and Bunney's mum joins him for a cuddle, Noel asks her to stay at the table for a while. The banker offers £31,000, Noel asks is it time to 'hop off', not just yet says Bunney. Noel then asks how brave are you and goes on about Sarah's card and the fact it has box 5 on it and Bunney has actually has box 5... Bunney says NO DEAL… Brave Bunney says Noel

Round 6
11 - £100 Big shouts and cheers followed by chants of blue
2 steps to go says Noel
13 - £500 Even bigger shouts
Noel tells Bunney to stay focused
17 - 10p The studio goes wild and so does Bunney, he pounces on Noel!

Bunney has done it and produced the perfect final round, it’s time for the banker with £20,000 and £250,000 remaining.

Noel says this is incredible and January is the month to remember. The banker believes that Bunney has made some of the bravest NO DEALs of all time, and then offers £110,000. OMG says Bunney. He says he has a little problem now as box 12 has been haunting him for a while and he says that when he played the Deal or No Deal interactive DVD game for the first time he was left with this EXACT situation!!! He says he in that game he swapped for box 12 and WON £250,000!!! Oh my word says Noel!! This gives him a difficult decision, as it's his DVD game vs. Sarah’s psychic ability now! Bunney says DEAL

Bunney runs around the studio in delight and nearly runs through the gameboard!! Noel calls him back to see who wins out of the DVD game and Sarah. Noel says you would have been offered the swap, what would you have done? Bunney says he would have swapped, Noel does the horrible thing of swapping the boxes in the proveout.

Noel opens box 12 and reveals £250,000!! Bunney says he knew it all along!!!! Box 5 has the £20,000

Wow Wow Wow says Noel, he says that recently three people could have won £250,000 and Noel is not bothered that Bunney didn’t win it as he was true to himself and will certainly make the most of his big win.

Noel says he is so pleased that we rounded off January in style with a big win from one of the most charismatic players they have ever had on the show.

Bunney’s win takes the total contestant winnings for January to £883,485.99, a truly incredible month, can it continue into February or will get some dramatic crashes as some of the contestants try to emulate these big wins of late?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Leanne's Game Report

What a game yesterday says Noel, he says that the banker was very sweaty, nervous and twitchy yesterday and advises the contestants to be cautious of the banker's offers as they are very clever at the moment, as he proved yesterday with the perfect offer to get Phil to deal at £26,000.

It's Leanne today and she has box 20, Noel says Leanne has very cold hands, we learn that Leanne met her husband at school and is really missing him at the moment as he isn't there for support in her game, she has her sister there though. We get to see a picture of her husband Kevin, Noel says he prefers her to him, and We get to see the card that Sarah made for Leanne, it shows box 17, which newbie Paul has today, we'll have to see what part that plays in the game.

Round 1
21 - £5
1 - £50,000 groans for the first power 5 values
11 - £250
8 - £35,000 some groans
2 - £50

The banker says that Leanne is like a rabbit caught in the headlights at the moment, he says that most players have chosen Leanne in their opening rounds while she has been on the wings. Noel says that the banker has started the games already as he is offering a romantic weekend in Rome + £10,000 spending money, Noel says it's a good opening offer with 2 of the power 5 going. Leanne says NO DEAL

Round 2
3 - 10p Big cheers as Alex delivers a low one
Leanne picks her hubbies shoe size next!! Noel says we will get to know him quite well after this game!!
7 - £3,000
Hubbies collar size of 15 next
15 - £20,000

The banker says he has been on the phone to Kevin's tailor, so he is now one step ahead of everyone!! He hasn't got many figures to work with at the moment so has come up with an offer of £15,705.50. It's very good says Leanne, she asks if anyone on the panel think she should deal. Noel says PANEL!! That's going a bit far!! Leanne says NO DEAL

Round 3
Leanne says she is going to keep 17 because of Sarah's card...
12 - £500
6 - £1
5 - £15,000

Noel says that the banker hates true love!! The banker says he can see Leanne and Kevin the opera, and proceeds to give a little story about how they met and the story of the opera!!! He finally offers £22,500, Leanne says if Kevin was there he would say to go on as the top 3 are still in play, Leanne says thank you very very very very much but NO DEAL

Round 4
4 - £10
14 - £75,000 Groans...
Leanne says she thinks we need a song!! Noel says we need a break to give everyone the chance to get earplugs for one of Bunney's songs!!! On the return from the break Noel has tissues in his ears and shouts out the welcome as he prepares for Bunney's song!!
16 - £750

Noel says the loss of the £75,000 might not be a big deal as the 2 biggies are still there. The banker picks up on Leanne's Panel comment, and says he is now a panel beater!!! He offers £26,000, Noel says it's the same as Phil's exit figure yesterday and another mind game from the banker. Leanne goes to her sister who says that Kevin would say to go on as she still has the top 2 there. Leanne thinks about what would happen if the top 2 went, and she thinks about the 1p that is still in play... Noel asks what would upset you more, to lose the £26,000 or to have lost the opportunity of winning £100,000 or £250,000, Leanne says if she went on and won 1p and turned down £26,000. Leanne says DEAL

Round 5 - proveout round
Noel does his possible massive mistake speech...
9 - £10,000
22 - 1p Groans as the lowest value goes
18 - £1,000 NO OH WOW says Noel,

Noel says this is the situation that people dream about, Laura gets her mention again... The banker would have offered £52,000, Noel says you were a few seconds away from double the money, he gets the tissues out again for Leanne. Noel says there is something happening at the moment with BIG money staying until the end, is it the Sarah factor?

Round 6 - proveout round
10 - 50p Big groans and Noel says this is turning into a nightmare!
19 - £100 Total shock all around the studio!! OMG says Leanne, she can't believe it
Noel really builds up the drama, and says that if the £5,000 goes next it's the biggest player disaster in the history of the game and Leanne will be in the hall of fame for the wrong reasons!!
13 - £5,000 Total shock around the whole studio - OMG says Leanne

It's time for the banker time with £100,000 and £250,000 remaining, Noel says it was your lucky day Leanne and this offer is going to be huge!!!! The banker would have offered £172,000, this receives gasps from all around the studio, Noel does a big speech about how often the £250,000 could have been won lately with a little more courage.

The whole studio is in silence as Noel is about to open the box, he opens Leanne's box 20 and reveals £100,000, box 17 contains £250,000.

Sarah predicts the £250,000 box again! Noel says it's incredible how accurate Sarah has been in her predictions. Leanne says she is obviously gutted but at least she gets in the hall of fame and also had a great time. Noel says there are a lot of people out there that would love £26,000.

Noel closes out the show saying he's disappointed as yet again the £250,000 stayed until the end and if Leanne swapped she would have won it, he wants to know where the courage is to make the most of the moment in the crazy chair, he hopes it there in spade-loads tomorrow...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Daniel's Game Report

Noel points to the roof in his intro today!! Is he pointing at more confetti?

Noel promises that our weekend is about to get a whole lot better, and reflects upon Friday and the fact that Stella managed to get to the fourth offer with the Power 5 still in play and the fact that there's no reason it can't happen again today.

For some reason Daniel is told to be very careful with the walk of wealth. He has box 20 today, he's from Swansea and he has his wife Jane in the audience for support, she says that it will be Daniel's game. We also see a picture of their 5-month-old son.

Round 1
9 - £5,000
19 - £500
Noel asks if Daniel is doing a mirror image of Stella's game as she chose the other ends of wings, he says no, he went for the prettiest women first!
10 - £35,000 This is now nothing like Stella’s game says Noel
22 - £250
4 - £15,000

Noel asks how Daniel is choosing his boxes, he says just random as they are only red boxes and they don't mean anything to him, he does however have some special numbers which he is leaving until the end. The banker says he had an unpleasant Saturday as he was reflecting on January and everything that has happened since the New Year! He talks about a contestant who threatened to gore him with their pet goat! The banker feels threatened by the Welsh as "She Who Must Not Be Named" who won the quarter million was Welsh but says he won't hold it against Daniel! He then offers £10,000, Daniel quickly says NO DEAL!

Round 2
1 - £75,000 Groans.. That's now two of the Power 5 says Noel. He adds we must hold on to the two biggies...
21 - £100,000 Bigger groans... Oh my word says Noel.. A few of the pilgrims shout "C'mon Daniel" and start applauding for support....
Noel says he is going at this like an express train and he has a horrible feeling he will get de-railed!
12 - £1 Big cheers.....

The banker is disappointed as he wanted another large red to go in the last box, he talks about how Daniel was extremely good with his advice whilst on the wings and he wants to punish him now but with the quarter million still on the board that always focuses his thinking... He offers £12,000, Daniel immediately says that’s a good offer... Noel advises that Daniel savours that offer and thinks about why the Banker is showing him that level of respect and to give it very careful consideration. Noel asks Dennis if that offer surprised him, he says it did, very much so as he was expecting 3 or 4 thousand pounds less. Daniel says it's a lot of money but he's ready for the question, he says NO DEAL

Round 3
13 - £10,000 Silence from everyone on that one
16 - £5 Cheers for the blue and a YES from Daniel
15 - £100 A big shout from Daniel for another blue

Noel says it's a bit better now, but still a little precarious. Noel asks if Daniel has given the banker a reason to lower the offer, Daniel says NO. Paul reckons the offer will be around £20,000, the banker says he is a bit wide of the mark. Noel and the banker want Dennis to predict the next offer and Noel gets him to write it in the book before the banker makes the offer. Dennis gets it wrong by £8,000, the banker offers £22,500

Bunney says it's a fantastic offer but thinks the banker is worried as the board looks like Laura's board as she had the £250,000 and the £50,000. Noel goes over to shake Bunney's hand and says that he is the weirdest player they have ever had! BUT he is spot on about the position Daniel is in at the moment as this is basically Laura’s situation. Daniel asks his wife what she would do but she refuses to influence his game, Noel wonders why he bought her!! Daniel asks the audience to stand if they would deal, a few stand...
Daniel says NO DEAL

Round 4
2 - £10 Big cheers and a YES from Daniel
3 - £3,000 It's OK says Noel...
Daniel is thinking about Phil's box next, but Noel asks is he really going to go with Phil the destroyer! Noel is not convinced that Daniel should go to Phil next, Daniel is but braces himself
Chants of blue start
6 - £50,000 Noel says I did try to warn you about Phil!!

The banker says that has made him feel better now. Noel says you have to admire the way the banker latches onto every little bit of information in the show, and he now offers Dennis' last prediction of £14,500. Daniel's wife says she would go for it now, as he won't be sat in the chair again... Noel is speechless. Daniel says NO DEAL

Round 5
Tim is asked to lie on the floor in front of the £250,000. Noel says this is serious now, this is the pivotal round and asks everyone to think blue.
11 - 10p
14 - £50 Big cheers and one more says Noel, stay focused
8 - 50p Big cheers as newbie Amy-Lee delivers a blue.

An all-blue round at the right moment says Noel.

Daniel enjoyed that round with big cheers of C'MON. Noel wonders if Daniel is going to join Laura. Daniel says there is no reason why not, Noel says we all want to hear the big explosion of confetti cannons and everyone celebrating and Daniel paying for all the drinks back at the hotel! The banker concedes that round, he is desperate for Dan's box now and offers £24,500.

Noel says the Banker has rewarded Daniels bravery by increasing the offer by £10,000 but he has undoubtedly put it right on the pain threshold, it's not generous, it's not unreasonable, it's painful. He says it's very well placed to test Daniel, who says he will have very few opportunities in his life to win that amount of money but he knows he's not going to get the opportunity of someone offering him £24,500 either, it's a big risk for a big reward. Dennis says he should ask his wife for advice and that Jane should answer. Daniel says he knows what Jane will say though. Daniel picks up the photo of his son and says DEAL

Daniel's wife joins him for the proveout, Noel says the moment Daniel picked up his sons photo he knew it was all over. Daniel says a year ago he wouldn't have dealt, but he did for his family. Noel says good call in doing it for the family and we now need to make it a good call in game play terms. Daniel says he would have left number 17 until the very end as it has been a lucky number of his for many years...

Round 6 - proveout round
18 - 1p There are cheers from the confused pilgrims!!
Bunney next and Noel tells him to feel free to sing another song and then puts his hands over his ears!
7 - £750 Groans for that one as the pilgrims get it right this time. Noel says the quarter million has to be found in this next box!
5 - £1,000 More groans.

It's time for the banker time with £20,000 and £250,000 remaining, Noel says it would have been the perfect round at the perfect time, he warns them to brace themselves for the bankers offer.

The banker would have offered £75,000, Noel says it's painful as Daniel said he would never get this chance again, but didn't grasp the moment. He says he does think Daniel did the prudent thing as a new family man.

Noel opens Daniel's box 20 and reveals £250,000. Daniel stands in front of the box with his eyes shut. Box 17 contains £20,000

Daniel says he can live with this decision he knows he did the right thing, he wouldn't have been able to live with it if he had turned down £24,500 and gone away with a small amount, Noel says he did the right thing.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Stella's Game Report

Noel goes through a rather strange selection of expressions in his opening gambit today!! He talks about Ray's game and how that sometimes the crazy chair is the scary chair, he mentions about the banker's clever tactic of upping the offer mid-game and encouraging Ray to deal, which he did.

It's Stella's turn at the pound table today and she has box 18. Noel says Stella has cold hands, but he says things will warm up in a minute. We see some of Stella's pics of her husband and daughter, and also learn how she met her husband. She tells the pilgrims that she doesn't want a quiet game and also invites them to dance at any time...

Round 1
13 - £1 Big cheers for the opening blue
22 - £5,000
8 - £100
9 - £500
19 - £3,000

That wasn't bad says Stella, Noel says Stella is putting a lot of energy into her game and is as cool as a cucumber. The banker says that everything is going wrong for him and the current contestants are giving him a headache, as they are the bravest contestants for a long time. He offers £13,500, that was very nice says Stella, followed by NO DEAL

Round 2
3 - £50
12 - 1p Big cheers as the 1p goes and OMG says Stella, Noel says this is one of the most powerful positions we've seen at this stage
20 - £750 Big cheers

Noel asks at what point do we see the dancing? The banker also wants to know when the dancing starts, The banker thinks that Stella will go now and asks will you go for £19,000 which gets cheers, he then says how about £22,000 and finally £25,000. The banker’s offer is £25,000, Noel says that no one has walked at the second offer, but the banker is worried and doesn't like this. Bunney says it's a great offer, but also it's an amazing board, but remember that you are likely to start hitting some reds but he still thinks she should play on. Noel says remember its TAX FREE, and also there is the advantage that if she deals we don't have to hear a Bunney song!!! The banker calls back and says that if Stella doesn't take this offer she will dancing alone in the studio clutching the picture of her daughter with tears running down her face at the end of the show!!! Stella says NO DEAL

Round 3
2 - £10 Big Cheers and Noel starts to talk about the great position now
1 - £20,000
15 - £5

Noel says that Stella needs a reality check here as the banker is going to pitch this offer just right to give her a difficult situation. Noel chats with the banker and comes back with an offer of £123!! As if!! But then adds with £32,000 in front, so the real offer is £32,123. Stella goes to Dennis who says you cannot afford to hit 2 of the power 5 really in the next round. Stella says NO DEAL

Round 4
Bunney with a song next, Noel says there are buckets available!!
5 - £1,000
Noel says this is our 368th game and it's the strongest yet...
14 - £10,000 Newbie Bob
Noel builds up the tension and says we are watching a bit of history now
6 - £15,000 YES says Noel as the studio cheers

You've got the magic says Noel, he tells the banker that any mind games are not working now, he comes back with an offer of £50,000. Stella goes over to Bunney and Noel goes over to listen in on the chat! Stella tells Bunney he knows what she is thinking, but Noel says I don't!! Daniel points out the strong position and Dennis backs this up and says the banker is not playing games now he's playing serious money. Stella says NO DEAL

Round 5
11 - 10p The studio erupts
16 - £50,000
7 - £100,000 A few groans but Noel says it's OK

The banker says he is feeling confident now, and he thinks Stella was foolish to turn down the £50,000, he sticks and again offers £50,000. Stella goes to Dennis and he says he is disappointed and expected another £10,000, Phil says he would deal and to be careful as games can go wrong so quickly, Bunney says it all rides on keeping the £250,000 in play during the next round. Stella says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
Noel says it's still possible to punish the banker now in the proveout
17 - 50p Phil has a low one...
10 - £250,000 Cheers as Gloria produces the big one. Noel wonders if the £75,000 will stay to the end again...
21 - £75,000 Big cheers

It's time for the banker with £250 and £35,000 remaining, the banker says he would have offered £15,050, Noel says well you've beaten him, and the banker hates the thought that everyone will be dancing in a moment!

Noel opens Stella's box 18 and reveals £35,000, box 4 contains the £250.

Stella continues a run of a nice few wins over the banker lately, can they continue?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ray's Game Report

Noel talks about Sarah with her psychic ability and how it not only helped her have a big win in her game, but it also helped Julie walk away with £75,000 yesterday.

It's Ray today and he makes his way to the pound table with box 12 with a clock in the shape of a soldier perched on top of it. Ray is very nervous and is shaking while sat at the table, Noel says the clock is horrible and Ray gives us a demonstration of its alarm call! Noel gets to like it after the demo! He tells Ray he's more cheerful than he looks, as he looks like a professional mourner!!! Ray doesn't like to be called Raymond, as it doesn't sound like a proper mans name! Noel says well what do you think about the name Bunney, Ray says he would rather not comment! We get to see a picture of Ray in the T.A. where he served for 22 years, and he also has a good luck card and a list of numbers, which are his grandchildren's birthdays.

Round 1
1 - £5,000 Not bad says Ray
11 - £250,000 Big groans
2 - £10 Cheers for the first blue
14 - £500
3 - £3,000

You're not going to be a quarter of a millionaire says Noel, but Ray says the one below it will do! The banker confirms that Ray prefers to be called Ray before offering £6,006, Noel says it's based on Ray's clock being 6 hours fast or slow. Ray says NO DEAL. The banker calls back and has a gift for Ray! It's a new badge that says RAYMOND!!!! The banker is playing games already, Ray says he's not such a nice banker after all.

Round 2
21 - £20,000
4 - 50p
9 - £250

The banker says he doesn't like players who come to the pound table and pretend to be something they aren't and don't present their true character, but he respects Ray as he hasn't done that, he then offers £11,500. Ray says it's a real good offer and he's not that bad after all, but NO DEAL

Round 3
5 - £50
6 - 1p Andrew delivers the 1p and Ray is really happy with that
Ray has his next number but it's Phil's box!! Noel calls him Dr Death!! Phil wishes him luck and says Ray is sound as a pound
15 - £1 Phil breaks his run and spookily reveals the £1!!!!

Noel says this one is sneaking up on the banker. The banker has another gift for Ray if he deals on this next offer! It will be a hand-made silk dressing gown with Raymond the Gigolo on it!! He offers £20,000, that's chunky money says Noel, he asks if Ray will write his target in the book, he will and does. Ray says NO DEAL

Round 4
Ray says this will be a dicey one now and chooses Bunney!! Ray puts his fingers in his ears as Bunney delivers another song!
7 - £750 Ray gets a big hug from Bunney! Noel says he's going to treasure that moment for a long time!
16 - £50,000 Groans for that one...
8 - £35,000 Groans as another power 5 goes

Two big'uns are still there says Ray and they look juicy, Noel tells the banker that if he makes the wrong offer here it could cost him a lot of money. The banker says that Ray's target has already been offered, he thinks that Ray's target is £20,000 and therefore although he was tempted to lower the offer he sticks and offers £20,000. Ray says he's on a different planet to him and NO DEAL

Round 5
17 - 10p Newbie Mary
20 - £100,000 That was a mistake says Ray, Noel tells him to stay focused
13 - £10,000 We wanted it lower says Noel

Noel says it's a frightening board now and the next offer will test Ray, Tony thinks the banker will stick again, Noel says oh look a flying pig!! The banker offers £13,900, he was tempted to offer £8,000 as he thinks Ray will hit the £75,000 next round. Ray says it's a good offer, he gets opinions that it's a very good offer and it depends how brave he is feeling. The banker calls back!! He says that as everyone thinks the offer is bigger than expected he is changing it!!! Everyone groans until Noel reveals it's £15,000, Ray says that has increased the pressure now, he says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
10 - £1,000
18 - £100
19 - £15,000 It's not good enough says Noel

It's time for the banker with £5 and £75,000 remaining, he is laughing and would have offered £31,100! Noel starts to rub it now saying how he could have had so much more and wonders if he could have had even more in his box as well.

Noel opens Ray's box 12 and reveals £5, box 22 contains £75,000, box 22 has it again 2 days running!!

There is huge relief around the studio and Ray says he is sound as a pound now, Noel says he's really enjoyed Ray's game.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Julie's Game Report

Noel says we are going to push Elton's game to one side as it wasn't a pleasant show with the swap that went wrong, he tells everyone to play their own game and not let the previous games influence them in their show.

It's Julie's turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so with box 22. Noel invites her to the crazy chair for the crazy lady! He is worried that Julie won't be able to reach the table or the chair!!! Noel asks about Julie's Bunny girl career, she reveals that she was the worlds smallest Bunny girl for a year and often sold her tail for extra tips!! Julie has her mother's watch and leprechaun for luck, and she also has her original bunney girl collar. She says that box 22 is spooky as Sarah gave her a card when she left and it had box22 on it, did Sarah know something?

Round 1
5 - £500
10 - £10
18 - £50,000 a few groans as Noel does a little jinx!!!
1 - £1
2 - 1p

Noel says this is a great start and a real contrast to the start in recent games. The banker says Helloooo again baby bunney, Noel says he is purring!! The banker is worried about the influence of psychic Sarah!! He is not sure if Julie is bluffing or not about the card as they don't have the card there, he offers £12,500. Julie says NO DEAL

Round 2
7 - £20,000 Newbie Tony
15 - £15,000
Noel asks if Julie knows what he is going to call for and Julie says 'A cup of tea'?. He says NO, she then asks if it is a break, he says NO again, and then calls for Julie's card from Sarah to brought out and it does indeed show Julie with box 22!! Noel says this could worry the banker big time now.
16 - £5,000

Noel asks what Julie thinks of it so far, she says it's marvellous and great up here, Noel says yeah but what about your game! She says it's very evenly balanced, the big one is still there and the 1p has gone so she's not joining the 1p club. The banker asks about the spooky card with Sarah's drawing of Julie with box 22, Noel tells him not to ignore the fact, as Sarah was good in her game and also Laura's... The banker offers £17,500, Noel says hey it's a good offer and Julie agrees, although she says NO DEAL

Round 3
17 - £1,000
20 - £35,000 a few groans for the lowest power 5
14 - £50 Cheers for the blue

Noel says savour this as you don't often see the top 3 still in play at this point, Julie says she intends keeping them there until the end, Noel says that's a good tactic. The banker offers £23,500, Julie goes to Dennis who says he thought she would be offered £24,000 and it's also a strong board, Julie says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Julie asks if we all want a Bunney song? The pilgrims shout YES, so she picks Bunney next
4 - £250,000 Noel says the song was bad enough without Bunney delivering the £250,000!
6 - £5
9 - £750

Noel says we are still in business as still having the £100,000 and £75,000 is rather good. Julie says that she thinks that the odds are still slightly stacked in her favour at the moment, Julie says she always thinks in her mind that whatever the banker offers she would like double as she then has more to share around. The banker is still a little worried about Sarah's influence and offers £13,500, Julie says NO DEAL

Round 5
11 - 50p Big cheers and applause
Julie asks for BLUE chants
13 - £50 Bigger cheers
More chants
8 - £3,000 It's fine fine fine says Noel

Julie asks for a cuddle from Noel, the banker offers £27,000. Julie gets the double offer she asked for, and the banker is still worried about Sarah!!! Julie goes for her own sweep, Daniel says he wants her to go on and win loads and prove Sarah's ability, he also reveals that Sarah has given everyone a card with a different box number on and it will make the banker not sleep very well if Julie goes on to the £100,000. Julie says NO DEAL

Round 6
Chants of blue start
19 - £100,000 The chants change to big groans
More chants
12 - 10p Big cheers and Noel wants Julie's bravery rewarded now
More chants
3 - £100 BIG CHEERS, Brilliant Brilliant says Noel

It's time for the banker with £10,000 and £75,000 remaining, Noel says there is an agonising decision to be made now, but maybe with Sarah's assistance she could walk away with a life-changing sum of money... The banker says that Julie has been very brave and offers £36,000. Noel says now that's a problem as it's a chunky sum of money. Julie is worried that it is Phil left with box 21 and he has a reputation for high values, Noel says yes but he's due for a change, which would mean the £75,000 could be in Julie's box. Julie says NO DEAL

Noel says that's brave and goes to open box just as the banker calls back and offers the SWAP, Julie says NO WAY is she swapping as she puts her faith in Sarah and herself. Noel says this is going to be quite a moment as Julie has given us a brave game.

Noel opens Julie's box 22 and reveals £75,000, Noel lets out a cry of YES as the whole studio goes wild. Box 21 contains £10,000.

Noel says he is so pleased that Julie's bravery has been rewarded and it would have been devastating if it wasn't, he talks about Sarah's influence in the game and how she can influence everyone else’s games with the cards they have from Sarah and how the banker should be very afraid now.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Elton's Game Report

Noel talks about Ryan's game and how he took the banker on but knew when to quit, he also mentions Pam's game from yesterday in which Pam also knew when to quit, but he also describes it as a lovely game as Pam took away more than just money, she took away an amazing experience and also a new inner self-confidence.

It's Elton's turn to take the walk of wealth today, as he does they start playing Elton John music!! It's I'm still standing, although he'll be sitting in the crazy chair! Although it seems to be edited in after the show was recorded as no one reacts to the music!! Very strange!!

Elton is a cocktail bar manager, but at the moment works as a furniture upholsterer as a stop gap until he wins the £250,000 and opens his own cocktail bar. He shows a few picks of his family and he also has a picture from one of his stepdaughters for the banker.

Round 1
Elton calls Bunney first to get him out the way with his song!
3 - £10 Noel says Bunney's not a tenor but his box was!
1 - £20,000
11 - £1
14 - £15,000 a few groan
9 - £3,000

Noel reads from Elton's file and if he could live his life again he would be a horror film makeup artist, Noel says he's done a good job on Ray already!! The banker says he's very excited today and Noel tells him it's NOT that Elton! The banker has dressed up for today and is wearing his special G-String! - It's your Thong says Noel! & It feels a little bit funny! (Nice Elton John puns there!). He then makes an opening offer of £11,111, Elton says NO DEAL

Round 2
15 - £100,000 Big groans as the first power 5 goes
7 - £75,000 more groans as another power 5 goes!!
Noel wonders if this is going to be the worst round in DOND history.
17 - £5 Relief as it's a blue

Noel asks Elton to read his game, he says that obviously he's lost 2 big numbers but he says that everything happens for a reason and he's happy with his game at the moment. Noel wonders where the banker will go now as the banker thinks Elton is brave and that was a great last offer. The banker offers £6,666; Elton says it's still a good offer but NO DEAL

Round 3
20 - £35,000 Ouch says Elton
5 - 10p
22 - £50

Noel asks if Elton finds anything familiar in the board, he says it looks a little like Laura's, Noel says yes and also Sarah's board where the £250,000 and £50,000 were left with little backup. Noel asks if Elton would like to speak to the banker when he calls, Elton speaks to the banker who asks about his game, he tells him he's picked a few boxes and there are a few left! Noel says he doesn't think the banker likes him, the banker offers £4,000, Oh well says Elton, followed by NO DEAL

Round 4
19 - £750 Cheers for the blue
Elton thinks about 13 but it's Phil's box and he is a little afraid due to Phil's reputation of big numbers, he decides to go with him though....
13 - £250,000 Phil does it again!!!
21 - 1p Cheers for the 1p

Noel wonders what the banker is going to now, he asks Julie what figure he has in mind, she asks 'Her figure?' She then says £45,000. The banker is still asking about Julie being Britons smallest bunny girl, and then offers £5,000. Dennis says he is surprised by that offer although looking at the board it's a reasonable offer but he can't see Elton going for £5,000. Richard says he thinks there is another round in the game, and Daniel thinks the same. Elton says NO DEAL

Round 5
12 - £100
16 - £50,000 Groans all around the studio
4 - £500

The banker says he enjoyed that round and offers £2,500, Elton says he was thinking £3,000 so it's about right, and then says NO DEAL

Round 6
A small chant of BLUE BLUE BLUE starts
10 - 10p
More chants
6 - £5,000 Newbie Kay
More chants
2 - £250 BIG cheers

It's time for the banker with £10,000 and £1,000 remaining, Andrew thinks the banker will offer £3,000. The banker offers £4,400, Noel says this is another testing offer. Millie says she would play until the end in a very round about and confusing way!! Noel asks is she at the bar all night back at the hotel, Elton says yes on the gins!!! Elton says NO DEAL.

Noel does a little speech about justice and really wants £10,000 in Elton's box, the banker calls and offers the SWAP. Elton says SWAP, Noel swaps the boxes and Elton now has 18, he wonders if he has just carried away the £10,000 or brought it to Elton. Noel opens Elton's box 18 and reveals £1,000! Box 8 contains £10,000.

That was disastrous says Noel after a good run of swaps lately, Elton says he really enjoyed the game and his time while on the show, and that as he said earlier that everything happens for a reason.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pam's Game Report

Noel does a quizzical intro to the show asking No questions except one? Although we all think there are two questions now with the SWAP option being offered so much lately! Noel talks about Ryan's game yesterday and the great battle with the banker and how he finally took the best offer in the game and dealt at the perfect time.

Pam has box 6 today and says it's a bit of shock as she has only been there for 11 games and expected to be there a bit longer. Pam says it's very emotional on the wings as people play their games and she has a toilet roll hidden under the bench!! Noel goes over and finds it!! Noel gets out the DOND red box of tissues for her game. Pam runs a pub and has a dream of doing the Cresta run in Switzerland! Pam has a bunny on top of her box and we learn she takes in and looks after rabbits that have been badly treated, so the bunny is for luck.

Round 1
Pam says there are so many numbers and boxes! Noel says yes 21 out there!!
12 - £250,000 Phil does it again - Pam says that's OK as it gets it out the way now and she doesn't have to worry about it.
10 - £50,000 More groans as another power 5 goes
2 - £35,000 more groans
20 - 10p Cheers for the first blue
17 - £1,000

Pam says it's not a disaster as there are a few more blues to take out in later rounds now, Noel says that it was a ghastly start although the banker won't know much about Pam as she hasn't been on the wings all that long. The banker says thanks for the opening round and also does Pam run 'Watership down and out'!!! The banker thinks everyone is being quiet today as the game is already over!!! He offers £999.99, Pam wonders what the offer means and says NO DEAL

Round 2
22 - £15,000 a few more groans
15 - £500 Cheers for the blue
Noel tells Pam about Gaz's £100,000 game and asks Pam if she thinks she could replicate his game, she does. Pam wants some Blue chants to help here
19 - £5 They work

Pam says that the board is starting to balance up now, Noel says the banker will like it as the 1p is still there and the £250,000 has gone. Pam says there is a bit of good in everyone, Noel says well almost but there is one person who is dialling a phone now who hasn't any good in him!! The banker offers £7,300, Pam says there are still loads and loads of blues, which can only be a good thing, Noel says yes as long as you can find them. Noel asks is there anyone who thinks Pam should start the car and go? Then the banker calls and Noel picks up the phone and then hangs up on him!! Pam says NO DEAL

Round 3
11 - 50p
16 - £5,000
14 - £20,000 Groans for that one and Noel says we didn't want that

Noel says the banker is going to like this board now, as it's getting dangerous with the 2 high values getting isolated. Pam says how difficult it is when sat in the crazy chair and how easy it looks when at home, says yes it is a bit different and also why did you apply?! Pam starts digging a big hole for herself by saying she applied for the show to meet him as he is one of the people she grew up watching! Noel makes a joke about it all and then the banker calls and says I can't believe I'm talking to Noel!! He then offers £8,400, Pam asks the pilgrims what they would do, they all say NO DEAL, Noel asks anyone who would DEAL to stand up and no one does!! Noel says that normally you get one who just wants to be on the telly. One person does say DEAL and Noel goes to them for a chat and walks away making chicken noises! Pam says NO DEAL

Round 4
Noel gets a chair for the person (Sandra) who said DEAL and puts it on the stage for her to join Pam!!!
4 - £10 Cheers as newbie Tim delivers a blue
18 - £50 More cheers
It's box 7 next but Noel calls a break saying it's now the whole studio against Sandra the poor woman who said DEAL!!! After the break Sandra is still perched in the 'Lonely chair'
7 - 1p BIG cheers and applause for the 1p

Noel goes straight to Sandra and says how do you feel? She says I really hope that Pam gets the £100,000, and Noel allows her to return to her seat with the other Pilgrims. The banker says that Sandra is a rose in a studio full of very thick thorns!!!! He then offers £13,100, Noel says that is a perfectly pitched offer, Pam goes to Dennis who says that Pam is still in a good position at the moment and the odds are still in her favour, Pam says NO DEAL

Round 5
8 - £10,000
13 - £100 Big shouts and cheers
Chants of BLUE start
9 - £75,000

Noel calls it a one-box game now and says the banker is going to give Pam a hard decision now. The banker calls and says he would love to offer Pam £5,000 but feels it should be a little bit more and offers £9,999.99. Noel says now it's a decision to cut and run or gamble and risk it all for a bigger win. Noel gets out the DOND tissues as Pam struggles on the decision, Dennis asks what is worrying her at the moment, Pam says her instinct is saying to go on but there is a little voice saying don't be stupid and take the £10,000, Noel says I wouldn't advise doing the Cresta run, Bunney says his instinct when he heard the offer was to deal. Pam says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
1 - £100,000 Yes, Yes, Yes says Noel
3 - £1
5 - £250

It's time for the banker with £750 and £3,000 remaining, he would have offered £1,300, Pam says she would have said NO DEAL

Noel opens box 6 and reveals £750, box 21 contains £3,000 along with a song from Bunney!! Noel says it's a shame to end the show on a low point of a Bunney song!!!

Noel closes out the show saying how different the show is on the screen to actually playing it for real in the studio as Pamela found out today.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ryan's Game Report

I expect we'll have Noel talking lots today about contestants having courage and the many chances lately of the £250,000 being won again!! Noel does apologise for his continuous ramblings about the games, he talks about Sarah's amazing game on Friday and how she has proved to be the shows greatest psychic ever. He runs through Sarah's game and how she did a fantastic swap and swapped for the £250,000 but didn't quite have the inner strength to carry on and open the box.

It's Ryan's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 7. Ryan Hall a cover teacher who gave in his notice to appear on the show! Noel says that has raised the stakes a bit in his game and can be interpreted in one of 2 ways, he's an idiot or he's totally focused and committed to making the most of this experience, Ryan says he's a bit of both. He has a card from some of his class with various good wishes written in it, he has his dad in the audience for support and we learn he is also a massive gambler who would love to visit Vegas. He tells us he has lost over £2,000 on roulette, but it was money he had already won, his dad says you wait til I get you home!!!

Round 1
Ryan asks if he goes quickly can he have 2 games
10 - £100,000 Groans for that one...
3 - £75,000 Bigger groans
12 - £100 cheers for the first blue
21 - £1
1 - 10p

It's not too bad says Ryan and Noel says that Ryan doesn't look like the type of guy who will go at the first offer, Ryan replies well unless he wants to offer a decent sum of money. Noel tells the banker he had a fantastic Saturday, the banker says he did as well due to saving so much in Sarah's game. The banker warns Ryan to be careful as he is razor sharp at he moment, he has picked up on the £2,000 lost on roulette statement, but also noticed that it was money only won at the table. The banker hopes that the choice of Ryan's pink shirt is the only bad decision he makes today!! He then offers £8,500. Ryan says it's a good offer and he didn't expect that, he says it's weird sat in the chair and seems so different from what it appears on the screen at home. Ryan says NO DEAL

Round 2
4 - £50,000 newbie Gloria uses Jeff's 'Break a leg' line
19 - £500
Noel asks what Ryan is thinking and Ryan says we had better give everyone a chance to get their earplugs as he is choosing Bunney next!! Noel gets Bunney to warm up his voice in the break! After the break Noel tells us to get our fingers in our ears as Bunney gives us a song!
15 - £3,000

Ryan says the board is still looking good with a nice chunk of reds and also the big one still in play, and while that's there he should get the good offers. The banker says that yes the £250,000 is an influence, but as big as the backups are gone he is less concerned and also the 1p is still in play. He wants Ryan to think about how he felt when he lost the £2,000, because this could be 5 times worse, he offers £10,000. Ryan says it's a good offer again and Stella agrees but says he has to go on, Ryan says NO DEAL

Round 3
22 - £250,000 Big groans and Ryan says he's adjusted his sights and is playing a new game now
11 - £5 Cheers for the blue
8 - £10 more cheers

Ryan says it still looks OK as there is a nice chunk of reds together, Noel says he will be hard pressed to get an offer near the £10,000. The banker asks did that feel 5 times worse than when he lost the £2,000, Ryan says it was 125 times worse.... The banker offers £7,500. Dennis says it's a nice offer and he has a new power 5 on the board now, Ryan says he can't see how the banker can go up from that offer much now... But he is going to try him... Ryan says NO DEAL

Round 4
13 - £1,000 That'll do says Ryan
9 - 1p Big cheers for 1p
5 - £10,000 Arrggghh says Noel

Ryan says he wished he had picked another box, he then says that he thinks the banker will continue to test him with the offers. The banker says that he is finding Ryan very trying and offers £9,000. Ryan says he likes the banker more and more as time goes on, he wonders when he would likely see that offer again if he has a bad round. Dennis says the banker is playing a very clever odds game, Ryan's dad says that he would play on as he's a bigger gambler than Ryan, Ryan says he has just bought a house as well, Noel says you're also unemployed so DEAL!!! Ryan says NO DEAL

Noel calls Ryan's dad down to sit in the chair, he does and shouts Go on my son
Round 5
14 - 50p Phil finally gets a low amount
6 - £750
2 - £15,000 groans for the red

Could have been better but could have been a lot worse says Noel. The banker calls and then Noel says the average on the board is £12,000 and the pilgrims start to applaud, Noel asks them why they are applauding, as he hasn't said the offer yet!!! The banker does make the offer of £12,000, Ryan again wonders when he would likely see that offer again if the middle reds go in the next round. Ryan says DEAL

Noel says this has been an interesting game and a great joust with the banker.
Round 6 - proveout round
16 - £20,000 Cheers for that one
18 - £35,000 Big cheers as Ryan does it
20 - £5,000

Ryan produces the perfect proveout round and Noel says I hope that hurt to the banker! The banker would have offered £120. Ryan would have gone on at that offer.

Noel opens Ryan's box 7 and reveals £50, box 17 contains £250, Ryan plays the perfect game and beats the banker.

Noel says the game doesn't get much better than that as Ryan got the respect of the banker and this resulted in some good offers. Ryan says he has had an unbelievable time on the show and it's the best thing he has ever done.

Noel closes out the show by saying that the purists would have loved this show as it was a technical game and Ryan played it well and had a great joust with the banker but beat him as well.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sarah's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to the dream factory again and talks about Stuart's game yesterday and how he was very disappointed for Stuart and also at the game, as the boxes didn't fall right for him and produce the win that they both hoped for.

It's Sarah's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' today and she does so with box 3, Noel says Sarah is the greatest psychic we've ever had on DOND and he's really been looking forward to her game as her predictions have been so accurate in the past, she even got the prediction about Laura's box right. Sarah is a costume freelancer, she makes costumes and dresses, she hands Noel a hand-drawn card which has a picture of Noel and the DOND set! She also has one for the banker. Sarah has no strategy for her game and will rely on her intuition...

Round 1
19 - £750
16 - £1
14 - £75,000 Phil does it again, Sarah didn't really want to choose him but thought he can't keep getting high ones...
17 - £3,000
20 - £100,000 Big groans on that one

Noel asks what he can do to relax Sarah!! This makes Sarah go into a fit of giggles as she says it was the way he just said that!! The banker says he has lined all the boxes with lead today so that Sarah can't see inside them!! He is so impressed with the card Sarah has made for him he sends it back out so we can all see it, it's a drawing of a bald man sat in a fireside chair on the telephone. The banker is a little unsure about Sarah's powers and believes that Sarah is trying to con him with them and so offers no money!! Instead Sarah gets the chance to SWAP her box...

The banker wants to know if Sarah trusts her powers, Sarah goes to Dennis who thinks she should swap for some reason but he's not sure why. Sarah says she knows what box she would swap for, so gets advice from Leanne to go for it then if she knows what number she wants. Julie says swap for mine and holds up box 20, which has already gone with £100,000!! Sarah SWAPS for box 21

Round 2
13 - £35,000 Groans
15 - £20,000 more groans....
Sarah says the good number is in her box, she goes to Bunney next and Noel asks if he has a song for her, he does and Noel tells us to grab some earplugs in the break to prepare for it!! After the break Noel says we are going to get one of Bunney's horrible songs now and sticks his fingers in his ears while Bunney delivers his song!!!
12 - £5,000

Sarah says she is still feeling confident that she has the £250,000 in her box. Noel has a horrible thought, as he was about to say this is your first money offer coming, but it might not be as the banker might offer a second swap!! Sarah says he can offer another swap if he likes, the banker thinks Sarah made a bad swap as at the time there were more blues on the board than reds, so she was more likely to choose a blue! The banker offers £3,333, Sarah says NO DEAL

Round 3
10 - £15,000
Noel talks about Sarah having 7 reds in a row and will equal 1p Nick now who had 8 reds in row if this next one is a red!
18 - £1,000 Newbie Alex receives a groan
1 - 1p BIG CHEERS and relief all around for a blue

The banker thanks Sarah for the run of 8 reds in a row! And offers £8,888, Sarah says it's a good offer and Noel says to think about this offer, as it's a very dangerous board. Dennis says it's a good offer, but it's also a very tempting board, Noel draws a comparison to Laura's game with a similar board. Sarah says NO DEAL

Round 4
4 - £500 Cheers for another blue
6 - £250 More cheers
Noel builds up the tension before the next box and compares it again to Laura's game...
8 - £50 Big cheers

Sarah gets the all blue round that she so needed, Noel says it's amazing and he's starting to shake now. He says Sarah is in a strong position now, although it's still dangerous, he starts to wonder if Sarah has swapped for the £250,000. Noel says the banker has a different tone of voice now, the banker has latched onto that Sarah doesn't think things happen twice in a row, so he believes that Sarah doesn't believe she will have a game like Laura, he offers £14,999. The same offer that Laura had at this time, Julie says that the banker is testing Sarah's courage now, so she has to go with what she believes in and her own feelings, Sarah says NO DEAL

Round 5
5 - £5 Big cheers for that one, Sarah says she thought £5 for that one..
11 - £10,000 A few oohs followed by it's alright
2 - 50p BIG cheers and shouts

The banker calls straight away!! He offers £36,400, Oh my god says Sarah. Noel talks about the £250,000 win again, and wonders if there will be more £250,000 winners coming quite quickly now and will one of them be Sarah. Noel says one thing is guaranteed and that is if Sarah goes on she will get a bigger offer than the £45,000 Laura was offered if she doesn't hit the £50,000 and £250,000. Sarah says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
22 - £50,000 Cheers for that one...
7 - £100 Arrgggh says Noel and wonders if Sarah's psychic powers have been working all the time
Sarah chooses 3 next and Noel says in a weird way we want the £250,000 in there now
3 - 10p Groans all around for that one and Noel wonders if Sarah now has the £250,000

It's time for the banker time with £10 and £250,000 remaining, the banker would have offered £50,000. The offer Laura says she would have dealt at if the banker had offered it, Sarah says she would have played on there as she would have believed she had the £250,000.

Noel opens Sarah's box 21 and reveals £250,000!! There are groans all around the studio as Sarah holds her head in her hands, Noel says it's unbelievable and Sarah has proved that the £250,000 can be won over and over again. Box 9 contains the £10.

Noel closes out the show by saying Sarah will have a little niggling voice for a while saying that she could have won so much more.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stuart's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to the dream factory and says we are still recovering from Catherine's game, he says the banker got to her and she lost her concentration in the game!! Noel tells everyone to by all means ask for advice BUT to remain focused at all times!! Perhaps Noel saw a different game to the one that was shown, as Catherine seemed to play quite a controlled game.

It's Stuart's turn in the crazy chair today and he has box 14, Noel says he is really going to enjoy this game, I hope he listens to his own advice at the start of the show about the contestant's staying focused and doesn't put off Stuart too much!!!

Stuart is a self-employed Internet consultant, he has his wife with him in the audience for support today, and he wants to take her to the Grand Canyon with some of the £250,000 he wins today! We see a pic of his son and his fiancĂ©, he wants to fly his son to the Grand Canyon as well as he wants to propose to his Finance there. Stuart has brought along a rock for luck!!

Noel asks if Stuart chose box 16 at random today and Stuart says NO!! I chose box 14!! Noel is in hysterics now after he is shown to be the one NOT focusing on the game!!!!

Round 1
Stuart tells everyone to think blue...
19 - 50p
Bunney next and another song!!
10 - £3,000 Ohh goes the audience....
8 - £100,000 Bigger ohhs on that one and Stuart says he's changing the system... Then decides to stick with it after all
17 - £50 Cheers for that one
2 - £50,000 More groans

Stuart says he thinks he'll have a sit down after that round, the banker calls and says Stuart is looking very smart today. Stuart says he is dressing smart as respect for Noel and the banker. The banker offers £7,400, Stuart says that it's a good offer but there is still lots to do on that board, he says NO DEAL

Round 2
7 - £75,000 More groans and Stuart tells the pilgrims to think blue
22 - £20,000 Even more groans
Stuart chooses 3 next and Noel calls a break while Stuart gives the pilgrims a good talking for not thinking blue enough!!
After the break Noel tells us that Stuart gave the pilgrims a stiff talking to and he's been rubbing his rock like mad!!
Chants of blue blue blue start
3 - £250 Cheers

The banker promises that he won't mess with Stuart's mind as he thinks that someone got there first!! He then has a rant and thinks that the first offer was very good, and he also thinks the board is a board for 1p winners! He then offers £7,400, it's a good offer again says Stuart, Dennis says he thinks that he's caught the banker on a good day, Bunney says he still has the biggy wiggy!! Stuart says NO DEAL

Round 3
Noel wants some teenie weenies!!
4 - £500 Cheers for a teenie weenie
Stuart thinks Phil has the £35,000 so avoids him
The blue chants start
5 - £250,000 Good grief says Stuart!
6 - £750

Stuart says that losing the £250,000 has knocked him for 6, but if the banker made him an offer of £40,000 now he would take it and walk, Noel says you've got it!!! The banker offers 40,000 1ps!! £400... Not quite what Stuart had in mind so he says NO DEAL

Stuart asks where the 1p is and someone shouts out box 16 which is Sarah's box, Stuart says that 16 normally has high numbers though, but Sarah says she thinks her box is low as well. Stuart goes for 16 as Sarah has been very good with her intuition about the values contained in the boxes....

Round 4
16 - 10p Sarah is proved right yet again
12 - £10,000
Big chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE
18 - £10

It's alright says Noel although he would have been happier if the 1p went then, Stuart says the £35,000 is still sitting in Phil's box!! But how is Stuart going to get that if the banker doesn't offer a swap?! The banker offers £5,000, Noel goes to Stuart's wife for her opinion, she says that Stuart is his own man and he is a very positive person. Stuart asks the pilgrims for their opinion, a few say DEAL as it could all go wrong in the next round... Stuart tells the pilgrims that he told his son there would be a certain figure that he would deal at, and it's not there yet. Stuart says NO DEAL

Round 5
Stuart wants lots of chants now and the pilgrims deliver
13 - £1
More chants
20 - £15,000 Chants turn to groans
More chants
9 - £5,000

Not a good round says Noel, it's all or peanuts now with £35,000 very isolated with only £1,000 as back up. Stuart says he will take an offer of £36,000 now... He then says that at this stage no money offer from the banker will get him dealing and we can miss out the phone call if they like! The banker calls and offers a SWAP! Stuart says NO SWAP, even though he has been convinced the £35,000 is sitting in Phil's box

Round 6
Stuart goes for Phil's box next which he said has £35,000! Noel says that's an interesting choice.
1 - £35,000 He was right!!! Noel says if only you had gone with your initial thoughts. Stuart says he would never swap as it would hurt more knowing you had a high value and gave it away.
15 - 1p Newbie Rachel and Noel says that was a relief
11 - £5

It's time for the banker time with £100 and £1,000 remaining, Stuart says he'll make it easy for the banker this time and will walk for £999. The banker offers £299, Stuart says NO DEAL, he says the £1,000 will get his son or wife to the Grand Canyon...

Noel says he has a horrible feeling about the game before opening Stuart's box 14! He opens it and reveals £1,000, box 21 contains the £100.

Stuart sums up the game by saying it was one big hole in the ground! He says his family will get to the Grand Canyon and they'll enjoy the £1,000 spending money while there.

Noel says he liked the game and the way Stuart played the it, he didn't win a big sum of money but he had a great time and that's Deal or No Deal is all about.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Catherine's Game Report

The big question on everyone's lips today is will Noel be wearing his fluffy pink slippers? He's not in the slippers, but he makes up for it in his shirt, it's the burgundy creation with birds on!!! Noel says we are still glowing from Gabrielle's game yesterday where she produced a great win from what was looking like a potentially horrible game.

Catherine has box 6 today, she's single but working hard not to be! We learn she works for social services but has only been working for them for 9 hrs!!! She took the job just after receiving the call to say she was on the show! She told them she would take the job if they let her have the time off to appear on the show, although she says she won't be going back if she wins the £250,000!! We see a pic of Catherine's daughter, but she says she not going to say if she is missing her so that the banker cannot play any emotional games, Noel says she is very sharp and is playing it right so as to not give anything away to the banker. She has her dad in the audience for support, and we learn that Catherine sent in 40 applications to get on the show.

Round 1
Catherine goes to newbie Millie first! As she wants to break the curse!
19 - £500
3 - £3,000
15 - £15,000 D'oh says Catherine!! Noel says there is a theory that it's ok to take out the middle reds early
12 - £5
10 - 1p

Catherine gets excited when the phone rings and Noel asks if she still gets excited when it rains!! The banker says Oh Lordy!! And that after 39 NOs on her application someone must have said Oh let her on the show and get her through quickly !! He says she tried to appear dizzy on the wings but she's not fooling him and he thinks she is very smart. he offers £10,040. Catherine says that's a very good offer and Noel says well it's a very good board, Catherine says you have lovely eyes Noel and NO DEAL

Round 2
2 - £35,000 A few groans for that one
Catherine reveals that on her first time guiding Andrew she walked him straight into a bollard!!! She goes to him next..
1 - £75,000 He got his own back says Noel!!
Catherine wants a blue chant!
21 - £20,000 The chants turn to groans!!

Noel tells the banker to stop laughing, the banker says Catherine is his type of girl as anyone who walks a blind man into a bollard is good in his books! Andrew says that during Craig's he made a deal with the crew that if the banker kept sticking he would give them £50 to allow him around the back to give the banker a good thumping!! He will offer £100 now if the banker doesn't give a good offer to carry out the same thumping! Noel says the banker is punishing her by offering £5,020!
Catherine asks the pilgrims if they think she should go on and does the board look good! Everyone shouts YES and tells her to go on... Catherine says NO DEAL

Round 3
Catherine goes to Stuart next who asks Noel what he has to do as he has totally forgotten what to do!! Noel tells him if he produces a red he will go over and whack him around his head with the box!!
16 - £50,000 BIG groans for that one and Noel makes Stuart say sorry! Noel then goes around and puts the box over Stuart's head!!
9 - £100
7 - £5,000 Arrghh says Noel

Noel says we are suffering today as the big numbers keep going! The banker is worried about the threats issued by Andrew!! He banker offers £12,500, Catherine looks confused and asks Noel why is the banker raising the offer? Noel says it's because the two largest sums of money are still in play. The banker calls back and asks to speak to Catherine, she asks him to up the offer a little more as it's a good board, he calls her a pocket rocket! The banker DOES increase the offer, it's now £12,500.10! Catherine has a little chat with Pam and then says NO DEAL

Round 4
17 - £10 BIG CHEERS and shouts
14 - £10,000 Groans for that, but Noel says it's not a disaster
Noel says it's a dangerous position now as the top 2 are totally isolated, he tells Catherine to really focus now and not to think about the doom and gloom
8 - 10p Big cheers for that one

That's better says Noel and to continue to think positive. The banker thinks Catherine would quit now with his next offer of £21,000. Catherine says it's a great offer and Leanne tells her to think carefully, Noel tells her to remain focused and remember this is real money. Stuart says it's still a great board but she needs to remain focused and think blue, he offers blue chants all through the next round if needed, Bunney gives a positive speech as well. Catherine says DEAL

Catherine tells Noel she couldn't risk it and that was her target.
Round 5 - proveout round
18 - £1,000
11 - £750 groans for that one
22 - 50p

Total shock in the studio as it's an all blue round, Catherine asks can we go back? The banker is laughing!!! Noel is really rubbing this in now talking about how so many people wanted her to go on for another round. The banker would have offered £55,000, Catherine would have said DEAL there.

Round 6 - proveout round
5 - £250 More groans
13 - £100,000 A few cheers for it
4 - £50 There are loads of groans as Noel says oh my lord

It's time for the banker with £250,000 and £1 remaining, Noel wonders if box 6 has brought the £250,000 to the table again as it did in Laura's game. The banker says he would have wanted to prove he still has bottle and would have offered £40,000, Catherine says she would have said DEAL

Noel opens box 6 and reveals £1, there are big cheers and relief all round, box 20 contains the £250,000.

Noel asks Catherine how she feels, she's happy but a little bit angry at herself for not going a little further, Noel says there is pressure while in the chair but that is what the game is all about and there is some consolation in that she would have never have won the £250,000.

Noel closes the show out by saying he thinks the lesson to be learned is to stay focused while playing the game as he feels Catherine lost her way a little, although she did come away with a nice sum of money.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gabrielle's Game Report

Another landmark was achieved yesterday with George's win taking the total winnings for the contestants to over £6,000,000. Will Noel mention this? Or will his stats people take a few days to realise the total has been passed? Noel welcomes us to the dream factory and talks about how every game and player is different.

It's Gabrielle's turn to take the walk of wealth of today, and she does so with box 16 today, as the camera pans around we see that it has 2 pink boxes on top of it! Noel races over to carry the 2 pink boxes for her as she makes her way to the pound table, she has her daughter in the audience for support today. She has an unfulfilled dream of doing a Viennese waltz in Austria with Noel as her toy boy partner, Noel says he can't dance!! Noel asks about the 2 pink boxes, one is for Noel and one for the banker, Gabrielle says Noel's are to wear during the show! It's a matching pair of pink fluffy slippers like the ones that Gabrielle has been wearing on the show. Noel puts them on to much laughter from everyone and does a little walk around the studio! Noel warns everyone else NOT to bring out any other strange items for him to wear as he won't be wearing them!

Round 1
1 - £35,000
3 - £100
5 - £50,000 Groans as Noel says there is now a big window in the reds
11 - £1 Cheers for the blue
12 - £250,000 BIG groans

What an opening round says Noel and Gabrielle says she is feeling sick! The banker loves his slippers as much as Noel does! He has a gift for Gabrielle, which is an item of clothing he wears late at night! It's brought out and it's a pink feather BOA. The banker makes an opening offer of a SWAP for any remaining box in play, he also adds to the offer of always saving the last dance for Gabrielle.

Gabrielle says she doesn't feel good about box 16 and wants to SWAP, she wants Bunney's box 13 and Noel asks him to HOP over! He doesn't so Noel wanders down to Bunney in his pink slippers! Noel points out that box 16 is normally a very lucky box on the pound table and also that Bunney has had low numbers in the past!!

Round 2
15 - 10p Big cheers
17 - £10 more cheers
It's box 19 next but Noel calls a break while doing a dance in his fluffy slippers! On the return Noel is still doing his dance in the slippers!!
19 - £10,000 groans for another red

Noel tells Gabrielle to try a different system as hers isn't working, she throws away her slip of paper away that she had her list of numbers on. The banker points out the power of box 16 while on the pound table!! And he's not worried about her game at the moment, he makes an offer of £6,500, Gabrielle says NO DEAL

Round 3
Bunney with box 16 the swapped box next, there are ohhs from the pilgrims and Noel says that's a brave move but clever move as it takes away something from the banker... Bunney delivers yet another song!
16 - £3,000 BIG CHEERS for that one - Great decision to swap says Noel
4 - £100,000 BIG GROANS and NO NO NO from Noel
Gabrielle goes and picks up her piece of paper again with her...
10 - £750 Needed that say Noel

Gabrielle starts to pick another box and Noel starts a strange 'I can count to 3' chant!! The banker thinks that Gabrielle is a very courageous player, but don't under estimate his offer of £6,500, he sticks. Noel says it's a good offer considering the last round, Ryan says she would have to be very unlucky to take out the remaining high reds in the next round, Gabrielle says NO DEAL

Round 4
18 - £20,000 Groans for another high red
22 - 1p BIG CHEERS
9 - £5 BIG cheers for the low blue

Noel wonders where the banker is going to go now, the banker calls and says he wants the box cheaply! He offers £7,900. Noel wants to sit down!! Gabrielle gives him the chair but says she might sit on his knee later! Daniel says that if she takes out the £75,000 in the next round she is going to have to go to the end before she will see that sort of offer again, Gabrielle says NO DEAL
Round 5
8 - 50p Big cheers and shouts for that one
2 - £1,000
21 - £75,000 OH NO!! says Noel

The banker calls straight away and offers £2,000. Gabrielle goes to Ryan again, he says it depends what £2,000 means to her. Noel says the game could have a swing or a sting in the tail. Gabrielle says NO DEAL

Round 6
6 - £5,000 Groans for that one from Newbie Simon
14 - £50
20 - £500 BIG CHEERS

It's time for the banker with £15,000 and £250 remaining, Noel tells the banker that round didn't go according to his plan. The banker recognises that Gabrielle has been very brave in her game and offers £5,500 which gets a mixed reaction, but Noel says it's a good and teasing offer. Gabrielle gets her daughter down for support, Dennis says take 5 seconds out to think about this. Noel tells Gabrielle to only gamble if she is feeling really confident today, Gabrielle goes to Julie who says that she really deserves the £15,000 and she so much wants her to win it. Gabrielle says NO DEAL

Noel says the lucky feathers have helped so many he hopes they help her as well and puts some on top of box 13...

Noel opens box 13 and reveals £15,000, the whole studio goes wild. Noel does a little speech to camera about if you are brave you get rewarded. Box 7 contains £250.

Noel says he is so relieved that he didn't wear the silly slippers in vein today!

Gabrielle tells us that she really needed the money as she wants to pay off her daughter's student loans and then any left over she is going to visit Austria to go to a Viennese ball.

Noel closes out the show by saying that Gabrielle was a plucky lady and was the banker wise in offering the swap at the start of the show as it cost him £12,000 at the end of the day.

Monday, January 15, 2007

George's Game Report

Jennifer’s nice win yesterday pushed the contestant's total winnings to just below 6,000,000. A win of around £870 will break another landmark for the show today. Noel talks about Jennifer's game and how the banker tried emotional games with her, but she avoided them and produced the perfect game.

It's George's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' and he has box 20 today, we learn he's a flour miller and he explains how the job works. George then explains how he met his wife of 36 years and how it was love at first sight, he has a picture of his wife which we get to see but she isn't in the audience with him today, so he asks for support from the pilgrims and wants them to all to act as his wife!!

Round 1
Gabrielle first and George gets his lucky feather, we get to see the slippers again
19 - £1,000
3 - £3,000
6 - £50 Cheers for the first blue
4 - £5 more cheers
22 - £20,000 a few groans for that one

George is happy with the start and the banker says he is the first man he's met who has more wives than him! He also says that George has the ugliest wife he has ever seen!! This receives Boos from the pilgrims (adopted wives for today!) The banker offers £9,900,George says it's early days yet and NO DEAL

Round 2
9 - 1p BIG CHEERS for the 1p
Noel wonders up and down the aisle with George and asks what is rattling in George's pocket It’s his car keys!! The banker calls and asks where the car is parked!!
17 - £100
21 - £10 Big Cheers as George gets an all blue round

Noel is really impressed with the board and the power 5 still being intact, he goes to the pilgrims to see what they think the offer will be, they say between £17,000 - £20,000... The banker calls and says this offer is Self-Raising!! He offers £22,000, it's a great offer says George but NO DEAL

Round 3
1 - £750 Big cheers for yet another blue
5 - £15,000 It's OK says Noel
16 - £250,000 It's as bad as Richard's Roll joke!!

It's a shame says Noel, the top and bottom are off the board now. The banker loves Richard now, but he doesn't like the contestant's 'need the dough' lines!! The banker informs George that he thinks his 'wife' is sleeping with other people!! He then offers £22,000, he sticks. Ryan says it's a great offer but it's also a great board, George says NO DEAL

Round 4
15 - £5,000
Bunney next and Noel asks if there is a song, there is!
14 - £35,000 Mixed reactions for that one...
George goes to Elton with box 2 next, Noel asks if George wins the £100,000 will he share it with his wife? George says he might give his wife a cut of his winnings
2 - £250 Big cheers for that one

Noel says George is in a powerful position now with still 3 of the power 5 remaining, he asks will George be going for a divorce if this goes well, George replies that it would cost too much!! The banker offers £22,000, he sticks again! Noel tells him to think about this now. George asks his wife what she thinks? She shouts out a mix of both Deal and NO DEAL, Leanne says to think carefully about the offer now, George says DEAL. Noel works out that it's £2,000 for George and £200 for each of his wives!

Round 5 - proveout round
10 - £1 Noel starts to wonder if there was one more round in the game
12 - £500 Big groans for that one, although some applaud!
8 - £50,000

Noel says that didn't work out great for George, and the banker would have offered £35,000.

Round 6 - proveout round
13 - £10,000 Not good enough says Noel
7 - £75,000 Newbie Georgina
11 - 10p groans for that one

It's time for the banker with 50p and £100,000 remaining, he says he would have offered £21,900, George says he would have played on there.

Noel opens George's box 20 and reveals £100,000! Box 18 contains the 50p.

Noel says he thought George would have been the gritty type of player to go on and win the £100,000 and he reckons he will be quietly kicking himself back at the hotel tonight when he looks back over his game, George says he's happy with his win.

With his win today the total contestant's winnings since the show started has now passed the six million pound mark.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jennifer's Game Report

I Expect Noel will give a big build up to the potential of the £250,000 being won again today! A win of around £33,000 today will put the total amount won by contestants to over £6,000,000 since the show started. Noel talks about the cycles and trends that the show produces and he does indeed talk about the appearance of the £250,000 appearing on Sundays! Can it appear again today? Noel tells us it's going to be a big game! What does he know!!

It's Jennifer's turn to take the walk of wealth and she has box 15 today, she is a retired school meals assistant and Noel talks about the state of school dinners! Jennifer also reveals that owned her own fish and chip shop, and also that she has a nickname but won't reveal it in case the banker is offering more money as he did to Brian for revealing it!! Jennifer has her friend in the audience for support today.

Round 1
7 - £20,000 silence for that one....
12 - £35,000 groans for that one
1 - £10,000 more groans as a hole is appearing in the reds
5 - £5 Newbie Paul stops the red trend
10 - £50,000 more groans

What a round says Noel, he asks what Jennifer thinks the banker will make of her? A dealer or No Dealer, she's not sure. The banker says Sundays are his least favourite day of the week, and asks how many grandchildren Jennifer has, it's 29. Jennifer asks if the banker received the book she sent on Yorkshire wit! The banker then makes and opening offer of £2,900, Jennifer says NO DEAL

Round 2
14 - £3,000
Bunney next and he delivers another song...
9 - £1,000
8 - £50 Big cheers

The banker has received Jennifer's gift of the book and he reads out the poem contained in the book written by one of Jennifer's granddaughters, he says he is really moved by the poem and then offers £10,900. Jennifer goes to Ryan for advice he says it COD have been a worse offer!! OH DEAR!!! Jennifer says NO DEAL

Round 3
3 - 50p Big cheers
11 - £15,000 groans for that one
Jennifer gets her lucky feather from Gabrielle's slippers. We get to see the slippers and there still seems to be loads left.
13 - £100 the feather works

Noel says it's looking better now and the banker is going to have to start taking things seriously. The banker says it's a dangerous board and he doesn't want to be in Jenny's PLAICE!! Jennifer says that was the name of her fish and chip shop! The banker offers £20,000, Noel says it's a decent sum of money and to think seriously about this. Dennis says she would have to have the round from hell next to destroy the board as it stands, Jennifer says NO DEAL

Round 4
4 - £750 Big cheers and shouts for the blue
18 - £250 More shouts and cheers - Even a shout of YES from Noel
Jennifer chooses 6 next but Noel builds up the tension that the £250,000 could be on the pound table for yet another! Please don't jinx it Noel!!!
6 - £100,000 NOEL!!

Jennifer says didn't the last Jennifer get £120,000? Well remembered. The banker asks how many children are in the football team, Jennifer says 16 in the first team, but Noel tells him about 89! The banker bases his offer on the 16 first team players and offers £16,000 + 16 new football kits! Jennifer goes to Ryan again, he says the banker is playing an emotional game now and to forget the football kits and call the offer £17,000, George gives advice to basically go on, Jennifer says NO DEAL

Round 5
Noel gets Dennis to lie down in front of the £250,000!
20 - £5,000
2 - £500 Big shouts of YES
16 - 10p BIG shouts and applause

Noel says WOW and job done, he says this is yet another epic Sunday game. The banker says he is going to show everyone he is not afraid of anyone now and offers £2,000!! He then phones back and says it's for each of the kids... So the offer is really £32,000. Jennifer asks her friend for advice she says if you dare go on, go on!! Noel says that's really helpful! Ray offers advice and points to going on, Daniel says the £32,000 is a lot of money but the £250,000 is even more, George says the £32,000 is real money in her hand and the £250,000 is still a dream at the moment...

Jennifer says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
21 - £75,000
19 - £250,000 Big cheers and relief as Jennifer delivers the perfect proveout
22 - 1p

It's time for the banker with £1 and £10 remaining, the banker would have offered £3.20 and a blow football!!

Noel opens Jennifer's box 15 and reveals £10, box 17 contains the £1

Jennifer beats the banker with the perfect game and deals at just the right time.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Brian's Game Report

Can we get a win over the banker today? The banker has had his own way since Laura's jackpot on Sunday, hopefully today that can be changed... In Noel's intro to the show he talks about just the banker's victories this week as well, Jasmine also gets a mention about her amazing start in her game...

It's Brian's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' and he has box 11 today, we learn Brian is a retired electrician from Lancashire, will we have loads of electrical puns today? Brian has his wife Valerie in the studio for support today and we learn how they first met on a blind date, and also how Valerie arranged everything from their engagement to their wedding! Brian tells us about his prostate cancer he has had, and how he is going to give a chunk of his winnings to a charity for this after his game.

Brian tells us about the system he is going to use today and it's based on his golf clubs
Stroke index system and he produces a scorecard from his golf club, not sure what happens after 18 boxes though as the system will only work for 18!

Round 1
12 - £500
15 - £5,000
6 - £35,000
1 - £20,000
10 - £50

Brian starts to choose his next box and Noel does his NOOOOOO scream!! He asks if his golf scoring is that bad and if he cheats on his scorecard!!!! Noel asks the banker if he likes golf and he replies that he thinks it's an expensive game of marbles!!!! The banker offers £9,000 + a duvet for every member of the audience!!!! The banker thinks it could be a long game with all of Brian's ramblings!!! Brian says NO DEAL

Round 2
13 - £250
18 - £750
Brian needs to study his scorecard again and so Noel calls a break on Channel FORE!
9 - £3,000

Noel stops Brian from choosing another box again, Brian says that he is always impatient and his wife has a nickname for him, but he won't tell us as he doesn't want any stick from his mates back at home on the golf course!! Noel reckons he knows what it is! He says it's 'Too soon Brian'!! The banker calls and says how much do you want to go!!! He then offers £18,000, he says it's the final hole. Brian says it's a great offer, but NO DEAL

Round 3
2 - £250,000 Big groans as the big one goes
3 - £10
14 - £5

Noel starts coughing to stop Brian picking another box and Brian still looks to pick one!! Noel gets the pilgrims to join in with the coughing but Brian still tries to pick Elton!! Noel picks up the phone and says hello Mr Bunker!! Noel tells him we are having 16 boxes a round!! It's a new game! The banker offers £19,000, Brian goes to Daniel for advice, he says to go on as there are still 3 big ones there, Brian says NO DEAL

Round 4
Elton next and he thanks Noel for the lend of a shirt as he's wearing a shirt that would make Noel proud!! He then wishes Brian good luck as there is still a 'fairway' to go!!
5 - £1,000 Brian picks box 4 next and Noel ducks at the shout of FORE!!!
4 - 10p
Brian goes to Gabrielle next but we don't see him get a lucky feather!
17 - £75,000 Brian could have done with a lucky feather there!!

Brian says his short game is suffering at the moment and he suffers from the yips on the green!! It's a golfing thing where you get the shakes while putting, Brian then demonstrates what happens and Noel joins in with the demo! The banker wants to know the nickname that Valerie has for Brian is! If Brian doesn't tell him what his nickname is the offer is £15,000, BUT if Brian tells the banker it goes up to £20,000!

Valerie has to write down the name in the book so they can check that he gives the correct name!! Brian reveals the nickname is FLASH!! Noel says his nickname for Brian was better than that and then starts with a song of FLASH AHHH AHHHH!!! Brian says DEAL

He explains that he dealt because it gives him the chance to give his donation to the charity as he promised and he didn't want to risk losing everything and being able to donate.

Round 5 - proveout round
16 - £15,000 Newbie Jane
7 - £10,000
8 - £100,000 Big cheers as the highest value goes

The banker calls and would have offered £9,000, Brian says he still would have said DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
20 - 1p
19 - £50,000 BIG cheers as Brian takes out the last remaining red
22 - £100

It's time for the banker with 50p and £1 remaining, he would have offered 72p, Brian would have said NO DEAL

Noel opens Brian's box 11 and reveals 50p, box 21 has the £1

Brian gets a nice win over the banker and Noel congratulates him on the win and his game.

Noel closes the show out by saying he hopes we get more down to earth players like Brian and wonders if we will get another £250,000 this Sunday.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jasmine's Game Report

Noel does a rather strange introduction today in his paint-splattered shirt, starting by screaming the intro and finishing on a whisper! Has the big win of Laura's finally got to him!!

Noel talks about how hyped up everyone is in the studio and talks about the roller coaster winnings this week and uses his 'Noel logic' to predict that after Don's low win yesterday we will have a BIG win today! Hopefully he has not just jinxed today's game!

It's Jasmine's turn at the 'Pound table' and she has box 1 today, Noel points out another first for the show, as Jasmine is the first pregnant contestant, she is due in about one month. We learn that Jasmine has her own recruitment company, and she wonders how the banker will handle her pregnant hormones!

Round 1
13 - £50 Big cheers for the blue
21 - 50p more cheers
Gabrielle next and Jasmine gets her lucky feather, those slippers must be getting bare by now!!
5 - £5,000
3 - £500 There is a spooky 5 theme running here
10 - 1p BIG cheers for the 1p

Noel talks about the roller coaster of winnings again, and asks if the banker was at the birth of any of his children, he says he only has one and he doesn't talk to him as he is a charity worker! He says he wasn't at the birth as he wasn't sure if he was at the conception! He then makes an opening offer of 12lb 3oz! Which in real money is £12,300

Jasmine says that is an amazing offer, and Noel says it's an amazing board, Jasmine says NO DEAL.

Round 2
12 - £5 Big cheers for the blue and the 5 theme continues!!
14 - £750 more cheers and Noel wonders if Jasmine is going to pull out an all blue round
8 - £250 BIG cheers as Jasmine does indeed get an all blue round

Noel says this is unbelievable, the banker wants to know how come Jasmine is pregnant but he is the one doing all the deep breathing! He offers £24,600. The offer gets a great reception and Noel says this is the most powerful board since... well he can't remember...

Noel says to remember how many games have gone wrong in the very next round after refusing a large offer, but also it's still a very strong board, Jasmine says NO DEAL

Round 3
22 - £100,000 Groan as the first power 5 goes
Jasmine goes to Sarah who says she thinks Jasmine has a good value in 1
4 - £35,000 few more groans
2 - £10 Big cheers

We needed that last one says Noel, the banker refers back to Matt's game and how after a similar powerful start went away with £5,000, the banker then offers £20,000

Noel goes to Bunney who says he is worried that there are only 3 higher amounts in play, but he would go on, Stuart says that the banker has been too comfortable over the past couple of days and Jasmine needs a final BIG push to knock him into the real world! Jasmine then does her own sweep of the audience and most say NO DEAL. Jasmine says NO DEAL

Round 4
15 - £75,000 BIG groans followed by silence as another of the power 5 goes
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
17 - £250,000 Well that dreams over says Noel! As the whole studio falls silent
Jasmine wants chants of Blue from the audience now..
7 - £10,000

The banker calls and offers £10,000, Andrew reminds Jasmine about Don's game yesterday where he still had the £50,000 on the board and it went in the very wrong in the very next round,
Jasmine says NO DEAL.

Round 5
20 - £1,000
Chants of BLUE start
9 - £1 the whole studio goes wild
More chants
6 - £15,000 Groans, but Noel says it's OK

Noel tells the banker that it was brave to go on and Jasmine looks as though she is prepared to go on again... The banker offers £14,600, Stuart points out that a piece of Laura's confetti has just fallen from the ceiling and wonders if it is a good omen. Noel says he didn't know about the confetti cannons installed in the roof and he was shocked when they went off in Laura's game!! Jasmine says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
16 - £100 The pilgrims start to cheer and Noel says NO!! It's not OK, it would have been if still in active play
19 - 10p Shock and gasps on that one...
18 - £50,000 Big cheers for that one

It's time for the banker with £20,000 and £3,000 remaining and he would have offered £9,000, Jasmine would have said DEAL.

Noel opens Jasmines box 1 and reveals £20,000, box 11 contains £3,000 with Newbie Richard.

Noel mentions Sarah's prediction earlier in the game where she said that she had a feeling that Jasmine had a high value in her box, it looks as though Noel may start making a big point of Sarah's predictions from now on. As the credits roll Noel points out that since Laura had the jackpot win on Sunday he has beaten every player that has come to the table!