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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Becca's game

Noel heads up the dream factory today clad in a blue paisley number. He wants to dispel three common mis-conceptions. 1) He has no idea what’s in the boxes. 2) No the £250k isn’t marked in any way and 3) The banker is a kind, reasonable, likeable chap.

It’s Becca’s game havng chosen box 5 and Iain will be kicking himself for not being available for this one. I hereby officially invite him to add in a few thoughts after watching the tape. Noel comments on her cold hands and she brings out her multi coloured gloves, a gift from ex contestant and panel neighbour Simon. She has a piercing in her chin which I’m not sure Iain would like.

Becca Passani is a 19 year old student who considers herself very lucky with her family and what she wants in life, but unlucky at never having won anything. She has a photo’s of her brother and sister and a dead cute one of herself as a toddler. She has no system as such but has had some feelings during her 25 shows about having big money in her own boxes.

Round 1
First is Lee and box 21 swiftly eliminating the dreaded penny. A brilliant start. Louise box 20 appears to have adopted a Stevie type catchphrase of ‘wack em out’ (referring to the blues) she opens a red £3k. Becky next with box 2, clears off the £100k Becca’s lucky gloves are on. Carlton box 22 has £500. Jo last with box 1 and £10k.

Johnnie, who shouted out a comment is called down from the audience and is despatched straight back once he admits he is from Aberdeen. Becca declares he is lovely if a bit excitable. The banker says this game will be easy as she is a shocking liar referring to her thoughts on Johhnie

Round 2
Box 7 and Bianca next with £5, followed by number 15 and Chrissie, who opens up £100. Noel drops a big hint about the break which Becca misses big time. She is considering choosing Scott next and has a bit of a discussion with him. Back from the break she chooses Wayne and box 8 instead, it contains £20k. Mum is consulted and she tells everyone that Becca is set to win lots, so she is not worried that the £20k went. Today’s comedy prop is in the shape of a slightly suspect latex glove and they both wear their gloves for the offer which is £9,200 – Mum declares they don’t want small change, go all the way to the end, no deal Becca agrees. Noel takes Mum his mug of tea.

Round 3
A quickie round is called for and starts devastatingly with Peter’s box 10 containing £75k. Box 16 next, Daz has £1 and in box 4, Theresa has £50. Noel is getting personal now asking if Becca has cold feet as well as hands and does she have matching socks. She takes one boot off and he removes the other (without he latex glove), she has black and white striped socks. The offer is £14,500. Becca thanks Mr Banker very much but she tells us she thinks she has the £250k. Mummy is asked once again – no deal again. I really hope it doesn’t all go downhill from here as it often does.

Round 4
Joseph box 3 next, he opens £10. Noel calls for Two more blue’s. Richard is asked for his feeling he asks her not to pick him as he thinks he has the a big number, she moves to box 6 Joan who has £750, screams of delight from Becca. The studio is left chanting ‘blue’ whilst a break is called. Scott is next with box 12 Becca turns round in her seat as he reveals £5k. I'm sensing this is getting a bit more serious for Becca. The banker tries to shift her with an offer of £20k. Mum counsels caution – saying she wouldn’t deal if it were her, but her eyes silently implore her daughter to consider her own situation. Will you choose a number if I go on Mum? – Yes. The question is asked – No deal, is she brave or is she stupid? Noel talks about courage and Mum is invited down to choose numbers.

Round 5
Mum goes straight for number 9 which has drawn her eye the whole game so far. Melanie opens – yes the £250k - sorry says Mum very quietly. Everyone is distraught and Noel gamely tries to lift the mood. Next is box 11 and Yvonne with £15k. Trevor is asked for a reprieve in box 17- he has 10p which earns him a kiss from Becca. The offer is £7k and the banker loves Mum. Becca tells Mum and Noel she is never gonna be here again the answer is no deal.

Round 6
Box 18 and big Ron is chosen with £250 relief from him. Box 19 next knocks out the £50k Becca is on her haunches looking away from the boxes. Richard is chosen next, box 14 despite his early reservations she goes with her decision but can’t look. Noel has to tell her Richard had been right and he has indeed got £35k in his box. Bankers opinion is that her Mum should be proud of her for having courage, he thinks she will make much more money in her lifetime than she had turned down. The offer is £250 the answer is no deal. The phone rings back with the swap option and she takes it just so she could do the walk. She arrives back at the hot seat carrying box 13. Noel questions whether she has finally given away the lst significant some of money. She didn’t, she gave away her 50 pence and takes home £1,000 revealed by a very tearful Penny on her first show.

Well done Becca you have a little of the look of Katherine Zeta Jones about you and we certainly agree with the banker’s predictions. Mum, you meant well but when you are drawn to a box everyone knows that it might mean AVOID it.

Becca won £1000.


Gillean said...

Becca - as an Irishman said to me when I was your age, 'you have years of mistakes to get through first, but you'll be just fine'.

Gorgeous as you are, I didn't realise you were only 19, I now regret all those lustful comments I made in my earlier reports, you are far to young for me....now where is Suzanne, or Sarah, or Emma D, or Emma B....?

Anonymous said...