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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Richard's Game Report

[Tonight’s report is by Georgia, who has just finished her GCSEs and felt the need for a fresh challenge. Well done Georgia!]

An entertainment drama explained by Noel as he continued to blow his horn about the show being so popular it has been given more slots. The viewers’ prizes are doubled all next week as well as the episodes. My thoughts on this are that secretly someone from Channel 4 has read the blog and decided to give us a challenge.
Richards was tonight’s player with box 2, 42, self employed, a free-lance musician! He has aready stated his nervousness which could play against him with the banker, but, we will see.

Round 1
Daz, box 12- 50p a fairly good start I would say but there ‘is a long way to go’. Frank box 21- £35,000. Teresa, box 10- £100. Mark box 22- £5. Debbie box 8 - 1p. An excellent start to the first Sunday show but I feel it could all go down hill from here. I really like the coment by Richard ‘Its not the way you start its the way you finish’. That confident comment contrasted quite dramatically with his nervous one earlier. But it worries me when Richard then goes on to describe Scott’s ‘good massages’, is he hiding something? What really goes on when they are not stood behind those boxes? Bankers first offer- £100. Not a very nice offer considering the board and some very wise words from Joseph!! I have always wondered what would happen if after Noel has felt so confident of the contestants answer that he got it wrong. I mean what if Richard said DEAL at his point - I would love to see his face. But not today - No Deal

Round 2
Melanie, box 1- £50. Chrissie box 5- £1000. Richard is happy to be informed by Noel that this is the strongest game so far while approaching the second offer( Now there’s some trivia to keep you thinking through the break. Unfortunately I am not inclined to check!!!!) Finally for this round, Yvonne box 4- £750. Well another good round to follow the last and it looks like Richard is becoming a bit bigger within his boots. Noel leaves Richard contemplating the banker’s next offer as he mingles with the Hall of Fame where we find out that the queen of deal or no deal played on Richards birthday and on her show the £250,000 was in Box 20 (the one Richard has)
Bankers second offer £18,000. A woping great jump I feel! A slight dig at Pennie as he confers with the east wing and.......................................No Deal

Round 3
Trevor box 3- £250,000 (Not so confident anymore are we Richard?) Jo box 13-£3000. Nessie number 9-£50,000. A slightly destructive round and Richard squirms as the phone rings. Bankers third offer £4000. A whoping great drop I feel! No Deal
Again Noel confers back to the Hall of fame reassuring Richard by using them as examples that they turned their games around after losing the £250,000 in the third round. Fingers crossed Richard is the same! It’s not looking bad, that’s for sure.

Round 4
Joseph box 16- £20,000. Lee box 11- £100,000. The board is looking pretty bare now and Richard is covering his worries. Pennie box 19- £15,000. Bankers fourth offer £1100. Richard gives it some consideration, but ….No Deal. Not a brilliant round but everyone seems positive so hopes are high in the dream factory.

Round 5
Ron box 2- £5000. Carlton box 6- £1 Finally a break in the nearly new record for reds in a row (seven), is this the start of a run of blues? Scott box 15-£250.A slouched body position while waiting for the offer suggests that Richard is cool, calm and collected. Another dig at the banker to do with his massuers wages. Bankers fifth offer £6100. A quick sweep leaves Joseph the only one to stand out and say to deal. Are his words wise? The audience is undecided and Richard says ......................................Deal. An interesting choice but as Noel said, he didn’t have much help, and it leaves us thinking about who was right: the minority(deal) or the majority (no deal). Oh what a tease old Noel is, he never fails to leave us itching to find out whats going to happen next! We may think its a low price at which to surrender, but fair play to him, he thinks its enough for him. But I am sure he is regretting that £18,000.

Round 6 ( How he would have played on)
Wayne box 14-£10,000. Aileen box 17- 10p. Biancca box 7-£10. Bankers sixth offer £26,100. A fantastic offer and the regret sets in! But Richard continues to claim he has got all he needs now.

Round 7
Richard’s box 20 - £75,000 Louise box 18- £500.

A bit of a topsy-turvey game and I can’t help but think that he really didn’t enjoy being there: Noel frequently compared him to that Hall of Fame of contestants. He said that he is happy with what he left with which is great. Unfortunately he didn’t beat the Banker but a happy ending personally is alway nice!!!

Signing off now, GEORGIA XXXXXXXXX

Richard won £6100


Steve said...

Wow Georgia, you've left me some act to follow tomorrow night. I must confess to having had a dry run with my pencil and a handy little grid I've done on the PC - maybe I'll see if Iain can upload it for the use of others who are on the report roster for this week!

I have to agree with you about this game: Richard seemed uncomfortable with the DOND royalty behind him. He no-dealt at £18k when most people would have seriously considered it, then chickened out at £6k when the odds suggested he could have gone on.

One more thing: is it me, or had I not really noticed Richard before? He looked like the spooky love child of Dale Winton and Mr Bean, though less orange than the Winton gene might suggest. How long had he been there?

No connection with the contestant, a distraction in the audience, Edmonds hyperbole: I really wish I'd watched the Portugal-Angola game, although the second half of that was rubbish too!

Chris S said...

Here we see YET again another example of "if only".

My mind tends to drift to people like Morris, Fadil, Trevor etc. Who would have won the 75k if it had been in the box.

Also, someone explain to me the logic of sniffing at 18k and then taking £6,100, it doesn't make sense.

Well, 12 games to go then...

Chris S said...

Oops almost forgot, great report by the way!!

Anonymous said...

Also, someone explain to me the logic of sniffing at 18k and then taking £6,100, it doesn't make sense.

The £18,000 was offered at a time when Richard had nine reds on the board (compared to five blues). The potential for a huge win was still there, with little (immediate) danger.

The £6100 was offered at a time when continuing would have been much more of a risk -- there was a 30% chance of being faced with a blue vs. blue final two if he'd have continued.

Richard's logic seemed to be that he'd have a punt if the big money was still there, but not at any cost.