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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ryan's game

Coffee flavoured short sleeved cornetto seems to be the order of the day for this rainy Monday show. The dream factory celebrates Wimbledon week, with green boxes decorated with yellow balls. The studio is centre court and the audience will predictably be making the usual racquet (groan).

A somewhat portly, older looking Brian McFadden, aka Ryan, a field sales something or other, considers himself a lucky person and especially lucky today with box 15.

Round 1
Noel calls for belief…….as per usual
Ryan faces the dilemma of saving his special numbers until the end or getting them out of the way first.

Sue, box 7 – 10p a great start appreciated by all.
Paul, box 11 - £100 – Paul’s teeth are a bit scary.
Linda B, Box 8 - 50p
Nick, box ? - 1p
Chris, box 17 – £1000

Bryan remarks on the phenomenon of fellow contestants ‘morphing’ from ordinary sane drinking partners each evening into brainless plebs the minute they sit in the chair. He confirms that he also has morphed with all those past players and can now no longer think or count up to three without his fingers and toes being brought into play.

The Banker announces a score of 15-love. Ryan needs the ‘love’ bit explaining and looks suspiciously at Noel’s attempt at an explanation. Just tell me the offer Noel he begs. It is £12,000 which is nice, according to Bryan/Ryan who hopes he hasn’t peaked too early – ask me the question please – No deal.

Alan, box 21 – Nana Ryan’s birthday – oops - £35,000
Monica, box 20 - £10
Sally completes this round with box 5 – break point to the ads. Sally then rushes to the microphone and breathlessly announces the money to be won at home for the very reasonable cost of £1 per call (– not all calls will be successful she tells us – but all calls will be charged.)
Oh dear, Sally’s box contained £250,000. Bryan/Ryan is gutted, but still feeling strong. The offer from the man on the phone – is £4,000 – No deal from the hot seat.

Round 3
Amy, box 22 - £10,000
Linda, Box 13 - £100,000 spookily forecast from the chair prior to it being opened.
Pierre, box ? £15,000
According to the banker Bryan/Ryan advised Shirley to deal at £16,000, he disagrees and the banker asks to speak to him. Bryan offers to dish the dirt on all the other contestants in return for a good offer. Noel has the phone back for the actual offer, which turns out to be a disappointing £5,500 – No hesitation - No deal.

Round 4 – a quickie is decided upon.
Roy, box 19 - £250
Woody? box 6 - £1
John, box 18 –
To the break again and Sally is still flogging the game at home.
Back from the ads to John and the last in this, not so quickie round, reveals £50.

3 blues and 5 reds remain on the board.

There is much debate around the upcoming offer – Argy bargy goes on around writing it in the book and whispering in ears. The actual offer is £15,500.
A sweep is asked for and Noel tries to get away with doing it from where he is standing. Bryan/Ryan suggests that Noel is getting a bit lazy and he should go along in the usual way. He does as he is asked and most of the contestants advise no deal.

Bryan/Ryan agonises, he is very tempted to deal but doesn’t want to be a chicken. He declares he would rather go one deal too soon than one too late. It takes twice but eventually he manages to get out the – deal answer.

Hypothetical round 5
Janelle, box 9 - £750
Vic, box 14 - £3,000
Ashok, box 10 - £5
Gutted is the answer to Noel’s question of how he feels now. Game set and match to the banker the offer would have been £25,000 Ryan tells us he would have dealt at this point.

Round 6
Debbie, box 4 - £20,000
Connel, box 1 - £75,000 elicits a huge round of applause.
Melanie, box 2 - £5,000

The last two boxes are £500 and £50,000. The offer at this point would have been £12,000. Bryan/Ryan tells us he would never have risked such an amount on, what is essentially, the flip of a coin. Noel opens up box 15 to the huge delight of the studio revealing Bryan/Ryan’s box had just £500 in it.

Ryan looks genuinely happy with his game and his winnings. Once again he seems a very popular member of the DOND social scene who will be missed. I liked him a lot.

Until next time – Sue

Ryan won £15,500

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was one of the best games in a long while, actually. The personality of the person at the 'pound table' (are there really no better puns for that piece of set?) has a lot to do with how good a show is.

Oh, and I totally agreed with Ryan's 'rather go one deal too soon than one deal too late' line of thinking.

Great overview, by the way! I love this blog!