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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lee's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes us all to the dream factory and says there is a lot of energy going through it at the moment. He talks about the cycles that the games go through and how he asked for a change on Monday, and wanted courage from the contestants, which they delivered and gave 2 great games where the banker was beaten in both. He asks for more of the same today.

It's Lee's turn at the pound table today and he has box 9, he says he is shocked even after being there for 24 shows. He tells us how everyone on the wings are considered friends now after the bonds that are formed during the shows. We get to see a few of Lee's pictures of his wife and also of his son, Noel talks about the advice that Lee has given while on the wings and wonders what the banker will make of him.

Round 1
Lee says there is one box that is really important, but he's not sure when to play it, and it's box 11
1 - £75,000 Groans for that one
17 - £10,000 A few ohhs from the audience
12 - £10
15 - £5,000
4 - £3,000

There is a big hole in the board says Noel, and Lee says he's a little annoyed about the £75,000 going there. The banker says he is not happy as it hasn't gone well so far this week, Noel tells him to be worried today as well as Lee is deadly. The banker says that Lee has developed into a rock that others turn to, and he also points out that Lee is a proud family man. He says that he will be trying and testing him today, and he has picked up on the influence of box 11 as well. He makes an opening offer of £11,000, Lee says NO DEAL

Round 2
Lee says he is going to play the courage card and go for box 11... He tells us how 11 has played a big part in his life
11 - £20,000 A few groans but Lee says it's OK
3 - £250,000 BIG groans all around
16 - £15,000 More groans

Noel says he is struggling to remember the last time they have got to the second offer with only one blue gone. He asks the wings for their opinions on what the offer will be, most say around £5 - 6,000 except Doug who says £9,000!! Noel says he will have to give Doug a slap!! He points to the board and says that after 2 powerful games, this will be a painful chat with the banker. The banker calls and is laughing, he says something remarkable has happened and it's that Doug is right!!! He offers £9,000, Noel says it's a very good offer, Lee says NO DEAL

Round 3
7 - £1 BIG cheers as Betty delivers a blue
21 - 1p Bigger cheers and Lee does a lap of the studio
6 - £35,000 Groans all around

Noel says there is a health warning now, and points out that a few players have kept the 2 remaining power 5 values until late in the game and still gone away with a nice sum. The banker says that every decision is now a true gamble and then offers £10,000. The banker is making Lee carefully think about every offer. Lee asks everyone in the studio to stand who would deal, only one person stands!! Lee says NO DEAL

Round 4
Blue chants start
19 - 50p BIG cheers
More chants
10 - £750 More cheers
More chants start
5 - £50 Big cheers

The board is starting to look a little different says Noel, the banker calls and says he can hear Lee's son saying he is really proud of daddy!!! The mind games start!! He then offers £15,000, Lee says the board doesn't look as bad now as it was starting to. Noel tells him that £15,000 is real money, and someone in the audience gives a speech about really thinking about this as it's a great offer and again it's real money and can be easily lost with the board as it is. Lee says NO DEAL

Round 5
Blue chants start
18 - £50,000 BIG groans and Noel says it's now a one box game...
20 - £500 Big cheers
More blue chants
22 - £250 More cheers

YESSSS says Lee. Noel says there was still serious damage in that round and wonders if the banker will try and suck Lee into going on... Noel says it's amazing how the game twists and turns and the banker has turned it back and offers £11,000. Noel says it's a big gamble now and a leap of faith, Doug confirms it's a gamble now as well and he knows as he has lost big on the horses before and he would not gamble here and take the money. Lee says NO DEAL as he thinks it's his lucky day.

Round 6
Blue chants start
14 - 10p BIG cheers
More chants
13 - £100 BIG cheers again and the studio goes wild
More chants
8 - £100,000 BIG GROANS and disaster!!! Jayne is in tears after revealing that!

It's time for the Banker time with £5 and £1,000 remaining.

Lee says he suddenly spotted his son in his picture pointing out no.2 so saved that one! The banker calls and says he is not playing mind games now, and offers £500. Lee says NO DEAL

The banker calls back and offers the SWAP, Lee SWAPS and now has box 2.

Noel opens Lee's box 2 and reveals £1,000 much to the relief of everyone in the studio, Box 9 contains £5

Noel says that Lee was true to himself throughout his game but unfortunately it didn't work out for him. He closes out the show saying it was a great game today and there was a lot of respect shown by everyone and he doesn't think the low win will affect the other contestants for the rest of the week, and hopes they continue the week of courage.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Susan's Deal or No Deal Game Report

A devious sounding Noel does the intro today in a disturbing stripy purple shirt!! He talks about Darren's great beating of the banker, and asks for more of his courage today to produce a similar or better win.

It's Susan's turn at the pound table today and she has box 8, she bows to Noel before she takes her seat and Noel whispers that he wants to tell her something!! It's that her shoes don't go with her outfit!! She told Noel before the show that she hoped she wasn't picked, as her shoes didn't match her outfit! She tells Noel that she speaks her mind, so could be an interesting game. We get to see some pics and they are of orphans that Susan sponsors so that they are taken care of, she tells us that 20% of her winnings will be going to help further with that support

Round 1
17 - £5
1 - £3,000
2 - £250,000 Susan says it's a new game now and the target is £100,000
13 - £20,000
7 - £50 Newbie Nigel

Susan says she is disappointed with the £250,000 going, but it's a new game now with the
£100,000. Susan let slip to the banker that she had 3 offers of proposals of marriage that she declined and the banker said she will accept her 4th offer today!! The banker has a poem for Susan and it ends calling Susan a fruitcake!! Susan replies with a great comeback, which shocks the banker!! He then offers £9,500

Nice start says Susan, but Noel replies it's not how you start... Susan says NO DEAL

Round 2
18 - £1,000
19 - 10p
Noel says he noticed something on Susan's file and it was if Susan won a nice sum of money she would use it for a tummy tuck and liposuction, Noel disappears and comes back with a vacuum cleaner and then a large bucket!!!
22 - £100

The banker says that he thinks Susan's shoes will good at the end of his bed!! He then offers £13,000

Noel asks Susan about the 3 declined proposals, the first one was because he was a teacher and too smart, the second was too handsome, and the third was too skinny!! The banker calls straight back and says he is in!! As he is stupid, ugly and fat!!! Noel delves more into the proposal with the teacher and it all gets rather surreal!! Susan says NO DEAL

Round 3
4 - 1p Big cheers all around
15 - £10 More cheers
11 - £500

A great all blue round for Susan and Noel says It's good isn't it. The Banker calls and offers £23,000, Susan says the board is telling her that there is a lot more in the game, but then says NO DEAL

Round 4
10 - £10,000
Blue chants start
14 - £750 Big cheers as it is indeed a blue
Susan picks Jayne next, but then changes her mind! Blue chants start
3 - £35,000 Was it a wise move?

Susan says the £100,000 is still there and that's what she is aiming for. The banker calls and says it's the 4th offer for Susan now and he is on his knees!! He offers £26,000, he tries some mind games with his £26,000 offer, which a number of contestants have dealt for in the past, Susan says NO DEAL

Round 5
Susan goes to Jayne now
16 - £5,000 Should have stuck with Jayne in the last round
Blue chants start
9 - £1
21 - £50,000 Groans for that one, Noel says that 2 days running for Debbie and the £50,000

Noel says you can still win the £100,000. The banker says he is now on both knees for this next offer of £30,000. Noel says that is a massive offer and to really think about this, Susan goes to Lee and he says he is frightened to offer any advice, as he doesn't want to influence her the wrong way. Susan says NO DEAL

Round 6
5 - £250 Big cheers for the blue
6 - £15,000 More cheers
Blue chants start
20 - £75,000 Arrrghhh says Noel

It's time for the Banker with 50p and £100,000 remaining. This is not a charity says the banker he is only interested in business!! He offers £42,000, Noel says Susan got that offer through raw courage. Susan says she thinks her box has the £100,000 though... After some thought Susan says DEAL

Noel says you horrible lady what have you put us all through, oh my word I thought you was going all the way!! He wonders if Susan can pull off another big win over the banker as Darren did yesterday. Susan says she now believes that the £100,000 is in box 12

Noel opens Susan's box 8 and reveals 50p, box 12 contains the £100,000. The whole studio and Susan go wild as she produces the perfect game.

Susan plays the perfect game and that's two days in a row the perfect game has been played and the contestant has gone away with £42,000.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Darrens' Game Report

Noel welcomes us to the dream factory for the start of a new week. He talks about the "wing states", and the different stages that the contestants go through, he says we are in a cautious state at the moment, but he hopes that changes today and we go into a courageous state.

It's Darren's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 17, and on his way to the pound table he drops his piccies off the box which Noel rushes over to pick up for him. We see the pics and there is one of his cat Milly and his family. He works in insurance and Noel asks if he has taken out cover to protect against the 1p!!
He has his sister in the audience for support, and we learn that he doesn't have a financial target, but wants enough for a nose job! Noel says I'll save you some money and gets out a mask and a lump hammer!!!

Round 1
22 - 50p
13 - £10
3 - £100
18 - £3,000
10 - 1p Big cheers

That's the sort of opening round that most dream about says Noel, he wonders what the banker thinks of Darren. The banker says that the contestants need a massive turn around, as all he can smell at the moment is fear! Although with a nose like Darren's that’s not surprising he says!!! The banker has checked a few plastic surgery websites for prices and he is offering £2,000 for each inch that Darren needs removed from his nose!!! He offers £12,000, Darren says NO DEAL

Round 2
9 - £ 15,000 Doug fights his way into his box
20 - £50
Noel is in hysterics at the moment over the nose job banter and then says the board has the smell of sweet success, but will it conk out after the break!!!!
1 - £750

Noel asks Darren how it feels to have crawled from under the rock and become captain courage! The Banker calls and offers £21,000, Darren asks Debbie for some advice, she tells him to 'get on with it'!! Darren says NO DEAL

Round 3
14 - £10,000
Blue chants start...
6 - £250 Adrian gets BIG cheers for his blue
More chants
21 - £5,000 David and more cheers

It's fantastic and amazing says Noel, he asks the Banker how he is feeling, he says it was a good round however this is the key moment and offers £26,000. Darren goes to Lee who says this is an absolute dream at the moment, Darren asks if anyone would deal, no-one would. Just as Noel asks the question Deal or No Deal, the banker calls back!!! He raises the offer to £32,000!!!!! Julian tells Darren to stay calm, and Darren says NO DEAL

Round 4
16 - £5 Big cheers as newbie Di delivers the low red
Blue chants start
7 - £1,000 Big cheers again and Noel says Wow Wow Wow, he tells us to savour this board as we are one box away from DOND history
Blue chants start
8 - £100,000 The chants turn to groans

Noel says the banker will be relieved at that last box, but it's still a dream game. The Banker calls and offers £35,000, he describes it as the perfect offer. Noel asks how lucky Darren feels and then the banker phones back again!!! He wants to speak to Darren, Darren says it's like a horror film!! He tells Darren as he's in insurance not to have an accident!! Darren says NO DEAL

Round 5
Blue chants start
4 - £75,000
More chants
19 - £50,000 Now we have a big problem says Noel
More chants
12 - £1 Big cheers for that that and a WOOHOO from Noel

OH WOW says Darren. The Banker calls and offers £42,000, Noel asks if Darren wants the headline from the banker, and it's that he thinks Darren has too much courage and he needed to offer the £42,000 to get him out of the chair! Darren says he has only had 3 large amounts while on the wings, Steven tells him to remember that the £42,000 is real money that could be sitting in his banker account... Darren says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
Noel says we will now find out if Captain Courage has bottled it!!
5 - 10p Groans
15 - £20,000 NO says Noel
11 - £250,000 BIG CHEERS and relief all around

It's time for the Banker with £500 and £35,000 remaining. Darren is happy, but Noel says it's rude to gloat (Doesn't stop you some days Noel!!!!!) The banker would have offered £15,000, Darren says he would have dealt there.

Noel opens Darren's box 17 and reveals £500, box 2 has the £35,000.

Fantastic, the perfect game says Noel. Noel closes out the show saying this is just the type of game we needed like he described at the start of the show, and hopefully it will continue throughout the week.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kay's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel wants us to "stop it now!!", he says WE think it is just about opening boxes, but he tells us it's more than that, it is how the contestants come across to the banker as it will influence his offers to them during their game. He asks today's player to come out and win the mind game...

It's Kay's turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so with box 12, she is a local government officer and has her friend in the audience for support today. She has a cuddly tiger on top of the box for good luck that her friend’s children have given to her. Noel points out the independent adjudicator also seals the viewers comp boxes, this allows him to plug the competition today where we can win up to £30,000

Round 1
Adrian the plank first!!! Noel's words not mine!!
3 - £5
7 - £75,000 groans for that one
22 - £3,000
11 - £100
21 - £15,000 A few "ooohs" on that one

More reds than blues says Kay, although it could have been worse and she then tells us how she met her partner Ed. Noel asks the banker how he is and asks what is his favourite chat up line, he replies with a couple including "Those must be space pants baby, as your ass is out of this world"! He then offers £7,200, that's reasonable says Kay considering the board, she then says NO DEAL

Round 2
Kay welcomes newbie Sarah and picks her box next
19 - £50,000 That hurts says Kay
Noel asks if Kay would like to sniff the lucky tea-bag? I thought he had ripped that up in another show when it didn't help!! He gets out the tea-bag and Kay has a sniff!!
4 - 50p
Noel says he is going to get something out after the break for Kay, which she will really plead for!!! After the break he disappears off stage and appears with a NEW lucky hat, it's a rainbow one for winter!!! Kay puts it on for luck, and then Noel starts a blue chant!!
15 - £35,000 Kay throws the hat away and a member of the audience catches it and wears it!!!

The banker says it was a good round for him and he loves the board at the moment, as it's very dangerous, he is going to play mind games now he says!! He offers £7,200 and sticks as it worked for him on Friday. Kay goes to her friend who says to take her time and she knows what to do. Kay says NO DEAL

Round 3
2 - £50
Blue chants start
5 - £250,000 OH NO says Kay that hurt
14 - £750

He's going to punish me now says Kay, Noel says it's almost a one box game now and it will be a painful offer. Noel then goes to David who says he would like to think the banker would go up a little as the £100,000 is still in play. The banker says that when Doug turned up on Friday his Bonkers disease has started spreading down the wings and it has just reached David!! He says that Kay has created a chase the money game with the board as it is, he also says that the disease has reached him and he is increasing the offer!! He offers £7,201, Kay says NO DEAL

Round 4
1 - 10p Big cheers and shouts for the low blue
Noel asks Kay to find the 1p
20 - £100,000 OH DEAR says Kay
Noel says we need a massive turnaround now...
9 - £20,000 Not what was needed...

We're going for £10,000 now says Kay, and Noel says he is nervous about the 1p now. The banker calls and is cackling down the phone, which Noel allows us to hear!! The banker says he can see a letter now where the postcode ends K1P! He then offers £900, Kay goes to Lee who says it's really one of those games now where you just have to go for it. Kay says NO DEAL

Round 5
Blue chants start
8 - £1,000
More chants
17 - £250 Cheers as a blue goes
Noel says Kay can still turn this around
More chants
16 - £5,000 Arggggh

It's all or peanuts now says Noel as the £10,000 is the only red remaining. The banker says Kay has been plucky rather than lucky and offers £1,313. Noel says it's a clever and tempting offer, Kay's friend has no idea what Kay will do next... Kay says DEAL. She says that's her holiday paid for that she has booked, Noel says that he thinks that was the most money remaining in the game for Kay.

Round 6 - Proveout round
6 - 1p
18 - £500
13 - £10,000 Big cheers and relief all around

It's time for the Banker with £1 and £10 remaining, how lucky was that says Kay. The Banker would have offered £4.99.

Noel opens Kay's box 12 and reveals £10, box 10 contains £1.

Kay gives a little speech about how much she has enjoyed her time on the show and meeting all the other great contestants, Noel says that Kay kind of beat the banker.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Amy-Lee's Game Report

Noel talks about Jack's game yesterday where Jack was the only one to believe he should have dealt, and wonders if he has any regrets over it as he thinks that Jack looked like he got confused!

It's Amy-Lee's turn at the pound table today and she has box 6, which is covered in soft toys!! Noel asks if she is on her way to a car boot sale!!! She has her fiancé Mark in the audience today for support, we get to meet the soft toys!! We find out that she would love to travel and it would be great if she could be paid to do it, Noel asks if she has thought of joining the army!! She wonders if the banker would adopt her as to date he has adopted 2 male contestants as sons, but doesn't have a daughter...

Round 1
2 - £10,000
5 - £5
18 - £1 So far scabby dog is working says Noel!!! Amy-Lee says its Woofy!
10 - £20,000 Noel asks if he can take the dog for a walk!!!
19 - £100

Noel is wandering around the set holding and stroking Woofy, the banker calls and Amy-Lee answers the phone, the banker says that Noel looks like the worst James Bond villain ever!! He wants to know when Amy-Lee was proposed to, it was on the aeroplane and the banker says that as Amy-Lee is afraid of flying it was probably a panic-stricken acceptance! He then offers £11,000, Amy-Lee says that would go a long way to pay for a great wedding, but NO DEAL

Round 2
1 - £100,000 A few groans for that and Noel makes Gus apologise!!
17 - 10p
Amy-Lee says she doesn't like the wee space at the bottom of the board, so Noel gets fiancé Mark to lie in front of the gap where the £100,000 was!!!
20 - £3,000

The banker thinks that Amy-Lee has just one target in mind now and it's £25,000 for her wedding, Amy-Lee replies no I need a house as well... The banker offers £12,500, Noel goes to the newbie Doug for his thoughts, Doug starts to ramble on about the offer and Noel reminds him that it's only a 45min show!!! Amy-Lee says NO DEAL

Round 3
Amy-Lee goes to Postman Pat next!!! Brian
15 - £15,000
3 - £500
Amy-Lee is tempted to go for box 22 but changes her mind and goes for 21 instead
21 - £250,000 Oh No!! Should have stuck with 22!

Amy-Lee says Woofy feels a little sick now! The banker says finally Adrian the plank has come good and revealing the £250,000 is the best thing he has done since appearing on the wings!!! He then offers £9,000, Amy-Lee was expecting an offer of around £5,000, her fiancé says they didn't come here for £9,000, and Amy-Lee says NO DEAL

Round 4
13 - £750
Amy-Lee says 4 and 16 are her lucky numbers but she doesn't know when to use them. Noel says open them and find out!!
4 - £50 Newbie Doug with some more great banter with Noel about box opening training!
Amy-Lee says she needs the toilet, so Noel calls a break! After the break Amy-Lee makes her way back to the pound table and Noel asks if she has washed her hands!!
22 - £250

Amy-Lee gets an all blue round at a great time, and Noel says it's good to see that block of middle reds, although the banker will be saying that they will be hit in the next round. The banker says make sure you switch off your mic when you go to the toilet!!! Amy-Lee says she did!!! The Banker offers £16,000, Noel asks is Mark thinking we didn't come here for £16,000... He says he thought the offer would be around £18,000... Amy-Lee says NO DEAL

Round 5
7 - £75,000 Big groans all around
Chants of blue start
16 - £10
Amy-Lee says she knows what is in her box and Noel asks her to write it in the book....
14 - 50p

Look at it says Amy-Lee. The banker says that she has made 2 bad decisions, one in the studio refusing the last offer and one on the plane when she proposed!! He says she can put one of them right now though and offers £16,000, Amy-Lee says DEAL. Amy-Lee says I have just made £16,000 and her fiancé says he needs the bathroom now! She says she knows what is in her box and Noel wants to show us her prediction, but she doesn't!

Round 6 - Proveout round
9 - £1,000 It would have been good says Noel
8 - £50,000
11 - 1p

It's time for the Banker with £5,000 and £35,000 remaining, Noel says the banker would have raised his offer at this stage! He would have raised his offer to £16,001...

Noel opens Amy-Lee's box 6 and reveals £35,000, there are groans from around the studio, box 12 contains the £5,000.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jack's Game Report

Noel talks about Bindya's game yesterday and how the banker used his highly effective £26,000 offer to get her to deal early.

It's Jack's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he has box 15. Jack is a retired head teacher from Lancashire, he has his wife Olive in the audience with him for support today and we learn they have been married for 50 years. His lucky number is 22, he says it has figured in his life for lots of events, he unsure which way he should use the number though, he says he is always careful with other peoples money but with his own money he is prepared to gamble.

Round 1
1 - £50,000 Groans all around for that one from Newbie Sherin
4 - £3,000
7 - £1,000
11 - 10p Big cheers for the first blue
19 - £100,000 BIG groans for that one

Someone shouts out the £250,000 is in there! "Hello Mr Banker, Gentleman Jack is with us" says Noel. The banker says that Gentleman Jack stands out from the rest of the riff-raff!!! He makes an opening offer of NO money, but the chance to SWAP his box 15 for any remaining box that is in play. The swap is offered because of Jack's comments about box 22 and that the number has played a part in his life. Noel asks his wife Olive what he should do, she says he should SWAP, Jack says that there is no pressure there now is there!!! Jack says SWAP. Jack now has box 22

Round 2
18 - £250
8 - £250,000 YIKES says Jack...
Noel says just think if you had used that swap to choose box 8!! WHY WOULD HE NOEL!!!!!
13 - £5,000

Noel says if we are being optimistic we can afford to lose the £5,000. The banker asks what Jack taught at school, he replies it was topics across the board in general. The banker then points out that there were more blues on the board than reds when Jack swapped, so he is more likely to have picked up a blue value rather than a red value! He then offers £8,500. Noel goes to Julian who says it's a nice offer considering what a cheapskate the banker is!!! Noel says that comment will go on Julian's record now with the banker! Jack says NO DEAL

Round 3
21 - £500
10 - £10
We're nearly there for an all blue round says Noel
5 - £15,000 Groans for that one

It could have been worse says Jack. Noel says he missed an opportunity to choose box 15 which could have given him an edge over the banker. The banker says that Jack is afraid to open box 15 that’s why he didn't choose it, he says he has the advantage now and offers £10,015. David says that he still has 2 of the power 5 and a couple of good back up amounts and he should go on, everyone else agrees. Jack says he has seen it go so wrong while on the wings at this stage. Noel asks the audience if they would deal, no one would, he even asks the cameraman who says no as well. Jack thinks for a while and then says DEAL.

That decision shocks everyone and Noel has a very shocked face, Jack says he surprised himself there and then says what have I done!! Noel says Jack is going to be memorable for this decision, as he has gone against what everyone in the studio would have done. Noel asks is he going to prove that everyone was right and he was hopelessly wrong!!

Round 4 - Prove out round
3 - £20,000 Cheers for that one
Jack goes to his original box 15 now
15 - £50 Shock all around for that one
Noel asks is it feeling lonely there now!!
2 - £750 NO says Noel

Noel says that everyone thought there was one more round in the game and there was. The Banker would have offered £15,000, Jack says he would have dealt for that.

Round 5 - Proveout round
Noel says an all blue round here would be a disaster
6 - £1
9 - 50p
20 - £10,000 NO it's not enough says Noel

Noel says that it is now 2 rounds too soon. The Banker would have offered £22,000, Jack's wife Olive says she is speechless. Jack says he would have dealt at that as well.

Round 6 - Proveout round
14 - £75,000 BIG cheers all around
16 - £35,000 More cheers as the last remaining red goes
It's still sad says Jack, but it could have been worse
12 - £100

It's time for the Banker with 1p and £5 remaining, he says it's not the end he was hoping for and would have offered £1.22. Jack is hoping that the 1p is now in his box 22

Noel opens Jack's box 22 and reveals 1p, box 17 contains £5

As Noel closes out the show he points out that the last time someone took a swap in round 1 of the show they swapped for the £250,000 but dealt early and didn't win it, this time the swap was for the totally opposite end of the board for 1p and again dealt early and didn't walk away with the amount.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bindya's Game Report

Noel says we are still savouring Paul's game from yesterday and describes it as a classic. Hopefully Noel will learn something from Paul's game and not launch into his early rants that he has been doing of late when people deal!!!

It's Bindya's turn at the pound table today and she has box 9. Bindya is from London and has 2 children who we get to see some pics of, she also has a little note from her husband and it's to open up if she gets stuck with a decision, it has "Blame the husband" written on it! Noel asks if we should call her Bindya or her new name, he then gets out a new nametag with Geoff written on it!! Noel tells us the story of how she got the name after a night at the bar in the hotel with Georgina's partner.

Bindya is a little nervous and gets everyone to have a shake to relax

Round 1
4 - £3,000
2 - 10p
Julian next and Noel says he doesn't like ANY of Julian's outfits!!! Which receives boos from everyone
20 - 50p
13 - £100,000
Noel asks if Bindya would ever choose someone as they were famous but in disguise!! Noel then gets a cuddly toy cat and a postman’s hat and puts them on Brian!! He says he looks like postman pat!!
3 - £10

Noel says it's a shame about the £100,000 but apart from that it’s looking a good board. The banker is not feeling well after Paul's game yesterday, he is also worried about Geoff!! He thinks he knows what is in the envelope that her husband gave her and he is going to tell Noel who will write his prediction in the book for later to see if he is right. The banker then offers £9,500, Bindya says NO DEAL

Round 2
19 - £20,000 That is greeted with silence
17 - £1,000
Noel calls a break and says there are 2 firsts in this game, the first time the banker has made any prediction in the book and also the first time Noel has thought anyone would walk at the first offer!! Noel says that Bindya is not feeling very confident at the moment even though she has a strong board. Bindya asks for another wiggle
12 - £50

That's what we needed says Noel, the banker says he is in difficulty as he did a wobble and a wiggle!! His butler is now trying to stop the aftershocks!!! The banker thinks he nearly got Bindya at the first offer and now offers £13,000, Noel asks if there is any interest in the offer, everyone says NO DEAL. Bindya says NO DEAL

Round 3
14 - £500 Newbie Steven
15 - £1
18 - 1p

Bindya gets an all blue round and loves it, Noel says it's funny how the whole game has changed lately and now most players are more concerned about knocking out the 1p rather than winning the £250,000... The banker calls and offers £22,000. Noel runs through the board and says it's VERY strong, Jack says its time to be careful now as the money is getting big, but he says there is one more round in the game. Bindya says NO DEAL

Round 4
5 - £250
1 - £750
Noel builds up the tension now saying that was 6 blues in a row and it would be astonishing to get 7.
Blue chants start
22 - £250,000

It's a serious knock says Noel and we need to re focus on the £75,000 now. The banker offers £12,500, he says that offer was because everyone dismissed the other offer too quickly! Bindya says NO DEAL

Round 5
6 - £10,000 Noel asks everyone to make some noise as that was OK
BLUE chants start
7 - £15,000 It's OK says Noel
10 - £5

The banker phones VERY quickly and offers £26,000. Noel talks about the influence of the £26,000 offer over the past month or so. He then asks the audience to stand if they would NO DEAL, about half do. Noel asks is it time to open the envelope, Bindya says I wear the trousers in the relationship though! She opens the envelope and says it's spooky!! She holds it up to the camera and it says DEAL. Noel shows us the banker’s predication and it says DEAL. Noel asks if Bindya's husband is the banker!! Bindya says DEAL

Round 6 - Prove out round
8 - £100 Shocked reactions from the pilgrims
11 - £50,000 cheers from the pilgrims
16 - £5,000 Disaster, absolute disaster says Noel!!!

It's time for the banker with £35,000 and £75,000 remaining; the banker calls and says he would have offered £52,000. Noel says the trouser wearer of the household got it wrong and has made a mistake and Bindya could have won double what she dealt at. Noel says that the banker has cracked it again with his clever pitch of £26,000. Bindya says that just after her first show she went back to the hotel and wrote £75,000 on a piece of paper and she now thinks it's in her box!! Noel says that she has a big regret now and the belief of that didn't carry her through today’s game.

Noel opens box 9 and reveals £75,000!! There are gasps of shock all around the studio and Bindya says why didn't I go for you.... Box 21 contains the £35,000

Noel says however lets end on an up and the £26,000 will allow her to visit her aunty in Canada and make one of her dreams come true.

Noel closes out the show saying there are some big regrets after today’s show and the banker is being really clever lately with the use of his £26,000 which seems to put a lot of contestants in a tricky situation.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paul's Game Report

Noel talks about Bob's game yesterday and the numerous stories that he told, he had more stories than a skyscraper says Noel! He says he was stunned at Bob's decision to deal early as were most of the audience, he thought that being a stuntman Bob would have had more courage and then does his chicken impression!!! He hopes today's player has a little bit extra go today and more courage, he asks will we get courage or cowardice today!!

It's Paul's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he has box 21, he's a bookkeeper so used to dealing in numbers. He says the game is a gamble from the box 5 stage, he believes in fate and destiny, and gambles quite a lot, he tells a story of how he won big money on a horse race. Paul has his dad and wife in the audience for support, they tell Noel that he knows exactly what he is going to do in the game, so they probably won't have much input.

Round 1
8 - £5,000
11 - £5 A big shout of C'mon from Paul
14 - £35,000
16 - £1,000
9 - £15,000 Newbie Patrick

Paul says he is happy that he has kept the top 3 in play and is not too worried about the lower reds as that means there are more blues to pick off later. The banker is not too happy, he thinks that Paul is more about instinct than actual odds and corrects him on the odds of having £250,000. The banker thinks this game is a battle of guts against guts and he won't beat Paul with mind games, he then makes an opening offer of £17,500. Paul goes to Jack who says it's a great offer and he has attended all of Paul's classes in the evenings back at the hotel on odds. Paul says NO DEAL

Round 2
1 - £100 Another C'mon and a few jumps from Paul
10 - £3,000 Noel says its fascinating watching Paul playing his game and he has a menacing look while choosing his boxes.
6 - £750

Exactly what we wanted says Noel as he jumps around imitating Paul... The banker is asking what Paul thinks he will take out in the next round, Paul tells the banker that he thinks 2 blues and 1 red, and the banker thinks the same. Noel asks if Paul expected the offer to go up, Paul says yes, about £1,500. Noel reveals that the banker has offered £28,000. Noel goes to Paul's wife who says it's a great offer but for Paul to stick to his game plan, his dad agrees. Bindya and Amy-Lee agree that he should play on as well. Paul says NO DEAL

Round 3
22 - £10
3 - £500
Paul predicted 2 blues and 1 red...
18 - £50 Paul loves that

Noel says that Paul should be plugged into the national grid as he has so much energy with his jumping around. The banker says that Paul will now know that in the next round he will hit 2 reds and 1 blue, he offers £40,000.

Noel tells Paul that this is the highest offer EVER in the history of the game at this point. Paul's wife tells him to step back for a minute and view the game as though he was watching from home. Julian tells Paul that it's difficult to give advice to him, as Paul has always been the one to give advice in the past, he does however tell Paul to think really carefully about this, as it's a big offer. Amy-Lee says she would go on at this point, Paul says DEAL

Noel calls the camera over to the board to show us the 2 extremes of the board with 4 of the bankers power 5 still intact, and with 4 of the players power 5 intact, he goes on to say that this game is either going to go a horribly wrong or Paul has pulled off a spectacular result. Noel calls this a classic game and the bankers thinking of offering the £40,000 was he was worried of Paul hitting more blues in the next round although it was unlikely Paul would have been unstoppable.

Round 4 - Proveout round
4 - £10,000 The pilgrims applaud but Noel says that's no good!
13 - 10p NO NO NO NO says Noel, it's a total disaster if the next is a blue
17 - £100,000 The pilgrims applaud but that wasn't good enough says Noel!!

The banker would have offered £49,000, Noel says this could be a total nightmare if the big ones don't go in the next round.

Round 5 - Proveout Round
7 - £250,000 There is huge relief all around the studio, Noel still doesn't admit defeat
5 - 1p Ohhh NO says Noel, Paul needs the £75,000 now
15 - £20,000 The pilgrims applaud but Noel tells the pilgrims off!! He says NO NO NO that's still not good enough

Noel says the good thing now is that the offer has dropped to £25,000, but Paul still has to take out the big values

Round 6 - Proveout round
12 - £50,000 Big cheers but Noel still rants on about having to hit the £75,000!
19 - £75,000 Paul does it and leaves only blue amounts, the studio goes wild. Noel now wants the £250!! Is there no pleasing this new side to Noel!!!
20 - £250 Paul takes out the highest remaining value on the board

It's time for the banker time with 50p and £1 remaining. Paul asks if he could speak to the banker, he agrees as long as Paul is nice as he is crying now!! Paul thanks him for such a great 3rd offer and the banker says that Paul has produced one of the greatest victories over him for quite a while. The banker would have offered 62p. Noel asks would he have dealt, Paul says he would have played on as he would have wanted to be in the 50p club with Dennis.

Noel opens Paul's box 21 and reveals £1, box 2 contains the 50p

Noel closes out the show by saying he really enjoyed that game and it was a classic and is the type of game that the purists would love and talk about over and over again. He says that Paul will have given the remaining contestants a huge amount of confidence now and promises a sensational Wednesday game!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bob's Game Report

Noel in one of his flamboyant shirts today, he talks about Rachel's perfect game yesterday, and the 1p and £250,000 clubs get a mention...

It's Bob's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he has box 4, and Noel wonders if we will have a chicken, eagle or something in between playing today!! Bob is an agency chef, Noel asks him a question about his work and asks with salmon - is it Dill or No Dill?

Bob says he is a family man and Noel delves into Bob's 3 families, we learn from this that Bob was a stuntman at one point at Universal studios, Noel interrupts Bob's rambling story and says so your first wife left because she couldn't get a word in!!! He met his 3rd wife because she fell in love with his fish fingers!!! Bob shows us his tattoos and they are of all his kid’s names, he says it's to help him remember their names!!!

Round 1
1 - £250
17 - £10
7 - £35,000
2 - £750
10 - £1,000

Good start says Noel, Bob says it's a strong board at the moment, although the banker's power 5 is still there. The banker says that Bob reminds him of his 4th wife!!! As he couldn't get a word in with her!!! He then offers £12,750 , £1 for every member of Bob's family!!! Bob says he can hear his wife shouting take it, he says NO DEAL

Round 2
Bob starts to give Amy-Lee some marriage advice!!
9 - £10,000
Bob now chooses Debbie but goes into another story, this time about how he used to work in Cardiff castle, Noel starts to yawn!!! He then calls a break!
6 - £250,000 BIG groans all around
21 - £5,000

Bob says he needs some blues now... The banker wants to know in all the wedding ceremonies has the vicar ever said I JUST want an 'I do and nothing else?' Bob says he has a story about that if he wants!! The banker hangs up!! He then makes an offer of £7,500, Bob says NO DEAL

Round 3
11 - 10p That was an important one says Noel
8 - £50
Bob thinks about going to Brian but is worried as he has had large numbers, but he goes with him
5 - £75,000 oppss

The banker wants to know how Bob ever gets any cooking done with all his story telling!! Noel then goes off on a ramble of his own with a great-improvised story about how Bob would tell stories in his kitchen of how the days eggs were done! The banker offers £14,000, Bob goes to Paul for advice, he says its a very good offer but is also a good board for another round. Bob says NO DEAL

Round 4
3 - £20,000
Blue chants start
22 - £100,000 Well the chants didn't help...
16 - £500

Noel asks about the injury that Bob had as a stuntman, we learn that he broke a finger while jumping out of bed to answer the phone on the day of filming!! Bob then starts to tell us another story and Noel is pleading for the banker to call!! He does eventually and offers £5,000, it's disappointing says Noel, and Bob is worried about the 1p still being there. Paul says that there are still lots of blues to aim for. Bob says DEAL

That deal seemed to catch everyone off guard there and Noel says he was surprised by that.

Round 5 - proveout round
13 - 50p
16 - £100 Arggh says Noel
Noel does his wrong deal rant
19 - 1p

It would have been a perfect all blue round and Noel really starts to rubs it in now! The banker would have offered £12,000

Round 6 - proveout round
12 - £15,000
20 - £3,000
14 - £1

It's time for the banker with £5 and £50,000 remaining, Oh dear god says Bob!! The banker would have offered £21,000, Noel asks what has happened to the stuntman’s courage and Bob gets all confused about how the game finishes....

Noel goes into his big mistake speeches!!! He then opens box 4 and reveals £5, phew hopefully will keep Noel quiet for a while!!

Box 18 contains the £50,000

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rachel's Game Report

Noel talks about Tim and how he said it was a gritty game; and Mary's game on Friday - Noel described her game as a "jolly" game as she really entered into the spirit of it. He talks about courage being required, if you want to win the big money... he was disappointed we could have created a second quarter of a millionaire!!! Although he was glad there were no more members of the 1p club in the latter half of last week.

It's Rachel's turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so with box 13. Noel talks about how he has spoken to the others and they think Rachel is lovely. Rachel comes from Rochdale in Lancashire, She works in the planning department in the local council!!! She shows pictures of her daughter, Eve, and speaks about how she met Dave when she was a waitress... they have been together for 7 years. Rachel likes Mexican food, and she says she wants to generate a Mexican wave in the audience if she has a good game. She has two shells she has brought for good luck - shells which she got from holidays... she wants Paul McKenna to hypnotise Dave so he loses his fear of flying!!!

Round 1
10 - £100,000
5 - £5
14 - £250
12 - £50,000
She says she is drawn to 7 - but does she choose it or leave it? She goes with it...
7 - £250,000

Noel says she is in the top ten for first round disasters!!! Rachel says it's not good and she feels sorry for the people who opened the boxes in her first round. The banker calls and says he had a Spectacular Saturday because he met someone - her name is Morticia - she's solvent, not funny and has artificial hips!!! The banker says Dave got her when she was vulnerable and he will do the same!! He offers £750, She says it's a fantastic offer, but NO DEAL

Round 2
20 - £500
19 - £15,000
8 - £20,000 "Relentless bad luck" says Noel

Noel says the banker was looking at Rachel closely at the first offer, and the twinkle never left her eye... so the banker's trying a different tactic, and he's offering £7,500, Rachel says the game is now playing for £75,000 and not £250,000 and Jack agrees with her when she asks his advice. Rachel says it's an excellent offer, but NO DEAL

Round 3
4 - 50p
2 - £100
11 - £50

An all-blue round is just what we needed at this point!!!

"Suddenly, suddenly it looks better", says Noel. The banker says it's an interesting psychological battle, and he's now trying new tactics... He describes the t-shirt her daughter Eve is wearing in the picture - a heart with "06" in it... so he offers... £10,006. Noel says he is playing a low game now! Kay says it's dangerous, but it depends how lucky Rachel feels, Paul said the board's a lot more balanced now between the blues and the reds, Rachel says she's learnt a lot from Paul from conversations they've had... she says he's always spot on, She "thinks" she's ready for the question, and she says NO DEAL

Round 4
9 - £5,000 Noel says it's not ideal, but not disastrous...
Noel asks Betty for the 1p
16 - 1p Betty delivers the 1p!!
18 - £10

Noel says Rachel is on the eve of one of the best turnarounds, he says he loves it when the banker's worried... The banker is impressed by the way Rachel says she wanted the 1p and she got it... so he's not playing a psychological battle any more and he offers £15,000. Kay says that she could take the low ones, but she could also take the high ones, and that she has to do what is right for her, Rachel wonders if there's £75k in her box. Paul says she's once again got an even board - 4 she can hit, 4 she can't. He says the probability suggests she will take out at least one red... and describes the banker's offer as a cracking one as it's pitched so perfectly. Rachel gets the audience to stand up if they'd deal - most people stand up. Noel asks her the question, and she says DEAL

Round 5 - Proveout round
Noel says it hasn't been one of the most unlucky games we've ever had... the hits in the round one were horrible and not much better in round 2... Noel talks about her possibly dealing too soon.
1 - £1,000 - the audience claps - Noel says why are you clapping - it's a disaster!!
17 - £75,000 That quietens Noel!! He says it was never there, never there... in Rachel's box 13.
3 - £750

Noel goes on about how Rachel could have won significantly more than what she dealt at! The banker rings and would have offered £8,500. Noel says we're doing ok at the moment, but the banker will be laughing when £35k is in her box.

Round 6 - proveout round
21 - 10p Noel says it'd have been a great start
22 - £35,000 Rachel finds the highest amount
Noel says the next box is academic, but the next box could bring a good banker beating to end the week and start the next week. Rachel says she'd have left box 6 to the end...
15 - £10,000

It's time for the banker with £1 and £3,000 remaining, Noel says he thought she'd dealt too soon, but she's done the right deal at the right time. The banker calls and would have offered £750. Rachel says it's a good offer, but she wouldn't have taken it...

Noel opens Rachel's box 13 and reveals £1, or "A POOUUUUUUUUUND!!!!" to quote Noel!!!

Julian opens box 6 and proves it has £3,000.

Rachel says the audience have been fantastic and gets them to do a Mexican waves... and it works very well!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Mary's Game Report

Another day in the Dream Factory and Noel runs through Tim's game yesterday, Tony also gets a mention for his entry to the 1p club...

It’s Mary’s turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so to the music of Captain Pugwash!! This refers to all of Noel’s jokes about her voice sounding like a pirate while she has been on the wings! She has box 3 today and Noel already starts with the pirate voice!!! She has her husband Mervin in the audience for support, we learn they have been married for 50 years. Mary likes travelling and would love to visit the Norwegian Fjords.

Noel says he is glad that Mary has taken the pirate jokes in good spirit, but he will stop them now to concentrate on the game. Just then the banker calls and has a gift for Mary, it's a MAP!! Mary unrolls it and it shows a map of boxes to the cash, Noel then disappears off stage and comes back dressed as a pirate!!! Complete with parrot!! He reads out a poem and then the parrot falls off the table, and Noel goes into the Monty Python sketch about the deceased parrot!!!!

Round 1
9 - £250,000 Unbelievable says Noel
6 - £1
22 - £750 Newbie Gus
2 - £50,000 Ohhhhhh Betty (sorry couldn't resist that )
8 - 10p

The banker says they can't broadcast this show as it's a pirate show!! He offers £6,008, Mary says it is very generous but no thank you, Noel says it should be No Deal not No Thank you! Mary says NO DEAL

Round 2
13 - £50
19 - £35,000
Noel has taken the pirate outfit off as they want to get serious now, the camera then pans around to David and he's dressed as the pirate!!
5 - £1,000

Mary tries to call out another box but Noel stops her with a pirate growl, but Bob almost opens his box!!! Noel has to stop him!! The banker offers £9,008, Noel asks hubby what he thinks, he says he is the silent witness! Mary says NO DEAL

Round 3
12 - £250
15 - £20,000
18 - £10,000

Noel asks Paul what he thinks, he says the main power 2 are still in play so he may stick this time, the banker says that Paul is a thorn in his side and that will be on his file!! The banker says that if Mary keeps the 2 big numbers in play he may be forced to make her walk the plank!!! And the plank is Adrian!!! He offers £11,008, Lee says it's a very good offer and a great sum of money, so really think about it, Jack says to think about the £11,000 as it is a big sum of money. Mary says NO DEAL

Round 4
Mary says she will dance around the studio if the 1p comes out soon, although her husband may walk out of the studio!
4 - £5
11 - £3,000
10 - £75,000

Noel says the banker is going to be happy with this now, he calls and says it's a one box game now before offering £8,008. Julian tells Mary not to be put off by the banker calling it a one box game, and if it was him he might go on, she gets more advice to really think about this as it could go wrong from now on... Mary says DEAL

Round 5 - proveout round
7 - £10 The pilgrims get it wrong and start clapping
21 - £5,000
16 - £100

Ohhhhh says Noel as the studio goes silent, the banker calls and would have offered £18,008

Round 6 - Provout round
1 - £100,000 Big relief all around
17 - £500
20 - 50p

It's time for the banker time with 1p and £15,000 remaining, he calls and would have offered £4,008, Mary says she would have gone all the way at this stage!

Noel opens Mary's box 3 and reveals 1p! Box 14 contains £15,000

Mary produces a win over the banker and avoided a potential membership of the 1p club! She also provided a VERY entertaining show.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tim's Game Report

It's Tim's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 5. He's originally from Ireland, but now lives in Buckinghamshire. He has a lady in his life - Andrea, and shows pictures of her, along with his nephew - Nathan. He has no financial target, although he'd like to win the big one. He said he's been the daddy of the group, and the others are "absolutely awesome" and "lovely". Tim starts the game by pumping up the audience.

Round 1
2 - £20,000
20 - £35,000 - newbie Sarah
8 - £500 - Betty - her box opening skills have certainly improved!
12 - £5
15 - £250,000 Lots of ooohs for that one

Noel says, "Well, he ain't gonna win the quarter of a million", the banker calls and offers £4,999, Tim says it's a very good board still, and with respect, he NO DEALS

Round 2
9 - £10,000 - that's alright, says Tim
4 - 10p - whoops and cheers
21 - £100,000 "This is exactly what we didn't want to see at this point" says Noel

Noel says the pilgrims have turned into disciples, and they start yelling "Believe!!!" The banker says he spends all day in his chair, and when the £100k was revealed, he jumped out of his chair in celebration and said it's a miracle! He then offers £999 "With £7,000 in front of it"! So the offer is £7,999, Tim says NO DEAL

Round 3
22 - £750 - lots of cheers for that one
Noel says "One of your prayers was answered... now we need 2 more"
1 - 1p
OOOH-ARRR, IT'S MARY... More pirate impressions from Noel!
10 - £50,000 "The treasure chest was loaded", says Noel.

The Banker says he has to think of an offer to get Tim out of the chair, in case box 5 has a big value in it... The offer hasn't punished Tim as much as they'd thought... He offers £9,000, Paul warns Tim of the negatives of no dealing in this situation, David reminds Tim of his stars this morning - "Enjoy the journey and enjoy the future".
Tim says NO DEAL

Round 4
6 - £250
18 - £1,000 - "That's fine, that's fine, that's fine" says Tim.
Noel says Brian and box 11 will cause a prang in Tim's journey if it's a big one.
11 - £100

The Banker is worried Tim will go all the way to the end and win big, but he still thinks he can get him. Noel said the banker threw the phone down quickly!! He offers £10,500, Julian says it's a good offer by any stretch of the imagination - think about it carefully. Tim says NO DEAL

Round 5
19 - £10
13 - £3,000 The chants don't work!
"The all important one" says Noel... "It really has to be blue"
7 - £15,000

The banker is obsessed with the chance that Tim could go in the 50p club along with Dennis, he says Tim should respect the money... and he gives "Reverend Tim" as he calls him - a bucket for a money collection at the end of his game! He offers £7,500 + A COLLECTION BUCKET, Tim says he's only being true to himself... and he NO DEALS!!!

Round 6
14 - 50p!!!
"Concentrate Tim, really concentrate on these next two numbers" says Noel
Tim says 3 is his lucky number...
17 - £50!!!
16 - £75,000

It's time for the banker with a final 2 of £1 and £5,000. The banker wanted to make a crushing offer, as he's convinced there's now £1 in Tim's box, he offers £2,000, Tim says NO DEAL.

The banker rings back to offer a swap, Tim believes in fate, so he SWAPS!!! Noel says he hopes he is not carrying £5,000 out of his life, and is carrying £5,000 over to him.

Noel opens Tim's new box 3 and reveals £5,000!!! It was in his lucky box 3 all along... the swap worked! Box 5 contains the £1

Noel closes out the game by saying that "It's not the biggest amount of money anyone's ever gone away with... but you were true to yourself."

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Georgina's Game Report

I hope you have all entered the Valentine's matchplay special viewers comp for your chance to win a potential 1p!!!! A VERY smart Noel introduces the show and asks are we in love with Deal or No Deal, all the contestants are equally well dressed for today's special show, including the boxes.

Noel talks about the heartbreaking games we've had over the past few days, and he talks up the matchplay special and uses "Noel Logic" to say that it's unlikely that it will be 1p.

It's Georgina's turn to take the Valentine walk of wealth and she has box 13 today, hope it's lucky 13 for her. She has her fiancé Mike in the audience with her today and has a lucky doll that he bought for her, we learn how he proposed to her, they were lying in bed and he asked if she was awake as he had something to ask her!!

Round 1
2 - £1,000
19 - £3,000
4 - 10p
22 - £10,000
21 - £75,000 Arrggh says Noel

Oh well says Georgina. The banker wishes Noel a happy Valentines Day, he says he is a very lonely old man and only got 1 card!! Noel says it's awful when your mother does that isn't it! He has 2 questions for Georgina, 1. Is she awake!!! And 2. Would she like some REAL romance!! Some Barry White music starts and a glass of bubbly is brought out for her, he then asks would she consider a more mature man and she replies that it depends how much money is on offer. The banker offers £13,000, it's a fabulous offer says Georgina but NO DEAL

Round 2
14 - £750
20 - £10
6 - £20,000

Noel says it's difficult to judge the board now with that last box going, Georgina asks if the banker is going to send her a card? He makes an offer of £17,500, Georgina says NO DEAL

Round 3
16 - £100
Georgina reveals a nickname for Bindya of Jeff before picking her next
1 - 1p Big relief in the studio and to a few people at home as well
3 - £250

Noel says that this is turning into a huge game now, although he says the banker will be unhappy! He calls and says he is very annoyed with Jeff before offering £30,000. It's a tricky offer says Noel, and it's a lot of money for a box that could contain 50p! Georgina goes to Jeff! She says it's a great board, but to think about how much £30,000 could do for her and her fiancé, Georgina says NO DEAL

Round 4
15 - £5
5 - £5,000
17 - £500

Ohhhh my word says Noel. He asks the banker when was the last time he saw a board this powerful, he replies Claudine... The banker then offers £45,000, Noel says that her fiancé is running out of expressions sat in the audience. He asks if she can remember who was the last person to turn down £45,000, she replies Bunney, but Noel corrects her with Laura who went onto to win £250,000. Georgina asks everyone to stand up in the audience who thinks she should deal, about half of them do, Noel says welcome to the annual general meeting of "The British Cowards Society"!!! Georgina says NO DEAL

Round 5
7 - 50p The studio goes wild
8 - £50,000 It's still OK says Noel
12 - £1 The studio goes wild again

Wow says Noel, a final 5 containing 3 of the power 5. The banker calls and offers £56,000, this is a tricky offer says Noel, and Georgina needs some advice. Tim says he's a cunning guy and it's pitched to just make her go on, he suggests getting her fiancé down to chat. Her fiancé says he's not there! So Noel calls him down to join Georgina, he says it looks like she's having one of those days and could take it all the way now. Georgina says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
11 - £100,000 Great start to the round
10 - £15,000
18 - £35,000 Newbie Jayne

It's time for the banker with £50 and £250,000 remaining, the banker would have offered £85,000

Noel opens Georgina's box 13 and reveals £50, what a relief says Noel.

Box 9 contains the £250,000

Georgina produces a superb win from such a small value box by keeping the large values in play until the end, she may have dealt one round too soon but showed great courage and produced a very nice win over the banker.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tony's Game Report

Will Noel change his intro to no question except one...? Moral Dilemma or No Moral Dilemma? After the evil offer that was made to Richard yesterday.

He doesn't, but talks about Andrew's game of Sunday and then Richard's game with in Noel's word "the all time low of the banker making the offer of £5,000 for Andrew...” Noel warns that the banker could go lower today and will do anything to beat the contestants!!!

It's Tony's turn to talk the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 14, which has been appearing quite a lot lately!! (Or am turning into Noel with my memory!!!) Tony says he considers himself lucky, but also that you make your own luck. He has his wife Shelley in the audience with him and we learn he has a son Thomas and another baby on the way, and we get to see a few family pics

Round 1
13 - £5,000
7 - £500
19 - £100
12 - £50
1 - £250,000 The sting was in the tail says Noel

Noel says that there is still a powerful block on the board. He tells the banker we are in good form after Richard beat him yesterday, Noel has an argument with the banker over the evil 'Andrew offer' and hangs up the phone on him as he won't concede that he was beaten yesterday!! This happens twice before the banker does concede the game and Noel agrees to talk to him. The banker asks why is Tony there when people could be playing who really need the money!! As Tony showed a picture of him and his wife on a boat! Tony says it wasn't his boat... The banker thinks that Tony is just there to show off and intimidate him and he doesn't really need the money! He therefore makes and opening offer of £800! Noel says the banker has laid out his stall and doesn't like Tony! Tony says NO DEAL

Round 2
17 - £750 Newbie Betty gets all confused in opening her box as Noel puts her off a little!! Noel tells her its box opening classes for her later!!
18 - £100,000
11 - 50p

Noel asks Tony to read the game, Tony says it's pretty even at the moment. It's time for the banker and the phone is already ringing!! Noel picks up the phone but puts in on the table and then talks to the camera about how the banker seems to think that Tony doesn't need the money as he has shown pictures of his parents boat!! The banker says that by bringing the pictures of Tony on a boat it was showing that Tony wouldn't be interested in small amounts of money, Tony asks if he can have a word with the banker. The banker says he will decide when and if Tony can speak to him and won't be ordered around! He is now tempted to offer less than £800, but offers £13,000. Tony says that's a great offer, but he wants to make it clear to the banker that he doesn't have a vast bank account and he is a young man with a family and is there for them and to make life easier for them all. Tim tells him he has a strong board at the moment and it's a fraction too early to go, Tony says NO DEAL

Round 3
4 - £75,000 Groans as another power 5 goes...
6 - £10,000
22 - £1,000

Tony says there are 4 good numbers there, but Noel replies that the banker if going to punish him. The banker calls and then hangs up on Noel!!! He wanted Noel to concede that it has been three rounds to the banker. Tony wants to speak to the banker but he is not keen, he wants Tony to concede the first 3 rounds to him. The banker says he is now not going to speak to Tony as he thinks he already has a speech prepared for him, he then offers £10,000. Tony says there are more blues than reds to hit at the moment, he goes to Paul who says that he thought the offer would be lower, and there are still lots of blues to hit. Noel does a mini sweep and Tony rejoins the wings in his position and gives his reply of NO DEAL

Round 4
10 - £50,000 Every round he hits a power 5!!!
20 - £20,000 groans followed by silence around the studio
9 - 10p

We're feeling better after that box says Noel, the banker thanks Tony for giving him the idea of how to play the game, as Tony had said earlier that you should be firm when on the phone and never back down, he is taking Tony's advice there!!! He then offers £5,000, Tony says NO DEAL

Round 5
8 - £3,000
5 - £15,000 NOOO says Noel, it's now all or peanuts...
21 - £250 Big cheers for the blue

Only the £35,000 remains in the reds now and the banker is laughing as he adds up the value of the blue side of the board, and he puts that value into the offer!!! He offers £2,016.01, Tony calls down his wife to the pound table, he thinks that box 14 has a power 5 value.... Tony says NO DEAL

Round 6
2 - £5
16 - £1
Blue chants start
15 - £35,000 There are groans all around followed by deathly silence as the last red disappears

It's time for the banker with 1p and £10 remaining, he calls and says that Tony was incredibly brave and then offers £4.99. Noel says it's a game and today it has been a cruel game, Tony says NO DEAL

Noel says he is not enjoying this as he opens box 14 and reveals 1p! Tony becomes the 9th member of the 1p club! Box 3 contains the £10

Noel asks how do you sum that up, Tony says he has no regrets and he came to play the game, he played it as he wanted to play it and the offers just weren't there.

Noel closes out the show saying we need to look for some positivity here and what are the chances of 1p being won tomorrow? The reason he makes a point of this is that tomorrow’s viewer competition is a matchplay one, where the viewer can win the same amount as the contestant in their game. If this did happen there could be a very upset viewer who would have possibly spent £1 to win 1p!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Richard's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to a fresh week and describes Andrew's game as ghastly yesterday as his game went downhill and left everyone heartbroken.

It's Richard's has box 5 today and is cheered down the walk of wealth by a lively bunch of pilgrims today. Richard tells us he is an accountant for the NHS and is involved in working to save/better spend money. Richard says he enjoys wine and is using a custom made wine list, which is headed Meal or No Meal Restaurant to choose his numbers today...

Round 1
4 - £50
Richard goes down his wine list and chooses 5 next!! Which is his box!!
8 - £50,000 That's a bit sharp says Noel
17 - £10
13 - £1
1 - £10,000

Noel says the board is looking very neat at the moment, Richard is just about to give an accounting tale and the banker calls much to Noel's relief!! The banker says he knows which wine Richard is and it's a complete Pinot!! He then offers £9,900, it's a good opening offer says Noel. Richard says NO DEAL

Round 2
18 - £15,000 a few groans for that one
6 - £750
2 - £35,000

The banker calls very quickly and Noel is relieved again as Richard doesn't get a chance to give his accounting story!! He makes an offer of £14,500. Noel says that it's a very strong offer and Richard agrees, although he says NO DEAL

Round 3
14 - £100
16 - £75,000 Ohhhhh goes the pilgrims....
20 - 10p

The pilgrims love that round and go wild... Noel says it's a shame about the £75,000 going... The banker calls and says he can't afford to mess around now, so makes an offer of £20,000. Richard says that is more than he thought at this stage, Paul says it's a generous offer, Tim says that there are one or two more rounds in the game, Mary gives her opinion and Noel starts his pirate impressions saying that he thought Mary would prefer rum to wine!! Richard says NO DEAL

Round 4
10 - £500 Big cheers
7 - 50p Bigger cheers
Noel tells Richard to start concentrating now and not lose focus
21 - £1,000

That is ideal says Noel, to get to the 8 box stage with the top 2 intact. The banker calls and a shocked Noel says OH WOW, Oh my goodness me this is the most evil offer in the history of Deal or No Deal!! He is offering £25,000 for Richard + an additional £5,000 for Andrew from yesterday!!! It's a new LOW for the banker trying emotional blackmail on a contestant!! Debbie tells him that Andrew would not want him to take that evil offer into consideration as he has played his game and accepted the result, Julian tells him that the banker is trying to blackmail him. Richard says that it is a fantastically evil offer from the banker and NO DEAL

Round 5
22 - £100,000 Big gasps all around the studio
15 - 1p Newbie David delivers
3 - £5 Big cheers again

Noel says the banker will find this easy now as it all rides on one box. Noel tells the banker he is on another planet, he tells Noel that he is working out the offer on the back of Andrew's torn up cheque!!!! He then offers £30,000 but all for Richard this time!! Jack says it's a good offer and it's time to put on his sensible hat, as one minute from now the whole board and position could change. Just as Noel asks the question the banker calls back and says he has found something!! On top of the £30,000 there is now a blank cheque for £5,000, which Richard can make out to whoever he wants!!! Richard says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
19 - £250
11 - £250,000 The whole studio goes wild with chants of RICHARD RICHARD as he beats the banker
12 - £5,000

It's time for the banker with £3,000 and £20,000 remaining, he would have offered £10,000.

Noel opens Richard's box 5 and reveals £3,000, box 9 contains the £20,000

Noel says he has been waiting for an evil phone call from the banker to ask what Richard will be doing with the blank cheque of £5,000, and is quite relieved that he hasn't called. We don't get to hear what Richard has planned for the £5,000. Noel says it has been a very unique game with the offers made today and also the fact that Richard has gone away with two cheques instead of the usual one.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Andrew's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to Sunday and guarantees us a unique game, which they all are. He talks about Gloria's superstitious game on Friday where all the good luck charms failed to do their thing.

It's Andrew's turn to take the walk of wealth and he has box 19 today, he is escorted to the pound table my Debbie and Noel. Andrew tells us about his sight problem of only being able to see large objects and he is unable to see details, he explains that he won't be able to call out the player’s names, as he is unable to see them. He apologises to all his fellow contestants for this, as he doesn't want to appear to come across as rude, this really strikes the contestants emotionally. Andrew reveals his dream of seeing a space shuttle launch one day.

Round 1
9 - £35,000
15 - £100
16 - £20,000
4 - £5,000
3 - £50

The banker says he is in the top ten of the Evil Genius Organisation!! (EGO), and after the game today he hopes to be number 1!! Andrew reminds the banker that Sundays have been good for the contestants lately and jogs his memory about the £250,000 being brought to table by both Laura and Daniel. The banker makes an opening offer of £12,500, Andrew says that's nice and the banker must have had a good Sunday dinner! Andrew says NO DEAL

Round 2
7 - £75,000
14 - 1p
2 - £250,000

The £250,000 doesn't make it to the table for this Sunday says Noel, Andrew replies that the £100,000 is still there though. The evil banker has returned now and offers £6,250, Andrew asks for advice from Georgina and Rachel, they both offer support and suggest that there are a couple more rounds in the game, Andrew says NO DEAL

Round 3
12 - £5
6 - £500
22 - £250

Andrew gets a much needed all blue round and he says that's better. The banker thinks that Andrew has the tenacity to go all the way and offers £13,500. That is a lot of money says Andrew and explains that as a family they have never had lots of money so appreciates the value of it, it's also more than he has in his bank account at present. He says NO DEAL

Round 4
5 - £15,000
18 - £750
21 - £100,000 Arrrghhh says Noel

We can still get the £50,000 says Andrew, the banker reckons he is now the loneliest man in Briton and there will be a crowd beating at his door if he doesn't give a good offer, he makes an offer of £5,000. Noel asks Paul what he thinks, and he replies that it is a good and fair offer for the board, Georgina agrees and says it's only just below the average for the board. Andrew says it's getting to the business end of the game now, and follows with NO DEAL

Round 5
8 - £3,000
10 - £50,000
4 - £1

Noel says this is going to be interesting now, the banker says he has got Andrew now and offers £1,500. That offer gets groans from the audience, Noel asks how much of a gambler is Andrew now. Andrew says NO DEAL

Round 6
1 - £10,000 Newbie Chantelle
11 - £1,000 Only blues remain now
17 - 10p

It's time for the banker time with 50p and £10 remaining, Andrew says I haven't got a lot left have I, and Noel replies that he can see there being a lot of tissues being used in a minute. The banker offers £3.50, Andrew says NO DEAL

Noel opens Andrew's box 19 and reveals £10, Noel tells Andrew that the way he presented himself during the time on the show and his game will be inspirational to many people watching the show.

Box 13 contains the 10p

Noel closes out the show by saying that for Valentines week there will be a matchplay on the viewers competition, where whatever the contestant wins on Valentines day the viewer will win the same. Let's just hope it's more than a pound as if anyone phones in for an entry they could win less than the entry fee!!!!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Alex's Game Report

There are no questions except one... Where does Noel get his shirts from!!!

Noel talks about the bankers use lately of using £26,000 as an offer to trap the contestants and encouraging them to deal earlier than perhaps they would like too.

A rather stunned Alex makes his way to the pound table with box 14. Alex reveals that his real name is Gladstone and Noel wants him to use that name for today, we don't find out why he uses the name Alex. Alex is a policeman based in Bristol, so I expect the banker could make a few police puns today, and he also used to be in the army. Alex wants to rename the wings - The Guardians and the Protectors...

Round 1
19 - £500 Big cheers for the first blue
2 - £35,000 groans for the first red
22 - £250,000 Goes again in the opening round
6 - 10p
18 - £250

Alex says it's not bad apart from the £250,000 going, Noel says he has no idea what the banker will make of him. The banker doesn't want to talk to Alex but passes on a message through Noel of 'what kind of man won't use his real name?' Noel says it's his middle name. The banker offers £6,000, Alex says NO DEAL

Round 2
17 - £15,000
13 - 50p
Noel reveals that whenever box 14 has been on the pound table it has never had a power 5 value!
8 - £75,000 Groans as another power 5 goes...

Noel says that Alex seems relaxed especially as the reds are going quite fast, Alex says it's because he's stood next to Noel. The banker is in hysterics for some reason, but still won't talk to Alex, Noel eventually gets him to talk to Alex and Alex addresses him in French!! Alex comes off the phone in a fit of giggles and says that the banker has really made him laugh. The banker thinks that Alex is going to be difficult to shift, and offers £9,000. Alex goes for advice, Julian says it's still not a bad board but he would consider the offer and then dismiss it!! Alex says NO DEAL

Round 3
20 - 1p Newbie Adrian gets off to a great start
21 - £10,000
5 - £1 Big cheers

Noel says right then you could still go away with £100,000 or even £50,000 except that box 14 has never had a power 5 value!! The banker calls and says that Alex got so much enjoyment out his chat with him, instead of offering money he will agree to phone Alex every weekend!! Alex starts dancing around and Noel gets a little worried and asks if Alex wants a break so he can go for a wee!! The banker offers £13,000, Noel wonders if this is Alex's target and will he go, Alex says NO DEAL

Alex says to Noel that he likes limbo and says 'get down shep'!!! Noel says that Blue Peter!!! Alex says he was going to suggest getting a couple of poles and everytime there was a blue they would do a limbo!!! Noel goes off stage and gets another chair and a brush and sets one up!!! He then does a limbo under the pole!!! Noel says that does your back in a little, Alex says 'You're getting on'!!!

Round 4
15 - £20,000
9 - £3,000
10 - £5

Noel asks what was Alex's nickname in the army, it was moosejaw!! It was because of an incident in a rugby game!! The banker thought that moosejaw was something you got from eating too much Angel Delight!! He then offers £18,000, Tim tells Alex to really think about this offer now, Susan tells him to think about the offer but if it were her she would not deal. Noel tells Alex to think seriously about this but does hint at playing on for a big win as there is still life changing money on the board. Alex says DEAL, that comes as a shock to both the audience and Noel!! Noel says that most think there is more in the game. Alex says he thought but it doesn't take much to destroy a board and he's not a greedy man.

Round 5 - proveout round
12 - £100,000 Big cheers as the top amount goes
4 - £5,000
11 - £750 A few ooohhs as the £50,000 remains

Noel says it started as a great round but now there is the threat that the £50,000 could have his. The banker would have offered £7,000, Noel says for the moment it looks like a great decision to deal.

Round 6 - proveout round
1 - £50
7 - £10 Groans all around
Noel really builds up the tension about the chance of Alex having the £50,000 sat in front of him and has he made a bad decision
3 - £1,000

Noel wonders if Alex has just blown £32,000! It's time for the banker time with £100 and £50,000 remaining, he would have offered £21,000. Noel asks Alex how he is feeling, he says that £18,000 will be very useful. Noel says that when Alex made the deal a lot of people thought he made a mistake and it now proves that he did make a mistake and a little bit of patience and concentration would have won him £21,000! He wonders if Alex threw away the chance to go away with £50,000 and if it was his destiny to win it today!

Noel opens Alex's box 14 and reveals £50,000 to groans and shock from the audience, box 16 contains £100.

Noel closes out the show saying that Alex will think long and hard about his decision after the show and although he went away with £18,000 he missed the chance of £50,000! He also says that the big money has been relentlessly coming to the table lately and it could again tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paul's Game Report

Noel talks about the crazy chair and how he thought Millie would go crazy while sat in it!!! But she didn't and came through with a nice win of £28,000, although it could have been higher with the £75,000 in her box.

It’s Paul’s turn in that crazy chair today and he has box 9, we learn he has the nickname of rhino although he's not sure why he's got the nickname. Paul is a self-employed fitness trainer and the crew wondered if he got the name because he's thick
skinned and charges a lot!!! We learn that Paul is an adrenaline junkie and has done numerous extreme sports...

Paul says he hasn't got a system, but has a few lucky numbers from friends which he is leaving til last...

Round 1
12 - £50
19 - £10
11 - £250,000
5 - 50p
20 - £1,000

Happy with that says Paul as there are still some big numbers there. Noel says the banker will want some free fitness information!! Noel tells the banker that Rhino is here, the banker replies hippo is here. The banker says he is going to boil Paul for three and a half minutes then chop his top off! Noel says he is having a pop at Paul’s image!! The banker then offers £7,500, Paul says NO DEAL

Round 2
10 - £75,000 Not what we wanted says Noel
Noel says why don't you pick them worst shirts first!! Paul replies ‘but you haven't got a box Noel!!’ Noel then picks on Julian for his bright shirt today!!
1 - £3,000
Paul picks Julian with box 4, but Noel tells him to not open his box and go into Bristol and buy a new shirt while we have a break!!! After the break Julian is still not back, and Noel calls him back and he appears on stage in a black bin liner!!!
4 - £5,000

It's not the best board he's seen says Paul but certainly not the worst, but he's still positive. The banker tells Julian not to bother getting on the coach back to the hotel as there is a dustbin truck stopping by for him later!! He then offers £10,000, good offer says Paul, Lee says the offer didn't surprise him, he says a rhino would win in a battle against a hippo!! Paul says NO DEAL

Round 3
16 - 1p YES shouts Paul
2 - £15,000 Newbie Debbie
13 - £100

Noel asks if the banker will raise his offer, Paul says it won't be by much if he does. The banker describes Paul as an alpha male and wonders if Millie's game will influence him today, he thinks that Paul will do a relentless charge today just like a rhino!! He then offers £18,000, Noel goes to Julian and asks what do you think kinky!! Julian says that it’s a cracking board and there is another round in the game, Richard agrees and Paul says NO DEAL

Round 4
7 - £250
21 - £5
3 - 10p YES YES YES YES YES says Noel…
Paul gets a much needed all blue round, and Noel says it’s a powerful position now.

That felt good says Paul. The banker says that the board is stable, which Noel says means he doesn't like it as it’s dangerous for him, and then the banker makes an offer of £26,000. Paul guesses the offer correctly as it has been used by the banker in a few games lately to tempt the contestants to deal. Noel says it's a very clever move by him, Paul goes for advice, Georgina says there is scope to play on but he needs to be careful, Andrew gives similar advice. Paul says NO DEAL

Round 5
15 - £1 Big cheers and a shout of Yes from Paul
14 - £750 Bigger cheers and shouts as Paul gets 6 blues in a row
17 - £50,000 Ohhh goes Noel

Noel says he thinks the hippo breathed out a sigh of relief on that last box. The banker wonders if there is a legacy from Millie's game, and offers £28,000. Paul says it’s a great offer and then gets advice from Tim, who says that it mostly rides on the £100,000 now. Paul wants a little time to think before saying DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
6 - £100,000 Perfect start
8 - £20,000
22 - £10,000

It’s time for the banker with £500 and £35,000 remaining, the banker would have offered £14,000, Paul says he would have played on in that situation.

Noel opens Paul’s box 9 and reveals £35,000 to shocked reactions from the audience. Box 18 contains £500

Paul says he happy with his win and very comfortable with his decision, although Noel tries to make a deal out the loss of a potential further £7,000 which is not the biggest potential loss there has ever been, so does seem a slightly strange remark by Noel.
Watch the last 10mins of the show below
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Millie's Game Report

Noel again welcomes us to the dream factory and says what a peculiar week we've had so far with Jane's game on Sunday where the banker made a mistake in judging her, and Simon's system of yesterday that didn't quite work. Noel says he does not know of a system that has worked so far in the show.

It's Millie's money moment says Noel as she makes her way to the table with box 3 today. Millie is originally from Jamaica but now lives in London, her husband isn't in the audience as his company wouldn't give him the time off!!!! Noel asks her to name and shame them on TV, but she doesn't. We get to see a few pics of Millie with her daughter, and we hear a story of how Millie went topless on a beach once and her daughter took a photo, Noel asks is the photo amongst the ones she has there!!! She doesn’t but her daughter did joke that she was going to send them in to the show!!

Millie asks for support from the pilgrims as she has no one with her today...
Round 1
18 - £3,000
21 - £50,000 Ohhh says Noel
12 - £5,000
14 - £50 Newbie Julian
8 - 1p Big cheers and a hug for Paul

Noel says the 1p is a good one to get out the way there as it gives Millie a good edge now. The banker says he bumped into the postman and he now has Millie's picture of her topless!! He offers £13,000, Noel says it's a huge opening offer and Millie agrees. Millie says NO DEAL

Round 2
20 - £250,000 Big groans all around the studio...
19 - £1,000
4 - 50p

Noel asks if there is anything that Millie would like to say to the banker, she asks for a good offer from him. Noel reckons the banker fancies Millie as he's torn up the photo of Millie and is racing down to see the original!! The banker then offers £14,100, he's raised the offer even though the £250,000 has gone!! Noel says it's because Millie comes across as a determined lady and it's also a stable board. Millie says NO DEAL

Round 3
13 - £500
16 - 10p
11 - £100,000 ARRRGGGHHHH says Noel

The banker says that he still wants to show Millie respect despite that round, he offers £10,500. Time to go asks Noel? Millie says she always said that she came to play the game, and says NO DEAL

Round 4
6 - £20,000 Arrgghh says Noel again
9 - £250
Millie asks Tim if he had a red box before, and Noel jumps in and tells her that they are all red boxes!!
2 - £35,000

Noel says it's all or nothing now with the £75,000 very isolated from the £15,000, Millie reckons the banker will stick now. The banker calls and offers £10,500, he does and Noel reckons that the banker is worried that Millie will just play to the end. Andrew says to think about the offer, but play on if you think the £75,000 is in front of you. Millie says NO DEAL - Brave lady says Noel

Round 5
22 - £15,000 groans all around
15 - £10,000 That's the last of the red backups!!!
10 - £5

Now it really is all or nothing says Noel, he tells the banker that he thinks Millie will just go all the way now. The banker offers £7,100, Noel says that is a very good offer and it's because the banker doesn't want Millie to go away with nothing. Millie says if she were sat at home she would be shouting GO FOR IT. She then says NO DEAL

Round 6
1 - £10 Big cheers
7 - £100 YES shouts Noel
Chants of blue blue blue start
5 - £750 YES shouts Noel

Millie does it and keeps the £75,000 in play, and it’s time for the banker time with £1 and £75,000 remaining.

Noel says Millie is one brave lady and has shown that she is genuine, she has now given the banker a big problem. Noel says that quite often people change once they sit in the chair and turn chicken, but Millie is different and he wishes there were more contestants like her. The banker offers £28,000, and Noel says it’s because the banker is terrified that Millie will go all the way. Noel says regardless of what Millie says now this has been brilliant and she is not a chicken, she has shown real courage while sat in the chair. Millie says DEAL

Noel opens box 3 and reveals £75,000... Millie says she knew it was there all the time but she is really really happy with the £28,000 and has had a wonderful time.

Box 17 contains the £1

Noel says Millie has been great and this is a game he will not forget for a very long time...

Watch the last 10mins of the show below
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