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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stuart's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes us to dream factory, and talks about all the strange coincidences that occur in it....

It’s Stuart’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 2. Stuart has a gnome on top of his box!!! The gnome mysteriously appeared on his desk one day and he doesn't know where he came from! So he hopes he will bring him some luck. Stuart is looking for a new career direction, or new business to set up, so is hoping that Deal or No Deal can help with this. He has his mum and dad in the audience for support today.

Round 1
20 - £100
21 - £750
3 - £50
15 - £10,000
4 - £10

The banker calls very quickly!! He says he doesn't like people who go all the way to the end, and he says he is quite impressed with Stuart for saying he is hoping the show can help with a career change. He then offers £11,000…Stuart says NO DEAL

Round 2
22 - £1
5 - £5
9 - 10p

I like your expression says Noel to Stuart... The banker says that this is his nightmare. This next offer is very interesting says Noel... And there seems to be a misunderstanding as to whether Stuart will go all the way or not... The Banker offers £21,000… Stuart says he takes this game very seriously, and he has changed the way he would play it since he has stood on the wings... Stuart says NO DEAL

Round 3
10 - £500
This is quite amazing says Noel...
11 - £1,000
Noel really builds up the tension on this box...
19 - £15,000

Noel talks about the block of six reds that Stuart still has in play... The banker wants the gnome to go! He also talks about the fact that Stuart is likely to really damage that block of reds if he plays on now... He then offers £31,000… Stuart goes to his mum, and she replies that she would play on... Stuart says NO DEAL

Round 4
6 - £100,000 Stuart remains positive, and Noel agrees that it's still a great board
1 - £250,000 WOW says Noel
Stuart again remains positive and says we just need to refocus now...
12 - £75,000
The worst possible round!!!!! That is a first for the show says Noel, no one has ever taken the top 3 out in one round!!! The banker says he is most grateful to Stuart, as he has just given him the highlight of his life!! He then offers £10,000… Stuart asks Gillian her opinion, and she says she would play on here. Ed says there is no way you can repeat that again! Stuart says NO DEAL

Round 5
Maggie tells Stuart to put his gnome on the box to change the luck…
13 - £3,000
17 - £5,000
16 - 50p Newbie Little Rich

Noel asks Stuart what he's thinking now, and Stuart replies that he is feeling a little numb at the moment... Noel replies that it's still a strong position at the moment... The banker says there is part of him that would to make an offer that would force Stuart to go on and fail, but there is another part of him that has to take him seriously... He offers £20,000… Stuart's dad gives him some advice... Stuart's mum says she would deal... Stuart says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
14 - £35,000 A good start says Noel
8 - 1p Oh err says Noel
18 - £50,000

It’s time for the Banker with £250 and £20,000 remaining… This is a fascinating game says Noel, at the worst it's a draw... The banker says if there is £20,000 in the box he will raise a glass to Stuart, however if there is £250 in his box he will rip the gnome's head off!!! He would have offered £6000…

Noel opens box 2 and reveals £20,000.... It's a draw
Box 7 contains the £250

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lisa's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel runs through the games so far this week, and the courage shown early on in the week that was rewarded, and could have been as well yesterday if Joan had shown the same bravery...

It’s Lisa’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 19. Lisa has a lucky feather that Gillian found, and gave her for luck... We get to see some of Lisa's photos of her voluntary work she has done, and she would like to win enough today to help build an orphanage... He other ambition is to be a Blue Peter presenter… Lisa has her friend Jimbo in the audience for support today.

Round 1
1 - 1p The perfect start
10 - £100,000 That's a big contrast says Noel
11 - £20,000
2 - £250,000 We are not going to see the confetti now says Noel, and it's a heartbreaking opening round....
8 - £75,000

Noel says I think you have just stepped into the hall of fame for all the wrong reasons there!!! Noel allows us to hear the banker laughing down the phone!! The banker talks about Lisa's dream of being a Blue Peter presenter, and he has a gift for Lisa, and it's a card with a picture of a blue sinking ship!! He has also made a model of Lisa out of a washing up liquid bottle and various other things!! It shows Lisa holding a box with 10p in!! Noel says it's freaky how it could all happen now!!! The banker then offers £50… Lisa says NO DEAL

Round 2
14 - £1
9 - £5,000
Lisa is thinking about box 4, but decides to leave it for the moment…
22 - £500

The banker wants to know what Lisa has told Noel, but Noel won't tell him!! He then offers £2,500… Lisa says NO DEAL

Round 3
20 - £10,000 OH shouts Noel!!!
15 - £50
13 - 50p

It's getting better says Noel... The banker talks about Lisa having the 10p in her box, and he believes he has now found the ultimate Voodoo doll!!! Noel asks Lisa if she would like to destroy the doll, and she then knocks its head off!!!! The Banker offers £4,000… Lisa says NO DEAL

Round 4
Noel wonders if Lisa has broken the curse with the doll now that she has knocked its head off!!

3 - £10
21 - £50,000
Lisa is stuck between 3 boxes, but chooses box 16 and then changes her mind totally now and chooses...
6 - £1,000

I would have liked to kept that one says Noel... The banker is not happy with the defacing of his moaning Lisa doll!!! He offers £3,000… Noel asks if it is time to say it's not my lucky Friday.... Lisa calls her friend Jimbo down for support, and he talks about the large amount of blues on the board... Lisa says NO DEAL

Round 5
Ioanna reminds Lisa of Maria's turnaround in her game, and to remain positive...
12 - £5
4 - £250
16 - 10p

This is fantastic since Jimbo arrived with that dead animal on his head, says Noel!!! Jimbo turns that back on Noel and points at his hair!!! The Banker offers £8,000… Noel asks Jimbo what he thinks of that, and he replies that it is a great offer, and it depends how far Lisa wants to push it now... Lisa says it's a great sum of money, but it's not the figure she had in mind when joining the show... Lisa says NO DEAL

Round 6
That was another brave call says Noel
18 - £15,000
5 - £750
17 - £100 Newbie Col

It’s time for the Banker with £3,000 and £35,000 remaining… Noel tells the banker about the good turnaround, and how courage is being rewarded again... The Banker offers £15,000… That is a very strong offer says Noel, and it's tricky now... Noel tells Lisa that the swap is not guaranteed at the end if she is thinking about box 7, and Lisa tells him that she always said she would never swap at the end if offered it... Lisa says NO DEAL

Noel does a big speech about how courage has been rewarded so far this week, and then the banker calls and offers the SWAP... Lisa is stuck now, as she said she would never swap, but has also kept box 7 until the end.... Lisa says NO SWAP

Noel opens box 19 and reveals £3,000... Noel nearly shouts YES until he sees the real value....
Box 7 contains the £35,000

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Joan's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel says there is a great atmosphere in the dream factory at the moment, after the past 2 days games where courage was rewarded.

It’s Joan’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 15. Noel says he is really looking forward to this (holding his head in his hands!!) Noel is already in stitches as Joan puts her box on totally the wrong place on the table. After putting it right, he races off stage and says hope you have a nice game, you are on your own!! Joan is a retired nurse, and Noel asks was the retirement voluntary, or not! Noel asks Joan about a story at the hotel where someone was banging on her hotel door!!! Noel asks was he banging to get out, or to get in!! Joan has her daughter in the audience for support today. Noel then asks the audience for the maximum support for him!!

Round 1
2 - £500
There is a BIG pause as Joan looks around the contestants, and Noel asks her what she is looking for... She says she is looking for box 2!!!
11 - £750
16 - £20,000
19 - £1
5 - £10,000

Joan asks how many she can have now, and Noel replies "As many as you want"!! Then whispers that she has had 5 boxes, and then Joan calls out box 6!! The banker calls and says he will offer £250,000 not to talk to Joan! The banker wants to make the next offer to the whole audience!!! Banker offers SWAP… Noel asks Joan if there is a box that would mean anything to her, and she replies box 10... Joan says SWAP… Joan now has box 10

Round 2
6 - £100,000
Noel tells Joan that the banker will now always use box 15 against her...
21 - £5 Newbie Maggie
4 - £15,000

It's an interesting shape to the game now says Noel... Ground control would like to talk to planet Joan! Joan says the banker sounds very frustrated, and all he needs to do is send around a cheque for her and he can go! Joan hangs up, and Noel has to call back!! He tries 1471, but its number withheld! Banker offers £5,000… Joan says NO DEAL

Round 3
13 - £1,000
9 - £250,000
This is now a £75,000 game says Noel
3 - £100

Joan tries to pick another box, until Noel stops her... The banker says that the £250,000 would have been far to big a cheque to shove under her door! He then offers £5,000… Joan says NO DEAL

Round 4
22 - £250
1 - £3,000
Noel asks Joan if she is tempted to find out what is in her original box 15, and Joan replies that she is…
15 - £10

We now have a very interesting situation says Noel, and the banker offers £10,000… Joan asks for a sweep... It's NO DEAL from everyone except Bernie... Bernie then gives his reasons, and Noel does his chicken impression!!!! Joan says NO DEAL

Round 5
Joan picks "Edie" next, meaning Ed, and Noel says that name will stick now!!!
12 - £5,000
14 - 1p
18 - 10p

Noel asks Joan what she is thinking, and Joan asks if there is another box. Noel talks about the 3 power 5 values nestling together on the board... The Banker offers £25,000… Joan turns to the audience and asks what they would do... About 14/15 stand up to say they would deal... Joan's daughter then joins her at the pound table, and she tells Noel that she doesn't want to see mum go home with tears... Joan says there was a message given to her on a page, and she totally baffles Noel... Joan says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £50 Noel has a go at the audience for clapping that box...
17 - 50p
Are you now going to complete what would have been a perfect round asks Noel....
8 - £75,000

It’s time for the Banker with £35,000 and £50,000 remaining… We have just missed a big disaster says Noel, but this is still uncomfortable.... The Banker would have offered £42,000… Joan says she would have played on there.

Noel opens box 10 and reveals £50,000
Box 7 contains the £35,000

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

James' Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel has to sit down, as he's still not recovered from yesterday!! He runs through Maria's amazing game, and win yesterday, and the banker says he is now a broken man!

It’s James’ turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 19. James is from Wales and is a supervisor in a supermarket. He has brought along a stick of rock from Wales for the banker that was sent from his sister Lauren. James shows us a family photo, and a good luck card he has received... James tells Noel of his dream to find a date and partner, and Noel talks about how that can happen in the Dream Factory…

Round 1
13 - £75,000
3 - 10p
10 - £50,000 Oh errr says Noel... That's not good news!!
4 - £50
6 - £35,000

James remains confident saying that the top 2 are still there, and he says that he doesn't know what the banker will make of him... The banker asks everyone to be nice to him! Noel then gloats and laughs down the phone at him! The Banker thanks James for the rock, and says he is not going to make a mistake in his offers today.... He offers £6,100… £100 is for Lauren who sent the rock… James says he is chuffed with that considering the board... James says NO DEAL

Round 2
9 - £100
11 - £10,000
Box 16 next with Tracy, and he asks for the 1p so he can kiss her!!
16 - £500

The banker says it's strange as the game feels like Maria's at the moment, and he's a little worried... He then offers £10,100… James goes to Lee, who replies that there are plenty of blues still to aim at, and there is at least one more round in the game.... James says NO DEAL

Round 3
20 - £20,000 Ohhhh goes Noel...
Lee next who says he hopes it the 1p, and Noel says he can't wait for the kiss if it is!!
21 - £10 Close!!
22 - £100,000 Newbie Janet

It was one of those rounds says Noel, and there is now a massive hole in the reds... The banker says he was disappointed then that the 1p didn't come out!!! He then offers £4,100… There are groans for the offer, but Noel says it's good considering the damage done... James says NO DEAL

Round 4
18 - £5,000
James wants the 1p next, and Noel says we are puckering up for it!
17 - £250,000
2 - £1

Noel tells James that he is taking these knocks really well... The Banker offers
There are big groans for that offer... James says NO DEAL

Round 5
7 - 1p Rob gets a peck on the cheek for that
James thinks about going to Jean, but then has second thoughts...
12 - £1,000
15 - 50p

Noel says that he thinks that James' courage is going to be tested here... The Banker offers £2,100… Noel asks if that gives James a problem, and he replies that it does a little... James then asks if a swap is guaranteed at the end, as if it was he would go on... The banker calls back and says he would offer the swap at the end, if James is prepared to go on as he is convinced that James will fail!!!! James says NO DEAL

Round 6
5 - £3,000 This is doing it the hard way says Noel...
1 - £250
14 - £750

It’s time for the Banker with £5 and £15,000 remaining… That is the second game in a row where bravery has been rewarded says Noel... He then talks about the guaranteed swap... The Banker offers £5,100… Ioanna reminds him about what a fortune-teller told him a while ago... James says NO DEAL

The banker calls back and offers the SWAP… James says SWAP

James now has box 8, which Noel opens and reveals £15,000

Box 19 contains the £5

The banker calls back and says that James has been so incredibly brave that he is rewarding his sister Lauren with her £100 that he has been offering all throughout the game…

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maria's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel says everyone is very apprehensive at the moment, with the banker playing the game very well recently, he then runs through the wings and there are a lot of contestants from the south west at the moment…

It’s Maria’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 6. Maria says she is terrified at the moment!!! Maria is originally from Italy, and shows us a few pics of her children... Phyllis is not well today, so Ed will be opening her box today...

Round 1
13 - £50,000
8 - 1p
15 - £20,000
19 - £50
16 - £10,000

Noel says he thinks Maria is doing OK at the moment, especially with the 1p going... He then reveals it's a small landmark today as it’s the 550th show... The Banker offers £6,550… Noel says the banker does like Maria, and asks if there is a man in her life? She tells him no, and the banker calls straight back and ups the offer to £7,550!!! Maria says NO DEAL

Round 2
21 - £3,000
12 - 10p
It's viewer competition time now, and today is box 3 containing £20,000…
Back to Maria’s game…
5 - £1,000

Maria says it's not bad, and Noel asks her why she keeps saying that, as it's quite strong at the moment... The Banker offers £12,550… That's a good offer says Noel... Maria says NO DEAL

Round 3
22 - £35,000 The big 3 are still there says Noel
20 - £75,000 Oh no says Noel
9 - £5,000

That was a horrible round says Noel, although the top 2 are still there... The banker says that was his round, and Maria is more attractive than before!!!! He then offers £8,550…Noel asks Maria if she would like some advice, but she doesn't... Maria says NO DEAL

Round 4
18 - £10
Maria wants Poppsy next, meaning Pottsy!!! Noel says that name will stick now...
4 - £250,000
7 - £100

The Banker offers £2,550… Noel tells the groaning audience to think about what happened in the last round.... Maria says NO DEAL

Round 5
2 - £5
Maria goes to Jean next... Noel says on past form she will blow the game apart
10 - £750
14 - £1
The much needed all blue round

What a great round, and huge relief says Noel... He goes on to say this will be a difficult decision now... The Banker offers £9,550… Noel says that the banker is looking for the cheapest route to hear Maria say DEAL.... Maria says NO DEAL

That was brave says Noel…

Round 6
17 - £500
Noel tells everyone not to celebrate too soon, as there is still a mountain to climb....
3 - 50p
Maria debates over choosing her birthday, box 11...
1 - £250

It’s time for the Banker with £15,000 and £100,000 remaining… WOW says Noel, that is one of the greatest turnarounds ever... The Banker offers £40,550… Noel says it's a huge offer as the banker is stunned at Maria's game... Maria says NO DEAL

Noel is in total shock at that, and has to sit down!!! Noel says that Maria has to wait and see if Maria has another decision to make, as box 11 is Maria's birthday!!

The banker does call back and says he quits!! He is tempted to offer Maria his job!! But does offer Maria the chance to SWAP… Maria says SWAP

Noel swaps box 6 for box 11....

Noel opens then opens Maria new box 11 and reveals £100,000… The whole studio goes crazy…

Box 6 contains the £15,000

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

University study help request - Deal or No Deal research

We have been contacted by a Psychology graduate at City University, London to ask for help with a research study looking into the scale of emotions that people may feel after a Deal or no Deal game.

If you would like to help in this study, please read the information below...

This is an online study - people participate by going to my website, where they then get to follow previous Deal or no Deal games as "slide shows". After each episode they are invited to give ratings about the emotions that relate to the outcome of the game.

"Psychologists at City University, London are seeking 'Deal or No Deal' viewers for a research study of the psychology of 'Deal or No Deal'.

We are looking for 'Deal or No Deal' viewers to give their evaluation of the
emotions experienced by contestants on the show.

If you would be willing to review some of the past Deal or No Deal shows and give your judgment about the feelings of the contestants then just follow the link below.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Pete's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel runs through Robin's horrible game yesterday, where everything just went wrong for him! He then talks about the battle of the sexes, and how so far the men have averaged £19,608.18, he shows the rather unique wings where there is only one male left!! Noel is about to announce the random player for today (Although we all know who will be playing today!), when the banker rings and says whoever it is will have an evil game today!!!!!

It’s Pete’s turn to take the walk of wealth today as the last remaining male contestant, and he has box 6... Noel says it's rather unusual for Pete as he knew he was going to be playing today, so he has got over the shock really... Pete has his dad in the audience for support today. He is at university studying physiotherapy, and reveals he does a bit of gambling on football....

Round 1
2 - £50
4 - £10,000
Noel has a bit of banter with Joan before she opens her box...
8 - £250,000
1 - £750
3 - £35,000

Pete says that there are still some good numbers left on the board... The banker asks if Pete is last of the men, or first of the ladies!!! Noel hands the phone to Pete and tells the banker to apologise to him for that comment! Pete says he has a horrible voice, and he has heard things from back at the hotel!!! The Banker offers £721… It’s Pete's room at the hotel, 721!!!!!! Pete says NO DEAL

Round 2
10 - £15,000
22 - £10
It's time for the viewer's competition... Today is box 3 with £20,000…
12 - 50p

That was a good blue to get says Noel... The banker throws more personal insults at Pete, and says that he can't believe Pete dressed like that knowing he was playing today!!!! He then offers £5,000… Pete says it's a very good offer.... Pete says NO DEAL

Round 3
16 - £50,000
13 - £5
17 - £250

Noel says that Pete has the banker slightly worried... The Banker offers £8,500… Pete says NO DEAL

Round 4
7 - £20,000 We didn't want that says Noel, and we now have a £70,000 step...
Siobhan next, and Noel says that she looks a little subdued today, and she asks what that means...
5 - £100,000
Noel talks about something Pete mentioned at the start of the game, that he doesn't have any financial baggage to hopefully affect his game...
9 - £100

The banker chortles down the phone, and then throws a long word at Siobhan!! He then offers £1,500… We have another of those games where we just don't get into the big money says Noel... He then says that there are a lot of 19 year olds who would love £1,500... Pete says NO DEAL

Round 5
11 - £75,000 Groans as the largest amount goes, and Noel says that is cruel...
You have to find 2 blues says Noel
19 - £3,000 OH WHAT shouts Noel....
15 - £5,000 Incredible says Noel

Noel tells the banker he is getting tired of hearing his laugh... The Banker then offers
… Pete says NO DEAL

Round 6
20 - £1,000 That's it says Noel, Game Set, and Match through the floor!!
18 - 1p
14 - £500

It’s time for the Banker with 10p and £1 remaining… There is nothing you can do in these types of games says Noel... The Banker offers 19p… It would be the second lowest deal if you take it says Noel, and Pete then jokes about asking for a sweep… Pete says NO DEAL

Noel opens Pete’s box 6 and reveals 10p
Box 21 contains the £1

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Robin's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel says there is a fantastic atmosphere in the studio at the moment, and talks about Stephen's game yesterday, and his victory in his game... He then wanders over to the wings where there is only Pete and Robin left for the males!!

It’s Robin’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 5. You've made it at last says Noel! Robin is a driving instructor from Coventry, and Noel asks if he would like another chair next to him for the show!! Robin has his wife in the audience for support today, and says he is a very lucky man in most things... Noel says he has a good feeling about Robin's game today...

Round 1
4 - £10,000 Strange reaction to that box...
8 - £75,000 Groans for that one...
22 - £20,000 You do like driving on the right says Noel
2 - £50,000 OH WOW says Noel...
10 - £5,000

WELL says Noel, you have been a great reader of the game, read that one!!! Robin replies that the odds are in his favour now... Noel tells the banker it's 7-3 to the males against him at the moment, and the banker replies that Robin has been the best reader of the game so far... This is horrible by Noel, and tells us that the banker is looking forward to taking him apart step by step!!! The Banker offers £102… Robin says NO DEAL

Round 2
7 - £35,000 6 reds in a row, and there is an £85,000 step in the reds now...
21 - 50p Big relief for the first blue...
Noel asks Robin how you do the emergency stop procedure now, and Robin replies you say STOP... Noel then asks what you say before that, and Robin replies we will be going to BREAK now!!! It's viewer competition time... Today is box 1 with £5,000…

19 - £750

Noel says he doesn't know what is going to happen now... The banker says WOW look at the size of that step in the board... The Banker offers £3,939… The offer is based on the film "The thirty nine steps"… Robin says that the critical time in the game is at the end... Robin says NO DEAL

Round 3
1 - 10p
We need to step up the pace now says Robin, and picks Irene
14 - £1
You do really need an all blue round here says Noel
17 - £250,000

Now we have a big problem says Noel, as we put a big spotlight on that round... The banker says that this game is a delight, and talks about the 3 steps to heaven... He offers £567.80… That is horrible says Noel, and the banker is thoroughly enjoying this game... Robin says NO DEAL

Round 4
The banker calls back before the start of the round, and says there is an absolutely splendid round coming up!!! Noel hopes that the banker has made a mistake here and trips up....
18 - 1p
11 - £250
Noel goes over to the board and shows the £85,000 step in the board...
12 - £100,000

That was a complete replica of the last round says Noel, 2 blues and then a killer at the end... He goes to say that is so disappointing as he was looking forward to a great battle with the banker... Noel says the banker was going to give Robin 5% of the £100,000, but now it will be 5% of the £15,000... The Banker offers £750…Robin says NO DEAL

Round 5
15 - £3,000 We did not want to lose that says Noel
6 - £500
3 - £1,000 OH NO says Noel

At least there is a glimmer of hope with the £15,000 still there says Noel... The banker says normally he would stick here, but he is not going to... He offers £750.39…Robin says NO DEAL

Round 6
16 - £10 Newbie Gillian
This could be a mega u-turn says Noel...
9 - £50
It's all on this box says Noel...
13 - £15,000

It’s time for the Banker with £5 and £100 remaining. That is amazing, and I'm so sorry for you says Noel... The Banker offers £39… Noel says that the way the game has gone, there will be a fiver in your box... Robin says DEAL

That totally shocked everyone including Noel… Noel now hopes there is £5 in Robin's box so he can beat the banker…

Noel opens Robin’s box 5 and reveals £100
Box 20 contains the £5

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stephen's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel gives us the viewers the biggest greeting today... He then talks about the banker's latest gimmick of the battle of the sexes. Noel then introduces today's newbie, who is Joan... He goes over to Stephen who tells him he has been there for 10 shows, and tells him that there is no chance of him playing today!!!

It’s Stephen’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 3. Stephen speaks French, German, Spanish, and Italian... Noel says that the banker won't have much on him as he hasn't been there for long, and he will also hate him for being so educated!!!!

Round 1
Carol first, and Noel tells her that she always looks so miserable!!
22 - £1
1 - £50
2 - £10,000
21 - 50p
Stephen says he is going to take a risk with Brenda now, as she normally has big numbers!!
9 - 1p

You have removed the curse of the 1p says Noel... The Banker is getting excited by the number of ladies that are on the wings!!! Noel says the chat with the banker was going nicely, until he said he was going to crush Stephen!!!! The Banker offers £400… The offer shocks everyone!!!! Stephen says NO DEAL

Round 2
Noel has a bit of banter with newbie Joan
20 - £10
4 - £5
Noel turns to the camera and points at the board and says, "Have you seen that".... It's now viewer competition time, and today is box 1 containing £10,000...

14 - £100

A fantastic all blue round for Stephen… This one of the top 5 strongest boards of all time says Noel, and he then asks the banker what that £400 offer was all about!!! The banker says that it is past Stephen's bedtime, but he can stay up as long as he doesn't win a lot!! He then offers £20,400… Stephen says that is very big money... Stephen says NO DEAL

Round 3
11 - £3,000
10 - £250
6 - £20,000

That was the best one to hit in that block if you were going to hit any says Noel... The Banker offers £25,000… Noel asks why is the banker putting so much on the £20,000 going, as the offer could have shot up there really... Robin gives Stephen some advice, and says it's an excellent offer... Stephen asks if they can wheel out the £25,000 so he can feel it a bit! The banker calls back and says if he gave Stephen £1 every second now, then they would be there until midnight until he got it all.... Stephen says NO DEAL

Round 4
15 - £5,000
18 - £15,000
19 - £100,000 YUCK says Noel

This is where we really find out what the banker thinks of you says Noel... The banker wants Stephen to think about this offer very carefully indeed... He offers £20,000… There are a few groans for that offer, and Noel says he knew there would be that reaction, but Stephen needs to think carefully about this offer... Robin offers more advice, and again says that Stephen should think about this... Stephen goes for a sweep of the wings... There is a mix of replies... Robin says that he should deal, and Stephen asks why. Robin replies that HE should deal, as it would set him up nicely in life... Stephen says DEAL

There are groans for that decision...

Round 5 - Proveout round
5 - £75,000
12 - £500
8 - £750

WOW says Noel... He now wonders if Stephen has squandered the chance to go on and win £250,000... The Banker would have offered £44,400… Noel does the courage speech to Stephen...

Round 6 - proveout round
7 - £250,000 Newbie Joan struggles to open her box and reveal that!!!
You could have still made a huge mistake here says Noel
17 - £1,000 That's not good enough says Noel
13 - £50,000

It’s time for the Banker with 10p and £35,000 remaining, and he would have offered £4,400… Stephen says he might have played on there....

Noel opens Stephen’s box 3 and reveals 10p
Box 16 contains the £35,000

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

John's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes us all to another day at the dream factory, and says we are running out of chaps, as there are only 4 left now!! He runs through how many shows they have each done, and thinks that Robin is the favourite today. James gets a mention for his horrible game yesterday...

It’s John’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 10. John Moby from Essex, and Noel has a pop at John for what he is wearing, and John replies that he didn't think he would be playing today. John reveals he was in the army until he was kicked out, and then became a builder. John shows us a picture of his partner, and tells us that she and in fact everyone calls him by his surname Moby... John says he is going to tan the backside of the banker and it's about time he paid out a nice wedge

Round 1
2 - £750
1 - 50p
This is a contrast to yesterday says Noel
17 - £1,000
5 - 10p
8 - £50

What a start says Noel, and a contrast to yesterday. The banker says he hasn't understood a single word that John has said so far!! Noel asks if he watches Eastenders!! The Banker offers £9,500… That's not a bad wedge says John, and he could buy a few pairs of socks with that!! John says NO DEAL

Round 2
Noel asks John how he is picking the boxes, and he replies that he hasn't got a clue...
22 - £5
12 - £5,000
3 - £500

John calls out 13, and Noel asks what about it!!! John then asks if he has chosen 3 boxes? The banker says he doesn't feel like laughing at the moment, and then offers £17,500… John says a lot of contestants would have loved to go away with that amount, and he then asks some audience members what they would do... John says NO DEAL

Round 3
13 - £75,000
6 - £35,000
15 - £20,000

That was an expensive round says Noel, and John replies that you have to expect a round like that at some point. The banker says that he is impressed that John carries his advanced years so well!!!! He then offers £17,500…Noel says that John has to consider a couple of things here, whether his luck has run out, and also how the banker will react to another bad round... John says NO DEAL

Round 4
7 - £3,000
These next 2 are really important says Noel
18 - £250,000 ARGGGHHHHHH goes Noel
4 - £15,000

That wasn't what you wanted says Noel, and you have now had 6 reds in a row... The banker is now laughing down the phone... The banker says that he was worried when John played his game, as his average box value while on the wings is below £250, and he expected him to have a large value in his box soon. The Banker offers £7,500… John says NO DEAL

Round 5
14 - 1p
John's lucky number is 11, but he's not sure when to play it... he leaves it for a while
19 - £100
9 - £10,000

That last box could have been a lot worse says Noel... John says that banker is a fantastic bloke Noel says that the banker has done a clever thing here, and John thinks he is going to offer £26,000.... The actual offer is £16,500… Noel asks if this is a lifeline from the banker... Robin says it is a fantastic offer, and it's more than he would have thought was going to be offered... Caroline says that he has to be prepared to go all the way here if things go wrong... John says he would like to go on, but also knows that the banker is a crafty git!! The banker calls back and says that he thinks that John is about to deal.... He increases the offer to.... £18,000… John talks about the offer being real cash.... John says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
16 - £1 That would have been the perfect start says Noel
21 - £250 It's perfection continued says Noel
20 - £50,000

It’s time for the Banker with £10 and £100,000 remaining. Noel wonders if John has thrown away £82,000!!! The banker is laughing down the phone again, and he would have offered £36,000… I bottled out says John…

Noel does a MASSIVE build up that he is convinced that John has the £100,000 and he has blown it!!!!

Noel opens box 10 and reveals £10… Eat your words Noel!!!

Box 11 contains the £100,000

Monday, September 03, 2007

James' Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel talks about the new viewer's competition, and also the male vs. female battle with the men totalling £177,551 so far... He says we can assume that the overall winners will be the ladies, as they are the only ones to win the £250,000 so far!!

It’s James’ turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 20. James tells Noel that he is in between jobs at the moment, as he wanted a career change from being a chef. He has support from Jamie who is in the audience with him today. James tells us a story about how he was on a bus once with his mother, and felt really uncomfortable and decided to move, and then moments later the bus was crashed into by a JCB!!!

Round 1
17 - £75,000 Newbie Alicia
1 - £50,000 Oh my word says Noel
16 - £20,000
8 - 10p
9 - £250

James says the banker has got to like him after that round!! The banker says that he is shocked at the success of the men so far, and He says he likes a couple with matching names and hairdo, referring to James and Jamie... He offers £900 + comb… Noel asks James how he feels after his first brush with the banker… James says NO DEAL

Round 2
2 - £500
11 - £35,000 No, No, No says Noel, that is a big hole now...
18 - £10

The big money is still there, but the banker will call it precarious says Noel... The banker talks about Lee's game, and how James' game is going the same way... He then offers £6,000… That is a good offer with a big hole in the reds says Noel.... James says NO DEAL

Round 3
7 - £250,000
21 - £100,000 That is extraordinary says Noel...
12 - 1p

Noel says the banker is doing some sort of conga all by himself!! The Banker offers
… We are looking for a massive turnaround now if you carry on says Noel... James says NO DEAL

Round 4
5 - £3,000
We need to find these blues says Noel
10 - £1,000
3 - £5,000

This is an extraordinary game at the moment says Noel... The Banker offers £199… James says NO DEAL

Round 5
James asks Jamie to join him at the pound table
14 - £1
15 - £750
4 - 50p

James gets his much needed all blue round… James says he will do that again next round... The Banker offers £2,000… Noel runs through James' previous offers and says that's not a bad offer considering those... James says NO DEAL

Round 6
6 - £15,000
We have to hope we can keep the £10,000 now says Noel
19 - £10,000 Only blues remain...
22 - £5

It’s time for the Banker with £50 and £100 remaining, and he says it was a game where James never had a chance... He offers £62.50… James says NO DEAL

The banker calls back and offers the SWAP… James says SWAP

Noel opens James’ box 13 and reveals £100
Box 20 contains the £50

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ron's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel talks about the viewer’s competition and the blue boxes. He says that the phone lines will stay open until midday and you can now enter by post. He then talks about the battle of the sexes, and Stevie's and Lee's games.

It’s Ron’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 5. Ron talks about his younger brother. He's from Spennymore in County Durham, married to Elizabeth for 20 years. She's in the audience. He wants to win enough to go to the USA to see a shuttle launch. He has three stones from his grandchildren.

Round 1
16 - £5,000
1 - £1,000
6 - £10,000
17 - £500
7 - £250

Noel mentions Ron from June 2006, who also brought rocks. The banker says to take his wife's advice - calm down. His opening offer is £8,500… Ron says NO DEAL.

Round 2
3 - £75,000
20 - 1p
10 - £750

The banker says he went to Spennymore once, by accident!!! Noel thought it was the name of his butler, but that is Pennyworth!! The offer is now £10,000… Ron says NO DEAL.

Round 3
4 - £3,000
14 - £250,000
Ron has to re-route, as box 5 is next on his system.
9 - £5

The banker's apparently had a psychic vision of box 5, and it's blue-Ron-Ron... The offer is £5,000. Ron tries to select box 15, with Kathy, then he NO DEALS.

Round 4
15 - £50
2 - £20,000
8 - 10p.

Noel says the offer will be disappointing now, and the banker offers £12,000… Robin says Ron has £100,000 backed up by another £100,000. Ron says NO DEAL.

Round 5
12 - £10
22 - £50,000
19 - 50p

Ron wants a lot of money. The banker mentions Norman's almost identical board, and then offers £15,000… Ron says it's a good offer. He asks the audience to stand up if they'd deal. 7 people stand up. James tells Ron to think about it. Ron says DEAL.

Round 6 – Proveout round
18 - £15,000 Big scream of YEEEEEES! From an audience member.
21 - £100
13 - £100,000

It’s time for the banker with £1 and £35,000 remaining, and the offer would have been £7,500.

Noel opens Ron’s box 5 to reveal £1! The perfect game!
Box 11 contains the £35,000.