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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Suzanne's Game Report

Today it is Suzanne who takes the walk of wealth, this woman who has grown on me over the last few games, until I now think she is nearly as beautiful as Becca... if only she had lasted until the weekend Becca wouldn't have stood a chance. Suzanne is an ex-swimmer, so she'll have thighs that can crush a walnut too... sorry Becca, but you've just been dumped. Victoria Wood meets Pat Coombs, but nicely done.

Round one: Daz, box 16 - 10p - a good start. Richard wth box 12 was next - 50p - nicely blue so far. ? opened box 8 - £10,000, and Noel hadn't said anything really. Joan had £15,000 in box 10. Then Louise soured the round with £75,000 in box 17. Again we hear that it is 'not how you start, its how you finish', Suzanne was very open, smiling, as if butter wouldn' melt in her mouth. The banker waffled on with Noel and then offered something remarkable, he offered a swap. Even more remarkably she took the swap and exchanged her box 19 with Lee's box 3....very odd.

Round two: Ron, box 5 - £20,000. 'You are besotted with these reds', said Noel. Trevor, box 15 - £35,000 - the audience groaned. Wayne, box 6, after the break, he opened the lid on 750, and finally the audience woke up, maybe they had been told to make noise during the break. The Banker asked Suzanne to be sensible, he offered £7000. No deal'

Round three: 'lets show the Banker', said Suzanne, she went for Lee and box 19. The audience oooo'd at her nerve, but Suzanne was sending a big message - Lee opened the lid on £500, the Banker was not going to be able to hold that over her later. Next she went for Yvonne with box 4 - £10. Suzanne shrugged her shoulders at Yvonne with a big smile. Nessie, box 2 - £1000. A very strong round. The board now had six blues against five reds, including the £250k, £100k and the £50k. The offer was £26,000 and Suzanne did not blink. 'I came here to play the game'. This was woman had lots of guts (and she must have had some money stashed away to give so little thought to that amount of money).

Round four: Teresa, box 14 - £100 - Suzanne clapping like a seal. Jo was next with box 7 - £5 - some of the audience were shrieking, mostly girls. Now this was looking very interesting, she was taking out blues with ease, and she was clearly for it. She went for Drew, box 9, the rest of the contestats holding hands - £50 and the studio erupted. Actually when I watched her husband Paul in the audience I realsied that maybe she didn't have a large amount of money behind her, he was looking startled. The offer this time was £47,000, not even Suzanne could control her face, she gasped. A majority of the audience advised her to deal, but not Paul. One audience member said, 'she is very lucky, she will get the £250,000'. Paul said 'I am worried about the penny, but she had the chance to change her box to her lucky number, and she is the luckiest penny I know'. This kicked off a lot of discussion, with contestant Richard pointing out that it was £3k below her target and 'a lot of money.' Noel asked the question and Paul prayed, but Suzanne knew what she was doing, she smiled and said 'Deal'.

Round five: Becca, box 18 - £100,000. Bianca, box 1 - £5000. Carlton, box 22 - £1.'oh oh oh' said Noel practising his Frankie Howard impersonation, but no-one really cared, she had just won £47,000. The offer now would have been £59,000, Suzanne just nodded her head.

Round six: Scott, box 21 - £250,000 - 'oh, thats a relief' said Suzanne not at all bothered. Debbie, box 13 - £250. Joseph, box 11 - 1p. The board was left with £3000 and £50,000. The offer would have been £26,500 (seems a bit high).

Noel opened her box to reveal £3000, while the £50,000 was in Peter's box 20.

A good game, very exciting in round four when she managed to pull what was effectively an all-blue round, but I am still trying to work out why the banker jumped from £7000 at the end of round two, to £26,000 at the end of round three....any ideas?

Suzanne won £47,000


Anonymous said...

Well done Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Well done Suzanne

Anonymous said...

the banker does seem to have favourites - as has been noticed by the viewers. No one can understand why he offers well below half of the mean to some and much, much higher to others.

Anonymous said...

I didn't believe the £59k offer to Suzanne, nor the rationale which accompanied it: that had she turned down the £47k, a huge offer was necessary.

Congratulations Suzanne - you were rewarded for your calmness, your level-headed advice to your friends and your all-round-good-eggness.