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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Daz's Game Report

Noel declares an emphatic good afternoon to both wings building up to a big ad for this evenings show as this is double week. Noel continues vamping up the game for his new viewers who have tuned in following on from last nights show. Personally I think Steve’s write up was one of the funniest ever, probably more entertaining than the game itself. I so hope ‘Alison’ doesn’t read it.

Daz is selected to walk the walk carrying over his box 22. Darren Daz Wooley claims his selection was a massive shock (surprise). His photo’s of his two girls are displayed, he requests loads of energy from his fellow contestants, and is off. A round of applause before selecting a single box and he starts with the Newbie who is nameless with box 19, he has £750. Theresa next and box 10 has £50 inside. Jo, box 1 with £3k is next. Pennie/Sue Pollard has box 2 and the 10p is swiped off the board. Nessie has box 8 today, she finishes this first round with £10k. Noel requests the emerging Frank Spencer (Daz is an amateur impressionist) puts his own prediction in Noel’s black book. The banker’s offer this round is £11,000 which is apparently the second highest opening offer ever. The question is asked – no deal is fired straight back. If Daz can generate positivity with noise he is going to do well. The whole ‘American marine about to go into battle’ look is actually quite scary.

Round 2
Box 21, presided over by Ashok, contains the £5. Lee’s box 17 is left for later. Scott and box 14 is next on the list and £100k is neatly despatched. Jimmy Saville, (aka Daz) announces the break. Ron with box 13 is next and GI Daz does a very scary dance when he gets the 1p. The offer is made to Mr Saville with a big cigar and Noel screws it up by doing Tommy Cooper. Jokes over the real offer is £7,500 which is rejected straight away.

Round 3
Yvonne’s box 11 contains £15k. Joseph has £10 in box number 18. One more is called for, box 20, Frank has £1000. Daz is ‘loving’ the board right now. The banker suggests he is all front and the offer to prize him out of the seat is £13,500. I get the impression Daz would rather chew off his own foot than accept that. No deal.

Round 4
Pivotal quickie is called for. Box 16 opened by Trevor - £35k, box 9 was Amy - £1, finally Mark has £100 in box 12. Daz is fast becoming the drill sergeant not one of the troops, he is really very loud. The phone is left ringing whilst Noel and Daz have a long discussion over it – very annoying. We go to the break with the phone still ringing. Back again he finally answers it – the offer is £19,900. Scott’s opinion is sought and Dazs ask for the question once again. This decision looks more painful and he takes several long seconds deliberating – deal is the answer – for the girls who he has promised a pony. This wasn’t his target but he has seen lots of games go ‘down the swannie’.

Round 5
Hypothetical next choice is number 7 Eileen who opens £750. Bianca next with £250k in box 15 - I think she was, and remains, his ‘special’ friend. Melanie and box 3 next has £5k. The board still has 20k 50k & 75k displayed. The offer would have been £10k.

Round 6
Still seeking the remaining three big numbers he starts with Wayne who has £75k. Daz’s celebration looks akin to David Beckham scoring the winning goal in the world cup final. Chrissie and box 4 is next she is sure she has a big number - she does, it’s the £50k. He has 50p £500 and £20k left on the board – he has already beaten the banker but Noel calls for the sweetest ending ie. To find the last £20k. The responsibility fall on Debbie box 5 and she produces the goods - £20k. Daz is fighting back the tears – as is Debs. The phone rings and ‘Frank Spencer’ suggests to it that he has a bit of a problem. The offer would have been £200. Daz declares that if he had still been playing at this point that money would have gone straight behind the bar for tonight. Daz’s box 22 actually contained £500. Box 17 saved until last, contained 50pence.

Daz was loud, very loud, and when he then tackled Frank Spencer imitations between bouts of evil, cruel drill sergeant, he looked positively schizophrenic. But despite it all, he played well, and dealt at exactly the right time, however I can’t say I enjoyed the game.

A reminder that there is another show at 8.00pm, and our third guest reporter - Adie - will be making his debut report at around 11.00pm. Good luck Adie x.


Daz won £19,900

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Steve said...

Thanks Sue for your kind words about my report on Carlton's game. I now wonder whether perhaps I was too harsh on some of our DOND friends.

Unfortunately someone has made a complete horlicks of the Channel 4/More 4 interrelationship for this week, so I ended up watching Jo's game before Daz's, given that this afternoon's C4 show isn't on More 4 till tomorrow night. Confused? We will be, once Pat starts... (only joking Pat!)

I needn't have worried, though, as your report again brought Daz's game (and his reaction) vividly to life.