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Friday, March 18, 2011

Olivia's Deal or No Deal Game Report 18/03/11

Olivia has box 5. She is a former banking consultant from Sunderland, but left her job to come here, as her training contract did not allow her to take leave! She did say that they would let her join again though as she was apparently good. She wants to be a head chef.

She talks about how after her parents divorced, her nan bought her up. We also see a photograph of her figure skating; she was a British champion in the pairs event. Noel asks if she misses the sport, and she says she does, and she sometimes coaches at weekends.

Her fiancé, Ben, is in the studio, and he talks about how they got engaged. He was cooking bacon sandwiches at the time, and then dashed off briefly, before proposing out of nowhere!

Round 1
Olivia has no system, but plans to keep number 2 as she thinks the number looks pretty! Noel asks if 22 is twice as pretty and she says yes!

3 - £750 Sam
11 - £50,000 Steven
19 - £50 Rachel
9 - £5,000 Jefferson
1 - 1p Clare

Banker time
The Banker phones. "Snookems is here!" Or however you spell it... apparently she broke his heart twice, by forgetting the dates they had... and as a reward for her destruction of games...

Banker's offer:

Olivia says

Round 2
16 - £1
20 - £35,000 Bev
Noel confirms that Olivia plans on money for a deposit to live with Ben, and also to honeymoon in Corfu...
15 - £15,000 Chris

Banker time...
The Banker says he can prove his relationship with Olivia under the desk... yes, there is a picture of her, framed, with "MY SNOOKUMS"... and bizarrely edited big photos of her in a book! We're "told" that she had a date in the studio when it was empty!

Banker's offer:

Olivia admits that £11,000 would do a lot of what she envisions, and that you get married to be married, not for the big day... Ben says you can't leave at the second offer, and makes himself out to be a big gambler...

Olivia says

Round 3
17 - £20,000 Sophie
Noel points to the isolated top three
10 - £1,000 Will
4 - 10p Veeva

Banker time.
Noel talks up the top three, as one would expect... very quick call...

Banker's offer:

Olivia asks Chris, who points out there are more blues than reds, but uses it to assert two blues and a red is the most likely outcome. He says he'd play on, but asks Olivia to consult with Ben, who then adds that £15,000 would be very helpful, while also advising a No Deal...

Olivia says

Round 4
6 - £10 Becky
8 - £5 Jack
Noel talks up how this board could fulfil all of Olivia's ambitions.
7 - £100,000 Paul

Banker time...
Noel suddenly acts very wary and says this game has swung in the Banker's favour... he says that losing £250k leaves a poor board that nobody wants...

Banker's offer:

Olivia says she likes 13, as she was regularly drawn 13th in the running order for skating competitions...

Ben is consulted, and suddenly he isn't sure, and insists he will back either decision from Olivia... Andre says 13 is the number of change and transformation, and says that £13,000 can deliver the change in her life she wants... Bev says that she has had 19 reds in the 22 games she spent on the wings, and uses that to justify a No Deal... Rachel says this is the big decision of the game, and is non-committal...

...Banker phones up......the Banker says turning down £15,000 was a calculated risk, but turning this offer down would genuinely risk a crash...

Olivia says

Round 5 (proveout)
Olivia is saving the boxes with 2s...
18 - £10,000 Crystal
14 - £100 Tom
Now she's into the 2s...
12 - £250 Natalie

Banker time...
Banker laughing over the phone, apparently having a party...

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout round
Olivia would have saved 22...
21 - £250,000 Andre
13 - £75,000 Newbie Dave
2 - £500

Banker time
The Banker says it's the shortest party he's ever had!

Banker's offer would've been:

Olivia's box 5 had 50p

Box 22 had the £3,000

The Banker phones up again, with a small gift... flowers for Olivia and Ben, red roses.

The £13,000 will be put towards the honeymoon, the deposit on the house, and helping the family.

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