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Monday, March 14, 2011

Archie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 14/03/11

Noel talks about how powerful the show is and that people wait years just to get into the crazy chair, and practice everything for their moment in the chair. Some even go out and buy a new wardrobe, though that is mostly the ladies, but today there is one male who has made an extra effort and he stands next to Jefferson who is dressed up in a costume, but then Noel goes over to Andre and compliments him on his suit

Archie has box 9 today. Noel says that Archie is very sprightly for 77, he is a retired rail worker from Kent. Archie is originally from Trinidad and Tobago, and came over her in 1958. Archie says he does a lot of walking in his spare time and tries to do a mile a day, and also does the bull-worker once a week. We get to see a photo of Archie when he was in Trinidad when he was in his 20's, and another of him with his niece. He would like to win enough for more visits to Trinidad as he hasn't been back for over 4 years as the cost is so high now.

Round 1
7 - £75,000 Chris
Archie starts laughing and Noel tells him that isn't the amount he has just won!
12 - £100 Jack
21 - £5 Stephen
17 - £250,000 Charlotte
4 - £1 Andy

Banker time
Noel welcomes the Banker to Archie's game, and the Banker thinks he will be out of his depth today.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks if Archie knows why the offer is that, and Archie says that it is because he knocked out the top amount. Noel says yes, but also what does the 318 mean, and eventually Archie figures out that it was his room number at the hotel

Archie says

Round 2
5 - £3,000 Will
3 - £50,000 Tom
19 - £15,000 Aisha

Banker time
That was a rotten round says Noel. Noel tells the Banker this is one of the perfect examples of how cruel this game can be, as we have a popular player who is having rotten luck

Banker's offer:

Archie says

Round 3
Noel says that Archie is one of the great romantics, as instead of going down on one knee and proposing to his wife, he just turned to her and said he thought it was time that they was married now.
1 - £1,000 Sam
Noel asks if there is another system that Archie can use as his current one is rubbish!
13 - 10p Crystal
That's better says Noel.
2 - £750 Alex

Banker time
Noel asks Archie what he would spend any winnings on, and he says he would love to take his wife on a Mediterranean cruise, and also put a deposit down on a new flat.

Banker's offer:

Archie says

Round 4
Archie says that he had a dream he would win £150,000, and Noel asks him if he thinks he can still do that! Archie says it would be a hard one to win that now.
11 - £500 Jefferson
Archie is going to keep box 6 as that is his wife's birthday.
8 - £10 Vera
15 - £20,000 Becky

Banker time
Noel says that the top left of the board is the problem at the moment. The Banker says that hitting the £20,000 in that round makes the possibility of getting £150,000 even harder now.

Banker's offer:

Archie says

Round 5
Archie asks Alex for some advice, and Alex says that it is a little late for that now as he has said 'No Deal'
10 - £10,000 Newbie Paul
16 - £100,000 Rachel
18 - 1p Frank

Banker time
Noel escorts Frank out to do the 1p kiss. The Banker says that Archie is good for the soul.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks if that will help, and Archie says it will help a bit, but he is going to take the gamble.

Archie says

Round 6
14 - £250 Olivia
20 - 50p Kim
One box away from Safety now says Noel
22 - £50 Clare

Banker time with £5,000 and £35,000 remaining

Noel says when you track the money in this game you can't underestimate the significance of that round, as it has been a low tariff game.

Banker's offer:

Noel gives Archie the 3 figures that are in his life at this moment. Alex tells Archie to bear in mind that £16,000 is a lot of cash, and he should sit back for a moment and consider this.

Archie says

Noel opens Archie's box 9 and reveals £35,000

Box 6 with Andre contains the £5,000

Archie says £16,000 is a lot of money, and that will help towards his new flat.

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