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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dom's Deal or No Deal Game Report 03/03/11

Dom has box 18 today.

Dom is from Hampshire and is a gradute student and a mental health support worker. He talks about his job and says he absolutely loves it and it is a really rewarding job. Noel talks about Dom's study at university which is totally different to his job as it is in advertising. Dom shows us a family picture of him with his brothers. Dom also has a small bag which contains 'worry people', and explains how they work as they take your worries away overnight. Dom asks if Noel would like to name one of the little people, and he decides to call one Noel

Round 1
20 - £500 Newbie Sam
13 - £35,000 Ellen
8 - £3,000 Olivia
22 - £50,000 Paul
12 - £15,000 Archie

Banker time
Noel says he loves Archie as he never seems phased by what he reveals.

Banker's offer:

Dom says

Noel says that Dom's worry people seem to be working as Dom doesn't have any worries about his game.

Round 2
9 - £50 Franca
16 - 1p Clare
10 - £5,000 Danielle

Banker time
Dom says he is a bit happier now the 1p has gone. The Banker says he can't argue with that round.

Banker's offer:

Dom says he has never had £10,000 in his life. Noel runs through some of Dom's dreams, and one is to give his mum a new kitchen, as his mum and dad are keen at DIY but tend to try out lots of different things so their kitchen is full of different colours and designs.

Dom says

Round 3
21 - 50p Alex
Crystal next, and Noel asks her about her cancer, and she says that she first learnt she had cancer about a year ago when she fell ill, and they treated her immediately and she is pulling through now
6 - £100 Crystal
11 - £1,000 Lee

Banker time
After a slightly dodgy start you are beginning to put your stamp on this game says Noel. The Banker is snoring down the phone and Noel has to wake him up! The Banker thinks that Dom will deal this offer, as it will be good, and the game could also collapse in the next round, but also Dom's partner will convince him to deal here as he has overheard him say that he has been watching the game for the past week and he has noticed that the third offer has been the highest in a lot of games!

Banker's offer:

Dom's partner says that it is a good offer, but he would go in the first round! Dom talks about his debts and the travelling he would like to do around the world. Dom goes to the wings for some advice, and talks to Debbie and she reminds him about the chat they had last night where he talked about wanting box 18 in his game as he thought it would have the £250,000 in it. Dom talks about his gambling where he bet half his student loan which was £600 on red while playing roulette, and luckily it came in! Dom says the games have been going so well lately it is only a matter of time when they turn.

Dom says

Round 4
19 - £10,000 Fran
17 - £10 Andre
7 - £250,000 Chris

Banker time
That's more than an oppps says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Dom goes to Franca for advise, and she tells him it is his game and how he feels about his game today. Noel says he is a little worried that the spring has gone out of Dom's step. Dom says that £9,000 is still a lot of money and he can still do lots of his dreams with that.

Dom says

Round 5 - Proveout round
3 - £1 Frank
1 - £75,000 Debbie
5 - 10p Kim

Banker time
Something nice and nasty in that round says Noel

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - Proveout round
14 - £250 Barbara
2 - £100,000 Jefferson
15 - £20,000 Rachel

Banker time with £5 and £750 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Dom's box 18 and reveals £750

Fran with box 4 contains the £5

Dom says he is so happy and can do so much with that win.

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Didn't you think Dom and his boyfriend made a lovely couple. They looked so together.